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“Hey, guys, how you doing? Have any trouble finding the place?”
“Hi Sammy!” Bob and Chuck each replied as Sammy opened the door
and greeted the brother-in-laws into his place.
“Hey, Jack’s not here yet, but he called a few minutes ago and said
he’s on his way! So, tell me! How’s everything going with you two, since
our day out in the woods? You two been kinda taking care of each other?
You know what I mean, the man to man thing?”
“Yeah, yeah we have a couple of times.

” Bob replied to the
question. “We managed to tell the wives that we needed to go on an
overnight shopping trip looking for some fishing gear, so that gave us a
good chance to try taking care of each other like you and Jack told us to
do. We’re learning, I guess you’d say. “
As Sammy sat a couple of long-necks down in front of each of them,
he suggested that maybe, perhaps they’d feel a little more comfortable if
they shed their shirts and even pants if they wanted to.

He personally was
dressed in only a very form fitting, tight, ass hugging and cock showing
pair of gym shorts. Every muscle, every ripple, and almost every square
inch of his chocolate brown, shinny, smooth skin was showing. His hot tits
looked like golden quarters, just ready to be licked and sucked on. As he
stood in front of both of the men, he watched the eyes of each man,
immediately go directly at his crotch.

He decided that just maybe the
slight suggestion of them shedding some clothes might make them feel more
comfortable. And more `at-home,’ since he was obviously almost fully naked
himself, again! And especially, since he too could see their crotches, and
both crotches were already getting larger and larger as they each eyeballed
his tight and long package of, rather, kinda, hidden, meat! Actually to
each of `em, it did look much more like a Christmas gift, gift wrapped, but
still identifiable enough to make you want to grab it and open it
immediately! Open it immediately, and then act surprised, as if you had no
idea at all, of what was so slightly hidden behind that soft white cotton
Bob stood up and said, “Yeah, I’m gonna! Sammy, you are so damn
hot looking.

Last week in the woods you sure as hell were hot looking, but
now, with just those tinny, tight, white shorts on, you look hotter than
before! Guess maybe it’s just that, that rod of yours is only kinda
showing and still kinda hidden that it makes it look that much more
exciting. Yeah man, I gotta get some of these clothes off. With you
standing there almost all bare assed, I gotta get rid of some of this
Then looking around the living room some, he asked, “Hey man, it is
OK to strip in here ain’t it? Nobody can see in can they?”
“Hey strip it man, strip it! Every window in here is closed,
except that one over there, and don’t worry bout it! See, Tylor and I have
a gentlemen’s agreement.

That window looks directly into his bedroom. We
have an agreement, that neither one of us closes the curtains in either his
window or in my window. We’ve got this agreement, of whatever happens in
the other house, then the looking is all free and for fun. Of course he’s
a gay guy, and we find it fun to just sit and kinda watch what’s happening
in the other place! I know, voyeurism, —but hey, watching somebody else
have some fun, —can be fun.

So anyway, if you happen to see some hot
looking football player type of a guy standing there and watching, just
wave, or flip your dick at him. He’s OK! If he knows you see him, he’ll
usually jerk off so you can watch him. He’s fun!”
“You’re kidding right!? You are kidding, right?” Chuck anxiously
“No, no I’m not! Gives me a hell of a lot of entertainment, just
sitting in my living room.

I mean I get to watch a lot more than he does,
cause that’s his bedroom window. In fact, he moved his bed over toward the
window so I could see better when he’s fucking some hot ass, or he’s
getting his hot ass fucked! He’s a real hottie, and he brings home a lot
of real hotties too! He’s called me from a bar a couple of times and told
me I might want to turn all my lights off so that when he brought some
certain guy home that night, I could sit here and watch, and the other guy
would never know he was being watched! On those nights, Tylor really does
some real wild stuff with `em, just knowing that I’m over here watching,
but his playmate, of the night, has no idea of it at all! We have fun
doing shit like that!
After rather laughing about what Sammy had just explained, Bob
looked over at Chuck, and said.

