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brothers more than one story on this

I must have been around thirteen at the time. I was at that stage where
my dick never seemed to be soft and I did not know what to do with
it. There were no lessons in sex in those days either. One picked it up
from friends at school and boy were some of those tales weird.

I had seen a few dicks in the toilets at school and once I had met with
a friend in the woods near our house and we had compared sizes but that
was all.

I had an older b*****r of 16. He treated me like all elder b*****rs
treated their young siblings in those days. He ignored me!!Once I had
seen his dick when he was peeing up against the wall of the barn. It
seemed different than mine. Sort of skin over the end but I could not get
close enough to see properly without him noticing.

Anyway this particular weekend Mum and Dad had to go away to our
grandparents, one of whom was ill and my b*****r and I were left on our
own with strict instructions as to what and what not to do.

Saturday night was bath night. We were quite modern in having a bathroom
with proper hot water from a tap. Usually Mum or dad bathed me. It was
quite usual in those days for boys still to be bathed by their parents.

So b*****r decided that as he was in charge it was up to him to bathe me
tonight. He insisted that he had to undress me as well and made a big
thing of it.

He took off my clothes very slowly and folded
them. Eventually I was down to underpants. The old style trunks with a
slit at the front.

The handling by him had done its work and my cock was stiff and poking
out of the slit. I saw his eyes widen as he looked at it and a soft smile
appeared on his face. He took the legs of my pants in each hand and slid
them slowly down.

My dick bent down as the pants slipped over it and then
sprang straight out as it was released from its confines.

So there I was. Stark naked in front of my b*****r. Of course in those
days,and in the country,boys were used to being naked in front of their
parents up tiill they left school. As I have said either Mum or dad
usually bathed me and boy did they make sure I was clean.

And for a spanking or a belting dad always stripped me down to the buff
so I was well used to it. What I was not used to was the look that was in
my b*****rs eyes as he helped me step into the bath. It was difficult to
explain it. A soft and wondering look as though he was seeing a different

He started to wash my back and it felt great.

He was very gentle. Not at
all like I had been expecting. He laid me back in the bath and started on
my chest. To my surprise my tiny nipples started to harden as he rubbed
the flannel across them. Down my chest he went and onto my flat
bellly. His finger lingered in my belly button.

I was holding my breath as he got closer to my groin,but to my surprise
he ignored it and went straight to my feet.

He lifted up one leg and
starting a my toes workes up to my ankle. Each toe in turn,then the
sole. Gently working his fingers between my toes. Oh,Mum or Dad had never
done it like this. He worked his way up my legs until he reached my

Very softly he told me to kneel in the bath. I did so doggy fashion on my
hands and knees. Once again I felt his hands on my back and then the
flannel being wrung out over me to rinse off the soap.

And then his hand
went between my legs. It gently squeezed my balls and then moved
tentatively onto my shaft. I gave a shudder as I felt his fingers. This
was exquisite.

As if sensing my tension his fingers left my cock and moved to my
arse. Once again I felt the soapy flannel. This time across my cheeks. Then
poking between them. I wondered if he knew what to do next.

But of course
he had been bathed by Dad as well. I felt a finger slide into the
crack. It slid up and down as though searching.

Not for long though. It lodged gently in my hole and started to creep
forward. The soap and the water allowed it to do so and I gently pushed
back on it. I mean to say,Dad did this every week. But my b*****r was
doing it differently.

It was not a cleansing ritual. This was something

He took it out and told me to stand up. My cock was sticking straight out
and he once again took it gently in his hand. He took soap and started to
wash it and my balls. My small patch of hair was also carefully washed
and rinsed.

He loooked into my eyes and something passed between us. It was not

More an electric feeling and something that we agreed on without
speaking. Anyway we understood each other at last. Something good was
going to happen.

Without a word he left me standing there and started to undress. No
rus. Just as he had with me he folded each garment as he took it off. Down
to his pants I could see that he was in a torrid state. He steeped to the
edge of the bath and smiled at me.

I knew what to do. One hand on each leg
and gently pull. His cock appeared. Six inches of hardness. Two lovely
balls hanging. Blonde hair. The tip of his cock completely covered with

My Big b*****r Chapter Two

All this was taking place with no words being spoken. The air was charged
with our twinned excitements.

He stepped into the bath with me and we
stood facing each other,looking into each others eyes. I felt it was a
different person to the boy I knew who usually bullied me.

At last he spoke, and asked me whether I would bath him as he had done
me. Would I??Do fish swim??I was out of the bath in a flash and he laid
down at full length in it. I did not bother to dry off but took the
flannel and started to wash his chest.

I tried to do it in the same way
as he had done and concentrated on his nipples. They reacted in the way
mine had done.

Leaving them I moved down his body. His cock was sticking up out of the
water but I resisted the temptation and moved to his feet and
legs. Having done them I asked him to kneel as I had done. I felt betwen
his legs and gently touched his hanging balls.

I parted his cheeks and
peered at what I found there.

Taking the flannel and soap I washed all around his balls and behind and
then I dared to do the impossible. I put my soapy finger to his hole and
gently pushed it in. To my surprise there was no resistance as it slid
in. In fact he pushed back far harder than I had done.

This could not go on for ever so I told him to stand up.

He faced me and
his cock was standing out straight from his body. Now was my chance to
investigate this piece of skin. Holding the shaft in one hand I took hold
of the skin and tried to roll it back. Again to my surprise it went all
the way,leaving his glistening knob for me to see and touch.

And touch it I did. It was like velvet. Or more like our cats fur.

and satiny. He stood there with a smile on his face as I manipulated the
skin backwards and forwards. I took a handful of water and rubbed it with
the soap and then started to wash his cock carefully. I pulled the skin
back and washed the head. Once or twice he gave a jerk as I was a bit
rough,being inexperienced.

At last there was nothing left to wash and he got out of the bath.

handed him a towel and he started to dry me. So I took another towel and
returned the compliment. Both dry, I reached for my pyjamas but his hand
came out and knocked them to the ground. Still with the dreamy look in
his eyes he opened the bathroom door then turned and naked took me into
his arms and carrried me out.

My Big b*****r Chapter Three

I lay in his arms like a knife in a sheath.

It felt so right to be
there. For his age he was strong and had no trouble holding me. My head
rested on his shoulder as he went along the passage. Past Mums room and
past mine. He was taking me to his room.

He pushed open the door with his foot and carried me in. Looking back it
was like a groom carrying a bride over the threshhold on the wedding

Little did I know that eventually I would be both bride and groom
as would he. But that was in the future.

As we entered I looked around. I had not been allowed in here before. It
was not much different to mine really. A large bed. A dressing table. Lino
and a couple of tatting rugs on the floor. A bookcase and a wardrobe. Just
a usual boys room.

He laid me on the bed and without taking his eyes off me he went to the
dressing table and opened a drawer.

I watched him as he did so. I could
not get enough of the sight of this new b*****r of mine. The lithe naked
body shining in the dimness of the twenty watt bulb.

His cock had gone down slightly whilst he had been carrying me but was
still slightly engorged and was hanging down with the skin over the
head. He took something from the drawer and picked up a towel.

turning on the bedside light, he turned off the one at the door.

He stood for a moment beside the bed looking down at me. Although I did
not realise it then,the look in his eyes was loving. All I knew was that
when he looked at me like that I wanted nothing more than to be in his

And soon I was. He laid down beside me and put one arm under my head and
the other round me.

