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Business Trip

It was a chilly January morning. In the Midwest the winters can get damn cold and with this relentless wind, winters feel like they will never end. The only saving grace is I love to crack the window in the winter and crawl under my big thick down duvet. This morning was different from most. Different because I remembered having a dream. I never remember my dreams. This one felt so real. Real enough that I woke up feeling guilty, and really horny.

I rolled over and moved up close to my husband of nine years. I nuzzled my ass into him hoping for a rise. I reached behind me and rubbed his cock looking for a response. He grunted and rolled over taking his blankets with him. I was leaving on a business trip for three days and wanted to get with him before I left. Nothing! “Dick” I thought.

It was still half an hour before my alarm was to go off so I just laid there thinking about my all too real dream.

It was Terry, a new office helper and computer geek. I lay there for a few minutes and start drifting in and out of that place in your mind where dreams and fantasy cross. I’m dreaming cause I enter a fantasy world but enough conscious to be in control. There he is, Terry, that young stud in the computer department. He dropped off a new color printer to my desk yesterday. 6’3”and built. Right in front of me he flex’s his ripped arms and bends over showing off his tight toned ass right in front of me.

I turn around to get back to work. Without warning I feel him wrap his arms around my waist from behind pulling me in tight. The heat builds in me. Like an electric shock I feel current run through my body collecting in my now drenched pussy. Instinctively hands slide down over my belly. I picture his strong hands exploring me. I stop short of my swollen mound, I slide them back up over my belly to my breasts.

Oh yes Terry, that’s it, don’t stop. I slip off my top and panties. The heat is building so I pull the duvet down. The cold air makes my skin tighten, I’m covered in goose bumps. My nipples get erect in the cold air making them sensitive to my touch. I reach under my full C cups pulling them up to my mouth. So close. I’ve always wished I could suck my own tits.

I lick my fingers and circle my nipples making them wet. In the cold my wet nipples go hard as stones. I roll them in my fingers, pinch and pull them. “Ahhhhh” I feel that amazing pain that drives me crazy. I keep working them. I can see Terry sucking and nibbling on them. “Yes, that’s it don’t stop”. I pinched and pull them until my eyes water. Finally I release them when they feel like they could explode.

“Oh God, I need it now” The want builds in me. I try again. “Barry, please baby, I need you to fuck me now!” No go. He just doesn’t have the same drive I do. Never has. I won’t be deprived so I continue alone.

I feel Terry moving from my aching nipples down my belly, beside my trimmed patch and onto my thighs. “Terry don’t tease me, I need it now.

” His hands find their way back up to my tummy. “I want it so bad I’ll do anything you want. ” I have to be satisfied. Down again, they run down the outer lips of my pussy. My back arches “Oh god” slips out loud. I am so wet now, my love juice is dripping from me down my ass. “Terry what are you doing to me?”

“Barry please!” I beg….

Nothing. My hand is pressed on my pussy now. Rotating in small circles. I can feel my clit swell in my hand. I push on the lips on both sides of my clit and it starts to rise from its protective hood. The moisture on my clit chills as it hits the cold air. “Oh fuck” what a feeling. I’m beyond the point of any return. I haven’t been like this in years. What’s happening to me? My thoughts turn back to Terry.

He slides his fingers down over my mound and rubs my clit between them as they descend to my sopping pussy. I shudder as they slide down over my clit. Up and down a few more times driving me crazy. I’m panting out loud now. Sounds of ecstasy escape from me. Like they were being controlled, my fingers are relentless. Finally they move down to my wanting drenched pussy. Two fingers effortlessly slid in my sweet wet passion.

“Oh Yes” I sigh as I release a whimper. My back arches as my fingers go deep. I pull back and rub my clit as my soaking fingers slid out of my pussy. I can’t resist. I bring my fingers to my lips. I hesitate, it’s been so long since I have tasted myself. My tongue reaches out to taste my sweet nectar. “Mmmm” It’s been so long. I had forgotten how I taste.

I suck and lick clean every drop from my fingers.

My hands start down for more. I plunge them in my pussy and work them in and out, back and forth. “Fuck me” I hear myself whispering “Fuck me Terry, Fuck me now!”

