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Carol and 1 no 4

Story 4

Chapter 1
I was a warm early morning in May, Carol was resting in her bed, drifting in and out of sleep. Rudeolph was flat out next to her and both were naked having spent the previous evening in yet another sexual encounter that had left both of them spent and exhausted.

Carol had an additional twinkle in her eyes this morning, she lay there recalling her shopping trip the other day, she had eventually built up the courage to go and purchase the items she had spent weeks thinking about, Her shopping trip was for one purpose only, and that was shortly to be fulfilled.. Ever since Rudeolph had trapped her in the car window and whether designed or not, she had been abused by that dog, or rather her pussy had been abused by the dogs tongue, she had vowed to herself she would get her own back, not in a nasty way, but she would let Rudeolph know what its like to have your body taken and not being able to respond.

She had to admit that the idea of sex with a****ls was abhorrent to her, she had in fact found the tongue lapping on her moist vulva somewhat stimulating, “oh why did it have to be the dogs tongue” she thought. “I could have climaxed if it had carried on just a little longer” Then she stopped thinking about possible pleasures and remembered that it was a dog, and Rudeolph had to be taught a lesson.

Smiling to herself, she decided that at payback time she would also get some pleasure from the experience.

The time had eventually arrived, the circumstances could not be better, Rudeolph was totally out of it, Carol leant forward and took his flaccid cock in her hand and slowly started to pump it, first a slow downward stoke, she saw his manhood rise up to the flange and attempt to break out of its protective sheaf, then an upward stoke to make the skin below her hand as taught as she could.

She looked at Rudeolphs face and there was no sign of interest at all. “Good” she thought its all systems go. She gave his cock a further slow downward movement and leaned forward to gently kiss the tip of his impending erection.

She then let go and stood up, as she left the room and went to the bathroom, her smile broadened as she went.

Chapter 2

In the bathroom Carol looked in the mirror and saw exactly what she expected, somebody who had been totally used and abused the night before and her hair was uncombed and make up was now smudged.

Not that she was complaining after all she found it hard to recall the last time she had been active into the small hours, and not been dependant on her toys for pleasure.

She used the toilet and prepared herself for the forthcoming action, taking a shower she soaped herself and felt extreme pleasure as she sprayed her pussy and washed of the dried mixtures that had been deposited in her the night before and had trickled down her inner thighs and dried on contact with the warm air.

She felt the warm water run down her breasts and across the pubic mound and she was in no rush to finish. However she was aware she need to move quickly to carry out her plans and she towelled herself dry and sprayed her favourite perfume and added an extra spray onto her pubic hair.

Combing her hair she again felt sensual and standing there naked made her realise she still had a body to kill for.

Her breasts are still firm, well reasonably for her age, not yet pointing south. She looked at her bush, still thick, but nicely trimmed into the heart shape she had told Rudeolph is was when they first chatted, slightly omitting that is was “au natural” at the time and she shaped and trimmed it the following day. Her thighs still firm and shapely, yes she was in good condition.

When she was finished her preparations she opened the cupboard and took out the two bags she had hidden there after her previous day’s adventure.

She stood and recollected the events in her mind. never in a million years had she imagined ever going into a sex shop, and as for seeking advise and actually making a purchase well that was just unimaginable. She paused and decided she was ready to put her plan into operation.

She reached into the first bag and took out the brief French knickers, bright red with black edges. In addition there was what appeared to be a pair of black lips along the middle of the gusset, when her fingers went to examine the garment these lips opened and new she had made a good choice.

Slowly she slid them up her legs and when they were firmly on her hips, she used her fingers to ensure the gusset was just right and her own lips sat nicely within the black slit. The material has a lovely soft feeling and she was feeling very sexy just at the thought of wearing these garments.

Then she took the matching bra, the one with the centre removed that allowed her nipples to stand firm and erect without the material stopping its natural growth.

She reckoned the nipple was now sticking out by about half and inch, and was now crimson in colour. The bra made her bosom stand out and although she did not need additional support it made sure they did not face south. She quickly added the matching suspender belt and nylons, once the whole set was dr****g her sensual body she said to herself, “I do look every bit as scrumptious as many girls half her age” and she was not kidding herself either.

