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Byron Bay Seduction

Byron Seduction

The feelings flowing through her ran deep, spreading from her core to infuse every part of her. Her mind was a whirl of warring emotions, conflicting sensations of pleasure, confusion, passion, fear, submission and desire. The kiss had been unexpected, a surprise that she had been powerless to oppose. Passion had ignited like a flame that burned quickly, spreading to her erogenous zones, nipples reacting instantly, a warm gentle pulse stirring in her groin.

She’d found herself responding, kissing back, her lips parting willingly as Sandrine’s thick tongue pushed between them, dancing seductively, insistently with her own. Her lips were so soft, full, demanding. Bec’s hands had gone to the brunette’s neck, clasping her close, pulling the warm mouth harder against her own. Instinct had kicked in quickly as illicit pleasure surged through her. Sandrine’s body was pushed firmly against hers, the full, firm breasts pressing to her own needing orbs.

Bec’s back was against the bathroom wall, the cold tiles contrasting to Sandrine’s warmth. Her legs quivered as the kiss lingered, intensified, her pussy throbbing now, a low ebb that slowly built as Sandrine’s hand began to roam her body, sliding up along her thigh, clenching her firm butt cheek. Ripples of pleasure coursed through Bec and at last she opened her eyes, gasping at the intensity of Sandrine’s stare. Her crystal blue eyes were locked to Bec’s, flaming desire sparking like small stars in the depths.

Oh God, those eyes …

Bec had been instantly attracted to the pretty brunette. The slim, shapely figure, short cropped black hair, nose ring and neck tattoo (a dragon’s tail that disappeared down behind the neck line) had all painted a picture of a bohemian soul that called to Bec’s own wandering spirit. But the blue eyes on tanned skin, eyes that held mystery and mischief all at once, had caught Bec’s attention.

They’d met by chance in the small gift shop, itself a ragtag collection of spiritual books, trinkets, clothes and ornaments. The room was thick with incense and soft music, something eastern. They’d admired the same sarong, a multi-coloured Arabian style number.

“Let me buy it for you,” Sandrine had announced suddenly. “It will look amazing on you no doubt. ” Bec had protested but Sandrine had insisted, agreeing at last to Bec’s offer of lunch in return for the unexpected kindness.

They’d left the shop together, Bec’s heart racing for reasons she was unwilling to admit to. Something about Sandrine’s manner, the way she held Bec’s eyes for just too long, the curl of her lip when she smiled, as though hiding a secret, had Bec intrigued.

Lunch had been in a small seaside café overlooking the water. The view was magnificent but Bec found herself looking again and again to Sandrine, drinking in the bohemian styling, the jangle of jewelry, the loose singlet that hung loosely over the bare breasts beneath, hard nipples scr****g the thin material, and a long flowing skirt.

The beauty had strong, tanned feet, French manicured with silver ankle chain. Her pussy had tingled all through lunch and Bec found her thoughts turning to secret desires she had long harboured but never acted on. Could she? Would she? The wine and warm air had her feeling tipsy, free. The feel of Sandrine’s foot occasionally sliding softly up her calf had Bec’s senses in overdrive. Was she being seduced? God she hoped so.

She had the night off in between gigs, a rare tour to Byron to play for a large corporate function. Three days to relax and only one to work. She’d enjoyed the shopping, the first true time to herself in longer than she could remember. She was enjoying too the way Sandrine’s eyes roamed her body, freely, more boldly as the lunch wore on.

When Sandrine’s foot had slipped up the inside of her calf, and higher, tickling at the inside of her knee, Bec had asked outright: “Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Hmmm, I think so.

Is it working?” Sandrine had replied, a devilish look in her eyes. Bec had smiled, taken aback at the bold admission but intrigued. Sandrine’s hand on hers had been warm, sensual.

“Let’s go see what that sarong looks like on you. My place is just around the corner. ” There had been no room to resist, just a simple statement. Bec’s heart raced as she paid the bill and slipped out into the bright sunshine.