I was still lying on my back where he had put me but
now his arm pulled me onto my side so we were facing one another. With
his hand on my bum he pulled me closer so my hard dick was pushing
against him.

His mouth found mine and our lips touched. Hiss tongue gently pushed at
my teeth and without really knowing what I was doing I opened my

As his tongue entered my mouth I shuddered. I put one hand to the
back of his head and held it hard against me. My own tongue took control
of itself then and met his.

I will never forget that first proper kiss. It seems in my memory to have
lasted hours yet I suppose it was a couple of minutes. We broke away in
order to get our breaths and now I got enough courage to satrt moving my
hands on his back.

I felt all around his shoulders and then started to
move downwards.

I felt his firm cheeks in my grasp and spent a long while gently rubbing
them. Then I slid my fingers up and down his crack and felt him quiver. I
still had not touched his cock which was lodged below my balls. It felt
so great there that I did not want to disturb it.

While I was exploring his body he was doing the same to mine,his mouth
nuzzling in my neck at the same time.

When he got to my bum he played
with my cheeks for a minute or two and then his fingers found my crack
and one of them found what it was looking for. Gently it started to enter
me. It hurt a bit and I stiffened but he whispered to me to relax.

He slipped it in a bit further but stopped suddenly. I wondered what I
had done wrong,but he slipped his arms from around me and rolled me onto
my back and stting up he pulled my legs apart.

He knelt between my legs
and leaned over and kissed me again.

I could feel his balls laying on mine and our shafts on each other. Then
he lifted both of my legs in the air and said to me to hold my ankles
with my hands. I could see his face as he looked at my balls and exposed
bum. Then I could only see his hair as he went down and took my balls in
his mouth.

I nearly exploded!!He rolled them around in his mouth and my
prick was dancing on its own.

After a while of this he let them out and I felt his tongue moving
slowly down below them. What was he going to do??He was not??Oh yes he
was. He spread my cheeks with his hands and his tongue hit my hidden
spot. But it was not hidden to him. Gently he licked at me then started to
suck as well.

He was softening me up,I know now,but then I just felt as though I were
in a different world. Then his tongue pushed hard and passed my ring. No
hurt this time. Just fireworks as I exploded. My cock shot forth all the
spunk I had on my chest and face. I thought he would be annoyed but oh

Dropping my legs he took my cock in his mouth and sucked it dry.

licking up the rest he whispered that I would soon be ready again and
cuddled up beside me with his hard cock pressed into my side.

It was a difficult age, at best. Sixteen! Ah! The memories of my
youth. My cock was hard all of the time. I vividly remember staring
at men’s crotches (bulging with forbidden goodies). And yearning
for the tufts of hair peeking out from their shirts.

It was summer and I had just got my driver’s license. My parents
gave me permission to use their car to drive from the farm into
Vancover. It was the first time I drove alone.

Off I went, cock hard and very excited thinking of what I would do.

I, of course knew where the adult bookstore was located. Even
though I wasn’t eighteed yet I headed directly there.

Entering the
store discretely and browsing the material I naturally gravitated
to the male oriented section.

Soon my money was gone, and I had my hands filled with “literature”
of a most interesting sort!

Hurrying back home, carefully hiding my purchases from prying eyes,
I made it to my bedroom. Stripping off clothes, I excitedly opened
the first magazine and almost before turning a page, shot my cum
all over…(There was a huge cock spreading those asscheeks!)

Well, living with two b*****rs and two s****rs younger than myself
made it difficult to hide things for long.

It was my f******n year
old b*****r who discovered my “dirty” secret and stole my
collection. He convinced me to loan him some of the material.

I vividly remember one tuesday night. Les and I had been playing
with each others cocks and they were hot and throbbing. Being an
instigator and really horny, I convinced him to let me fuck him. He
laid face down on the bed, spread his legs and I eagerly tried to
f***e my cock into his tiny ass.

At first Les wanted to quit saying that it hurt too much, but being
larger and stronger than he I convinced him to wait as I ran to our
parents bathroom and stole moms hand lotion!

Armed with the lotion, and back in the room with Les, I greased my
throbbing prick and his quivering asshole. Once again I began the
onslaught. Pressing my weapon to his unprotected ass, I shoved and
began feeling … Ah, sweet success! My cock slowly slid into that
waiting asshole which gripped it like a vise.

It was hot, damp and
my cock loved it. Deeper, and deeper it slid, slowly at first, but
gathering speed until my balls were pressed tightly against his
soft ass. I began to move, slowly but then loosing control and
fucking that ass like a rabbit fucks. Fucking that ass for all it
was worth. It didn’t long for me to to reach such a state of
arrousal that it was trying to draw my whole body into it in
preperation to shoot it into Les’ ass!

Again, and again, I spasm’d.

My back arching and my heels drawing
back almost to my head! On, and on, it went. Finally slowing and
then stopping. I lay there on Les’ back for a long time before he
said, “now let me do it to you!”

Well, that’s another story that I might tell you someday. But right
now I have to go and finish off my pulsing cock. Just remembering
that first time has given me such an erection that I have to beat
it off…Now!

After years of watching his b*****r pump iron, pose naked in front
of the mirror, and masturbate, Arnie knew he was gay.

And after one particular rainy Saturday, Arnie knew both of them

It was chilly, rainy and lonely. The folks were at work and they
had the place to themselves. Arnie stayed in his jockeys and his
b*****r stripped naked to spend the morning working out.

Arnie’s dick got hard as usual … and his b*****r made the usual
joke about it … and for the first time told Arnie to show it to

Arnie argued … but pulled his jockeys off so his boner was
pointed at his naked b*o.

He moved closer when his b*****r told him to … and felt his
b*****rs hands surround his dick … it almost made him cum …
They both had been jerking off for years … but for some reason
didn’t do it in front of each other … at least not with the
lights on.

That day was different … and both of their hands
fondled each other. Arnie learned that his b*****r had sensative
nipples … and as if it was natural, Arnie learned he loved to
suck dick. Without even prompting, Arnie knelt between his bros
legs as he sat on the bench and licked the tip of his b*****rs dick
… and soon had it in his mouth. The two of them moved to the bed
so both could suck at the same time … and more.

Arnie felt his
b*****rs hand on his butt … and his finger inside him. He knew
that the day would soon see them fucking.

He was right … and he loved feeling his b*****rs strong hands on
his bare hips pulling him onto the hard dick that was inside him.
Arnie fucked his b*****r too … They lost count. Sucking,
fucking, nipple biting, wrestling naked, sharing a hot bath,
spanking, and fucking/sucking again.

The afternoon was spent …
and the folks came home. Arnie was surprized when his b*o asked
him to go to a movie that night with some of his buddies … it was
fun … and afterwards was even more fun.

Arnie’s b*****r asked him to play with him and a buddy. The three
were soon naked, hard, and doing everything that Arnie had done
that day.

Back home as Arnie left his bed and moved beside his
naked b*****rs body, he heard his b*o admit he had always wanted to
have sex with his buddy … and Arnie had helped make that happen.

Strong arms surround him as Arnie felt natural pressed against the
body he had lusted after for years. The dick entered him but
instead of the fast and furious pumping it had done there all day
… it didnt move … it rested there … as if it belonged there.

Arnie knew his b*****r had several buddies he lusted after…but
that would be another day. For now he slept with his b*****r
inside him … and knew he would not need his own bed anymore.

