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Business Trip

I woke up at 5:15am on a Monday morning, I had a plane to catch. I was on my way to Maryland for a business conference. The night before I packed my suitcase & my garment bag, I made sure I had all my toiletries. If you know me I had the usual stuff. Body oil (at least 3 bottles), shea butter, razor, edger, toothbrush, toothpaste & mouthwash, all of them travel size but enough to last me my trip.

I put my toiletry bag in my carry on & put everything by the door. I made sure I had everything, my briefcase, laptop, keys, wallet, boarding pass & hotel reservation confirmation. After I got everything together I went back and laid out my clothes I was wearing on my flight. Wanted to be comfortable but had to dress business as my seat was reserved in business class. So I turned on some music to get my bl**d flowing, then I returned to the bathroom and started to shave my head.

I wet my head & put on a thin lather of Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Gel. I removed a fresh razor from the pack. Schick Hydro, 5 blades that would give me a shave as close as a fire on wood. Making sure there is not a strand of hair on my head I rinse of the hair the razor removed. I cup my hands under the faucet & let my hands fill up with water.

I bring the water to fresh shaved head & remove the gel that was left over. After I rinse my head off I give myself a line up. I trim my mustache & goatee, I cut the wild hairs.

I shave my 5 o’clock shadow & proceed to trim the hair along my jaw line. Not too thick, I don’t want it to look like a bear skin rug. Not too thin because I want it noticed.

I use my spare edger to get the job done. After I finish shaving & trimming, I remove the loose hair from my face. I use after shave. Stops the razor bumps. I feel a little burn but that just means that I have a close shave. I look up & see no bl**d. That means no nicks, job well done I think to myself. I turn to the shower, I turn on a little cold water & a lot of hot.

As the steam started to fill my house I entered the shower and it was refreshing. The hot water streaming down my chocolate toned body, running from my freshly shaved head down my back and all the way down. I lift my head up & allow the water to hit me in the face. I take my body wash and put about a quarter-sized drop in my hand. I begin to lather up & feel the suds cleaning my body, the tingle from them doing what they advertised on tv.

I rinse off & repeat. I step out the shower onto my bathroom rug that’s like walking on clouds. No need for a towel because I air dry, I glance up at my full length mirror hanging from my bedroom door. I can’t help but admire the man in the mirror. As I see the water drip down my body, I notice something. The path the water travels leads down to the muscle known as “Curve”.

Ten inches long, 4 inches thick and can give any woman multiple orgasms. Almost dry I notice my phone is blinking. I check & it’s a voicemail from the transportation service, I rented a limo to take me to the airport. Nothing fancy just a regular Chrysler 300 Hemi limo that seats 8. I call them back and confirm that I will be ready by 8:30am.

I realize my chargers for my phone aren’t packed, I disconnect the phone & my Bluetooth & put the chargers in my carry on.

I put on body oil so it can soak into my pores. Burberry for Men, then shea butter, perfect combination. I open my drawer & grab a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer briefs & a tank top also known as a wife beater. I slide on my silk socks and walk over to my bed & sit down. I glance up at the clock and see that it’s 4 hours before my flight and an hour before I get picked up.

I’m right on schedule. Slide on my midnight black slacks that I got from the cleaners the day before, lightly starched with a crease so sharp it’ll slice open my finger. My boxer briefs keep “Curve” in his place, I walk over to my closet & remove a navy blue silk shirt. Slide it over my head , both arms & then I tuck it in gently. I button up & put on my leather belt.

Then I slide my size 12. 5 feet into my shoes, leather & satin striped.

I tighten up my belt, I retrieve my phone holder and slide it on my belt. I put my phone in the holder and put my Bluetooth in my ear. I grab the spare battery pack & put that in my briefcase. I glance around the room 1 last time to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.

I grab my sports coat, jet black zip-up. Stylish but not too flashy, just like I like it. I put on my Michael Kors watch, the one that has the black band & diamonds for every number.

