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Chpt 2 ” Inter-Relationship Training Meeting

“Hey Jay, look, I’m counting on you! Seriously man, I’m gonna need
you. You’re the only guy that knows that I’ve ever fucked some other guy,
so you’re the only one I can talk to about this. I can’t go around telling
other guys that I wanna fuck `em. Jay, you’ve gotta be my man!”
“OK, tell you what! All you’ve done so far is to fuck Stan here,
so how bout if we have Stan kind of stand by and watch while we fuck each
other to just make sure we’re doing stuff right? Let’s face it Darrell,
I’m not gonna have you fucking me with that damn big pole you’ve got there,
without knowing that you’ve been fucked too.

It just ain’t gonna work that
way. Fact is, right now I think I’d rather have Stan fuck me first, just
so I kind of know what to expect before you stick all of that up in me.
Seriously man, —I look at that dick of yours, —I think about it going
up in my ass, and I shutter!”
Jay, Stan, and Darrell were just finishing up their little session
of Jay and Darrell fucking the hell out of Stan’s ass.

Jay was, of course,
not in any way, acting too happy about the idea of him being the man on the
bottom, on the bottom of Darrell and that dick of his, so that Darrell will
have an ass available to fuck, when they get back home in Philly.
“Hey guys,” Stan entered. “Why don’t we do that! I mean, I’ll
fuck you Jay, since you think that will give you a little more confidence
that, you’ll then be able to take all of Darrell’s rod, and if you guys
want, I’ll fuck Darrell so that he’s been the bottom boy at least once, or
Jay, if you wanna fuck him, I’ll just kind of stand back and kind of coach!
I’ll kind of play like you are two of my football boys, —I’m helping them
discover the good parts of each other, and how to help the other guy feel
some really good things.

And you know what guys? I’ve actually had that
happen! I’ve discovered that after two guys do it to each other a couple
of times, they actually play together better, out on the field. For some
reason, the guys that have played together, sexually, they just play
together better when they’re out on the field! Course, I’ve never been
able to tell anybody just why they’re working together so much better, but
hey, that same thing could happen with you two! Think bout it! If you
guys start fucking each other, that might make working together back at the
company, a whole lot easier, and just make working, a whole hell of a lot
more fun! You’ll have this unspoken thing, going on between the two of
you, that nobody else knows about.

Hey guys, —maybe there is gonna be
some real good come out of attending this Inter-Relationship Training
session this week. Course, don’t really expect either one of you two to go
back and tell the HR department just how you got so much out of the
training, but if working together with each other this way, makes thing
easier, so be it! OK, guys! What do you wanna do? We still got some time
before one of the other guys comes back to the cabin?”
“Yea we’ve got time.

” Darrell answered. “The other guys said
they’re staying for the luncheon and then wanting to hear the discussion
on, `In Office Romances. ‘ So they should be gone until at least three or
so. “
“Uh, guys! I think both of you two have taken it pretty well
being involved here, I mean, –Darrell, you walked in on something that you
sure did not expect, and Jay, when we started, you sure did not expect him
to come in on us.

It seems like every things pretty OK between you two
guys. Let’s face it men, you two got involved in some stuff here that is
really `off of the wall’ as far as just having it happen, and not expecting
any of it! Darrell, you could have been really pissed when you came back
here and found Jay fucking me. You took that pretty good! What about the
other guys? What if one of them found out about what’s going on in here
today? Think they could handle it, or would there be major problems?”
Darrell looked over at Jay, and Jay returned the puzzled look.

replied, “I don’t know. What you think Darrell?
“Well, to be honest, I think Tom,” then looking at Stan he added,
“he’s the other one staying in this cabin, I think he would probably be the
coolest about it. He’s young. He’s only like about 24. He’s single.
He’s——-,” then looking seriously at Jay he asks, “Jay, do you think he
could be gay? He never talks about dates! Jay, I never thought about
that! You think he could be a gay guy? Think about it! He’s real quiet
about his private life, he sure shows off his build whenever he gets a
chance to, and I see him talking to that, —kind of weird guy that works
in the cafeteria, that Zack guy a lot.