When I was young my mother remarried and I got 2 older stepb*****rs.
At first it was interesting as I had been an only c***d. I was curious
to see them undress as they were 2 and 3 years older than me.

By the
time I was 11 there began to be some activity…but always one on one
never with both at the same time. We would often pay with each others
cocks and balls but never to orgasm. Then one day I walked in their room
and saw Dave giving Alex a blow job ( I never even thought of putting a
dick in a mouth before!!!)..Later that day Dave taught me something new.
He lay on his bed pretending to be asl**p leaving his radio on.

radio was on the other side of his bed so I leaned over him to turn it
off. When I did he groped my cock and balls…then he stood up and
undressed me and himself…. I was a little overweight so I had big
nipples. He began to suck my boy titties then play with my dick. Then he
lay on the floor with me on top of him and taught me to 69.

After a
little of this he lay me on my back and began sucking my cock…after
what seemed like forever I felt all my muscles tense then I came for the
first time in my stepb*****rs mouth!!!We had even more fun the next day
when we had a three way but that is another story….

Stepb*****rs II by Ned

Well let’s pick up where we left off…The day after my first orgasm I
was home alone with Dave and Alex.

I didn’t see either one for a while
so I went looking for them in dave’s room. I saw a repeat of yesterday
Dave was giving Alex a blow job. They were 16 and 15 at this time and I
was 13. The sight of Alex’s huge cock sliding in and out of Dave’s mouth
gave me an instant boner. This time instead of leaving I entered the
room. I asked dave if he would suck my dick next.

“Sure I will Ned…I’ll
suck it now if you give Alex some place to put his cock…””Like where?”
I asked. “Don’t worry Alex knows where. ” I figured what the hell and
took off my clothes. As Dave starting sucking my balls and cock I felt
Alex’s hot breath on my back. “Hold still Ned it will only hurt a second”
Then he rammed his eight inch cut piece of man meat into my 13 year old

It did hurt but also felt soooooo good. As he began pumping
Dave sucked my dick harder and harder…. the next thing I knew iwas
cumming in Dave’s mouth and Alex shot his huge hot creamy load up my
virgin ass…. “uhhhhhhhhhhh” I cried…..”that feels soooo good” Then
Alex and I both began to suck on Dave’s cock while we touched tongues
over his ballsac. Soon Dave came too and Alex and I licked him clean.

Stepb*****rs Chapter III by Ned

My parents said they would be leaving very early to go to my
grandmothers to visit for the weekend. So I knew that in the morning it
would be just me Dave and Alex. The I found out that Dave was going to
sl**p at a friends house so I thought it would be only me and Alex. But
about 9:00 friday night Scott came over.

He was Alex’s Older friend…he
was 17 and was going to sl**p over. I didn’t think much about it that
night but the next morning after my parents had left I woke up to hear
moaning from the batroom that adjoined mine and my step b*****rs’ room.
The door was locked but I had a screw driver that would pop it so I did.
When I opened the door I saw two shaddows behind the shower door.

could tell one was bent over and the other was butt-fucking him. Scott
had his dick up Alex’s ass. I dropped my pj’s and started to jack off.
As the moaning got more intense I got more excited. Just when scott shot
his load I came in my hand.
Later that day I went to a movie with some friends and since the guys
hadn’t said anything I guessed they hadn’t heard me at the door.

But they
had plans for me that night anyway. After I got home Alex said Scott had
brought a movie if I wanted to watch with them so I said sure. Then I
saw on the tv my first porno. At first it was just a guy and a girl, but
then her husband or boyfriend I am not sure which came home and caught
them fucking. But instead of getting pissed he joined in…the next
thing I knew he was sucking the guy’s dick while it was sliding in and
out of his wife’s asshole.

About this time Scott asked Alex”you think
ned wants to play a game with us?””Sure I bet he would” The next thing
I knew Scott and Alex were taking off their clothes so I did the same.
“what’s the game” I asked. “You’ll see” Scott said. ” You have to try to
get two dicks to fit in your mouth at once you can go first Ned since
you’re the youngest” “Thanks”I said.

Then Scott and Alex both slipped
their hot cut cocks into my mouth. I did my best and got both their big
juicy dicks into my mouth at once. The next thing I knew they were
shooting both their loads of hot cum down my throat and I swallowed it
all!!!! The Scott said” I think we owe him one back Alex” So alex nodded
and then they both started to suck my dick…uhhhhhhhhhhhh it felt soooo

The Scott did something I had never even imagined. He started to
stick his tongue in my tight asshole. Oh it felt so good to have my dick
sucked and ass eaten out at the same time. When I came it was better
then ever before and Alex swallowed it all.

I’ve been jerking off for as long as I can remember. For years I always did it
through my briefs.

Just like
my older b*****rs. We shared the same bedroom, so I learned about jerking off
early. But I did it more
than they did. Did it so much that I tore holes in my underpants where my
fingernail rubbed. My
b*****rs noticed and joked about how horny I was. That made me think I was the
only guy who jerked off
so much, which kind of bothered me. But not enough to make me stop! Then one
day in my high school
locker room, I noticed this other k** with a rip in his underpants just like

Well, that kind of turned
me on. I also didn’t feel so alone. Ever since I’ve gotten off on looking at
guys in white briefs.

Whenever I write erotic stuff, I strip down to a well-worn pair of white
classic Jockeys, because I usually
get pretty excited. I figure that if what I’m writing keeps me hard, it’s
probably pretty good. At least for
someone turned on by the same stuff I am.

Anyway, I usually shoot off a couple
of times while I’m
writing, so getting down to my briefs makes sense, don’t you think?

As I mentioned earlier I grew up with three older b*****rs. Joe is four years
older than me; Tim three
years older; and Kyle a year older. Our house had only two bedrooms, so the
four of us got the master
bedroom; mom and dad took the smaller one.

Two bunk-beds, three dressers (my
greatest desire growing
up was to have my own dresser, but I had to wait until Joe moved out to get
it), and four small desks made
for a tight squeeze. Fortunately the four of us got along OK most of the time,
otherwise it would have
been hell, especially for me as the youngest. Taking our cue from dad, around
the house we wore just our
underpants and, if it was chilly, our T-shirts.

I can’t remember a time there
weren’t Playboys and Hustlers
secreted away in our room. Also I can’t remember a time when my b*****rs
weren’t jerking off. Through
some understanding, though, they kept their underpants on (mom always bought
those white ones for us at
Penny’s) while they fisted the bulge of their boners until they shot off and
soaked their briefs in cum. So,
that’s how I learned to do it.

While I saw their dicks a lot, the only time I
saw them hard was when they
were tenting their shorts. I’m sure that’s why I became so fascinated by men
in their briefs.

Because our bedroom was so cramped, there was no hiding our jerk-offs from the
others. We either did it
lying on our beds or at our desks as a break from homework. There was lots of
watching each other and
talking about those Playboy and Hustler women, me and Kyle learning from and
copying the older two.

We had the upper bunks and we looked down on the action. So I learned very
early the pleasures of
uninhibited self pleasure, even though I didn’t first cum until I was 11. One
interesting thing. After
flooding our briefs in cum, we didn’t take them off to change them. Tim
jokingly called it “living with our
loads. “

At some point Joe got me into bed with him.