Just then I hear the limo pull up, I can tell it’s been freshly detailed. The wheels have that “wet” look, the paint shining in what’s left of the darkness that’s about to be dawn.

I open the door & I’m greeted with a “Good Morning” from the driver. I respond with “Good Morning” and hand him a $30 tip. He loads my luggage into the trunk & opens my door. I get in & we proceed to Los Angeles international Airport. After a 45 minute drive down the 405 we arrive at my terminal. American Airlines, terminal 4. My door opens & the driver unloads my luggage.

I shake his hand & thank him again.

I do a curbside check in. I walk in the airport & the cold airport air runs across my face as I enter. I start up the stairs & go through the check in that says “First Class, Priority & Business Class”. I remove my shoes, belt and other accessories & place them in the tray. I lay my coat on top of them, I place my carry on behind the tray.

I remove another tray & remove my laptop from it’s case. I wait for the security to tell me go through. I stand in the body scanner & walk through. I walk past another security and I hear her inhale. I hear her say “woo nothing like a good smelling man”. I slight smile crosses my face as I pretend not to hear her. As I sit down and put on my shoes I glance up without lifting my head & notice she is smiling & staring.

After I get situated I stand up, wink at her & smile. She smiles & waves.

I make my way to gate C-31, I take a seat & put my things down. I walk over to the nearest StarBuck’s and order a Grande Caramel Frappucino. It’s 90 minutes before my flight & 60 minutes before we board. My phone rings, we exchange pleasantries & it’s the director I have a meeting with the following day.

Confirming that I am indeed on my way. Sixty-five minutes pass & my name is called to board, “Will Mr. Watts please come to the front, thank you”. I grab my stuff & proceed to the front. I hand over my boarding pass, she smiles & says “enjoy your flight”. I walk down the ramp & enter a 787. They take my coat & hang it on the small wall that separates first class & business class from coach.

I put my carry on in the overhead & take my seat. I send out a blast text message saying I will be gone for a week. Forty more minutes pass & the captain announces we’re ready for takeoff. I fasten my seatbelt & power down my phone. I feel the plane go in reverse and makes its way to the runway. I glance out the window as we build speed. The plane lifts and we’re in the air, the lights get brighter as the city becomes smaller.

After 20 minutes in the air we reach over 10,000 feet and I reach for my laptop. I turn it on & enter the password. It starts up & the flight attendant comes by and asks if I would like to have a complimentary alcoholic beverage for flying business class. I ask for Bacardi & Sprite. I go over every detail of my presentation & power points. She brings me my drink, I tell her “thank you”.

She says “you’re welcome”. I sip my drink as I get back to work going over everything in my head.

After 6 hours in the air we’re ready to land, so I power down my laptop & fasten my seatbelt. This is the part I hate landings are never smooth, they bounce around like basketballs in a gym. I feel every rock & pebble the plane rolls over. The captain hits, the brakes & the flaps come up.

We slow down to a slow roll and proceed to our gate. We come to a complete stop & the flight attendant retrieves my jacket. I smile & say “thanks”. I retrieve my carry on & put my laptop on my shoulder. I walk up the ramp and through the airport.

I reach baggage claim & after about a 10 minute wait the luggage starts to come down the carousel.

I wait 5 more minutes and retrieve both of mine. I make my way over to Avis and pick up my rental. A Chevy Impala, jet black with leather interior, strong, classy but simple. I put my luggage in the trunk and proceed to the Marriott. I park & get out, I’m met by the bell hop. He retrieves my luggage & follows me to the front desk. I hand over my reservation. Room 1709 is the room I’ve been given.

I take the elevator to the 17th floor, make an immediate right & I’m in the middle of the floor. I enter my room & it’s cleaned to perfection. Nice kitchenette, big bathroom, iron & all the amenities I was hoping for. I put luggage on one side of the room & turn to the bell hop & give him a $5 tip. I set up my laptop & notify the director I’ve arrived.