Now Zack, —him, —I’m almost
“Hey, I never thought about it either, but you are right! He never
talks about having dates or anything about girls, does he? The way he’s
built, you’d think he’d talk about how the girls like his body and the way
he looks! You know, now that I think about it, I wonder! Well, —hey!
Let me tell you one thing man! If he is, I’m gonna be damn glad, and you
should be too!! He’s gonna have to be one of your guys to use, so you can
do some fucking in his ass, and not have to use my ass all the time! Shit
man, now that I come to think about it, I hope like hell he is!”
Looking at Jay, Darrell asked, “How we gonna find out? How we
gonna know? I can’t just walk up to him and ask if he’s gay or not! I
can’t just walk up to him, grab his crotch and then wait to see what he
Looking over at Stan, Jay asked, “Hey man, willing to help us out
here some?”
“Yea, sure, —yea, —I guess, —how? What you talking about
“You sure as hell managed to uncover some actions in me, that I
never even knew where there! I’m sure you’d have a much easier time if it
just so happens that Tom, is gay, right? He’s gonna be at the cocktail
hour gab-fest over in the lounge later this afternoon.

How about you just
kind of “meet him” and see if you can make some points with him. You’ll
know what to say and how to say it. See if maybe you can get him to go
someplace with you, OK? He’s a muscle boy, and you’re a muscle boy, —you
should be a turn on to him if he’s game and willing!”
“Yea it’s Ok, but how will I know him?”
“Oh, you’ll know him! He’s a good looking black man, shaved head,
he’ll definitely have on a tight tank top.

He’s got muscles and he does
like for them to show `em off! He’s 24, about five foot ten, about 195 or
maybe 200 pounds of “prime A” beef steak muscles, and no ring on the ole
ring finger. “
“Oh shit man, I’ve already met him! I met him Monday night in the
cocktail lounge. He is one fucking hot man, fucking hot! He’s the other
one staying here!? We talked just for a few minutes.

He was watching for
somebody, and when that guy came in he left! He left with some other black
guy! Any of your other guys with you, a black man too?”
With Jay and Darrell both breaking out into major grins, they both
emphatically replied, “No! No, — they’re definitely not black! He left
with someone else!”
“Oh, this is getting good! Got to admit I wondered that night if
there could have been a possibility since they left together, right away!
Men, I think we’ve got Tom all figured out, but we’re gonna make sure later
this afternoon.

I’m gonna be at the gab-fest, and it’s gonna be easy to
strike up another conversation since we’ve already talked. Hey, I’ll
probably just ask him about the good looking guy he left with that night
and see what he says! We’ll do it man, we’ll find out! Hey, if things go
right, we could end up with a good four way here, later tonight!”
“Or maybe a five way if he and that other guy already have plans.

Jay added.
“You know what Jay? I wondered just where Tom was at Monday night,
but I figured it wasn’t any of my business to snoop into his business. You
know it was probably 12:30 or quarter till one when he came in that night.
Now I bet I know! He was over at that other guy’s place, doing his thing!
Hey, —ever looked at the ass on that guy? Tom’s got a good looking
bubble butt back there! Somebody could have some major fun in that ass!”
Looking squarely at Darrell, Jay asked, “So please explain to me,
just how long have you been looking at other guy’s bubble butts? Darrell,
I thought this stuff today was supposed to be all new to you! I’m
beginning to think maybe it’s not all, so new, is it?”
“No, —it is all new! Don’t you ever look at how some other guy’s
built? Come on man, all guys look at other guys’ butts,–don’t they? I
mean, yea they do, —don’t they? Come on here guys! Tell me, all guys
look at other guys’ butts, don’t they?”
“Hey Darrell, I’m quite sure Stan here does, —and he does a hell
of a lot more with them than just look at `em, but seriously man, I just
never have! I’m sure a lot of guys never check out the ass-end on some
other guy.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ve been a little closer to wanting to do
this than you realized! You’ve never played with some other guy before,
—right? Or wrong?”
“Once, just once! I was in high school and after a game, I and
this other freshman k**, —he was a little scrawny k** in the band,
—played the clarinet, —we had to wait for a city bus after we got back
to our own high school.

We were waiting out in a dark bus stop shelter,
and he was goofing around with me. Then he started groping me and I
finally put my hands down in his pants and felt his little butt. He had
his hands all over me, yea down in my pants and on my dick, but all I did
was grab his ass. I do remember I squeezed his butt cheeks hard! We were
the same age, but I swear, I had to be twice as big as he was.

He was so
tinny! He made me get a hard-on when he was trying to jerk me off. I still
had my pants on, but he had undone my belt and the top two buttons on my
Levi’s. I was kind of having fun, but knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing
anything like that, so I was kind of glad when we saw the bus coming and
had to stop. I never did that with him or any other guy after that.

know what,-now that I do stop and think about it, and that k**, his name
was Jimmy, —–Jimmy Jones, he was always called “JJ”, I guess I always
was hoping he’d do that again. I sure would never have started it, but if
he would have, I think I’d have let him do more than what happened that
night. Yea, there were a couple of times when I really did try to get it
to work out, where it’d just be me and him, maybe someplace like at the bus
stop, all alone, just to see if he’d do it again.