He must’ve planned it with Tim,
because at the same time
Tim pulled Kyle into his bed. This would go on for a week or so, with me and
Kyle trading off between
the other two. Then it would stop for a few months before starting up again.
This went on until Joe left
home after college. Anyway, that first time Joe pulled me against him, my back
against his chest.

already had an erection, and I felt it pressing against my ass. He grabbed my
hips and humped me until
he shot off, his warm cum soaking through the back of my underpants. It was
damn exciting. On those
nights when I was with Tim, he always played with my erection through my shorts
as he rubbed his hard-
on against my ass. I usually came first. But Joe never played with my dick.

I had to jerk off by myself
after he sent me back to my bed.

One day Joe changed what we did. He got me to lie on my back. Then he got on
top of me and started
rubbing his erection against mine. I looked across to Tim’s bed. He and Kyle
were standing there
watching us intently as they masturbated through their briefs. Joe began to
moan and I looked up into his

It was the first time I saw the look of passion on another person’s
face. It was so exciting that I shot
off that very moment. Joe’s orgasm followed moments later. As Joe and I
caught our breathes, we
watched as Tim got on top of Kyle and the two of them ground their crotches
together. They groaned
pretty loud as they came. Afterwards, Joe told us we’d have to be more quiet
in the future, so mom and
dad wouldn’t hear and check on us.

As usual, Tim did it with me a little
differently. As he climbed on
top of me, I felt him slip his erection under the leg opening of my briefs, so
that our bare cocks were
rubbing right against each other. Both our loads then flooded my underpants.
He told me not to tell Joe.
He was kind of afraid of him. Kyle and me, we were in awe of him.

(You can
probably tell by now that
Joe firmly ran the sex stuff among us. ) Anyway I always looked forward to the
nights I got to get into
Tim’s bed.

The next change occurred when Joe started college. One day he brought home a
couple of real porno
magazines. One of them was bisexual with a blond, big busted woman and two
muscular guys. One
spread of photos showed the guys sucking on each others cocks.

Well, this
created quite a stir. Kyle and I
did the obligatory “yuck. ” And Tim said something about how he’s never do such
a thing. (You see, Joe
had always talked about queers as worse than the scum of the earth. ) Joe,
however, started talking about
how those guys weren’t faggots, they were bisexuals … and he was starting to
play with himself. Even
though I was the youngest, I was the first to figure out where this was going.

Tim and Kyle were so
focused on looking at the porn that they didn’t seem to be paying attention. I
remember what happened
next like it was yesterday. I stood up (we were all lying around on the floor)
and loudly said, “No, I won’t
do it!” This was the first time I ever directly confronted Joe, and I was
shaking real bad. “But, Danny,”
Joe said, “you might like it.

” He said it nicely but in his usual, firm way.
He also was working the head of
his cock out into the open above the elastic waistband of his briefs. “You
can’t make me!” I screamed and
scrambled up onto my bunk. Kyle took flight to his bunk at that moment, too.
I could tell that Joe was
getting mad. He got up real fast but before he could do anything, Tim jumped
up and pushed him back,
telling him to leave us alone.

Another first. I had never seen Tim confront
Joe. Ever. Joe then threw his
fist into Tim’s face. Tim went down with a bl**dy lip.

Joe stood there for a few moments. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
I tell you, I was scared to
death. Then Joe started to cry. Yet another first–I’d never seen him cry
before. He dropped down beside
Tim and was telling him how sorry he was.

Tim cringed away from him. But Joe,
still crying, pulled him
into his arms. Tim started to sob. Then Kyle and I started to cry. It was
quite a scene.

Later after lights out Joe slipped into Tim’s bed and held him for several
hours. There was a lot of
whispering between them. I lay there listening to them, unable to hear their
words, marveling at all that
had happened.

I realized that my feelings about Joe had changed significantly.
I acknowledged that
actually I was turned on by the pictures of those two guys sucking each other
off and wanted to try it. I
just didn’t want to do it with Joe. Joe had always been so focused on only
getting his needs met. I’d
grown up assuming that that was just the way it worked because he was the

But watching him cry
and hold and comfort Tim, I saw a side of him I’d never seen before. I
actually felt my awe of him shift to
love. Of course, I’d always loved Joe. It’s just now it was somehow
different. It felt real good and hasn’t
changed one bit since.

But it didn’t stop there. Several days later Tim, with Joe encouraging him,
told Kyle and me that he was

For some reason I wasn’t surprised but what shocked me was Joe telling us
how awful he felt about
the bad things he’d said about gays over the years. He told us that there’d be
no more of that out of any of
us. Period–end of subject. A few days later Tim and I were alone and he
shared with me that he had told
Joe that he was gay when Joe had crawled into his bed that night and instead of
grossing out or hitting
him again, Joe listened as he poured his heart out.

By the way, when I wrote this, it took two sessions to finish it, and I pumped
out a couple of pretty big
orgasms into my Jockeys. But what surprised me most was how I got all
emotional when I wrote about
what Joe did for Tim. I guess I’m pretty lucky with the b*****rs I got.

I usually left my apartment for work and returned home the same time
each day.

Monday through Friday, week after week, month after
month it was the same routine. All work and no play was truly
turning me into a very dull boy! Between work during the week and
chores I had to do on the weekend I was left with little to no time for
myself. I had lived in the apartment building over three months and
still had not met any of my neighbors.

Little did I know at the time
that this was all about to change…..

One night as I returned home from work I entered the apartment
building and stopped to collect my mail. As I got to the elevators I
saw the most incredibly handsome boy waiting for an elevator. As we
stood there waiting for an elevator I pretended to be examining my
mail but I was actually examining this wonderful vision standing
before me.

He was about 20 years of age and had short wavy brown
hair and a clean shaven face. I could tell by his tight jeans and shirt
that he had a muscular body from working out regularly. Letting my
eyes wander inconspicuously down his body I stopped at his crotch
and saw by the bulge in the front of his pants that he was well
developed in that area as well. Moving my eyes to his rear I saw that
he had a great ass which filled out his tight jeans very well.

I could
just make out the lines of his briefs under his jeans.

When the elevator finally arrived he stepped in first and went to the
control panel. As I stepped in he asked “What floor?” to which I said
? Please. ” He pressed 9 and I watched to see what floor he was going
to pick for himself. As the elevator door started closing he pressed 10
and leaned back against the elevator wall.

As the elevator headed
upward I continued pretending to read my mail, stealing a glimpse of
him every so often. Standing here in the brightly lit elevator with him
directly across from me I had a great view of his body. With a full
frontal view of him I checked out his crotch again and saw that he had
a lot of equipment packed tightly in those jeans. I became so
mesmerized by his crotch that I didn’t feel the elevator stop or see the
door open until he said “This is 9” and brought me back to reality.

must have sensed that I was checking him out for as I jumped and
looked up at him he smiled and laughed a little. I was so embarrassed
I must have been turning every color of red possible. I said “Thank
you” and hurried off the elevator.

The next day at work I was useless. All I could think of was that
gorgeous hunk I rode in the elevator with the night before.

Did he live
in the building? Was he just there visiting a friend? Being that I had
never saw him in the building before I assumed that he was probably
just visiting a friend. That would be just my luck, but I hoped that he
would be doing a lot of visiting in the future. When I got home that
evening and entered the building I was about to go for my mail when I
looked up and saw that wonderful hunk waiting for an elevator again.

Rather than miss the elevator he was going up in I said to myself “the
hell with the mail” and walked over to the elevators instead. It was a
good thing I did for the elevator door opened just as I got there.
Following the same pattern as the night before he stepped in first and I
followed. But this time instead of him asking me what floor I wanted
he said ? right?” and I said “Yes, thanks.