Her nipples were hard, almost painful as they pressed against the material of her bra and shirt. And her pussy. God, she could feel the wetness pooling already. What was she doing?

Sandrine’s apartment, more a small cabin by the beach, had been exactly what she expected. A kaleidoscope of trinkets, surf boards, spiritual odds and ends … all slightly messy but appealing at the same time. She’d slipped into the bathroom to change, noticing Sandrine’s smile as she did so.

“I’ll open more wine,” she called as Bec began to change. The sarong was amazing, figure hugging, tasseled edges. She had been adjusting it in the mirror when Sandrine has slipped behind her silently, arms wrapping around her waist.

“Looks divine babe,” she purred into Bec’s ear, the warm air and soft vibration sending a shock of desire through Bec. She had turned to face Sandrine when the beauty pushed her back against the wall, mouth locking hungrily to hers, lips parting.

Now Bec found herself succumbing to the kiss, her hands roaming Sandrine’s body in reply. What was she doing? She should stop, but could she? The passion flowing within her was almost overwhelming. Sandrine’s aura was flooding Bec’s aura, a sensual, spiritual embrace that went deeper than mere physical desire. Bec found herself surrendering, following willingly when Sandrine took her by the hand and led her to the sun-filled bedroom, the ocean an intense blue through the big double doors that opened onto the verandah and beach beyond.

The sea’s scent and pounding waves filled Bec with a strange comfort. She could. She would. This woman would be hers, a fantasy in the flesh she would surrender willingly to.

As if sensing Bec’s capitulation, Sandrine lifted the watermelon-coloured singlet over her head, granting Bec a view of the dragon tattoo that adorned her slender back. Its tail curled up to her neck, the body, wings spread wide, covering the expanse of her back between her shoulders and waistline, the long neck disappearing below her skirt.

She turned slowly, offering Bec her breasts, hands softly cupping the full, firm orbs. Bec’s mouth was dry as she took in the tanned breasts, the dark, hard nipples that Sandrine squeezed between thumb and forefinger. Her pussy pulsed with desire, moisture flooding her inner depths, her lips beginning to part in anticipation. Sandrine smiled seductively as she pushed the skirt to the floor, exposing her gorgeous body, the dragon’s neck snaking around her right hip, its head, mouth open wide, ending just above the small line of pubic hair, which formed the dragon’s tongue.

God she had never wanted anyone so badly in her life.

She had never felt so comfortable, so completely seduced. Stepping forward she pulled her own shirt over her head, unclasping the bikini top, letting the straps catch on her stiff nipples, proud of her femininity as she exposed herself to Sandrine. The sarong followed and Bec wiggled her hips as she slipped the tiny g-strong down her thighs. Sandrine stroked her breasts as she watched Bec disrobe, sensing that this was a new experience for the beautiful blonde.

Her legs quivered in desire as she watched the athletic beauty strip, saw the look of desire in the deep green eyes. She would draw the moment out, make this a memory for both of them that would fill a special place deep within their souls. She had never felt such a spiritual connection to someone, her aura in overdrive from the moment she had stepped beside Bec in the small store. Fate had found them, drawn them together and now they would surrender to the gods in purest ecstasy.

Sandrine slid onto the bed, eyes inviting, tongue licking along her full bottom lip. Bec moved too, slowly, enjoying the languid movements of the brunette beauty, the way the dragon seemed to slither as she moved. Her pussy glistened with her desire and Bec breathed deep of the womanly scent now filling the room. Their sex was calling to each other, dragging them close. Bec’s hands reached for Sandrine’s and they knelt on the bed, clasping hands, drinking in the other’s feminine beauty, simply allowing their auras to connect in a moment of unbridled sensuality.