Never worked out,
though. Always somebody else there with us! Shit man, now I wonder. I
wonder just what could have happened if he’d gotten to me again. I wonder
if I would have found out then how much fun doing some guy could be. “
“Let me tell you one thing man!” Jay interjected. “You certainly
do have vivid memories of this k**, —what twenty some years ago, —just
what he was like and what he did! Darrell, I think I’m kind of sorry you
and he never did it again.

I really think what I hear you saying is;
—you wanted to do some more stuff back then! I kind of have a feeling
that if another guy would have done something, you would have done
something with him too!”
“Yea, I think now, today anyway, I think you might be right! And I
really don’t think it was because of JJ being so tinny and me being so much
bigger than he was.

It was the way he made me feel when he was rubbing on
me and touching me. He’s the only guy that’s ever touched my dick, well
except for doctors. I mean, after all! Look at the size of the hunk I
screwed today. Size sure didn’t make any difference today did it? “
“No, it sure didn’t. I kind of think you like big, or you like `em
small! All I gotta says is, don’t know if I’m `the big’, or I’m `the
small’, but I do know my asshole is small, and when you put that damn
Washington Monument up in me, you better go slow! Understand!”
“OK guys.

What we gonna do? Jay, what you wanna do?”
“I wanna fuck Darrell, and if it’s possible maybe while I’m fucking
him, maybe you can fuck me? Can we do that? If I’m on top of him, can you
get on me, `n fuck me?
“Yea, yea we can do that! We’ll do ourselves a three stacker!
You’ll be the middle man!”
“OK guys, —if I’m gonna be the social director here, Darrell lay
down on your gut and Jay, spread some of this KY lub up in his ass, and
some on your dick.

Spreading some of Stan’s KY lube up in Darrell’s ass, Jay got a
big smile on his face and said, “Wow, this is fun! Shit man, I’ve never
played with some guy’s ass before, and I’ve got to admit, I like it! You
doing OK Darrell? You’ve got a great ass to be feeling! God man, I never
realized that fingering some other guy’s ass could be so much fun! Man,
this is great! Oh shit man, this is fun! Darrell, you doing OK?”
“Yea man, yea! I’m doing great! Push with that finger,-yea push
hard! Oh shit man, I’ve never felt anything like that before! Shit man, I
wish I could have had this done to me a long time ago! Hey Jay, put
another finger up in there.

Make my ass feel it! Oh yea man, oh yea!
That’s it, that’s it! Oh shit man, keep it up, —yea man, keep it up! Oh
Jay, go deeper, go deeper! Oh shit man now I know why guys do this! Crap
man! If my coach was doing this to my buddies and I was left out, I’m
gonna be pissed! Damn, Stan, I thought fucking your ass was good, but shit
man, just having some fingers moving around up in my ass is great! Come on
Jay, fuck me with your dick! I wanna see what a dick feels like up in
there! Oh God man! I can’t believe I’m begging some guy to fuck my ass!
Shit man! I never thought I’d ever be doing that! Oh shit man! I always
thought I was way to macho to do anything like that! But oh I need it, oh
yea I need it! Fuck me man, fuck me! “
“OK Jay, get ready to put it up in him, he’s ready! He’s real
ready! Just go slow.

Every asshole needs to open up some when getting
something put up in there, so just go in slow, but once you’re up in there,
then he’ll start begging for more! Yea, that’s right, that’s good! How
you doing Darrell, feeling OK?”
“Oh shit yes, I’m doing great! Oh man, I thought getting fucked in
your ass was supposed to be something bad! Fuck man, this is great! Yea
Jay, push it in! Yea push it in! I can tell you’re in me, push it all the
way in! Yea I can feel it, yea it’s feeling great! Yea man, fuck me, fuck
Jay laid the rest of the way down on top of Darrell and made a bed
out of him, as he listened to Darrell beg for more dick.

He heard the
begging, and he then gave him all he had.
“Oh God man, I’ve got it don’t I? I’ve got all of your dick don’t
I? Jay, I’ve got all of your dick, don’t I?”
“Yea man, yea, you’ve got it! Like it? How’s it feeling?”
“Oh man, it’s feeling good, damn good! Jay, how big is your dick?
How much is up in me?”
“Hell man, I don’t know! I’ve never measured it! How do I know?”
“Hey Darrell, I think his dick is just about seven and a half or
eight inches long, and it’s thick! I always know what I’m about to get
fucked with when I’m about to get it in the ass, and that’s what I’d guess
from my looking at it, before he poked me.