I can feel a stirring deep inside me. There’s no mistaking it. Both hands go to work. One works my clit, the other is banging my pussy as hard and fast as it can go.

I bite my lip. “Fuck Me…Fuck me” Oh god it’s good, a bit more. “Fuck Me” “Fuck Me” “Fuck Me” My arms are aching but there’s no stopping. My stomach starts to shudder and spasm. “Oh God” I grab my mound as I push my fingers deep as they will go. “Yes, Oh Fuck yes” I cum so hard I think I stopped breathing. I shake uncontrollably. My clit is so sensitive that when I move my hand, my body shudders.

I lay there for at least ten minutes with three fingers jammed in my pussy and my other hand grabbing my mound. Finally my body comes back under my control. “Shit!! I’m late! I have to get going!”

I jump into the shower. I’m still so sensitive, when the water hits my swollen clit I shudder. It feels so good but I don’t have time for more, so I clean up and get ready.

As I’m on the way to work I wonder what’s come over me. I’ve just given myself one of the best orgasms of my life and would have again 15 minutes later had time allowed. My hand slides up my inner thigh under my skirt and I touch myself as I’m driving. “Holy Fuck I’m Soaked”. “Stop it” I have to go to work. I grab a fresh pair of panties from my bag in the trunk, and do a quick change in the car.

I arrive at work. Morrison, Murphy and Co. a very large national advertising firm. I’m a senior copywriter at the Minneapolis office. I have a quick team meeting and make sure everyone is set up for the rest of the week. I pack up my laptop and some files. I check my itinerary. This time it’s San Diego. Most of these educational / motivational things are bullshit, but occasionally I can learn a thing or two depending on the presenter.

A couple days in southern California doesn’t hurt my feelings either.

Flying for business bores the shit out of me. Because of my work, I can’t take the chance of anyone seeing what I’m doing. It’s so boring. I lean back and relax trying to catch a couple hours sleep. My mind starts to drift as I nod off. I startle myself as I wake. “Holy Shit” I whisper. Terry had me bent over my desk pounding me from behind.

I’m drenched again. Thank god the plane is descending for a landing. I immediately head to the washroom where I strip off my panties for the third time today. I jam them in my carry on and go without until I can get to my checked baggage. When I finally get my bag I think “what the fuck” and go straight to the car rental area. “I’ll change at the Hotel. ”

I reach the rental counter.

“Wow” I say out load. The guy behind the counter is gorgeous. Dark wavy hair. A deep bronze tan and tall. He must be a swimmer or something, his shoulders are wide and strong. I’m at the front of the line and I hear “next please”. Shit, it’s for a different clerk. I pretend to be fishing for something in my purse and wave the next person in line to go ahead. I look up to make sure I’m going to get that mountain of a man.

I see him make eye contact and he waves me up. As I approach he gives a perfect smile. I can feel myself blush. As I get closer I can see his steel blue eyes. His name tag says “Garth” My hands are shaking as I slide my confirmation slip to him. I hesitate for a second and our fingers touch as he reaches for the slip. Wow!! A shiver ran through me as we touched.

I gaze up and down at him as he looks up my reservation. “Oh my God no…. ” I’m soaked again. “What the hell is wrong with me. ” “Ok girl, keep your shit together and get to the Hotel. ” I look up at him and see that he’s checking me out. When he’s done, our eyes meet. He shows no sign of remorse having been busted rd handed.

He flashes another perfect smile. Another wave floods my pussy. “Stop it!” I think. “Not now. ” Garth pushes the agreement to me and again we touch. This time it was deliberate. He glides his fingers over mine. “Oh Fuck” I thought. I think a drop hit the floor. I survey the situation.
Each counter has a small partition for privacy so the person beside you can’t see our personal information. An idea hits me.

“Stop it! What’s the matter with you?” In front of me is my carry-on bag. I pretend to need something from it so I lower it to the floor. As I bring it back up, the handle is inside my skirt. I adjusted the retractable handle so it’s at the same height as my now soaked bare pussy. No one can see. Immediately I press the handle against my pussy. “Yeah” escapes my lips.