” I had all I could do to keep
from staring at him. I wanted to check him out so badly but tried as
hard as I could to control myself. This time I had no mail in my hand
to pretend I was reading. As I looked up at the floor indicator above
the elevator door I saw we were passing four when out of the corner of
my eye I saw this hunk put his hand on his crotch and start squeezing
his basket.

At first I thought that he must be “adjusting” his
equipment but as we continued upward he kept his hand on his crotch
and was squeezing and stroking himself.

As we reached 9 and the elevator door began to open I looked over at
him and said “Goodnight. ” He was still fondling his crotch as he
looked me in the eyes, then, looking down at his crotch and back up
into my eyes he said “I sure could use one, thanks.

” I almost
collapsed right there in the elevator! I managed to keep my
composure as I exited the elevator and headed for my apartment. Did
he really do that, I asked myself. I was in complete shock. I barely
slept a wink the whole night just thinking about the way he played
with his crotch right in front of me. I was exhausted the whole next
day at work from the lack of sl**p I got the night before.

All day I
wondered if he would be there again that night when I got home. I
raced home after work but to my disappointment he was nowhere to
be found. I lingered by the mail boxes just in case I was early and he
hadn’t arrived yet, but after twenty minutes I gave up and headed up to
my apartment.

The next day was Saturday , chores day. I was up and out of the house
pretty early to get my grocery shopping done.

I returned home with
my groceries and after putting everything away grabbed my laundry
and headed back out to a nearby Laundromat. I must have been in that
Laundromat 3 hours washing, drying and folding clothes. When I got
back to my apartment building I dropped my laundry bags in the lobby
and headed for the mail boxes to get my mail. Seeing I had no mail I
grabbed my bags and headed for the elevators.

As I turned the corner
out of the mail box room and was in full sight of the elevators I was
pleased to see yet another pretty boy waiting for an elevator. As I got
closer I could see that this boy was younger than my elevator hunk.
But from his tight white shorts and muscle shirt you could see that he
also lifted weights and worked out. He had medium length dirty
blonde hair.

When I finally reached the elevators and stood beside
him I saw that he was about 19 years old. As we stood waiting for an
elevator he suddenly turned to me, and with a big smile, extended his
hand out to me and said “Hi, my name is Chris and I just moved into
this building. ” At first I was taken back by his over friendliness but I
extended my hand out and shaking his hand replied “Hi, my name is
Bill and I have lived here for about four months now.

Welcome to the
building!” While we continued to wait for an elevator we talked about
the building a bit and then he told me that he had just moved into

Finally the elevator reached the lobby and we both stepped in and
pressed our floors. I was struggling with my damn laundry bags when
he pressed his floor so I was unable to see where he was heading. As
the elevator began to rise he said “Hey, I’ve got an idea! I have a
bottle of whiskey and some soda in my apartment, how about I get it
and bring it to your apartment and we’ll have a few drinks together
and talk?” Feeling a little apprehensive at first I said “I don’t know,
maybe some other time.

I have all this laundry to still put away. ” As I
mentioned the laundry I motioned him to look down at the laundry
bags I had leaning against the wall. As I looked back up I stopped for
a second to inspect his crotch. I began wondering what his cock would
be like? His shorts were much tighter in the rear than in the front. I
was only able to make out a slight bulge in the right front of his

I’ve always hated those damn shorts they make baggy in the
crotch for comfort! He looked back up at me and said “Oh come on,
just a few drinks won’t hurt you. If you want I’ll even help you put
your laundry away. ” I finally gave in and said “Well OK, maybe just
for a little while. ” He beamed that beautiful smiled at me again and
asked what apartment I was in? I said ?” just as the elevator door
opened up.

He said “Great! I’ll be back in a flash. ” He held the
elevator door open for me as I gathered up my laundry bags and got off
the elevator.

Once inside my apartment I began wondering if I had made a mistake
by agreeing he could come to my house for drinks? I didn’t have much
time to ponder the thought for suddenly there was a knock at the door.

I opened the door and in he stepped, with a bottle of whiskey in one
hand and a six-pack of soda in the other. He headed for the kitchen
and began mixing the drinks as I threw the laundry bags into one of
the closets. Back in a flash with drinks in his hands we headed into
the living room and sat on the couch. He handed me one of the drinks
and as I took my first sip I choked a little when I tasted how strong it

He must have put 3 or 4 shots of whiskey in the drink. He said
“Are you OK?” I said “Yes, I’m fine. I just didn’t expect it to be so
strong. ” Switching glasses with me he said “Here, take mine and see
if its any better. ” I took a sip of his which was just as strong as mine,
but I told him it was fine. We sat talking and drinking our drinks.

we finished our drinks he grabbed up the glasses and headed for the
kitchen to make us two more. When he returned and handed me my
drink I was beginning to feel more relaxed. It was probably the drinks
which were relaxing me.

Chris also started to appear more relaxed as well. He was now sitting
back on the couch rather than at the edge of it as he was during the
first drink.

While we sat there drinking our second set of drinks and
talking, I could feel the alcohol starting to take effect. As Chris was
talking about this and that, I let my eyes drop down from his face to
his crotch. I could swear he knew what my attention was focused on
because as I was examining his crotch I noticed that he slowly spread
his legs open a little wider. By now we had finished our second drink
and Chris once again jumped up and made us two more.

By time he
returned with the drinks I was definitely feeling high, and by the way
he walked I could see that Chris was feeling no pain as well. As he
sat back down on the couch he said “So tell me, what do you like to do
for fun?” I thought about it for a minute and finally said “Oh, I don’t
know, I guess it depends on the situation. ” “The situation?” he replied
curiously, “Well in the right situation do you like to suck cock?”

My eyes widened and my face turn beat red at the bluntness of his

I was dumbfounded and did not know what to say. After a
moment of silence he asked again “Well, do you like to suck cock, yes
or no?” I finally looked at him and said “Yes. ” He flashed that
beautiful smile at me again and said “Good, because I’ve got a cock
just waiting here for you!” With that he got up and stood in front of
me. He open the top button of his shorts and pulled down his zipper.

I one quick motion he pushed his pants and underwear down and put
his hands on the sides of my face. His semi-hard cock was about 7
inches long and still growing. It wasn’t very thick but it was still a
great looking piece of meat. Slowly he pulled my face towards his
cock. As the head of his dick reached my lips he said “OK baby, open
your mouth and show me what you like to do.

” I opened my mouth
wide and hungrily devoured his cock. He pulled my face forward as
he pushed his cock deep into my mouth. Then, taking hold of my hair
to pull my head back he would stop a moment to let me run my
tongue around his cockhead, before pulling my face forward again and
shoving the whole length of his cock in my mouth.

“Yeah baby, that’s it, suck hard” he moaned as I let my mouth work on
his meat.

As he pulled his cock back I opened my mouth and let it fall
out. I looked up at him and suggested he sit down on the couch. Once
he sat down I dropped to my knees in front of him and quickly took his
cock back in my mouth. Eagerly I worked my mouth up and down the
shaft of his hot dick. “Ohhhhh yeah”, he moaned. “Suck it till I cum in
your mouth baby, suck it good!” After five minutes of this he placed
his hands on the back of my head and was about to shoot his load
when there was a knock at the door.