“Come on man, start stripping, we sure as
hell didn’t come over here for some kind of a church meeting, —let’s
remind ole Sammy here how anxious we can be for some of that long, black,
muscled, meat he’s got to offer, and if Tylor wants to watch, we’ll just
put on a show for him! We don’t know him, and he don’t us!”
Then looking at Sammy he asked, “Hey, Tylor is home tonight I
“I told him he might wanna be, but he said he had to be out till
later, so he’d try to, `look in’ on us, later!”
Chuck did follow Bob’s lead, and after grabbing one swig of his
beer, he too stood up, and stripped everything off, —down to his jock

“Oh shit man!” Sammy exclaimed! “Shit man, –that looks hot, that
looks hot! Hey, —keep that strap on man! I want Jack to see that when
he first comes in here. That is hot looking!”
Then looking at Bob, he asked, “OK man, show me what you’ve got
under those cut-offs. You wearing a strap too?”
As Bob unbuttoned his cut-offs and let them slide to the floor, he
answered, “No! Hell no! I’m not as fast thinking as ole Chuck here! I’m
just doing the old Fruit-of-the-Loom, stuff.

Never thought about something
like a jock strap! He sure does look good in that though, don’t he?”
“Hell yes he does! Makes my dick hard! Hey guy, tell you what! I
got some straps in there if you wanna use one so you’re all, ready looking,
for Jack, if you want. Course, all my straps are black, but if you want,
I’ll get one for you. “
“Yeah, yeah! Yeah, besides, I’d like to see what I look like in a
black strap.

Yeah Sammy, I’ll take you up on that!”
Bob stripped off his briefs, and reached out to take from Sammy the
black jock strap he handed to him. Before starting to put it on, Bob
pushed the strap up against his face and took a large whiff! Then, licking
his lips slightly, he looked at Chuck and said, “Hey man! I’ve always
heard of guys that smell other men’s jock straps, and I decided this was as
good of a time as any to try it! Here, want a sniff! Smells damn good!
Smell it!”
Bob handed it to Chuck, and Chuck did smell it! “Hey, right! Does
kinda smell on the good side don’t it! Sammy, you’ve got a good smell
there man! Gotta assume you haven’t done any laundry since you wore that,
Grinning widly, and then looking at both Bob and Chuck, Sammy

“Gotta be honest with you guys! Got no idea who’s jock strap
that one is! Couple of nights ago, had a party of about six guys over
here, and after they left, found that laying on the bed, and all I can
figure out is, someone either wanted me to have it, or he forgot he had a
jock strap on when he came in! I’ve sniffed it about three times since
them, and I’m wishing I knew who it belonged to.

He smells hot don’t he?
Gotta admit, I don’t remember any crotches from that night, that smelled
just like that, and I smelled all of `em that night! So I guess, I just
can’t put the strap and the dick together! I didn’t know when I brought it
out that I’d be explaining of just where it came from, but I liked the idea
of knowing you had it on. I was kinda playing mind tricks with myself.

jock strap on you, —one that I gave you, and I’ve been sniffing on the
last couple of days, but yet I have no idea who last had it on! That
straps been hugging some guy’s crotch, —wrapping around his dick and his
sweaty balls, but we don’t know who’s. Come on man, put it on! Let me
take another sniff of it while you’ve got it on that fucking hot crotch of
Bob put the strap on, and Sammy did kneel down and stiff it wildly!
“Oh yeah man, oh yeah!” Then stepping over in front of Chuck, he did the
same and again stated, “Oh yeah man, oh yeah! Oh yeah guys, you’re
smelling good men, you’re both turning me on!”
Then getting back to his feet, grabbing his beer and taking a swig,
he asked, “So guys! While we’re waiting on Jack to show up, tell me what
you guys did after our little session out in the woods, —having our
little class of, Sex Session 101?”
“Ok, you mean, like later that day, or you mean once we got another
chance to go off by ourselves again?”
“Oh, definitely when you guys got off by yourselves again, Bob,
your next session!”
“Well hey, —Chuck still had two more days off duty after the day
in the woods, and we took advantage of that and convinced the wives we
needed to go on that shopping trip.