I think his and mine are about
the same length, but his is a lot thicker than mine. He’s got a thick
dick! It’s gonna open your ass hole! You’ve feel it! Well, from what
you’re saying, I guess maybe you are feeling it, aren’t you?”
“Oh shit man! If his is like seven and a half or eight and it
feels this fucking good up in there, I wonder what in the hell my nine of
ten incher must feel like? Oh shit man, I love this! Jay, fuck me, let me
feel you up in there! Pound me please! Yea, I want to know what it can
feel like getting rammed and slammed! Do it man, do it!”
Jay did! He knew his co-worker was now in the need, and he was
gonna do everything he could, to make sure that he made that man know, he
had been fucked, and fucked good! This was Jay’s first time in some guy’s
ass, and the way Darrell was begging for it, Jay wanted to deliver.

decided that if he was gonna be the taker of that enormous rod of
Darrell’s, then he’d better make sure Darrell enjoyed getting it up in the
ass too, since it was sounding like there were gonna be plenty of play
sessions coming up in the near future!”
“Like it? You like it Darrell? Do I feel good? Like it?”
“Oh God yes Jay, God yes! Oh shit man, I am so fucking glad I came
back here when I did! Oh shit man I wish I’d been doing this years ago!
Damn man, what a way to go! Oh I love this! I’ll never make some bad,
nasty, fucking comment about a gay again! Crap man, they’re the ones that
know how in the hell to fucking live! Oh God, can you imagine two guys
living together and getting to do this every night? Oh man, why didn’t I
get fucked when I was in school? Oh fuck man, I wish the coach would have
fucked me back then! Oh man, I love this, —fuck me, —fuck me! Fuck me
harder, —yea harder man, harder! Slam my ass!”
Stan was rather sitting back watching Jay and Darrell go at it.

had intended to get up on Jay’s butt and fuck him while Jay was in Darrell,
but after the session got going, he decided that trying to do a three stack
while Jay was pumping that much, and that wildly, just was not gonna work.
He had not expected Darrell to want fucked so wildly or facefully, and he
was quite pleased that Jay was performing up to standard, since Darrell’s
butt was the first one he had ever been in before!
“Darrell, Darrell, I’m gonna cum! Hang on man, I’m gonna cum!!!!!!
I gotta cum, —I gotta cum! Oh man,—here it comes, —here it
comes!!!!!! Oh shit man, oh shit! Oh damn man! My dick was pinched so
fucking tight up in there, trying to let my juice out was trouble.

Man, I
just knew I had to let it go, but man, my dick was slammed shut so tight I
couldn’t cum! Oh wow! Oh shit man, Darrell, you OK? You feel that!?”
“Oh fucking shit man, hell yes I felt that! Damn man, how much
load did you give me? Damn I feel like when I stand up, my ass is gonna
flow! Wow! Oh shit, so that’s what it feels like to get shot up in the
ass! Oh God man, great, just plain great! Thanks man, thanks Jay!”
“Don’t need to thank me man, —I liked that! You’ve got one
fucking hot ass to play with man! Solid as hell and it feels good! Your
ass-hole is so fucking tight, God it feels good! Damn, now I’m looking
forward to being back in Philly! Shit man, I’m gonna need that all the
time too! If you’re gonna fuck me, then I’m gonna be fucking you too!”
Then laying there and recuperating on Darrell, Jay turned his head
and asked, “Hey, I thought you were gonna do me while I did him? What
happened? You never got up on, or in me!”
“Yea, I know! Seriously man, I did not expect Darrell to go so
wild! The way you were humping and fucking him, there was no way in hell I
could ever start to aim my dick at your ass hole, —let alone get it in.

I decided I’d just wait till you exploded off in him, and you two got done.
Now that you’ve fucked him, and he’s been fucked, I think what we need to
do next is let him get his dick up in you! I don’t think after that little
session you’re gonna need me to do you first. I think it’s time you find
out for yourself, just how great his dick is gonna feel going up inside of
you! I know right now you’ve got some scares and some apprehensions about
being able to take him, but man, believe me, once you’ve got it up in you,
you are gonna go crazy for it! You saw how crazy he went, wanting you and
your dick and how fucking wild he was for it! And that was the first time
he’d ever been fucked! Well, now I think you need to see for yourself,
just how great your ass can feel with him up inside of you! You `bout
ready to get fucked, and get fucked,—big time? You ain’t never had it
before, and today’s your day, and you’re gonna start out with, `the dick of
death’! He’s hungry for you and I know damn well you’re hungry for it!
I’ll be here and make sure everything goes OK, –OK? Ready?”
“Yea come on Jay, come on! I wanna know I can fuck you! Come on
man, let me at you! I wanna fuck you!”.

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