It killed me to have to stop just
as I was about to receive my reward for a job well done, but I got up
quickly and told him to pull his pants back on. As he reached down
and pulled up his pants he was about to tuck his dick away when I
noticed a drop of pre-cum oozing out of the head of his cock. “Wait!” I
said, as I quickly dove down and caught it with my tongue.

When I
asked him to please hurry up and finish dressing, Chris said “I don’t
see what your so excited about, it’s probably just my b*****r looking
for me. ” “Your b*****r?” I asked, “How would he know to come here
looking for you?” Chris smiled and said “I left him a note telling him
where I would be. “

Oh Great! I thought, now his b*****r will probably beat the shit out of
me for messing with this k**.

Chris must have seen the panic in my
eyes because he grabbed my arm and said “Will you relax , my
b*****rs cool! He’d probably kill me if he found out I told you this,
but him and I mess around with each other a lot! He has no problems
at all with gays. Just relax and let him in. ” Slowly I moved towards
the door. I paused for a moment to catch my breath before opening it.

As I unlocked the door and opened it I almost dropped dead of a heart
attack when I saw who was on the other side! Standing at my door in
a pair of very revealing white sweat pants and a cut off tee shirt was
my elevator hunk. I stood speechless with my mouth hanging open.
After a few moments he said “Oh Hi there! I remember you from the
elevator the other day.

My name is Steve and I found a note in my
apartment saying I could find my k** b*****r here. Is he here?” When
Chris did not hear me answer he called out “Yeah Steve I’m here. I’m
in the living room, come on in!” As Steve stepped into my apartment
he flashed me a beautiful smile and gave me a wink. If by nothing
else, you could tell Steve and Chris were related by there beautiful
smiles! That smile brought me back down to earth.

I closed the door and headed for the living room. Just as I entered the
living room Chris rushed past me with our empty glasses and said
“Three more coming right up!” Three more? I thought, that means
Steve will be staying for a drink too! I entered the living room and
found Steve standing by the window looking out at the view from my
apartment. When he heard me come in the room he turned to me and
said “Nice view you have from this apartment.

I wish my apartment
faced in this direction. ” “Thanks” I said. He looked up and started to
check out the plants I had hanging by the window which was the
perfect moment for me to look down and check out his body. He was
built like a God! As I centered my attention on his sweat pants I saw
that they were so thin and worn out they were almost transparent.

the sun came through the window and hit his back I could see the
entire outline of his body right through his sweat pants. I could also
see that he had nothing on underneath his sweats. My eyes focused on
his crotch, and to my disbelief, I was able to see the entire length of
his cock which hung down the right leg of his sweat pants.

Just as I was enjoying myself examining his body into the living room
popped Chris with 3 freshly made drinks.

“Steve” he yelled, “How
many times have I told you to throw out those pants! For God’s sake, I
can see your cock right through them!” Steve looked at me and
winked. He then said to Chris, “So, what’s so bad about that? If you
don’t want to see it then don’t look, just shut up already!” Hearing
them argue back and forth positively linked them together as b*****rs.
Chris set the drinks down on the coffee table and sat back down on the
couch in the same spot where I had been sucking his cock just minutes

Steve on the other hand, came over and sat down on the love
seat right next to me. As he passed by me to get to his seat he was
facing me, and his big swinging cock was within inches of my grasp. I
had all I could do to keep from grabbing his dick! Steve reached for a
drink and as he drank it began complimenting me on my apartment.
When Steve finished his drink he handed his glass to Chris and told
him he wanted another.

Chris jumped up and headed for the kitchen.
Once Chris was out of the room Steve turned to me and quietly asked
“So what are you into?” I looked down at his crotch and replied “Oh
just about anything I can get my hands on these days. ” “Oh really?”,
he said smiling and giving me another wink. Just then Chris walked
back into the room. Shit! I thought to myself, what lousy timing.

When Chris sat back down there was a moment of silence as we all
sipped our drinks. Finally, Steve broke the silence by asking “So,
what have you guys been up to today?” Before I could open my mouth
to say anything Chris jumped in and said “Well Steve, Bill here was
giving me some great head! But just as I was about to cum in his
mouth you knocked on the door!” I could have died.

I felt like asking
them to just kill me right then and there to end my embarrassment! I
could feel Steve looking at me. Suddenly Steve said “Really Bill?
You know how to give good head?” With that he stood up and moved
in front of me. He lowered his sweats and exposed the most beautiful
cock I had ever seen. It was still soft so I was unable to tell just how
big it was, but even soft it was at least 7 inches long and incredibly
thick! As Steve released his sweat pants they dropped to the floor
around his ankles.

Placing his hands gently on my head he said “Well
I’m a pretty good judge of head, let me have a little sample Bill!”
Chris watched as I bent forward and sucked his b*****rs cock into my
mouth. I could feel Steve’s cock start growing in my mouth.
“Mmmmmm… Slowly baby, there’s no rush” Steve moaned as I sucked
his cock. Steve’s cock grew bigger and bigger in my mouth until I
thought my mouth would explode.

Realizing that Steve’s cock was
now fully erect I took it out of my mouth to examine it.

My eyes bulged open wide as I saw the size of his massive cock! It
had to be 10 or 11 inches long and almost 3 inches thick. What the
hell was I gonna do with this massive piece of meat? Steve pulled my
head forward and pressed the head of his cock to my lips.

“Open up”
he commanded, “I’m not convinced you give good head yet!” Feeling
compelled to do as he said I opened my mouth. Pulling my head
forward he pushed his monster cock back into my mouth! Placing one
of his hands on each side of my face He slowly guided my mouth up
and down his cock. Each time he pulled my mouth forward he we
push a little more of his cock into my mouth.

I knew that there was no
way he could ever fit his giant cock all the way into my mouth without
me choking to death on it. To my relief, so did he. for when he felt
the head of his cock reach my throat he would ease his cock back out.
Steve continued to fuck my mouth with his cock for another 5 minutes
or so as Chris watched.

Suddenly I felt Steve picking up momentum.

He was pumping his
cock into my mouth a little faster with each stroke. “Yes” he moaned,
“Yes, you do indeed give good head! Suck harder baby! I’m getting
ready to cum! Suck it baby! Suck it!” He’s getting ready to cum? I
thought. Oh shit! If he shoots a load to match the size of his cock I
am dead! There’s no way I would be able to swallow all that cum!
Steve grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head and began
pushing and pulling my mouth back and forth over the shaft of his

Faster and faster he f***ed his cock into my mouth! Chris came
over and sat beside me on the love seat to get a better view as his
b*****r fucked my face. As Steve began to moan louder I heard Chris
say “He’s getting ready to cum Bill! I’ve seen this before and I know
when he’s getting ready to shoot his load!” Steve cried out “For
Christ’s sake Chris, shut the fuck up!” I could feel Steve’s massive
cock beginning to throb hard in my mouth and I knew that this was it.

Steve must have known that there was no way I could take both his
cock and his cum in my mouth at the same time, for he pulled my head
back up to the head of his cock just as his first load of cum exploded
into my mouth. “Yeah!” he screamed as he shot his first load of hot
cum. Even with the room he gave me in my mouth by pulling his cock
back, his first load of hot cum filled my mouth past capacity and his
cum started dripping out the sides of my mouth.

He knew that there
was no way I could swallow his first load in time for his second, so
just as he was ready to shoot his next load he pulled his cock out of
my mouth and shot his second load of cum all over my face. I had
just enough time to swallow his first load of cum when he pushed the
head of his huge dick back between my lips and shot his third load of
cum into my mouth.