We used his camper, and the next day
took off for an over night trip down to Atlanta. You know that day with
you and Jack, it got pretty late before we headed back to the house, and
since we had to call it quits for the day before we got to do anymore with
you, or either one of us got to play with Jack and that rod of his, we
decided we just had to get away and fuck each other before we forgot what
you guys, well you anyway, taught us! So we loaded up, stopped by
Walgreen’s, grabbed some KY jelly lube, and headed out.

Yeah, we did some
shopping and we bought some fishing stuff, so the whole trip would look
legitimate, and we were up most of the night! You know what? My
brother-in-law learned how to fuck a guy’s ass, real quick! He took me and
used me like I was some guy that was used to getting fucked in the ass all
the time. “
“Hey guy, I didn’t fuck you like that! It was just the fact that
it was your own brother-in-law fucking you, and not this great big dick
that’s sitting over here! I knew that since you’d had his rod up in there
the day before, my dick sure wasn’t gonna cause any problems, so I just
figured, if the door’s open, drive in!”
“Well, let me put it this way for you man.

It was more like if the
door’s open, drive your fire truck right up in there! Honestly Sam, I had
barely laid down on the bed, and where in the hell he came from, I have no
idea! I hardly had enough time to take a deep breath and get ready, and he
was on me, in me, and pushing that damn thing up in me as far and as fast
as he could! Seriously man, I asked him if he was trying to ream out the
sewer system or something! He kept telling me that if I could take you the
way I did, and keep begging for more of it, then he decided his dick was
gonna be small potatoes to my ass! Sammy, let me ask you something!”
“Yeah, what Bob?”
“That dick that Jack’s got! Ever measured it around?”
“Well, yeah, did once.

Remember he mentioned that we measured our
dicks to see who’s was the biggest and they both measured right at ten
inches long, and then I told him his was a hell of a lot thicker, his
measured right at 7 inches around. Why?”
“Well, if you get fucked by him and that monster, and then later,
maybe the next day, you get fucked by some guy with a smaller dick than
what Jack’s got, does the smaller one really feel that much smaller?”
“No, no! No, it don’t! Our asses close back up after we put
something up in there, and a skinnier dick can feel just as good and just
as full in your ass as the big fat one does.

Our asses close back up, they
don’t hang open there waiting for some big dick to show up again! Why?”
“Well, just that when Chuck slammed in me that night, in the
camper, he was sure that since my ass had been fucked by you and that thing
you’ve got, then I wasn’t gonna really feel his too much! But I did, damn,
—did I!”
Looking over at Chuck, Sammy emphatically stated, “Hey guy! First
place, that dick you’re carrying around with you ain’t that damn small.

I’ve sucked it man, and it’s a mouth full! You’ve got a good dick. Hell I
remember the first time Bob sucked on you in the woods that day, even he
complemented you and told you, you have a nice hunk of meat! Your dick is
nothing to be sneezed at man, nothing! I agree with Bob, it’s a nice hunk
of meat. “
“I tried to tell him man, I did! He did feel fucking good up in
there and pounding on my ass the way he did! I liked it! Like I told you,
he learned fucking fast, of how to do a guy’s ass! He fucks good, good and
deep, good and fast, and kinda good and rough! And yeah, —I gotta admit
it, I like it that way! If I’m gonna admit I like getting some guy’s dick
rammed up in my ass, then I just as well gotta admit I like getting it done
rough to me.

I wanna know I’ve got me a real active man on top of me, and
up in me! That’s one of the reasons why I was so anxious for us to come
over here and give Jack a chance, —up in our asses. I wanna see just
what all that meat stuck up in me is gonna feel like. Before we had to
head out and back toward the house that first day, I watched him pounding
on your ass while I was getting dressed.