“I want you,” Bec whispered as she leant closer to Sandrine, cheeks barely touching. Sandrine gasped as Bec’s lips found her neck, mouth parting and tongue exploring softly. Sandrine ran her fingers up Bec’s back, exploring, tickling, surrendering to her own desires.

“My pussy is so wet for you,” Sandrine replied. “I’m yours, and you’re mine. ” Her mouth found Bec’s, tongue delving deep into the blonde’s willing mouth. Their breathing synchronized as passion ignited deep within them.

Bec’s hand explored Sandrine’s back, moving to stroke the firm breasts, palms tracing across the hard nipples – hard for her. Sandrine sighed as Bec gently explored her body, reveling in the knowledge she was the blonde’s first woman. She knew, instinctively, that Bec had been drawn to her, that their meeting was fated. She offered herself willingly, would hold back nothing, letting only her deepest desire take effect. She cupped Bec’s breasts, toying with the long nipples, loving the firm orbs, heavy in her palms.

The feminine energy of another woman’s breasts was undeniable, intense, compelling, and Sandrine felt her pussy flood, her desire now pooling on the sheets beneath her sex. Heat flooded her, drove her. She allowed Bec to lead, offering her body to her, submissive, open, willing.

“Oh baby I am so yours,” she whispered as Bec leant down, taking a hard nipple between her soft lips and sucking deeply. The feel of another woman’s breasts was intoxicating, a wave of feminine desire surging through her as she began to lick and lap from one breast to the other.

Her hand slipped between Sandrine’s spread thighs, cupping her sex, marveling at how wet she was. Heat ebbed from Sandrine’s sex as Bec explored softly, finger sliding between the fleshy red lips, pushing gently into the warm entrance before sliding back up to gently press the hard nub of the woman’s clit. Sandrine moaned as Bec explored her body, mouth sending waves of pleasure through her breasts, fingers deftly exploring her willing sex.

She gripped Bec’s neck, pulling her mouth closer on her breasts.

“Bite them,” she sighed. “As hard as you want. ” Bec obeyed, teeth closing firmly over the stiff buds, finger pushing deeper now into Sandrine’s sex. She loved the small slapping sound her fingers made as she fucked them deeper and deeper into the willing brunette. Sandrine humped her pussy against Bec’s hand, inviting her to go harder, deeper, gasping when the fingers reached her sensitive g-spot. Bec grunted softly as she fucked her lover, mouth moving from one stiff nipple to the next and back again, biting, twisting, sucking the whole breast into her mouth.

Saliva spilled down Sandrine’s flat stomach and her cries came faster as she felt her orgasm nearing.

“Baby you’ll make me cum,” she gasped, the intensity of her desire beyond control. Bec’s green eyes locked with hers as she drove her fingers deeper, over and over, twisting them to press against the fleshy g-spot. Sandrine shuddered, body convulsing suddenly as her orgasm tore through her. Her cries filled the room as she came, over and over, pussy clamping around Bec’s fingers, her hand reaching to hold Bec’s wrist still, twitching, cumming in divine release.

She gasped, tears springing from her eyes at the intensity of her orgasm. “Oh baby, baby what did you just do to me?” she whispered as she kissed Bec’s neck and shoulders, pulling her face to hers, closing her mouth around Bec’s eager tongue.

She pulled her pussy away from Bec’s hand gently, shudders of pleasure still wracking her body. A spill of thick, scented desire splashed onto the sheets and Bec lifted her fingers to their mouths, lapping and licking the heady fluid as Sandrine leant forward to lick her fingers as she did so, tasting her own sex.

Bec groaned softly at the taste of Sandrine’s cum, lapping the liquid, feeling it coat her tongue. They collapsed to the soft bed, legs entwining, breasts pressed together as they kissed gently. Bec’s desire was palpable, her body alive, screaming for release. But first, she had to know, had to taste her lover’s pussy, explore her with her mouth.

Sandrine spread her legs willingly, grasping her ankles and pulling her slender legs wide.