“Swallow my cum baby, swallow it for me!” he
moaned loudly. I swallowed quickly just as he said and just in time to
receive his fourth load! His fourth load of hot cum was much smaller
than the first three so I was finally able to taste his cum. It was hot
and thick with a slightly sweet taste. As I swallowed the fourth load
of his cum I felt his fifth and final load pour out of the head of his
cock and into my mouth.

Releasing the handful of my hair he held in his hand he gently
withdrew his cock from my mouth. As his cock dropped out of my
mouth and began to soften it was still tremendous! Figuring that
Steve would more than likely be leaving after shooting his load I was
surprised when I looked up at him and saw him removing his tee shirt.
He kicked off his sweat pants and sat down on the couch with the
most content look on his face.

His head was back, his eyes were
closed and he had a smile on his face from ear to ear. Chris looked at
me and said “After that I bet you sure could use another drink, huh?” I
nodded my head yes and off to the kitchen he went. As I sat there
alone with Steve I examined him closely. He was truly exceptional!
The muscles all over his body were beautiful, especially the one that
hung between his legs, As Chris came back with my drink Steve
opened his eyes and sat up.

“Why are the two of you still dressed?” he
asked. I was about to tell him that I was trying to catch my breath
when he ordered “Come on, both of you, strip!” Chris and I both did
as he said and stripped off all of our clothes.

Steve looked at me and said “OK Bill, now it’s my baby b*****rs turn!
I want to watch you suck his cock!” I tried to tell him that I needed to
give my mouth a little rest when he yelled “Never mind the bullshit
excuses, do as I say ! Get down there and suck his cock!” Chris’s cock
was already hard and just waiting for my mouth.

I leaned over and
took his hard cock into my mouth. Chris moaned as I slid my mouth
down to the base of his cock. Slowly I raised and lowered my lips up
and down the shaft of his hot cock as Steve watched. Each time I slid
my lips down to the base of Chris’s cock he would push up making
sure he had his cock as far in my mouth as possible.

Suddenly I heard
Steve get up off the couch and come over to where we were sitting on
the love seat. Without saying a word Steve spread my legs apart to
give himself room and without further ado lowered his mouth onto my
already hard cock! What a mouth! His mouth was so hot and felt so
good that it sent shivers through my body.

What a picture this would have made! Here we are, Chris and I are
on the love seat and Steve is on his knees in front of me.

I have
Chris’s cock deep inside my mouth and Steve has my cock deep inside
his mouth! As Steve begins to suck my cock faster I in turn start
sucking Chris’s harder and faster. I could not take much more of

Date: 10-14-93 Time: 03:01p Number: 171
To: ALL Board ID: CONNECT! Recvd: No
Subject: The b*****rs Upstairs 5/6 52: *N/A* Status: Public
(Continued from previous message)

Steve’s hot mouth on my cock as I could feel my cum rising towards
the head of my cock.

At the same time Chris placed his hands on the
back of my head and began to moan as he pushed my mouth down
onto his hot cock. I could feel Chris’s cock begin to throb in my mouth
just as my own cock was throbbing in Steve’s hot mouth. That was it
for me, I was going to cum and I was going to cum now! At that same
instant Chris pushed my head down so that my mouth was all the way
at the base of his cock.

The first load of my own cum blasted into
Steve’s mouth at the very same moment Chris threw his head back and
yelled out “Aahhhhh… I’m cummmmmiiiinnnngggg!” and sent the first
explosion of his own cum deep into my throat! Steve had his mouth
all the way down to the base of my cock as the second load of my cum
blasted out of my cockhead and down his throat! Chris lifted my head
up so that my lips were around the head of his cock just as the second
explosion of cum shot out of his cock and filled my mouth with his hot

Steve’s hot mouth hungrily sucked the third load of my cum out of my
cock just has my lips sucked Chris’s third load of cum out of his cock
and into my mouth. Chris’s cum was hot and salty, unlike his b*****rs
which was on the sweet side. As Chris’s final load of cum poured into
my mouth I felt the last bit of my own cum oozed out of my cock and
into Steve’s mouth.

I took Chris’s cock out of my mouth and licked it
clean with my tongue. Steve continued to suck my cock making sure
he had every drop of my cum before he slowly raised his mouth off my
cock and let it drop to my stomach. My entire body was limp as I
rested my head on the back of the love seat. Chris lay beside me just
as exhausted and spent as I was for he did not move a muscle.

Steve stood up I opened my eyes to look at him. To my surprise I saw
that his cock was fully erect again. Sucking my cock while I sucked
his b*****r Chris’s had really excited him. As he went over and
stretched out on the couch I sat up and reached for my underwear.
When Steve noticed me about to put my underwear back on he
growled “And what do you think you’re doing” I told him that I
figured we were done and it was time to get dressed.

Once again he
growled “Just drop those underwear! We are done when I say we are
done and not before!” I said “Sure!” and quickly drop my underwear
to the floor.

We all laid there in silence for what seemed like and hour, but in
reality was about 10 minutes or so. As I looked over at Steve he was
lying so motionless that I guessed he had fallen asl**p.

Wrong again,
for Steve suddenly sat up on the couch. He flashed his gorgeous smile
at me and then asked “So Bill, tell me, have you ever seen a guy suck
his own b*****rs cock?” When Chris heard that he sat up and said
“No way Steve! I’m too tired so you can just forget that idea
altogether!” Steve snapped “Shut up Chris! I’ll tell you when your too
tired!” Once again Steve looked at me and asked “Well Bill, ever see
a b*****r blow a b*****r?” I said “No Steve, I can’t say that I have.

But if Chris is tired why don’t we call it a night and get together
another time perhaps?” Steve replied “I go through this with Chris all
the time. If I gave in to Chris every time he said he was tired I’d never
get my cock sucked and I would have to walk around with a hard-on
all day long! So what about it Bill, you game?”

I knew that regardless of what I said he was determined to have me
watch Chris suck his cock so I looked at him and said “Sure, I’m game,
why not!” With that Steve stood up and walk over to where Chris sat
on the love seat beside me.

He looked down at Chris on the love seat
and said “Get over here and suck your big b*****rs cock for him!”
Knowing that he would never win with Steve he sat up and opened his
mouth. Steve stepped forward and grabbing hold of Chris’s hair
pulled his b*****rs mouth onto his giant dick. Once Steve had his
cock in Chris’s mouth he turned and started watching me for my
reactions. I watched closely as Steve pushed and pulled his b*****rs
mouth back and forth over his cock “Hey Bill, so what do you think”
Steve asked.

“It’s very exciting Steve. ” I replied. Steve was still
watching me as he said “You know Bill, one of the best parts about
having your own b*****r suck your cock is that you can get away with
more from your b*****r than you can from a stranger, just watch this!”

With that, Steve put both hands on back of his b*****rs head and
pushed his cock all the way into Chris’s throat.

I could not believe my
eyes! Steve actually had his entire gigantic cock in Chris’s mouth.
Chris choked a little but Steve pulled his cock out a little and he was
fine. Then pulling forward on Chris’s head pushed his cock all the
way back into his b*****rs mouth. As he held his b*****rs head tightly
and kept his big cock all the way down his b*****rs throat he looked at
me and said “See what I mean Bill?” “I sure do Steve! I am in awe!” I

Feeling pleased with himself for impressing me he released
Chris’s head and continued guiding his b*****rs mouth back and forth
over his cock. I could see Steve beginning to pick up speed as he
pushed and pulled his b*****rs head back and forth faster and faster.
Steve watched me as I watched his b*****r sucking his cock. I knew it
really excited Steve knowing that I was watching.

