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Chicken Flats

My buddy and I decided to skip school, he had just got his drivers license and wanted to drive around. We had drove around for a little bit then decided to go to Chicken Flats. Chicken Flats is a huge restaurant near the highway where they have this all you can eat buffet for only ten dollars and it is the best food in the world. We go there and stuff ourselves and watch all the people that come in and out as it is real popular with the out of towners.

We did not worry about getting caught as we look way older than we really are.
Well we ate and were having a good time just talking and making fun of some of the people when this older white guy come up. I am guessing he was in his fifties or early sixties. He sat down and started to talk to us. He said he and his wife had always had a fantisy to have her fuck a couple of black guys.

We thought maybe this was a trap or something but then she came over and it seemed more legit then. They were ordenary looking people, he was short and pudgy and she was maybe five foot two, kinda mousey, blonde, glasses, small tits, blue eyes-not much to get excited about, she did not even act like the type to be into sex at all.
They invited us back to their hotel which was right next door.

We had some heat on us so we thought we should go check this out as we were both looking to get our first taste of pussy. We got to the room and the man got a small camcoder out. He said we should get undressed. He handed us each a condom and we looked at it and at each other. Then the guy asked us if we had ever done this before joking.

We told him we had not, we were virgins and he would have to show us how to use the condoms, he then asked how old we were and we told him. The woman came out of the bathroom just then with just a teddy on. The man thought for a second then excitedly ran over to her and whispered something to her. She said “NoWay” but the guy pleaded with her, she looked at us and back at him then said she would but this was the only time she would ever do this and he better like it!
The guy came over and toook the condoms from us and told us to get naked aand get on the bed.

He put on some music and got his corder going. We got on the bed, both of us sporting eight inch boners. The woman got on the bed and said she did not want to this, it was his idea and she was just doing this to shut him up so we better not try anything weird or cum inside her and just to get this over with, then she asked who wants to go first.

The man told us he was rolling and we could start. The woman took my buddy’s cock in her mouth and I started to play with her cunt. She had to lose the teddy right off. She had a cute little white cunt with golden brown pussy hair. She was not real wet and I had never been this close to a pussy before so I did not know what to do. When I looked up the man was naked, his cock was hard and only maybe five inches.

I couold smell the woman’s pussy and it was making me want to cum. The man threw me some lube which I squirted on my cock and then pushed it into her pussy as he directed. She was tight and felt really good. The man told me to fuck her so I started to bang in and out of her. She was laying on her side, I had her leg up on my chest and my balls were dragging on her leg.

My cock was bottoming out inside her. My buddy still had his cock in her mouth. The man had his camera right in her snatch and rubbing his cock as he filmed.
All of a sudden I had to cum and my cock exploded deep inside her. The woman moaned then said not inside me but I was planted deep and just let it flow. Cum leaked all over from around my cock.

It was on me and her bush was coated. I pulled out, it was a mess but the man had the camera right there for a closeup. He directed my buddy to fuck her next which he did. The woman laid on her back and spread her legs wide and my buddy dove in pounding her gooey snatch hard. The man was trying to get a good angle for his camera. My buddy was ready to cum and pulled his cock out but the man said to push it back in which he did just as he started to cum.

The woman protested a little but my buddy was already letting it flow deep inside her. When he pulled ou, cum was running out of the woman’s cunt. The man mounted her next pushing his little cock into her stretched out pussy. He filmed himself porking her and then his load into her too.
The woman was all mad and pushed him off and walked into the bathroom to cleam the sticky cum off her.

“I told you guys not to cum inside me!” she yelled from the bathroom.
She came out of the bathroom, “I fucked some strangers, can we go home now?” She asked. She looked at the three of us, we all had boners again. “You have got to be k**ding me!” She said. The woman got on the bed and said somebody get up here and start fucking me before I change my mind.

I jumped up and mounted her doggy, “I will not cum inside you this time” I said. “You might as well now, everybody already has. ” Replied the woman. I started to bang her good and hard. This was much better than the first time a few minutes ago and I felt like I was going to last much longer. The woman seemed to be more into it this time too. As I pounded I enjoyed watching her reflection in the mirror.

Her boobs were shaking with my thrust. And I think she may have cum herself as she moaned and pushed back towards me with her cunt clamping tight around my cock causing me to explode.
She collasped face down on the bed, my nut leaking from her gaping cunt. My buddy pulled her over to the edge and mounted her right there while he stood an the floor. He was banging her hard for several minutes till he exploded deep inside her again.

Then the man just stuck his dick inside her and nutted, I am not sure she even felt him inside her.
We were pretty happy to have finally fucked a woman, and a white woman at that. We went thru the shower quickly and got dressed. The woman stopped us when her man was not looking and gave us her number and said she would love to meet us again without her man around anytime we wanted.

We did follow up on that a few months later and that woman was a much better fuck when she had decided she really wanted our cocks.

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