“Eat me babe, take all of me. But be gentle, that was a hell of an orgasm. ” Bec slid down her lover’s body, eagerly positioning herself between her thighs, biting and licking them gently. Sandrine’s sex was open wide before her, a gloriously wet playground with twitching clit. The dragon’s head snaking across her thigh added to her sensual allure and Bec trailed her tongue along the dark ink, following it to the tuft of hair and down, lower.

Her tongue tickled the clit before sliding between the fleshy red lips, collecting Sandrine’s fluid and swallowing it eagerly. Her taste, the taste of a woman, was intoxicating and Bec found herself moaning over and over as she drank from this secret cup. Her own pussy throbbed with desire as Sandrine sighed and gasped. Her hand found Bec’s hair, tangling in it and dragging her mouth closer. Bec drove her tongue deep into the woman’s sex, her cheeks coated in her desire as she lapped and toyed.

Sandrine’s legs closed around her strong back, feet digging into the firm flesh as intense pleasure coursed though her.

Bec bit down on her lover’s clit, loving the gasp of pleasure it wrought. Sandrine’s body shook as overwhelming pleasure surged through her. She gripped Bec’s head roughly, dragging her face closer. “Fuck, fuck, fuck me babe. Fuck me with your mouth. Oh baby I’m cumming again,” she screamed as suddenly an intense orgasm shattered through her.

She squealed, legs clamping around Bec’s head as she came, unbelievably intensely, her whole body wracked with waves of pleasure and ecstasy.

She pulled Bec upwards, mouth locking with hers as they shared her cum, tongues dancing, breasts heaving. Then Bec was moving, higher, legs parting as she knelt either side of Sandrine’s unbelievably beautiful face.

“Eat me,” she commanded as she lowered her pussy to Sandrine’s willing mouth. Ecstasy exploded deep within her as Sandrine’s tongue and lips set to work, biting, sucking, nibbling from her clit down to the rosebud opening of her ass and back, delving deep into her sex and lapping greedily at the juices flowing so freely.

Bec moaned, over and over and she humped her cunt back and forth on Sandrine’s gorgeous face, loving the way it gleamed from her juices.

“Oh fuck, yeah fuck, that’s it baby,” she grunted as her pleasure built. Sandrine’s fingers where deep inside her pussy, kneading expertly, finding her g-spot and toying with it firmly. One slender digit found its way to Bec’s ass, and she pushed against it willingly as it slid slowly, deeply, into her secret pleasure zone.

Sandrine purred as she worked her lover to orgasm. She drove her fingers deep into her sex and ass, loving the firm contrast between the two. She thought about pulling the strap-on from the side table. Later, Bec was near now, close to cumming and she wanted to see her face when she did. To kiss those lips as she gasped her release. She didn’t have long to wait.

Bec’s legs shuddered, her hand gripping her left breast and squeezing her nipple hard as a wave of overwhelming ecstasy suddenly exploded deep within her.

She screamed as waves of pleasure flooded her, pussy and ass clenching around Sandrine’s fingers as she came. A river of her desire flooded Sandrine’s mouth, splashing down her face and neck suddenly. The heady fluid squirted from Bec, coating Sandrine, who pulled back, laughing suddenly. Fuck yeah, she’d made her cum, and hard. Bec collapsed to the bed, gasping, overwhelmed by the intensity, her soul aflame with spent desire. Her breathing was ragged as she recovered.

Sandrine lay beside her, wiping her cum across her breasts, lifting a dribble of it to her mouth. She smiled, loving the way Bec had cum, the rawness of it. When she saw a small tear escape her eye she leant over and collected the salty fluid with her tongue before kissing Bec deeply.

She straddled her lover, pussies meeting wetly as they kissed, hands gently stroking, soothing, mouths never parting. Warm air flowed over them as they recovered, imaginations working overtime at the possibilities that lay ahead.

