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Came back home from tour.

Hello our friends.

We came back from trip to tour of husband’s aunt (Bhua). We all got real close to her.
She saw the holy places she wanted to visit. Also she and my hubby shared her with other people.
Aunt loved sex as much as we do. It was great to have with us. The trip was very good.

We came back home our maid and her son welcome us.

Aunt still did not know our relationship with
maid and her son. Al thou she is very open with us but we have to make it memorable time for her.
We knows from our trip she loved sex very much. In UK she was limited to have sex. It was our responsibility to make sure she get the best time while she is with us.

She has been with us about 4 weeks.

We want to treat her to our best ways as to what her needs.
We have to make plan how to introduce aunt to maid and her son. The son Raja has been fucking me most days. On the trip I missed his dick. Missed maid’s licking pussy skill.

We reached home in the evening We called maid to make meal for us. Told her the time we will be there.

Maid asked me about aunt. She said Raja is restless he want to fuck aunt. I could not talk much as aunt was in the car.

We had our meal and talked and watched TV. By 8pm aunt said she is tired and want to go to bed.
I took her to her room.

Came back where maid and Raja were waiting for me. Maid already started to suck AJ’s dick.

When I went there Raja hugged me and kissed me deep. I could feel his cock was getting hard. I touched his
dick sure it was getting hard. I said that I missed you. I removed Raja’s pant and took his dick out and got on my knees to suck that monster dick. My mouth was stretched by the size of hid dick.
Maid said lets go to our room so that aunt wont see us.

We went to their room. We 4 of us were naked in no time.

Raja told me to go on my knees he want to fuck me doggy style. I bend down he got in behind me and
put his dick at the gate. He put finger in my pussy it was wet. Raja said your pussy missed my dick.
I said yes now fuck me hard. Make me cum my fuck buddy.

AJ was on his back on bed and maid was riding his dick. I said to Raja look what your mom doing in front of you. Maid said same thing you doing in front of your husband. Shame on you you slut. Raja said Pari is my slut I want to fuck her all night. Punish her to stay away from me for that long.

In that he started to fuck me faster and harder.

My pussy was stretched to the limit. He keep fucking me. He fucked me for 20 minutes none stop. I cum few times as he was fucking me.

My husband was having good time with maid. Maid wanted his cum in mouth. Hubby took his dick out of maid’s pussy ans shot his cum in her mouth. She swallowed it.

Raja asked me where I want his cum? On my boobs my son.

I lay down and he shot his cum on my boobs hot cum felt good.

After finished fucking we sat and talked about our trip. We told that that aunt is such a slut. Raja will be happy to have her. Now only thing is how we going to tell her.

Raja said it is simple. Let pari suck my cock and let aunt see it. If she is that slut she will want my cock too.

Like pari always want my dick. I am sure she will love my dick. Yes I think it is very good idea.

Raja was happy we were happy too for aunt.

Tomorrow I will send aunt down to get some thing from the from kitchen. Pari would be sucking raja
as she will come down the stairs. Maid said what if she get mad. I am sure she wont get mad the way she acted with other people we had sex with.

She would be very excited to see Raja’s dick and want it for her self.

That is good plan lets do it in the morning after the breakfast. Bring the food in the morning.

More to come yet.

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