Finally she donned a white shirt and was satisfied it was the correct length, reaching down to the reach the top of her inside leg.. Just a short forward leaning movement would reveal her rear end if she leaned backwards the outline of her vulva could be seen through the red material that presently gave it some degree of cover, yes she was about to enjoy the next hour or so.

A final look in the full length mirror to ensure everything was perfect and her make up was just as she wanted, plenty of lipstick, yes that’s great she was ready to continue.

She would soon have Rudeolph begging for release, he will never forget that he allowed the dog to slurp her juices, what would have occurred if the dog had not gone away.

Picking up the second bag, one final look, and then she decided to stop and she went to her shoe box and took out the six inch high heels. She now looked the part of a very sexy lady, and the heels exaggerated the walk and made her cheeks swing from side to side.

Anybody seeing her now would want to get inside her knickers without a second thought. Yes she was happy and she would be satisfied no matter now things turned out..

Chapter 3

Carol returned to the bedroom as quietly as she could, however she need not to worry as Rudeolph ad not moved since she left him naked and prone in the bed. The sheet barely covered him and it was still lying across his stomach, were she had left it after she had tried to shake hands with his manhood.

In fact, as she looked at it, it was so limp it could have died of strangulation. She recalled just how she had held him tight using her muscles to stimulate him as he had spent himself inside her just before she had released her own juices.

The very thought made her feel sorry for him but that was short lived as the thought of what could have happened to her, a strange piece of dog meat running up between her pussy lips, and she had read about the know that the swollen dog penis gets as it explodes and that it can up to 30 minutes to subside Strangely she liked the idea but with the exception is was Rudeolph’s meat and not a dog.

She knew deep down it had not been planned or arranged and did not really object to Rudeolph trying to find ways of pleasing her, but likewise she was also entitled to retaliate and that’s just what she was planning/

Slowly returning to the bed she placed the second bag on the floor and moved next to him, she kissed him and again held his pride and joy without any reaction. Yes everything was ready.

She reached into the bag and removed the larger box and took out the four implements. Click, Click, Click, and Click each was put into position two on the headboard and two on the board at the foot of the bed. Now for the tricky bit, Carol decided it was best to do hands first and feet second. She held Rudeolph’s right hand and gently encouraged it to rise above his head, Click, so far so good.

The left hand followed suit, Click, and within a minute there was a further Click, Click, and Rudeolph was now restrained by the handcuffs, loosely fitting but sufficient to limit movement, and he was spread out with very little wriggle room. Surprisingly Rudeolph was still asleep with little sign of him waking.

Carol’s plan was dependant on Rudeolph being awake so she gently whispered his name, to no avail. She had held his favourite asset kissed it and kissed him on the lips as well and called his name and nothing had woken him.

Nothing else for it, she went to the bathroom and returning with a wet flannel she washed his face applying sufficient pressure and cold water to ensure he woke up. Finding his movements restricted, he looked surprised. Slowly his mind started to work and he looked at this gorgeous hunk of womanhood stood before him and then realised he was incapable of doing anything about it.

Carol smiled at him, “Remember the dog” she said, “well this is payback time”.

Rudeolph was worried now, hoping she was not planning on the puppy getting close to his privates, after all that could bring a very sudden end to their frolicking. “No”, he said to himself “Carol likes being shagged too much to do that. And why should she deprive herself. “So just what is she planning to do” Rudeolph stopped struggling and decided to just go with the flow. He relaxed and drank in the sight of the white shirt which was located at the top of the very shapely legs which in turn are perched on the highest heels he had seen Carol wear.

He reasoned that Carol would make a stand for a few minutes and then release him so they could couple in the time honoured way. Oh how could he be so wrong…….

Chapter 4

Carol started to gyrate her hips and moved slowly towards the bed, as she moved she felt her vulva slipping between the slit in her briefs, Good job Rudeolph cannot see that just yet. She leaned forward and her breasts fell with gravity to the fabric of the shirt, again Rudeolph was unable to see the hardened nipples beneath.