Bec allowed her herself to go with the moment, basking in the glow of her orgasm, and the unexpected passion she had surrendered so willingly to. She smiled inwardly, feeling wanton, lustful. She always maintained such composure in public, rarely showing the secret, sensual side of herself that ran so deep, powered so much of her imagination. Yet here she was, naked with an exotic beauty she had met just that morning, the taste of her pussy on her lips, her wet cunt sliding gently against the other’s.

A tingle of triumph ran through her, body shuddering at the realization. She had wanted a woman for so long, had dreamt of such a moment, but the reality was more powerful, more freeing than she ever dreamt. She took one of Sandrine’s nipples in her mouth, toying with it idly, loving the firmness between her lips, the crinkled ridge where soft skin met puckered nipple. Her own buds stood erect, engorged with bleed, aching with desire.

Sandrine pressed her breast to Bec’s mouth, loving the thrills and sensations emanating beneath her lover’s tongue.

She ground her mound more facefully against Bec’s, enjoying the way their clits pressed wetly together. Already her heat was building again. Christ, she’d cum twice in minutes and now she was wanting more. She bit her lower lip, an impossibly sexy action that had Bec gripping her tight ass cheeks, pulling her pussy harder against hers.

Bec opened her legs, wrapping them around Sandrine’s, ankles locked. They fucked slowly, eyes locked together, exploring their depths for the little signs of passion, of the carnal desire only they could know. Sandrine’s face contorted in pleasure as they writhed together, smiling at the look in Bec’s eyes. It was a secret thrill, learning you could pleasure both men and women, knowing you held such feminine power. She laughed, biting Bec’s neck playfully as she worked her pussy.

“Yes, you got me, oh how you got me,” she purred, loving the lust her words drew in Bec’s impossible green eyes. Sandrine had fucked a handful of women, mostly friends in college, a co-worker once, and a surfer she had fallen in love with for a time. But none had the sheer auric power of this blonde goddess. This was more than physical. Their auras were melded, dancing colours she caught brief glimpses of as their bodies moved.

She knew Bec had a man, the giant engagement ring a dead giveaway, but she knew also, that this moment was for them. No-one else.

Sensing her thoughts, Bec said: “He’d like you, Jay, my partner …”

“Would he just?” she replied, sliding her cunt upwards to push her wet opening against Bec’s clit. “So is this for him then?” she asked.

“No, this is for me only. I’m not even sure I’ll tell him,” she replied, grinding her wet pussy hard against Sandrine, slipping her hand lower, toying with the opening to the brunette’s tight ass.

It was wet, coated in her desire and Bec’s finger slid easily into the welcoming canal. Sandrine grunted, a low, guttural sound from deep in her throat. “I like that, I like that a lot,” she said as she kissed Bec’s mouth, tongue diving deep. Oh god how she enjoyed her ass being included in the attention. “My boyfriend loves fucking me there,” she said, noting the look of surprise on Bec’s face. “Hey, this is for me too.

He’ll know though. I won’t be able to keep the smile off my face. Maybe you’ll meet him. ”

Bec tried to picture her lover’s man, imagining a buff surfer. She pressed her finger deeper, driving it to the knuckle, flicking the soft inner walls of Sandrine’s ass. Sandrine gasped at the pleasure, grinding her cunt down hard against Bec’s, smashing their clits together wetly.

“Oh fuck, mmmmm, you know how to find the right spots,” she moaned.

Her mouth was on Bec’s neck where it met her broad shoulder, gentle kisses as she worked her sex faster and faster.

“Maybe I could watch you fuck him?” Sandrine said suddenly, surprising herself, and Bec. Her cunt was pulsing deeply, a million muscles contracting. She imagined Kayne’s long cock driving deep into her as Bec fucked her clit.

“Maybe,” Bec said, not sure she wanted to share Sandrine with anyone, much less her own boyfriend.

She drove her finger harder, biting at Sandrine’s nipple.