I go back downstairs & decide to go to Olive Garden, I drive 2 miles up the street & pull in. I’m greeted with looks like “Who is he?” I’m lead to my seat, a quiet little booth near the middle of the restaurant. I order shrimp fetuccini alfredo sprinkled lightly with lemon pepper. I enjoy my meal & head back to my room. I leave a tip and proceed to pay.

I hop back in my rental and proceed back to the Marriott.

I drift off to sl**p & my alarm awakens me at 6am. I get up & do the usual. Wash my face, brush my teeth & gargle. I unzip my garment bag and remove what’s called a power suit. A dark navy blue suit, with a gray shirt & a navy blue print tie. I call down to laundry services and ask to have it pressed, they let me know it’ll be an hour.

I say that’s fine as the meeting isn’t until 10am. They come pick it up and by 8:30am it’s returned to me. I get dressed, I grab my laptop & briefcase & head out. I type in the address and wait for my GPS to give me directions. It’s 32 minutes to my destination. A left turn here, another left, a right turn & another slight left. I arrive & go through the gate.

I park and exit my car.

I go into the building, waiting for me are the President, Vice President & Director of Operations. Handshakes & pleasantries are exchanged. We walk into a conference room & in the middle is a mahogany oak table at least 14 feet long. There’s 8 chairs on each side and enough for 4 going across the back. I am welcomed & I stand up & proceed to introduce myself.

As I look around the room I make eye contact with everybody in the room. As I glance a second time, she catches my eye & I catch hers. I continue with my presentation. I show slides that show monetary figures for 12 months, 3 years, 5 years & 10 years down the line.

I listen to comments, I answer questions and after 20 minutes I sit down.

The others continue with their presentation. After 3 hours it’s over & I’m told “see you here tomorrow at 9am”. I respond shake hands and I’m off to my room.

I get in my car & drive to my hotel. I pick up the phone & place an order at LongHorn steak house for pick up. I pick up my order & return to my room. I enter my room & place my dinner on the table.

I undress and I reach in my pocket to retrieve my hotel key to place on the table. I notice a fragrance that doesn’t seem familiar to me. I reach into my pocket & and there’s a piece of paper that wasn’t there before. It’s a note that says “you’ve caught my eye”. A smile comes across face as my curiosity has been peaked. I eat & drift off to sl**p.

The next morning I arrive again at the same time, I’m wearing a cocoa colored suit, cognac colored tie with shoes to match.

I smell like Calvin Klein on this day. I enter the same conference room, as the meeting gets underway I notice the fragrance that was left on the note. The question now becomes which woman is it. There are 3 women in this room and my nose becomes like a wolf. I seek out the scent that has captured my sense of smell.

I start with the woman who is furthest away from me.

She looks to be in her mid to late 30’s, short hair cut like Halle Berry, skin flawless like Regina King, about 5’8” (with heels on), butterscotch complexion, wearing a smoke gray pants suit and a black shirt. Full figured like Queen Latifah and the eyes to match, lips thick & full. A thin outline followed by lip gloss that makes me want to tongue her down. She’s 38 in the waist, with a 42 inch ass and a 42D-Cup and as sexy as they come.

The next woman I lay my eyes on is about the same height, caramel coated, wearing a skirt that hugs her curves and shows her ass perfectly. She kinda put me in the mind of Salli Richardson-Whitfield From what I can tell she’s not wearing any underwear, then again she could be wearing a thong. Rocking 5 inch stiletto’s, and a coat that comes just above her waist.

Lips that were made for kissing, deep almond colored eyes, 36C, 34 inch waist and 38 in the ass.

This woman here, man she blew my mind on sight. Hershey Kisses complexion, hazel eyes that will leave you in awe. 38D, 36 in the waist & ass with thighs to boot, long brown hair perfectly cut and flowed off her shoulders like a running stream of mountain spring water.

She reminds me of Keisha Knight – Pulliam, rich chocolate woman that you just wanna eat.