Carol blew a kiss to Rudeolph as she continued she movements and slowly she undid the top shirt button and as she did she turned around and leant forward, Rudeolph gasped when the skirt rose up to reveal two firm cheeks being held in the soft red material.

Rudeolph was not settling down, absorbing the sight in front of him and still expecting to be holding Carol firm and placing himself between those delicate thighs any minute.

His mouth was dry, and again he reasoned that he would soon be drinking from the chalice of Venus. He was also making every effort to stop any outward sign that Carol’s dance was having any effect. The sooner she realised she was having no effect she would stop, Carol on the other hand was into his mind and was expecting this reaction and was well prepared for it.

The heels still having the effect of each taut cheek moving as her weight changed from left to right leg and back.

When Carol eventually returned to face him again she had now reached the third button. This time the top of her bra was visible and the two now very firm orbs were straining for Rudeolphs attention. Carol knew she would have to deny herself the immediate benefits of satisfaction if she was to accomplish her mission.

Rudeolph told her she had made her point and to release him so he could give her some attention, and was surprised at her rejection of his kind offer, In fact she was now holding her own tits as she maintained the rhythmic movements Out of the corner of her eye she saw a slight twitch from Rudeolphs loins and she knew she would win this one.

However she turned to Rudeolph and said “ Well if this is not interested will wash him and put him to bed” and taking the still wet flannel started to wrap it around the semi erect penis and squeezed so the excess water ran down to cool his balls. “Now then” she reflected and placed the sheet over the member, “now let’s see a real tent pole”.

Continuing her seductive dance she continued to remove all the buttons except for the final one, and again she turned to face Rudeolph and when she saw his face light up at the sight of her engorged bleed red nipples sticking firmly out of the centre of the bra cups, she decided to teach him another lesson.

She leaned forward until her nipples where just above his mouth, and as he tried to strain to capture just one into the dry mouth she pulled away. “No way your not ready yet” she said to him.

Resuming her love dance she finally removed the last button and let the shirt drop to the floor, now standing in bra knickers suspenders and stocking, she felt, looked and was very sexy, as indicated by the now growing member a few feet away.

She took the opportunity to lean backwards and this thrust her vulva through the gap and out into the open, Rudeolph’s eyes, now like stalks, were finding it difficult to believe what was in front of him and his mind was fast processing this date. “Oh my god” he said “I need to take you right now”. His words fell on deaf ears as Carol resumed her dance and was teasing him with her pussy lips now no more that six inches away from his face.

This had taken no more than 10 minutes and Rudeolph was straining already, how could the poor thing last she thought to herself. She now went to the chair that was in the room, sat down and slowly, very slowly started to remove her stocking, and as she raised her foot she made sure her pussy winked in Rudeolphs direction, Left leg first, and when the right had its turn she deliberately held the position for about 20 seconds as she watched his member continually twitching.

She undid the suspender belt. Are you ready big boy? Winked at him and said “Hope you enjoy the show, after all you wanted the dog to lick and who knows what to my poor pussy, so now I will show you what is was intended to be used for” She then stood up and went to the bedside drawer and rummaged until she found her favourite toy, and a quick check told her the batteries were in order and she smiled.

Returning to her seat she again sat making sure Rudeolph could see exactly what she wanted him to see, and slowly placed her left leg over the arm of the chair, “Under 18 then leave now” she said directly to Rudeolph and laughed.

Chapter 5

Carol then lifted her right leg across the other arm of the chair and Rudeolph now had a clear view of the red material with the two now purple lips smiling at him through the narrow slit in the middle.

Carol leaned back on the seat and started to feel the hardness of her own nipples, tweaking them and feeling the nipple strain even further as they tried to escape further through the small opening. Her other hand now slide under the elastic of her knickers and the second and third fingers parted so she could slide either side of her now very wet and swollen vulva.

Rudeolph was amazed at the that was unfolding before his eyes, and the tent pole was now straining to be released, Carol had notice a little damp patch has appeared at the top of the pole, and she smiled with contentment.

Longing to reach forward and the take the protrusion into her mouth she managed to restrain herself in the knowledge that better was to cum soon.

