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Celebrity slutty sleepover

Bridgit Mendler, Debby Ryan, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Dove Cameron all met at Selena’s apartment which she wasn’t sharing with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. All the guess were scheduled to arrive at her apartment at 5 pm with no dress attire which pretty much meant no clothes were allowed to be brought and looking at the letter the only girl that was shocked by the rule of no clothes was Dove who even though she was mature for her age (21) she was shocked that Selena requested that and only to 5 people then when Dove showed up Selena opened the door and told Dove that she also invited Jennifer Lawrence, Jamie Chung, Miranda Cosgrove, and Vanessa Hudgens who were also single at the time.

All the girls showed up about 4:55 pm since Selena was the type of girl that never liked people being late, the room was dark and no sign of anyone in the dark apartment everyone was so shocked that no one wanted to turn on the light scared of what might come in on them then a dark figure came and turned on the lights it was Selena who then informed everyone that this was a slutty sleepover and that they should of brought their sex toys if they had them and everyone but Dove had one because she was never invited to a sleepover let alone a slutty one then Bridgit turned to Dove and said you can use mine I brought a spare in case someone needed one then Selena told the group the whole night plan: 5:15 everyone is to have a lesbian orgy with someone then they will switch every 5 minutes and once that five minutes are up one of the two will go to the next girl and once those few have gone the last one they visited will switch with them and so on then after that we all meet in the bedroom and watch a few porno’s for an hour and it is encouraged that while the movies are going on you make love with one another and after the movies are done we will have Dinner at 6:30 and then at 7:00 we will go to bed have two or three in each bedroom.

Dove, Bridgit and Jamie will have this room, Demi, Jennifer, and Vanessa will have this room right next door, and Debby, me and Miranda will have the end hallway bedroom. Dove was surprised about who was sleeping with who and let alone make love with each other. Then a few hours had passed and the clock read 7:00 which meant bed time which meant skin on skin contact which meant make love with two girls let alone two disney friends (excluding: Jamie, Jennifer and Miranda who still were invoked in the fun but were not disney stars) then after a few hours of heavy lesbian sex the whole apartment was dark and all the girls were asleep except for Dove who was wide awake pondering why she decided to come to this sleepover then she got up and went to the living room to read a playboy magazine she had found on Selena’s book shelve.

Dove was almost to the naked woman poster found in the middle of the magazine until she heard a voice “Dove can I sit with you and go to sleep. ” The voice said. “Sure. ” Said Dove whose tone was quite awkward sounding then out of the corner of the dark were the dark and light ends meet it was Miranda Cosgrove who unlike the other girls was the closest to Dove’s age and They both had secret crushes on each other for a long time.

“You can’t sleep?” Dove asked. “No I can’t sleep thinking about you too much to go to sleep. ” Shocked and happy that Miranda felt this way about Dove Dove began to feel accepted into the party and the magazine was put back on the shelf and Dove and Miranda started to make out and start getting each other turned on by the attractiveness of the two girls then Dove got a text by Mari from Smosh games that read Anthony and Kalel broke up and Mari and Sohinki broke up only to have Mari and Kalel be a couple now.

Then after Miranda read the text she told Dove “that could be us too if you wanted I am actually a lesbian lover anyway. ” Dove surprised at the question said “sure why not then we get to enjoy ourselves even more often. ” Then the morning came and during the night when everyone was asleep Dove and Miranda ran to the store and got wedding rings fully clothed so they wouldn’t get seen naked in public and they put the clothes back in the trunk of Dove’s car and went back to Selena’s apartment before the rest of the girls woke up and then when the rest of the girls woke up they saw that Miranda and Dove proposed to each other and were all shocked by the announcement except for Bridgit who knew this would likely happen to the youngest girls at the sleepover and then Selena told Everyone that she had Proposed to Demi and now they are a couple and Bridgit proposed to Jamie and Debby and Jennifer.

Then after all the proposals were done all the rest of the girls had went to the jewelry store to pick out rings and they all lived happily ever after and then next year they invited Mari and Kalel who had major lesbian action since the marriage.

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