As the meeting adjourns we all go to happy hour at a local bar, I have 2 drinks. My first drink was Ciroc with a splash of pineapple. My next drink was Ciroc with a splash of cranberry. I look at my watch and it’s a quarter to 11, I still have work to do.

I tell everybody goodnight, see them in the morning and proceed to my car. The scent reaches my nose once again as I open the door. It stopped me dead in my tracks, I pretended as if I had forgotten my keys. I walked back over to the bar patting my pockets trying to pick up the scent, the only thing I could smell was liquor and cigar smoke. It dawned on me that maybe she had already left.

I make my way to the car & drive to my room

I sit at the table and begin to work but the scent is still fresh in my nostrils like a freshly baked apple pie. I reached in my jacket just on a hunch and there was another note. This one said “Calvin Klein this time”. A smile came across my face again. As I tried to focus on the task at hand the scent had me preoccupied.

I refocused myself & got down to business, by 2 am I was done. I washed up & hopped in the bed.

I awoke and got my day started, I took a nice hot shower. Shea butter, yes again it’s all I put on my body. This time I went with my beige suit & black shirt, black shoes & beige socks. I wore Kenneth Cole Black.

As I stand up the scent hits me again. I can’t narrow it down. Immediately after the meeting I reach in my pocket to see if I can capture just who may have put the note in my inside jacket pocket. Several times I had to turn my back to write on the eraser board. The meeting ends & without fail I have another note. This one says “if you give up I’ll tell you who I am”.

My pride won’t let me give up I will find out who she is.

Everybody goes to dinner and we’re in the banquet room. I’m sitting directly across from 2 women, to my left is the VP and to my right is the Director of Operations. As we sit & eat & discuss what the next meeting is about I feel the sensual softness of a woman’s foot.

Sliding inside my pants leg so I can feel the softness of her toes. I don’t wanna be obvious so I’m not looking under the table, but I’m looking to see which one will give a sign as to who. Neither one looks at me, they continue to converse with themselves.

I continue to enjoy my meal & converse with the VP, the foot that graced my leg has moved further.

It’s now between my legs massaging “Curve”. As he hardens, I look up and realize that neither woman is flinching. Either she plays poker or she’s not impressed by my size. I continue to play the game and not make a move. I finish my meal and I get ready to leave, there’s a problem. “Curve” is as hard as penitentiary steel, I dare not stand up and reveal what’s going on. I play it cool & order dessert.

When dessert comes, “Curve” has calmed down. I leave a tip & leave. I return to my room.

Tired & full, I do what I always do. Use the bathroom & shower. As I air dry there’s a knock on my door. I take a peek through the peephole and there is nobody there. I ask “who is it?” and still no answer. I open the door and taped to my door is a note.

“You can’t leave until I feel every inch of that big dick”. My mouth hit’s the floor at the bluntness, after I pick my mouth up I manage to flash a smile.

I must find out who it is that wants me I think to myself. I sit at my laptop & get prepared for the next day. After I’m done I take my favorite position, on my back in my bed.

I drift off to sl**p & arise again at the same time has before. Of all the suits that have, everyone of them are custom made but this one is the best. Jet black suit 3 button suit, with french cuffs on the slacks, it has charcoal black lining. So I lay it out on the bed & grab my shirt. I’m debating between black & pink. I reach for the black shirt, the pink pocket corner, the pink ivory cufflinks & pink socks.

I get dressed & grab everything & take the elevator down. As I watch the elevator count down to the first floor I think to myself, “I will find out who she is today”.

The familiar ding let’s me know that I’ve reached the 1st floor & I exit. I get into my car. I drive to the meeting, or so I thought. I get a text message saying it’s at the Claim Jumper’s banquet room.

So I take the necessary detour & arrive. I enter and the waitress says, “Good morning are you here for the owner’s meeting?” I’m stunned but respond with “Yes I am”. She guides me back to the room and the same 17 people are awaiting my arrival. I’m greeted with handshakes & hello’s, I return all pleasantries. I take my seat & listen as the President makes his announcements. His last announcement sends excitement through the room.