The red knickers now looked more crimson as the damp stain spread and the moisture had the effect of making the material see through, so Rudeolph could now see quite clearly the movements of Carol’s fingers as she slid them over her clit and the tips ended up touching her juicy lips.

Using her fingers Carol was able to push each lip backwards and the vagina opened up to await the pleasures it strained for. Slowly Carol inserted a finger, then two, and moved her other hand to take over the duty of clit attendant.

Her clit was also straining with desire and she was now fully sexually aroused. Rudeolph was straining to be released so he could impale her there and then, yes she was succeeding.

Carol continued to stimulate her sex organs making sure though that she was not yet about to climax, and she was enjoying this experience as nobody had ever seen her play with herself before, and the thought has increased her desires ten fold.

Carol stood and repositioned the seat so that when seated she was no more that 18 inches from Rudeolph’s face, she then resumed her position and this time she took her favourite toy and deliberately took her time in allowing the tip to enter inside her body.

Rudeolph was now humping fresh air with frustration, and was desperate to be released. Watching the toy slide deep, 1 inch, 2, 3, 4 each additional forward movement entering a little further, soon it was 6 and then 7 and finally 8 inches, no Carol was taking full length strokes as she again settled back and continued to tease her own organs into submission.

The strokes soon started to get shorter but faster and her breathing was more rapid, Carol was slowly losing control and was beyond caring, she was going to enjoy this.

She also recalled that Rudeolph had never seen a woman climax before and now she was doing him a favour. The thrusting was now going at a fast pace and her pubic area was full of bleed supply to the nerve endings, the toy was catching her in just the right place. Everything was set and Carol gave a find few deep and hard thrusts before pulling the toy out into the air. The inrush of cool air was met by the fountain of juice that had been released and was now heading at speed towards Rudeolphs face.

The hand that was working on her clit had not stopped and Carol’s body shook with the release she had given it, and she felt the juices leave her body and the sensation of satisfaction soon took over as the sexual heights ebbed away.

Rudeolph smiled and said “WOW, that was beyond belief” now it’s my turn” fully expecting Carol to now release him in more ways than one. Oh dear wrong again…….

Chapter 6

Carol still prone across the arms of the chair, was now breathing normally and felt the stickiness on the inner thighs and smiled at Rudeolph, “OK big boy” now its your turn”, and she stood hands on hips waiting for his response. The tent pole had now subsided somewhat and the dark patch had grown considerably. Rudeolph was still lying, pinned down on the bed, and in urgent need of relief.

His eyes pleaded with Carol to allow him to empty his loins.

Carol moved towards the bed and kneeled on the side and threw her left leg across Rudeolph’s chest, she was facing his feet as she raised her hips and moved into reverse gear so she could position her moist pussy on to Rudeolph’s nose. Now he could not only see her pussy but also saviour the aroma of her sex.

Delicately she lowered herself until the nose hit her now cooling lips and as she moved forward the lips opened once again and the cold flesh met the warm of the pink flesh usually protected by the vulva.

Carol closed her eyes as she started to slide in both directions as she started to feel excited once again, she lowered her face and was now only inches away from the throbbing prick.

She opened her mouth and her tongue moved out to close the gap, and she just managed to reach the tip. The meeting of tongue on damp flesh, separated by the thin fabric of the sheet, made Rudeolph stand rigid. Carol reached forward and removed the sheet and started to place her mouth over the purple headed bed snake that was hissing at her.

As she slid her moist sex over his nose, Carol was now taking the pulsating manhood into her mouth and using her tongue was lapping across the crack at its tip.

As she licked away her hands had hold of the two sacks of flesh found at the base and these received tentative squeezes to stimulate the now swelling flash. Her tits where now firmly crushing into Rudeolph’s chest as Carol was enjoying the lollipop in her stretched mouth.

Rudeolph was trying to reposition his head so that the juicy flesh would drop from his nose and into his waiting mouth, Carol now in need of some tongue herself moved slightly forward to allow this to happen.

Rudeolph welcomed the lips, and started to suck them into his mouth so he could then use his tongue to slide into the pink areas and also so he could hold her swollen clit between his teeth as his tongue could strum across the edge.

