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Cheater cheater

I admit i was a terrible husband, and a pretty lousy boyfriend to every girlfriend i have had that became somewhat serious. I have come to terms with the fact that some people are not built for a monogamous relationship and I will never (knock on wood) marry again! What I miss most about being married is cheating on my wife. I loved the thrill of getting away with it and the planning it took to pull it off.

And my favorite was to cheat on her with a married woman so it doubled the thrill and it doubled the difficulty in getting away to meet for a quickie..’. And an affair with a married woman was much simpler since she had as much to lose as I did, and I didn’t have to worry about unwelcomed visits or any craziness.
I was working nights at a major UPS sorting center and days I had a remodeling, painting, misc.

repair business I took care of mostly alone, at times i had help when i had something i could not do alone. UPS was only part time, the only position they offer to their sorting center employees, but it was ideal because it was union and as a part time employee I still was given completely free health insurance for the whole family, and my ex had 3 kids that were not mine and it covered them too.

They had a pretty high turnover rate because it was hard work, but i have never minded hard work, and actually even enjoy it. And the high turnover rate kept a steady supply of new girls coming through. When you were slow you were expected to find someone that wasn’t slow and help them until you started getting some packages to load. I always would go help the new girl, of course, and would “accidentally” make body contact as we worked in tight confines of the UPS semi trailer.

One married girl a little younger than me caught on to the game pretty quick and started playing too. Her ass was constantly rubbing against my dick as we worked and it was very much a turn on for me that not once did either of us acknowledge what was going on but acted oblivious to it. And it went on for a month or two that way before she quit coming to work and I never saw her again.

She was responsible for my cock being hard while i worked for good part of the shift, and there was no way she didn’t feel it when we rubbed against each other as we loaded the trailer. I always imagined she went home and would fuck her husband whether he was asleep or not, I know i woke up my ex after nights working with her.
Of course i had my eye on someone else already anyways at work, or probably 5 or 6 actually, i didn’t like not having options.

But one girl was a sorter om the line next to mine, a cute brunette that was married and very flirty. One night she wore a half shirt with no bra and sorters were elevated above everyone and when i would go by she would give me a shot up her shirt from below and that was all I needed to make a move.
I had locked my keys in the car that night like a moron, and at 4 am when we got off options were limited but they had a slim jim at ups i borrowed and had already told Renee, the little brunette, that she had to stay and help me get my car unlocked and she had no problem with that.

I could not get the slim jim to pop the lock and tried for an hour with her assistance, finally i found a maintenance guy that knew how to do it to come out and show me, but he couldn’t until his break which was another 45 minutes. So Renee and I stood out by my car flirting and i talked her into letting me see her tits while we waited. She pulled her shirt up and flashed me, which led me to wanting to see more.

The parking lot was deserted by now and i stood behind her grinding my cock in her ass as i slipped my hands up her shirt and played with her tits. Her hand slipped behind her and found my dick, and she was rubbing it through my shorts as i moved my hand down her flat stomach into her shorts and eased my finger down to her pussy. She pulled my cock out and stroked it and then got on her knees right in the ups parking lot behind my car and started sucking my cock.

I now was officially happy i had locked my keys in the car! She gave me a blowjob until i blew my load getting cum on her shirt and face. By then it was about time for the maintenance guy to go on break and she leaned back against me as i leaned on back of my car my arms around her and my hands up her shirt. The car got unlocked and we went to our respective homes and spouses, she lived in Kansas and I lived in Missouri about half an hour away.

That was the beginning of a full blown extra-marital affair and she would find hiding places in that massive warehouse to sneak away during work for either a quickie or a quick blowjob.
My wife had a 8-5 job as did her husband so we would meet in the daytime to where we could have unhurried sex. Sometimes at my house and sometimes at hers while our spouses were at work.

Sometimes we got a motel room.
I had a small home office in a spare bedroom off the living room around the corner from the kitchen. There was a slipper sofa in there that we put to use on several occasions. My wife rarely came home for lunch but never came home any other time during work. I was in my office one afternoon when Renee called and said she was stopping by in a while which sounded good to me.

And about an hour later I heard the front door open and she came into my office. She came in and leaned on my desk next to me with her sexy legs right beside me in a pair of little tiny shorts that wouldn’t hardly cover my dick if i had a hard on. I started rubbing her legs and my hand got closer and closer to her pussy with each rub until it was rubbing her pussy through her skimpy shorts.