“At the end of this meeting I have a major announcement as the company has decided to extend an invitation to a major player in our industry of marketing”. After a round of applause, one of the two women who I have narrowed it down to stands up. Her scent does nothing for my nose but it’s definitely intoxicating. Leaving me d***k with passion, the other 2 get up and it’s the same reaction.

Now it’s my turn and as I take off my jacket, I realize there’s no way I can miss who will put the note in my pocket this time. I take off my jacket and my tie & cufflinks are exposed. I hand out packets that describe where this company can go, the monetary gain along with expansion possibilities down to the letter and what kind of office would be needed.

As they take a few minutes and go over it. I’m looking through it myself keeping my eyes on my jacket d****d over my chair. After they review they are all impressed with the details & graphs I’ve orchestrated.

I ask “Are they any comments, questions or concerns regarding the proposal?” All respond with, “not at all” or “no” or “very impressive”. I return to my seat with to a round of applause.

The President, VP and Director of Operations get up. While all are talking in walks the C. O. O and another round of applause ensues. He speaks for several minutes. He says “And now for the announcement. For days we’ve seen facts and figures. We’ve discussed expansion possibilities in small cities and major markets. However what has impressed us is the manner in which it was done. Not knowing that everybody was watching, this person delivered what we asked with pinpoint precision.

So it is on behalf of myself that we want to extend a partnership, along with heading up the expansion office in a major market to Mr. Watts”. Shock takes over my body, a smile that I can’t contain comes across my face. I make my decision immediately, “It is with great honor & gratitude that I accept”. The VP says “let’s have champagne to celebrate”. The champagne arrives & they toast to the new Western Regional Vice President of Marketing for Infinite Marketing.

After a few hours of welcoming me to the f****y, everybody leaves. I return to my hotel & get on the elevator. I push 17 and smile as the elevator continues to go up. I walk into my room & to my surprise there she stood. Late 30’s, short hair cut like Halle Berry, skin flawless like Regina King, about 5’8” (with heels on), butterscotch complexion. Full figured like Queen Latifah and the eyes to match, lips thick & full.

A thin outline followed by lip gloss that makes me want to tongue her down. She’s 38 in the waist, with a 42 inch ass and a 42D-Cup and as sexy as they come.

She smiles at me & says “Surprised?” I laugh to myself and all I’m able to say is “Yes I am”. She stands there with hands on her hips that were made for grabbing, kissing, licking & sucking.

She walks over to me & we embrace. Her tongue parts my lips and I inhale her scent & begin to swallow her tongue. Our tongues dance & my hands begin to survey her thick curves. Moaning & groaning as we kiss, our shirts come off.

We move to the bed and she lies back opening her legs. I take my position between her legs and she lifts them.

“Curve” begins to harden, I feel the wetness of her sweetness against the head of my manhood. I press against her and she lets out a moan. I remove her bra & begin to suck her nipples, she notices my tongue & how long my tongue is. She says “Let me see how long it is?” I stick out my tongue and the tip curls under my chin, she bites her bottom lip in amazement.

I remove her skirt to find that she’s wearing no panties. I think to myself no wonder I felt her wetness so well. I kiss down her flat stomach and make my way to her waistline. My lips and tongue work overtime as she enjoys the attention that my mouth is giving her. I begin to kiss and lick her thighs, I make my way to her calves. As I softly kiss her ankles, our eyes meet & she tells me “Keep going don’t stop”.

I softly kiss the bottom of her feet and my tongue begins to give attention to each one of her toes separately. She tells me how she enjoys the warmth of my tongue and the wetness of my mouth on them. I put her feet together and begin to give all of her toes attention. Sucking, licking & tongue kissing them.

I make my way back to her sweetness & I softly begin to lick her clit.