“I’m sorry Ms. Garret did you say something” “Nothing” I say “Just thinking out load. ”

I make barely noticeable movements but they feel like jackhammers against my swollen clit. I rub the length of the handle against my pussy and clit. “I’m crazy” I thought. This is so hot, but I need a bit more time. “Garth, can you tell me about the additional insurance coverage?” I know the rental places love this.

He says “You have coverage with your credit card” “tell me. ” I demand. I adjust my stance and the edge of the handle hits my clit. Oh god that’s it, that’s the spot. I start to work it. I feel the heat running through me. My face is flushed. Garth says with a smirk “It doesn’t look like you’re used to our San Diego heat. ” Does he know? Why did he just wink? A little more time, that’s all I need one more minute.

The folder closes and Payton says “Thank you for coming. Or is there something else I can help you with?” with another wink.
“Jesus!” I’m so close. Seeing me heaving and flushed Garth offers again. “Are you feeling O. K. Ms. Garret?” He asks if I need to sit down. Garth tells me “there’s a staff room in the back, if you need to sit for a minute. ” He puts up the back in 15 minutes sign on the counter, comes around to help me.

I panic and kick the carry-on bag to the ground. I reach for the soaked handle but he beats me to it. “Mmmm nice luggage” He chuckles as he grabs the handle. He leads me into the back room.

As we round the corner to the back office he turns around, puts his hands behind my head and pulls me in for a deep passionate kiss. So hot. He said “I’m not in the habit of doing this, but watching someone masturbate right in front me is more than I can handle.

” “Can I help you finish what you started?” he said. A wave of embarrassment and passion rushes through me. I spout out in an airy passion “Fuck yes!” He leads me to the staff room. As we enter, he locks the door behind us. Garth leads me to the lunch counter, raises my skirt, and sees my bare trimmed pussy. As he effortlessly lifts me up on the counter, a flash enters my mind.

“What am I doing. I’ve never cheated before. ” As I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing, Garth kisses my inner thigh. It sends a spark through me. “I need to stop, I can’t do this. ” His hands run up my outer thighs and around to my ass. He lowers his face to within a few inches of my dripping pussy. I can feel the heat of his breath on me.

“I can’t do this. ” I think inside. With a jerk he pulls me to his mouth. “Oh shit” leaves my lips. The sensation was magic. Barry hasn’t gone down on me in ten years and has never got me off with his mouth.

Garth gives me a lick from the bottom of my pussy all the way up to my clit. My head flies back. “Ahhh” “Did I just cum” I think.

I’ve never felt anything so intense. Another lick and I feel it again. Over and over he works my pussy and clit. Every pass sends a wave of electricity through me. I’ve never felt this before. Am I having orgasms over and over again? Can oral really be this good? I’ve been missing this for the last fifteen years? I feel something building in me. I can’t help myself and I start whimpering.

Garth senses what’s coming and stops. “No Don’t you dare!”. I beg him to keep going. Then he puts his mouth over my clit and pussy and draws me into his mouth. “Oh Fuck Yes! ” I’ve never felt anything like it. He starts rubbing his tongue on my clit while sucking my clit and pussy lips in his mouth. My whole body is shuddering and rocking. The burning heat fills my body as I feel the release growing in me.

I pull his head into me. I never want it to end. Garth senses I’m going to climax. He slams two fingers deep in me with one push. “Fuck Yes” I cry out. He backs out and thrusts even deeper. Again I cry out. He curls his fingers up drawing them across my G-spot. “Holy Fuck, Yes, Yes, Yes” I whisper with each thrust and pull. In and out, raking my spot, while sucking my pussy and rubbing my clit with his tongue.

I can barely get the words out “I’m going to cum”. Payton picks up the pace, banging my pussy, sucking harder and flicking my clit with the tip of his tongue. Waves of ecstasy roll over me. I shake in spasms and involuntary muscle contractions. I feel a trickle of fluid leak from me. A squirt? Did I just squirt? That’s just a myth. Did I lose control and piss myself? He tries to lick me, but I reach down and push him away.

My clit is so sensitive it’s burning. I hold my hands in front of me to protect my burning clit. It takes a couple minutes for the waves to subside. I can’t move. So content I just want to curl up in his strong arms and drift away.