“Maybe I’ll just stand here and keep stroking my cock,” a man’s voice suddenly filled the room, shocking Bec to her core. She gasped, pulling her finger from Sandrine’s butt and clutching at the sheets. Sandrine rolled off her, swearing softly. Kayne stood in the doorway, naked, his cock standing proudly erect.

“Hi babe, thought you were surfing?” she said, dragging the sheets over her and Bec’s naked bodies.

“And I thought you were shopping. Who’s your friend?”

Bec waved meekly from the bed, feeling the red flush of embarrassment flooding her cheeks.

“I’m Rebecca … Bec,” she said softly, looking at Sandrine’s boyfriend for the first time. He was tall, long, messy blonde hair, deeply tanned skin, lean and holding an impressive cock in his hand.

“I’m Kayne. So do I get to play too, or is my girlfriend all yours for the day?”

“Don’t be an asshole Kayne,” Sandrine growled, sitting up in the bed, the sheet falling away to reveal her gorgeous breasts.

“You know the rules. If you don’t like it then leave. ” She felt strangely protective of Bec, sensing the fear, shame, embarrassment all warring within her. She clutched her hand reassuringly. “It’s okay. He’s not normally like this, but then again, he’s never seen me like this before. ”

“And I’m okay with it Sandie, really I am. But heck, what do you expect. I come home to find my girl fucking a gorgeous stranger and I’m not supposed to be aroused?” His was still stroking his cock, masculine hand sliding up and down slowly, unashamed.

Bec found her eyes drawn to his manhood. His energy was warm, non-threatening, even though he stood there, cock out, confident. Sandrine sensed the tension easing as Bec watched Kayne. She saw the blonde’s aura reaching for his, dragging Sandrine’s along with it, a swirling pattern of deepest reds, purples, violet and gold reaching for Kayne. His own aura burned violet, spears of deep red casting outward, filling the room. She felt Bec stiffen when their auras touched, sensed a desire light within her.

Those green eyes betrayed the sudden lust building within her lover.

Sandrine relaxed, sliding beside Bec, pushing the sheet away from her full breasts. She saw Kayne’s appreciation as she slowly revealed Bec’s beauty. He swallowed at the sight of the two stunning women naked, entwined, Sandrine’s long leg curled protectively over Bec’s, hiding her sex with knee and thigh. Bec smiled, surrendering for the second time that day to her desire, amazed at how aroused she was, grateful for Sandrine’s protective energy surrounding her.

She motioned Kayne over, shifting with Sandrine as he moved to the bed, eyes suddenly uncertain as he looked from Sandrine to Bec and back.

“It’s okay baby,” Sandrine purred, reaching upwards as he leant over, her mouth locking with his in a brief but torrid kiss. She pulled away, moving to kiss Bec, deeply, passionately. “I’m okay if you’re okay?” she asked, gazing into those green eyes.

“No regrets,” Bec whispered, surprising even herself as she pulled Kayne towards her, lips meeting his full lips, parting, tongue delving into his mouth.

His kiss was masculine, strong, reminiscent of Jay’s, yet different, and so different to Sandrine’s. She clutched the woman’s hand as the kiss intensified, grateful for her warmth, her closeness. Sandrine moved into the kiss now, lips and tongue connecting with the others, an awkward but passionate embrace that connected each to the other, a chain of passion. Bec wished Jay was here suddenly, longing for his familiar energy.

Kayne slid onto the bed beside Bec, his lean body pressing against hers, thick cock hard against her thigh.

She kissed him deeply before pulling away and kissing Sandrine, then went back to him, enjoying the novelty of two mouths, two bodies, one soft, the other hard, angular. She reached down, closing her hand around his manhood, feeling its strangeness, its girth and length so different, realizing he was uncircumcised suddenly as she stroked him. He moaned softly as she worked his cock, a thrill of desire surging through him as Sandrine took one of Bec’s hard nipples in her mouth.