Making large slow circles with the tip of my tongue. I swallow her clit into my mouth & I feel her back rise from the bed. She begins to massage my bald head. Her pants & moans of pleasure becomes music to my ears. “Oooo Oooo Anthony, baby don’t stop. Work that tongue baby!!!”. I slide my tongue between her lips to feel her sweetness welcome my tongue in. My tongue begins to massage her walls as she feels my tongue ring on her clit.

Stroking her slow & deep with my tongue, I begin to make love to her with my tongue. I push her legs back, leaving her vulnerable to the magic that is in my tongue. I softly suck her lips, gently pulling them. As I release them I flick the tip of my tongue against her clit.

As I release her lips I slide my tongue back into her pussy.

Stroking her with a little more passion, “OOoooooo I’m about to cum, I promise I’m gonna cum, If you don’t stop I’m gonna cum”. I continue and she screams “I’m cummin’. ” I drink her juices like a man dying of thirst. I continue to suck her clit & she begins to go into convulsions. “Anthony, baby what are you doing to me? That tongue you got, lord have mercy”. As I continue to feast on her pussy, I feel her foot slide between my legs and search for “Curve”, her sexy feet with her perfectly pedicure toes & navy blue polish find it’s destination.

Not sure if she’s enjoying my oral skills or the hardness, I lift my hips a little bit to give her more access. In between moans she says “Baby let me feel all that in my mouth”. I give her one more soft suck & get up.

I get on my back and we kiss passionately. She sucks her juices from my lips & tongue. She kisses down my chest & over my tattoo that covers the entire right side.

Sucks my nipples & kisses my abs. She makes her way to “Curve”. She takes him in her hand & begins to stroke him softly. She looks at me & says “I knew I wanted him the moment I felt him rise against my toes”. She softly sucks the head and enjoys how he feels, She begins to swallow more, inch by inch. “Mmmmmhmmm” I run my fingers through her hair. She begins to wet “Curve” with her mouth.

she puts my balls in her mouth and gently sucks them while she strokes “Curve”. I notice the bed begins to shake a little bit. “I’m cummin’, I promise I’m cummin” she says. She looks at me and says “I’ve never come from giving head, but it’s something about this dick”.

I lay her on her back, I immediately push her legs back. She says “Wait what are you doing?” My tongue begins to search her asshole, she cums immediately.

“Damn & you’re a freak, dammit!” I slide my tongue deeper in her asshole, I begin to lick, suck & tongue kiss her asshole. “Anthony, baby, get it baby, get all in it. Yes baby, work that tongue. Oooooo, fuck I’m about to cum”. She shakes as she starts to cum.

“Anthony, work me please. I need a workout”. I slide “Curve” into her wetness & press slightly against her cervix.

We kiss passionately as I stroke her. My balls begin to smack her ass. She begins to dig her nails in my back, a major turn on for me. She tells me “Sit up baby”. I sit up & her toes make their way to my lips, tracing them with the tip of her toes. I begin to suck her toes & she loses it. “Anthony, you know just what I like. I love being stroked and having my toes sucked.

Don’t stop. ” I ask if she wants to switch positions and she says “No, I’m about to cum”. I suck her toes vigorously, she starts cumming. “Anthony, I want to feel you. I want your nut inside my body”. My body tenses up, her toes curl in my mouth, I stroke faster and deeper as I release my man milk inside her body. She pulls me down & kisses me.

She whispers, “Where did you come from? You, your tongue & your dick are beyond words”.

I smile and say, “So are you, your pussy & your toes”.

I get up and use the bathroom, I get a hot towel and wipe her off & down. I kiss her gently. She’s gets up and takes a shower. I am lying on the bed and she comes out, before she gets dressed she takes her foot and massages “Curve” with it. She looks at me and says “Next time I’m going to make him nut all over my toes”.

I smile and say I look forward to it. As she gets dressed I take a shower. She comes in & gives me a kiss and says “Hope to see you again”. I reply, “You will”.

I get out the shower & notice a note she left on the tv that says, “I’m glad we will be working together. My husband made the right choice in hiring you.

Sincerely Mrs. C. O. O”.

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