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b*****rs Part 3 – very very perverted!

Read part 1 here. xhamster. com/user/hi1/posts/354987. html
and Part 2 is here – xhamster. com/user/hi1/posts/359750. html

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Andy’s stirring woke her up. It was dark outside. They must have slept for at least a couple of hours.
She looked at his back as he swung his legs down and sat up on the bed.
She reached over and caressed his naked back gently, letting her hand drift down to his smooth, creamy butt.

Andy looked over his shoulder.
“Do I have to?” he asked
She didn’t say anything.
The boy got up and walked to the closet. He put on his jeans and a t-shirt.
“Don’t forget your coat. It is really cold outside. “
Andy walked out of the room. Amanda loved how his ass and thighs looked in the dim light of the room.
Then suddenly, as if she were afraid, she reached behind her to touch her elder son.

Adam was still sl**ping, his cock safely buried in her thighs.
She relaxed and then stretched, letting her thick body rub against her other son’s nudity.
She waited for Andy to leave the house. When she heard the door close downstairs, she turned around.
Adam looked so peaceful. She brushed the hair off his face and kissed his forehead.
He started stirring but even before that, his cock sprung forth and touched her groin.

She giggled.
“Sweet Adam! So impetuous. So naive!”
She kissed his lips. Adam kissed her back and opened his eyes.
“Has he left?”
She smiled and nodded and touched his face again.
Adam smiled back.
“So I should leave too. ” he joked.
“Oh no you don’t!” Amanda shrieked and grabbed her son’s thickening cock.
“I thought you’d want to rest now. ” Poor Adam.

He didn’t know when to stop joking.
“Nooooooo…” Amanda played along, letting her son have his fun.
“Now is our special time. ”
She was now caressing her son’s cock with both hands, massaging his balls and rubbing his fat stem and head between her hands.
“Oh mom!” Adam groaned. “You will make me cum. “
“Why would I do that to my own son!” she said with an exaggerated outrage that was downright comical but didn’t stop rubbing her son’s cock.

“Mmmm…..” Adam sighed.
“I love our special time together. ” Amanda said kissing him.
“Because I am special?” Adam asked.
“Yes! You are my favorite son. You are big, muscular, yet kind and gentle. You love your mother. You do what I say. “
Adam smiled, obviously flattered as the only woman he had ever known intimately heaped praise on him.
“I love you. I love your b*****r too but you have such big muscles!” she said running her hands on his bulging biceps.

She scooted a little closer as if trying to hide into his broad chest.
“When I get old, I know you will keep me safe. You will take care of me. Won’t you?” she whispered.
“Of course mom!” Adam said earnestly.
“And you will feed me your cum too. Won’t you? Or will you leave me for some young bimbo?” she rubbed her naked breasts on his chest.
“I will always be with you mom.

I cannot even imagine living without you. ”
Amanda looked into her son’s eyes.
“And yes – I will give you all my cum. No other woman will get even an ounce of my sperm. ” Adam finished.
“Oh Adam!” Amanda pounced on him and locked her lips on her son’s. As they kissed deeply, Adam felt his mother opening her legs, letting him slide his fat cock between her thighs.

He knew not to enter her pussy.
The mother and the son started to hump.
“Give me your love baby!” Amanda begged, thrusting her hips harder to meet Adam’s powerful strokes.
Her plump body and humongous ass were no match for Adam’s biceps. He lifted his mother and put her on the top. Then the mother and son started rocking back and forth. After a few minutes, Amanda turned around and took her son’s lovely cock in her mouth.

She didn’t have to wait for too long. He erupted. This was the third, may be fourth time Adam was cumming in his mother’s mouth. His sperm was more watery, runny but Amanda still enjoyed it and sucked every single drop straight from the hose.
Then she turned around and kissed Adam lightly.
They lay there for a few minutes, panting and then Adam left the bed. Five minutes later he came out dressed in a Jeans and t-shirt.