She was getting turned on and pushed me back in the chair and got on her knees and started giving me a blowjob and it wasn’t long before I was ready to pick her up, set her ass on my desk and fuck her right there on the desk! Before i could make that thought a reality I heard the front door open again, and by the way it opened, I knew it was my wife doing the opening! “Are you here honey?” Her usual in the door greeting to see if i am in my office or not.

“I had to go to the Independence office after lunch and thought i would stop by and start the roast before going back in. ” I heard by her voice she was heading for my office which is where i usually was if i was home. I shoved Renee under my desk, grateful she was a pretty small girl, easily fitting in the space designed for your feet. I pulled myself up to my desk in my chair just as my wife came into the room, she stopped at the door and leaned against the jam and was telling me about her day at work.

I listened as I pretended to be doing paperwork when I feel a hand around my cock and then i feel Renee put my dick back in her mouth and start sucking my cock while my wife stood chatting with me 10 feet away! It turned me on like I hadn’t been turned on in a while and I was putting a lot of energy into pretending my cock was not about ready to explode in a girls mouth while listening to mundane chitchat from my wife!
She finally finished her bitching about her job and told me I looked busy and didn’t want to bother me while i was working and went to the kitchen to get the roast started in the crock pot.

She wasn’t 3 steps down the hallway before i had reached under the desk and grabbed Renee’s head not letting her pull of my cock as i started to cum. And i came so hard i thought my asshole was going to shoot out of my cock! She was looking up at me with an evil eye as my cum was coming out of her mouth around my cock and dripping down her chin.

I let go of her head and whisper to her “That is what you get for almost making me cum like that while my wife was looking at me!” She got out from under the desk and went in the 1/2 bathroom in the room where i knew my would never go. She had finished in the kitchen by now and walked back into the office, telling me to keep an eye on it if i was going to be home.

I was still trembling a little from cumming so hard and agreed to. She came over and gave me a peck on the lips and back to work she went!
As the front door closed the bathroom door opened and Renee came out with her tank top still on but no shorts and no panties. Her eyes were were dancing as she walked over to me giggling, “That was so fucking HOT”! she said, My panties were wet from how turned on I was giving you head while your wife talked to you!” She slid between me and the desk putting her ass on the desk with her legs spread and her feet on the armrests of my chair.

“And now you are going to pay me back for about making me gag when you wouldn’t let go while you were cumming in my mouth!” I had never done anything like that to her always giving her fair warning i was going to cum soon. I said “Yes ma’am” and dove tongue first into her pussy and she was right, she was as wet like I had already been eating her out and it really had turned her on like it had me.

After i brought her to an orgasm i was ready again so i finished what i had planned before my wife had come home and i pounded Renee while she sat on the desk.
We actually made plans to do that again and talked about doing in once a month, and she wanted to do it while her husband was home too. That never happened but we did do it one more time in my office while my wife was home.

And it was a major turn getting my cock sucked while i could here my wife making supper in the kitchen.
Renee and I kept the affair going for a couple more months after that, she got transferred to a different belt on the other side of the mile long building and it just kind of faded away once we didn’t see each other all night every night at work.

My wife never found out about Renee, but she had been stopping at the local liquor store not far from our house after work and having a beer or two while sitting in the car with a co-worker bitching about work and whatever, and had told me about it since it was a guy and i didn’t care, it sounded pretty innocent. But one afternoon i went to the grocery store that was in the same strip mall as the liquor store and her car was on the side of the store kind of hidden by semi trailers.

I walked over to make sure it was hers and that she was ok if it was hers, and I will be god damned if when i got there and looked in she was sucking his cock and he had his head leaned back and his eyes closed. So i popped open the door and said “so what you think bud? She gives some killer head, huh? I bet your wife can’t suck a cock like that.

” He jumped up and pulled his pants up as he ran across the lot to his car and my wife was stammering and bright red and starting to cry. The thing is, I knew I should be mad , I knew I should be hurt, even though i had done the same to her, but i wasn’t. at all. In fact, the only thing i felt after seeing my wife with another mans cock in her mouth was turned on! I told her that too, and I went around to her door and whipped out my cock and shoved it in her mouth and basically just fucked her mouth until i came, which i didn’t give her any warning that time, knowing i had a free pass to cum in her mouth! A couple months later she walked in the back room of the bar we frequented on fridays and found me doing a line of coke off a girls tit while she was holding onto my cock and my free hand was up her skirt.

That was the final nail in the coffin lid that put our marriage to rest, and to this day, I really miss the feeling i would get when i would cheat on my wife and the only reason i would have another one would be to cheat on her!.

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