Between them they now made a pretty picture, Carol with her rear end up in the air, dropping occasionally in response to Rudeolph’s attention to her now very stimulated pussy, Her head was bobbing up and down on the lollipop and Rudeolph trying to move his hips in an upward movement to meet Carol’s descending mouth.

Now Rudeolph was feeling better as his manhood was getting the treatment he wanted. Carol had one more desire to be met but would enjoy the present arrangement for a few more minutes before going for the final goal.

Chapter 7
Carol was now ready for the final act, the one she had worked out a few days ago and it should be the one that gets Rudeolph into a real lather.

Carol had stopped sucking on the cock that was now rigid and moved herself forward so she was sitting on Rudeolph’s chest, her legs either side of his body and her moist pussy was rubbing slowly across his chest.

Rudeolph was now beginning to think he would never be released and would not be able to embed himself deep inside the gorgeous hunk of womanhood who was abusing his body, had teased and sucked his manhood and testicles, and was now rubbing her snatch on his chest, all of which he was thoroughly enjoying.

All e lacked was the ability to reciprocate.

Carol raised herself up and kissed him on the cheeks, noting he was now rather red and he was obviously feeling very frustrated at his inability to respond correctly. “ Now, you know how it feels to have your love tools played with and not being able to respond” , “just be grateful I did not invite the dog” Rudeolph started to argue that e had not “invited the dog” but Carol kissed him again to shut him up.

At this point her hand reached behind her and found the straining flesh and holding it in place she repositioned herself so that the tip was just touching her own lips, and she watched Rudeolph’s eye dilate as he felt the moist flesh against his throbbing member. Carol now used both hands the separate her own lips and slowly lowered herself feeling the agitated meat enter inside her, firstly she only allowed access to the very top, and then she rose up again.

Followed quickly by a further downward movement allowing further access and this continued until the whole member was engulfed inside her vagina,

Carol gasped as after each thrust she could feel the flesh moving deeper inside her, she used her own muscles to clamp and then release the intruder, her walls could feel the skin slide gently upwards but only at her will. She felt the tip eventually hit the top of the chasm and the nerve ends of the sex organs went into overdrive.

She was enjoying each stroke as it found yet new nerve ends to stimulate.

Rudeolph was now really wishing to take control. Carol had opened her pussy and let is cock slide in as far as the flange, the moist vagina was most welcoming, but he wanted to go deeper. Now she was rising and a feeling of disappointment went through Rudeolph as he had convinced himself that the ultimate act was not going to happen, Fortunately this was short lived as the desire of Carol’s vagina was about the be satisfied as she pushed back onto the rod and over the flange, now Rudeolph could feel himself sinking deeper into the land of ecstasy.

Carol started to up the tempo and each stroke was now slightly faster and deeper that the previous, she could feel her juices flowing. The invading tool was beginning to develop uncontrollable surges as Rudeolph’s juices started their upward journey which would end in her innards being well splashed. She could also feel her own sexual tensions rising to a crescendo and she decided she had teased Rudeolph enough, Besides she enjoyed it as much if not more than him and she would not stop natures activities and just let it flow.

It was not long before she was biting her lips as the clit and vulva passed all the sensual feelings to her brain and she was climaxing like nothing before.
Rudeolph knew he would not be able to control his actions much longer as the pulses in his manhood told him the juices would soon be ready for ejection into the waiting vagina and he just hoped Carol would be ready when he started to buck his hips upwards wanting, as nature intended, for the juices to be as high and deep as possible.

He felt the liquids rising before he could do anything and the last thrust was as deep as he could manage with being shackled, but he was pleased when Carol responded to his rising hips by grinding her pubic area hard against him as she shook with excitement and then he felt her juices running down his shaft, and out onto his testicles.

Both Carol and Rudeolph just lay there, both totally spent Carol reached up and released Rudeolphs arms, and he took hold of her and they cuddled for what could have been hours.

As they later moved to the shower Rudeolph said well your revenge was just great, but of course I will now also have to avenge the revenge…………

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