As I watched I could see that Steve was getting closer and closer to

He was pumping his cock into Chris’s mouth faster and
faster. Finally breathing heavier and heavier Steve said “Bill, I’m
getting close to shooting my load! But we have a small problem.
Being b*****rs and all Chris and I never cum in each others mouth, it
would be too unnatural. Ahhhh, I’m getting real close Bill! My
question is, Ohhhh Bill, I’m so close! My question is do you want my
cum Bill? Can I cum in your mouth again Bill? Can I Bill?” I said
“Yes! Yes! Yes Steve!” He moaned ” Well slide over here closer to
my cock and get ready for my cum!” I slid over close to Chris and put
my face up next to his.

Steve moaned “Open your mouth and get
ready Bill!” as he pumped his cock faster and faster into Chris’s
mouth. Steve cried out “This is it Bill! I’m gonna cum Bill! Are you
ready Bill?” I hollered out “Yes!” and with that Steve pulled his
throbbing hot cock out of his b*****rs mouth and placed the head of
his cock into my open waiting mouth.

The second I closed my lips around the head of Steve’s dick an
eruption of hot creamy cum poured out of his cock and into my mouth.

Being more prepared this time than I was the first time I sucked his
cock, I knew to gulp his cum down as fast as it came out of his cock
to make room for his next load. Steve moaned as I sucked hard on the
head of his cock, pulling the next load of his hot delicious cum out of
his dick and into my mouth! Seeing that each load of his cum was
getting smaller and smaller I slowly took more of his cock into my
mouth as he released his third load.

“Oh yes baby!” he moaned as I
started sliding my mouth back and forth over his thick cock. I took
Steve’s cock as far into my mouth as I could get it until I felt the head
of his dick in my throat. Just as his dickhead touch the back of my
throat Steve put his head back and moaned “Here’s the end of it baby!”
as the last load of his cum poured into my throat.

I continued sucking hard on Steve’s cock drawing every last drop of
his cum into my mouth. As I kept sucking Steve’s cock I could feel it
growing softer and softer in my mouth. Steve looked over at Chris
and said “I sure hope your taking notes Chris, now Bill knows the
correct way to suck a man’s cock!” I would not let Steve’s cock out of
my mouth until it finally reached it’s normal state.

When I finally
opened my mouth and released his cock Steve collapsed on the floor in
total exhaustion. As he lay in front of me on the floor I ran my eyes
over Steve’s body once more and wished there was a way I could keep
him captive in my apartment forever! The thought of being able to
have his cock any time I wanted it excited me. After a few minutes
Steve got up and reached for his sweat pants and tee shirt.

As he
slipped them on Chris and I got dressed as well. After we were all
dressed I walked Chris and Steve to the door. To my delight, as I
opened the door Steve turned to me and asked “So what are you doing
tomorrow?” “Nothing” I said. Steve winked at me and said “You are
now! OK if I stop down in the morning?” My heart, and my cock,
jumped for joy as I said “Any time is fine with me for the b*****rs

The End…

Dennis picked up the phone that first time by mistake. His older b*****r
was on the phone and Dennis heard the word “fuck”. He continued to listen
covering the mouthpiece so his breathing wouldn’t be heard.

He listened as his
b*****r talked about meeting some guy in the bathroom at the theater, and
getting a blow job. The voice on the other end of the line countered with a
story about hitchhiking, and a old guy about 28 offering him fifty dollars to
fuck him. He said he did it… and it was terrific. Dennis was further
surprised when his b*****r said that he thought the guy was a great fuck… and
worth more.

Both of them laughed.

Dennis quietly hung up and beat off his hard cock. And while he closed his
eyes he thought about his older b*****r… and imagined him naked and doing
things like playing football, swimming, and showering. Of course Dennis had
seen his b*o naked a lot even though they had separate rooms, and had even
spied on him while he was masturbating. But he never thought that he had sexual
drives like Dennis’s fantasies.

At that moment, Dennis began to pick up the phone frequently to see if his
b*****r was on it. Sometimes he was, and Dennis heard more stories about the
other guys in school, strangers, neighbors, and once he almost shot a load just
listening to a special story.

Dennis was talking to a friend about him. Dennis b*****r described what he
looked like naked… and did it so well, that Dennis’s cock almost exploded.

The voice on the other end of the conversation reacted positively too and tried
to get Dennis to set him up with Dennis.

Dennis b*****r said “maybe” but that he had to have him first. The two
made a date for a sl**pover.

The guy was tall, athletic, and very friendly. The three guys played touch
football in the backyard one Saturday and Dennis knew the hands on his butt,
and legs were not just touching him for football reasons.

The guy was to come back on Sunday and sl**pover with Dennis b*****r since
Monday was a holiday. Dennis knew what he had to do.

About 3 am that night, Dennis alarm went off. He shut it off, and got out
of bed, stripping off his boxer shorts. Dennis brushed his teeth, took a
shower, and looked at his naked form in the mirror, He wanted to be just right.

He quietly walked into the hallway. It was dark, and hushed. His parents
were asl**p down the hall, and his s****r too was asl**p in her room. The door
to his b*****rs room was cracked open, and Dennis pushed it slowly so it
wouldn’t creak like it usually did.

He stood in the room… trying to get his eyes to get used to the dark.

His cock was hard just being naked and in his b*****rs room. Soon the dark
shapes of desk, chairs, laundry, toys, books, and bed took form.
Dennis moved to the edge of his b*****rs bed. There he saw the form he had
admired for so long. The breathing told him his b*****r was in deep sl**p. What
if his b*****r yelled? Or what if he was just bullshitting and didn’t want him
at all? What if his b*****r called him names so his parents and s****r would

Dennis started to leave but the floor creaking made him stop.

He had come this far, and knew he had to find out.

The covers lifted easily, and he moved beside his b*****rs body. The heat
radiated and made him begin to sweat. His b*****r was naked. Dennis lightly
touched the broad shoulders, smooth chest, and cock. It grew hard to his touch.

Dennis b*****r whispered “its about time”.

And soon he felt his b*****rs
arms pull him close… his b*****rs tongue deep in his throat… his b*****rs
cock deep in his ass. It was a night of fulfillment.

The morning was wonderful… clean air… music from their s****rs room…
and the smell of his b*****rs crotch filled him as he licked and sucked as

His b*****r returned the favor, and soon the two were going crazy reaching
for the peak of their orgasms.

But the wonderful first time ended too soon, as their parents were yelling
for them to come to breakfast.

“Clyde is coming over today… to sl**pover. Interested?”

Dennis turned and looked at his tall, naked b*****r, his cock softening
from their encounter. He reached and hugged him.

“As long as you are there” Dennis said.

The phone call he listened to later, told him that indeed his b*****r and
friend Clyde had planned to include him that night. He got hard as he listened
to what they planned to do with and to him. Just before they ended their
conversation and hung up, his b*****r suddenly said, “Ok Dennis, are you ready
for tonight?”

Dennis froze, his bother knew he was listening in… in fact he probably
knew he had listened in on all the other conversations too.

And he was glad.

“I’m ready” Dennis answered. He had been for quite sometime.

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