“Don’t forget your coat. ” Amanda reminded him too.
Adam smiled and kissed his mother before heading out.
Now alone, Amanda got up and prepared herself for the next thing. She peed, cleaned her body of the cum of her sons and finally took a quick shower. She put heavy makeup on complete with a thick layer of foundation to hide wrinkles on her 52 year old face, moisturizer, deep red lipstick, pink mascara and eye liner.

She snapped super long and lush fake eyelashes and tied her hair in a bun.
Then she put on a red tube top that left her shoulders bare and was so small that her large, 38G tits spilled out at the top. Her nipples pointed straight up, supported by the wire in the top. Her midriff was left bare, exposing her pierced belly button.
She dragged red, spandex suspenders over her thick yet shapely legs.

The suspenders were thick but cutout over her ass. Each cheek of her ass was not only exposed but lifted by the large hole. Her otherwise saggy hips now jutted straight out of their respective holes. Even the slightest movement made her massive ass cheeks shake like crazy.
She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror.
Then she walked down and waited. In just a few minutes there was a gentle knock.

She quickly walked to the door and peeped out to make sure it was who she expected to be.
She opened the door and let her younger son walk in.
“You are late. ” she complained as Andy brushed the snow off his shoulders.
Andy looked at her. She turned and walked back to the living room giving him the complete view of her naked hips even though rest of her body was covered in ridiculous dress.

Andy was turned on by his mother’s lascivious display.
“I don’t know why we have to play this game anyway. Why can’t you just tell Adam to go and fuck himself. “
“Because he is a nice boy and he loves me. More than you do!” Amanda shrieked at her younger son.
“The question, mom, is that do you love him more than me?” Andy said with a smile.
Amanda looked away.

“I love both of you. ” she murmured.
“That’s not what I asked. ” Andy walked behind her and grabbed her naked butt cheek.
Amanda gasped as his cold hand touched her.
Andy pushed her forward, bending her over. She felt him moving the strong material of her suspenders aside from over her asshole. He stretched her anus with both hands.
“Do you love Adam more than me mom?” Andy asked her, stretching her large asshole.

“Andy is trouble…. ” the voice in her head reminded her.
“Yes!” she said defiantly.
Andy took the challenge and stretched his mother’s ruined asshole even more.
“Aaah!” Amanda sighed. She liked the feeling but she couldn’t let him know that.
“All that you do is to make my asshole bigger everyday. You think it is such a hoot, destroying your mother’s anus. Well. let me tell you Andrew Linden – IT IS NOT.

Andy laughed and stretched her asshole even more. Amanda couldn’t help but thrust her ass out to give her son better access.
“Aaah! Let me go. I don’t want my asshole to grow bigger. It can cause incontinence. Do you know that?”
Andy spit and she felt it land squarely inside her butt hole.
“Admit it mother. That simpleton can only give you his cum. I can give you what you crave.

The voice insider her head mocked her again. “You can’t manage Andy. “
She started to sob. Gently at first but it only encouraged Andy. He pushed his hand in her sopping wet pussy and pushed the flesh up and out so that it poked out of her asshole.
“Please!” Amanda begged.
“Please what mother? Do you want me to stop?”
“No!” Amanda sobbed. “Please don’t stop Andy. I need this.

I need your hand. I need you to stretch me and ruin my asshole. Ruin me andy. Destroy my ass, my pussy, my tits. Make me worthless. “
“Go on” Andy encouraged her,
“I don’t want to be a woman. I was never a woman. I was a whore. Make me a freaky whore Andy. “
“Fuck your mom’s worthless body. Turn my butthole into water. “
Amanda now fisted herself shamelessly as she continued to beg her younger son.

“I am begging you Andy. If you love me, even a little, you will do it. I know I am not worth your love. Please destroy my holes. Make them so large that I could take a donkey’s cock up my ass and not feel a thing. “.

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