The knock on the lunchroom doors brings me crashing to reality. I jump from the counter, straighten my top and pull my skirt into place.

I find the nearest chair and put my head on a table to hide my obvious activities. Garth opens the door and let’s his co-worker in. I hear him take a couple steps inhale the strong smell of sex in the air and pause. He says “How are you feeling maam?” I raise my head and say “Fuck….., I don’t know if I’m coming or going. ”

I leave the airport in my convertible.

Garth upgraded me, no charge. As the GPS guides me, I’m lost in my thoughts. “I didn’t fuck him, so it doesn’t count” “I’m ok, right?” I have always wondered about Barry. I think he’s probably cheated on me. Maybe more than a few times, but sex has never been what our marriage was about. He’s not good in bed. I realize that more now than ever. It’s a long drive and I had lots of time to resolve that there’s marriage, and there’s sex.

“I’m ok. ”
I might not share my new life altering philosophy, but I’m at peace with it.

I arrive at the hotel and conference location. Beautiful! I take a long needed shower a lay down for a nap. When I wake I realize I’m starving. I head down to the outdoor lounge just in time for the sunset.
I order a light meal and a glass of red wine.

I recognize a few familiar faces from other offices but I’m not engaging so no one actually comes over to sit with me. Across the lounge someone is looking for a table. From 50 feet away I could tell he was a man of purpose. Probably important. It was how he carried himself. He spots his party and sits down. I get my salad and enjoy my wine. I order another glass. I see the waiter giving directions to the distinguished gentleman.

He walks my way towards the restroom. He walk right past me and gives me a nice smile. Older, but god he is gorgeous. Not like a model but it’s the whole package.

I finish up dinner, take a walk on the beach and head to bed.

I wake up early and get some work done. I head downstairs to the conference area and see all of the regulars from across the country.

We have a meet and greet for a bit and move in for the first presentation.

“Fuck Me” this guy is brutal. Minutes seem like hours. My mind drifts back to yesterday. The most sexually liberating day of my life. I feel a stirring in me but manage to harness it before I lose control. As it normally is, mornings are formal. Business attire, and mainstream presentations. Afternoons are casual and cutting edge.

Soft skill presenters. Finally the “Science of effective presentations” ends. I head for my room to change for lunch and the afternoon session. As I move through the huge marble floored lobby I see the silver fox. He is talking with the organizer and reviewing the master seating plan. “Hmmm” maybe he’s the hotel manager? I get to my room and look through what I have packed. I stand in front of the full length mirror holding sun dresses in front of me.

I slip an nice pale blue dress over my head and look at myself in the full length mirror. “you know, for a thirty five year old woman, I’ve still got it. ” My hands drift down over my breasts. I slip the spaghetti strings from my shoulders and let the dress fall from me. Still looking at myself in the mirror, I slide my hand inside my thin white panties. “Oh” I keep watching.

Slowly I drag my panties down. I stare at my trimmed patch. An idea comes over me. I head to the bathroom and grab a wash cloth, soap, and razor. I soak the wash cloth in hot soapy water and head back to the mirror. I sit inches from the mirror with the wash cloth on my pussy. It warms and softens my fine pussy hair. I give it a couple minutes and reach for the razor.

For the first time I’m going to shave myself clean. I spread my legs and look at myself in a way I haven’t done since I was a teenager. I get to work. The razor easily slides along my skin removing my hair. After a few minutes it’s done. Bare. My pussy hair is so thin and sparse, it looks like I never have had any hair on my pussy. No pores and no stubble.

That’s hot. As I rinse the soap and fresh cut hairs from me the smooth sensation drives me wild. I come back to the mirror to look at myself. I reach down to touch me. “Wow, I love it!” I get close and spread my lips and see the moisture building in me. I slide a finger in to feel the heat. I’m so wet and I can see it. Once again for the second time in two days, I bring my finger to my mouth.

No hesitation this time. I suck my finger in and lick the juice from me. I slip in for another coating of my juice. I spread the moisture from my pussy over my lips and clit. I rub my clean shaven pussy.
I flip over and get on all fours. I look back in the mirror and see what I look like from behind. The site of it drives me crazy and I start rub myself.