He took the other, and together they began lapping and licking, biting, sucking, nibbling at her oh-so-sensitive breasts.

Bec sighed as pleasure coursed through her, her breasts exalting in the attention of her lovers, their mouths so different, the way they pleasured her starkly contrasting. He was rougher, more mechanical. She was instinctive, easily finding the feminine energy patterns, riding them with her tongue and lips, nipping at their edges with teeth and fingernails.

The contrast was divine and Bec’s pussy pulsed, eager for attention. Her naked sex rose and fell with her breath as she gently stroked Kayne’s cock. Sandrine’s soft fingers found her mound, toying gently with her clit. She moved lower, kissing her way down Bec’s flat stomach, across the naked mound. Kayne’s cock was inches away, flat against Bec’s waist as she gently squeezed and stroked it, using her hand and the soft flesh of her stomach to pleasure him.

Sandrine leant across, wrapping her mouth around his thick head, sucking him into her, tongue finding his eye and gently sliding along it. He grunted in pleasure, mouth returning to Bec’s as Sandrine sucked his head and Bec’s hand stroked up and down his firm cock.

Sandrine’s hand cupped his balls as she lapped and sucked his head. She moved then, mouth finding Bec’s clit, nibbling, teeth squeezing, biting firmly, Bec’s body shuddering in response.

She pushed Bec’s legs apart, sliding her tongue down along the gentle curve of her sex, pushing, exploring, tasting as all the while she toyed with Kayne’s heavy balls. She alternated between the two, lapping at Bec’s cunt for long minutes before devouring Kayne’s cock, taking it deep into her mouth, pressing it to the opening of her throat. Bec lay on her back, legs apart, hands clenching Kayne’s neck as they kissed hungrily.

His breath was hot, fast, tongue dancing with hers wetly. Sandrine’s blue eyes watched them kiss, passion firing deep within her at the sight of her lovers connecting, merging, their energies flowing as one with hers. The colours were all around.

She knelt on the bed, one hand reaching for Bec’s sex, the other closing around Kayne’s cock. She stroked it as she pushed two fingers deep into Bec, biting at her bottom lip as she pleasured them both.

They moaned as they kissed deeply, hunger driving away any doubts, passion making their hearts thud in their chests. Sandrine’s tits jiggled as she pleasured her lovers, saliva escaping her mouth and dribbling onto the hard bud of her left nipple. Bec watched her as Kayne moved to her breasts once more. She was so fucking sexy, she thought, eyes locking with Sandrine’s, unspoken love swapping between them. Sandrine flicked her fingers upwards, sliding firmly over Bec’s g-spot, rivers of ecstasy flooding her.

Sandrine’s eyes were a mixture of love and lust as she pleasured her lovers. Her short dark hair hung over her left eye seductively, full lips open as she breathed deeply, her own desire surging deep within her very soul. Kayne groaned as she worked his cock. He was ready. She pulled her hand from Bec’s pussy, moving it to Kayne’s shaft, smearing her lover’s fluid on his thick cock. Gripping his hip, she pulled him, eyes encouraging as she positioned him between Bec’s legs.

Bec gasped, suddenly unsure. She wanted him, wanted to feel his cock drive deep into her. But Jay.

She gasped suddenly, back arching instinctively as Kayne drove his cock into her, a single, fluid motion that stretched her wide, fucked a low groan from deep within her. Too late for regrets, she thought, holding onto the image of Jay’s handsome face as Kayne drove his full length deep within her. She clutched his chest, emotions warring within her.

And then he pulled slowly out, almost all the way, his thick head dragging along the slick walls of her sex, pulling her inner lining outwards, and then he plunged forward again, deep, hard, driving his head to the furthest reaches of her pussy. She moaned as he began to fuck her. Sandrine’s mouth was on hers suddenly, lips gentle, tongue caressing tongue, reassuring, warm. Bec gasped into her mouth with each hard thrust, eyes clenched tightly, the pleasure building intensely with each masculine drive of his slender hips.

