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brothers friend

At 24, I was still a virgin. My youngest brother was 17, and I thought his
best friend was very attractive. He was leaning towards the skinny side,
but not too skinny. He had dark blond hair, and a smile that gave you an
impression that he was up to no good. I had often fantasized about being
him, but never let my feelings be known.

When he turned 18, he joined the Navy and got married.

That told me that I
would never have a chance with him, but then about six months later, he and
his wife started having trouble with their marriage. She started spreading
rumors that he was m*****ed by a man as a child and enjoyed it so much that
he continued to see the guy who m*****ed him. Needless to say, their
marriage ended, but his true friends never believed what she said. I have
to admit that I was hoping there were some truth in her rumors, but also
believed that she was a disgruntled female trying to ruin his relationships
with his friends.

After he did 2 years in the Navy, he was discharged and moved
back into the area. One night, he asked me to follow him as he took a
friend home and give him a ride back to the town we lived in. he didn’t
want to go home so he spent the night in my house. Part of me wanted to do
something with him, but I didn’t want to risk losing our friendship, so he
slept on my couch while I slept alone in my bed.

Not long after that night, he came to my door. Not sure where
he got his information but he said that he heard that I was interested in
him. Not quite ready to come out, I denied it. He accepted my answer, but
asked if I’d be willing to let him give me a blow job. I would not have to
reciprocate if I didn’t want to.

I really wanted this, but acted reluctant
at first. We went to my bedroom and I stripped. He asked if I minded if he
got comfortable, too. I told him to go ahead and he removed his clothing.
That was the first time I saw his 9 inch cock. Boy did he look attractive
standing naked in front of me.

We got on the bed and he started giving me my first ever blow
job, I was in heaven.

After a few minutes, I decided that I was going to
get what I had been wanting for some time. I took his cock in my mouth, and
being new to this, I tried to take the whole thing. At first, I gagged.
After some time, I shot my first load into another guy’s mouth and he
swallowed every drop. I was exhausted before he shot his load as I wasn’t
used to giving head.

He finished himself off by jerking off.

Many nights over the next few months, we got together. I gave
him head for his twenty-first birthday, and he told me that was the best
head that he’s ever had. I later learned that he enjoyed it so much that he
thought I was well practiced with other guys. I told him that he was my
first but I had read many stories about how to give head and just tried to
imitate them.

He was impressed.

My twenty-eighth birthday came up. I was staying with a family
at the time and really didn’t want to spend my birthday with them, so I got
a hotel room. I called him up and told him where I was staying so he came
over. When he knocked on the door, I was naked, so I only opened the door a

Door didn’t have a peep hole, so I didn’t know if it was him, or
someone at the wrong door. When I saw it was him, I let him in. He
immediately gave me a blow job, then we talked for a few minutes. He asked
me if I enjoyed it, and I told him always. After we chatted, I started
sucking his cock. Once he was hard, he asked me to stop. Then he asked me
if I were interested in trying something else.

I had an inkling of what he
was talking about and acknowledge that I’d be willing to try. He told me to
lie on my stomach and I felt him lubing my ass. Then I felt his cock
pushing at my hole. I read that to ease the pain of your first time, you
should act like you’re taking a shit, so I did. It still hurt a lot. My
friend asked me if I were ok.

I told him that it hurt, but I didn’t want
him to stop.

He continued entering me, slowly. I finally felt his balls
touching my ass and he started to pull out. He got almost all the way out
and he pushed in, just a little quicker. He continued slowly going in and
out a few times, always asking if I were ok.

I acknowledged that I was fine
except I felt like a had a big turd on top of me. He laughed and started to
speed up. As he pulled out, I tried pushing my hips forward. When he
pushed in, I was pushing back to take as much of him as I could. He
eventually ejaculated in my ass. That was a birthday that I would never

We have been together many times since, and still get together
when we can.

He is the only guy that I have ever been with, but I have seen
a few I would like to get together with and be their bottom. There is one
thing that I have yet to do with another guy but have a desire to try. I
have never kissed another guy. I would like to kiss another guy while
removing his shirt. Then I would make my way down his chest, preferably a
smooth one, and suck on his nipples.

After I have gotten them hard, I want
to kiss my way down his stomach to his navel where my tongue would play with
it while I removed his jeans and boxers, if he’s wearing any. After his
cock is free, I want to swallow as much as I can and suck on it until it’s
at its hardest. Once he is hard, there are a couple options in which we can

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