I slide a couple fingers in and out of me. It doesn’t take long and I’m ready to orgasm. I roll over again and push up close to the mirror.
“I want to make you cum, and watch you cream your pussy you slut!” I start banging myself hard until I feel an orgasm building. I keep gong and going. “No clit this time bitch!” I bang away until finally my back arches and a deep rumble comes from deep in my throat.

“Yes” I feel my pussy contracting on my fingers milking them if there were anything to give. I fall back flat on the floor. “That was hot” I say to myself. I take a shower, dry off, and slip the dress over my naked body.

Having totally missed the lunch, I arrive just in time for the afternoon session. I see there is a seating plan and everyone is in groups of six sitting in a circle.

I find my group and name tag on a chair and take my place. The chair across from me is empty with no name tag on it. “Good” I think. I don’t have the patience for some shithead right now. The presenter reaches the podium, introduces herself and begins to explain the topic for the afternoon. As she begins I realize someone is passing beside me heading for the empty seat. “Holy Fuck” it’s him! A rush passes over me.

My face flushes and instantly I have butterflies in my stomach. I avert my eyes to hide my obvious excitement. As I lower my gaze I see my nipples are sticking out like I just stepped out of ice water. I reach up to pull back the hair on the sides of my head and cover my obvious beacons of interest. “Why the hell would I come to a work function without a bra?”
Finally after what seemed like an appropriate amount of time, I look up at him.

Our eyes met. I was melting. There was no one thing about him but he was perfect. The way he acted, his speech, his smile, his eyes. All together he was mesmerizing. I took a quick look at his nametag. R. MORRISON – NYC
“You have got to be kidding me” R. Morrison – NYC. Co-founder Robert Morrison from New York.
The afternoon passed with various team building and trust exercises.

It was all a bit of a blur. My usual deadly focus was fucked.
As we wrapped up everyone in their respective groups were asked to hug each other. We complied. Mr. Morrison approached me and I felt a heat build in me. “Shit” “here they go again!” My hipples jump to attention. As we hug he must notice the two missiles pointing into abdomen. Instant heat. It was like we were embraced for hours.

We broke our hug and remarked to each other on the day’s activities.
“Well if that wasn’t anti climactic. ” I had hoped for an invite to his table or a cocktail but no luck.
There was a couple hours until dinner so I looked around the lobby shops, checked out the information stand. Just killing a little time. Maybe I’ll change and take a walk up the beach. I head over to the elevator and wait.

A couple of us step inside. Just as the door was closing a hand shot in to hold the car. The doors opened and Morrison was standing there. He stepped in and walked right past me. The doors closed and off we went. After a couple seconds I realized he didn’t press a floor button. “Oh my God, could it be?” “No, that’s Robert Morrison” As I stand there I want to turn and say something.

What could I say. “What was that?” Did he just brush up against me? There it is again. Do I turn and smile? What if it’s an accident? Then I look like a tart.
Again, this time it stays. He has moved forward and is pressing on my right ass cheek. What do I do? The only other person left is on our left and I don’t recognize him.

I take a deep breath and ever so slowly, ease myself backwards. My ass is pushing into his thigh. Robert puts his hand on my bare back. My body tingles with excitement. The last rider exits on the tenth floor. I throw caution to the wind. I press against him as I slowly turn around. I look up into his luscious green eyes. “Take me. I’m yours” The elevator door opens and I leave heading for my room.

As we walk down the hallway my hips start to move freely swaying from side to side. I must look like a hooker enticing a John on Main Street. He follows watching the show I’m putting on. Occasionally I glance back, each time I get a grin and nod of approval. I’m within a couple doors of my room. I don’t know what hits me but I slide the straps from my shoulders. With each step my dress eases lower.

When I’m a few steps from my room, my dress falls to the floor. I leave it where it dropped. I swipe my card and enter my room. Robert was only a step behind me with dress in hand. As we enter he takes my hands and turns me. He backs me to the wall and raises my arms over my head. He moves his head next to mine and whispers in my ear.

