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As night fell over the heather clad moor, he could feel the mist slowly sweeping over him. The hairs on his back stood on end. He looked across from his hiding place and watched as the two ramblers pitched their tent. The girl was unpacking the small stove whilst the guy fiddled with poles and ropes. It had been a hot day but now the mist was here the temperature had dropped several degrees.

Much to his amusement he could see the girl’s nipples harden through her top. He watched as she bent over, he had the perfect view from here. After a few hours of eating and drinking the couple retired to their tent.
The food had been ok, she thought, but it was this she’d come for- to finally get some time alone with him. She’d planned all day what she’d do when they got here, but now she was so tired, warm and fuzzy from the drink.

She snuggled up to him with him arm around her. This was perfect. He turned over and started to kiss her. Slowly, tenderly then passionately. He slipped his hand under her top and groped her full supple breasts. Her niples reacted to his touch and strained to be free.
He could see the two shadows through the tent, merging as one. His bleed boiled as he thought what the man was doing to her, he had no right to touch her like that, she was supposed to be his.

He slowly moved closer to the pitch, being careful not to make a sound. He could see they were naked now and he couldn’t wait any longer. He picked up a stone and threw it in front of the tent ensuring it made a loud thud. The noise disturbed the couple. “What was that?” she said. “dunno, probably nothing. now where was i…” Another thud. “I think there’s something out there” she said. Another thud.

“Right, ok, I’ll go and look. You stay here and hold that thought!” The guy pulled on his pants and undid the tent zip. The mist was thick now and he couldn’t see much. As the guy crawled out of the tent the watcher smashed the man’s head with another rock. The guy never made a sound, he just fell lifeless to the floor. The watcher struck him again just to make sure. What was that the girl had just said? He walked over to the opening.

Daddy’s home he thought.
He’d thought about this moment for years. He’d planned every detai and rehearsed every scenario in his mind, but now the time had come the reality was so much more than his fantasy was. He opened the flap and crawled in the tent. The girl had his back to him, with her shirt back on, and the look of horror on her face when she turned round was priceless.

She started to scream and push past him but she was no match for his strength. ?h no you don’t, girl, you’re all mine now. He pushed her back and straddled her, pinning her under his muscular frame. She struggled to get free but that just added to his pleasure. He enjoyed the power he had. He ripped her top off her and took in the sight of her naked breasts. They wobbled as she tried to escape.

He pulled down his pants and freed his hrobbing cock. He jammed it inside her, watching the pain sear across her face as he thrust all the way inside her. Again and again he rammed his cock up her, thriving on the tortured expression on her beautiful face. That beautiful face that for years at school he’d worshipped from afar. He was finally acting out what he’d dreamed of for as long as he could remember.

She’d scorned him, teased him and laughed in his at face when he’d finally plucked up the courage to ask her to the prom. Well who was laughing now?!
She was crying, the pain too much. She couldn’t understand what was happening. Why her? He pulled out of her and thrust his cock in her mouth. Tears, mixed with sweat, ran down her face. He wiped some with his finger and tasted the salty mixture.

He turned her over and stuck it up her arse. Grabbing her tits he bounced her back and forth, playing the movie in his mind. This was as close to perfect as he’d ever hoped for. His years of humiliation swept away in the climax that not only rocked his fantasy but blew it away.

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