Above her, Kayne grunted with each thrust, eyes locked on Bec’s beautiful face, loving the way her breasts jiggled in rhythm.

Sandrine’s hand was on his butt, pushing, urging him to fuck her. His lover’s mouth was locked to Bec’s, face hidden, and he sensed somehow that this was their moment more than his, a shared passion between them that he could only enjoy. The true connection was feminine, his masculine energy a prop to bring them greater pleasure.

He didn’t mind, his cock twitching at her impossibly tight sex. She was so different to Sandie, so pure, yet with a carnal energy that almost overpowered him. When she opened her eyes, those impossible green spheres locked with his, and her hand clutched at his neck.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder … do it, fuck me,” she grunted as he quickened his pace. Sandrine gasped at the raw energy of the moment.

Bec pulled at Kayne’s head, dragging his mouth to hers. Her free hand clutched Sandrine’s waist, fingers digging deep. Sandrine sat beside them, her fingers diving deep into her dripping pussy as she watched her lovers fuck. God it made her hot just watching. She squeezed a nipple as she dug two fingers deep into her sex, a pool of her lust flooding onto the sheets. Bec’s feet dug into the bed and she pushed upwards to meet Kayne’s thrusts, body arching strongly beneath him.

He slapped at Bec’s breasts, fingers pulling long nipples roughly, hips moving furiously. Sandrine moved, straddling his ass, her dripping pussy pressed hard against his firm cheeks. She pushed her hands between them, driving his groin deeper, fucking them both with her sex.

Bec gasped as Sandrine’s weight drove Kayne’s cock deeper than ever. Her lover straddled the grunting, sweating man, tits jiggling seductively, words of lust tumbling from her mouth as she fucked her man’s cock as deep as it could go into her lover.

He gasped suddenly, body stiffening as he came, an explosive release that contorted his face and stole the scream from his mouth. Bec felt his cock twitching, pumping thick cum deep into her sex. She screamed: “Fuck me, fuck me harder. ”

His seed spilled from her cunt and he collapsed onto her, body heavy, gasping, desperate for breath as his orgasm slowed. His cock twitched and jerked and Bec squeezed it with her strong inner muscles, milking it, twisting her hips to rub her g-spot against his thick head.

She humped him furiously, rolling him onto his back with strength she didn’t realise she had. Sandrine was there suddenly, hands on Bec’s ass, encouraging her, driving her onto his cock as she had driven his cock into her. Her mouth was warm on Bec’s neck as she moaned her own desire, fingers deep inside her own cunt once more.

Kayne grunted as Bec rode him, his cock stiff, hard, unable to pull away as she fucked him furiously.

At last she stiffened, face contorting , legs quivering suddenly as she came in unbearable release. Her pussy clenched around his cock as she screamed loudly, the room echoing her carnal desire. Her orgasm tore her away from reality, whisking her along a pleasure road of purest ecstasy that went on and on. Behind her, Sandrine gasped as she brought herself to orgasm, body shuddering, mouth agape in silent ecstasy. She squirted her release over Bec’s beautiful butt, a torrent of creamy desire that splashed down Bec’s ass to pool on Kayne’s balls.

She clung to Bec’s back, gasping at the intensity of her orgasm, feeling the shudders that still wracked Bec’s body. Kayne watched them, unable to believe the beauty and intensity of what he’d just experienced. Bec slid off his cock at long last, a spill of his cum escaping her sex. She lay beside him as Sandrine lay behind her, their arms across his broad chest.

Bec felt Sandrine’s cum cooling on her butt, while Kayne’s warm seed spilled wetly onto her thigh.

I wonder how long it will take Jay to get here if I call him now, she wondered to herself. She smiled as Kayne began to snore softly. Men. The warm press of Sandrine’s sex against her firm ass spoke volumes. Women … we never can get enough, she thought as she reached for her phone.

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