“You don’t know this but I’ve wanted you for a long time. ”
He kisses my neck and takes my earlobe in his mouth. Pressing against my belly, I can feel him start to grow.
I think back to my recent life realization. This doesn’t affect what I have at home. It’s different. This is this, and home is home. With that I lower my arms and reach behind his ass and pull him against me.

I look up and we kiss. “Oh the passion” The power of a passionate kiss is immeasurable. Robert begins to kiss my neck and starts south to my breasts. He hums an approval as he takes my nipple in his mouth he reaches for my breasts and squeezes them as he works my nipples. He licks my cleavage and lowers himself to his knees. Down my tummy to my waist and hips. I hear him moan “Your Pussy is beautiful”
I reach for the back of his head and pull him to my clean shaven mound.

He gives me a lick from bottom to top. ”Oh yes” and my legs quiver. I’m quickly realize, I’m not going to be able to stand for long. Robert senses my impending crumble and lowers me to my knees straddling his face. He keeps licking my slit and darts his tongue in my pussy hole. My hips start to rock sliding his tongue back and forth along my slit. He pulls me in. His tongue goes into me.

He holds me tight so my pussy is right over his tongue he pulls me tight. His tongue slides deep into me. His tongue starts swirling in circles driving me crazy. I can’t help myself and start to rock again on his face. The heat builds in me and I am bucking wildly on his face. It’s too much and I erupt with a mind blowing orgasm. My juice is seeping into his mouth and he drinks it like nectar from the gods.

Robert spins me onto my back and crawls up to let me taste my juice on his face and lips. Our tongues mingle and I taste my love on him. I didn’t notice when but he has stripped off his cloths and he is naked on me. As we kiss, I feel his cock pressing against my soaked pussy. He twitches his cock at my opening releasing some pre-cum, and our juices mix together.

He raises himself up onto his knees and positions himself. For the first time I can see his impressive cock. Not huge but certainly everything I’ll need. He is poised at my opening and I beg him “Fuck me. ” “Fuck me with your gorgeous prick” Robert slides his dick up and down the lips of my pussy. He makes sure to press against my sensitive clit on each stroke. I wrap my legs around him and try to pull him into me.

The anticipation is agony. “ You fucking cock tease what are you waiting for? Take me!” He keeps rubbing me with the head of his prick. It’s amazing but I need to feel him in me. I need it more than anything. I look deep into his eyes and plead with him. I say the words …. “Fuck me” He pushes forward and buries his perfect cock deep inside me. The mix of pleasure and pain is incredible.

I let out a series of noises that I can ‘t ever remember making. He holds himself in me for a minute. Slowly he begins to move his pelvis in circles making his cock rub against my cervix. “Oh Robert” He drives me crazy massaging my cervix with his cock. He starts to pull out of me. Just before his cock exits me, he pushes back in. “Ahhhhh” He does it again and again and again.

For 10 minutes Robert slowly slides in and out of me. It feels incredible but I need to be fucked like a slut. Like our minds have melded, he turns me over to take me from behind. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. Leaning forward he says “Now I’m really going to fuck you!” At that moment he slams his cock deep into me. “Arrrg Yessss” He pulls back and slams again.

Over and over he pounds me. My excitement grows with every stroke. A deep feeling grows in me, “That’s it baby, Fuck me” and he does! The pace picks up. Robert grabs my shoulders and pulls me back into him as he pushes forward into me. “Fuck me” I cry. He slaps my ass. The sting heightens my senses. “Fuck me” I scream. Like a jack hammer he is fucking me with everything he’s got.

“Oh God I’M Cumminnng” I scream. Robert grunts back at me “take my cum” and releases his load deep into my womb. My pussy clenches and milks his cum from his prick. “Holy shit” I say as I’m panting for breath. “My first ever orgasm from fucking. ”

We order room service and cum a couple more times that night. In the morning, I wake in his arms.

We kiss, clean up and head for the last conference session. Our eyes meet a few times and we throw each other an impish grin. At the end I make my way through the crowd to Robert and shake his hand. He acknowledges some of my recent work and tells me he plans to come to Minneapolis in the near future. “I have neglected that office for too long now” he states. “I look forward to it” I say with a wink.

To be continued… Minneapolis.

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