I was jealous man, fucking
jealous! I was really wishing that was my ass he was in! Yeah, and Sammy,
—I watched your face when he went up in you! You could feel him going in
you, I know you did! I watched your face and I could almost tell what was
happening back there without even seeing it! It stretched your ass, didn’t
it? I already knew I wanted to feel that big fat dick of his, up in me,
but I had to watch your face to see just how much pain you were taking,
—taking that much cock up in there.

You felt it, —but I could tell you
were liking what you were feeling, weren’t you? You liked that feeling of
taking more up in there than what is supposed to fit, didn’t you?”
“Oh hell yeah man, hell yeah! I beg for that big rod to get pushed
up in me just as often as I can, and every time I get it, I’m happy as hell
he’s up in there! I’d keep him up in me 24 hours a day if I could!”
Then looking at Bob, Sammy asked, “Hey, did you fuck Chuck then?”
“Oh yeah man, oh yeah! Yeah, he got fucked, and he got filled
twice! I was hot and horny for that ass again, —real horny! I know part
of it was cause of the little session out in the woods and down by the
creek, but I think a lot of it was cause of the pounding that he had just
done on me.

That fucking turned me on! Man, I loved it. “
“So man, tell me! Chuck, —did you just lay there and let him lay
on you, or what?”
“Hey, started out that way, for about half an hour or so! I made
him keep it up in me, and then after he shot off and loaded me the first
time, then I told him I wanted to flip over and lay on my back and put my
legs up in the air and let him fuck me while I was on my back! He wasn’t
sure that was gonna work.

I mean, that was a little different and what we
had done with you the day before, but we both found out real quickly how
much fucking fun that can be! He rammed the hell out of me man, —he did!
Having my legs up in the air that way, made my ass hole that much tighter,
and made his dick feel that much stronger and bigger! I had footprints on
the ceiling of that camper that I had to clean off the next day! Man, that
was hot! I liked that! After about 15 minutes of that, he unloaded in me,
again! Second time within about 20 or 25 minutes, and it felt like a
cannon going off in me!”
So, I gotta guess you brother–in-laws, are pretty well finding out
just how to take care of each other, right?”
“Oh yeah!’ Bob interjected.

“That night in the camper was a good
night! A really good night! Guess maybe we’d had enough time to really
get used to the fact that both of us were really into this stuff, and I
guess we finally lost our hesitation of really letting the other guy know
what we wanted to do. Right Chuck?”
“Oh yeah, gotta agree with that!”
“So what else did you guys do that night? Sounds like maybe a
little more than the ass action, right?”
As the three heard the front door opening, Bob added, “Well, let me
tell you that I know what Chuck’s tongue on my ass hole feels like, now!”
All three men turned as they heard the door and watched as Jack
came into the room.

“Hey, hi guys!”
“Hey man, how’s it going? Sammy enthusiastically asked of Jack as
he stepped in the door.
“Doing pretty good, but from the looks of you three right now, not
as good as maybe you guys are doing!” Then looking at Bob and Chuck, Jack
continued, “Damn man, look at those straps! Damn that looks hot guys, that
is hot!”
Jack immediately started to shed his shirt and pants to rather join
in on the “not so well dressed” part of this get together.

Sammy quickly
told him about the strap that Bob had on, and how they had each smelled it,
but yet nobody knew for sure, which of the visitors from the other night
last had it on. Jack then immediately bend down, grabbed Bob by the waist,
pulled him up tight, took a whiff and then said, “Hey Sam, that smells like
Duane! Yeah man, that’s Duane’s strap. I can tell that crotch anytime!
He’s stuffed enough cock straps and underwear in my mouth when he was
playing with me, that I can tell it from across the room.

“So guys!” Bob quickly asked. “Tell me about this Duane guy!
What’s he like? If I’m gonna be wearing his strap, I need to know
something about him. “
Looking over toward Bob, Sammy answered, “Lumberjack man,
lumberjack!” Then looking over toward Jack, he asked, “Right man, right?”
“Yeah, I’d say so. About the best description I could think to
give him! He’s not, of course, a real lumberjack since we don’t have many
of those guys running around here, but he sure could pass for one if he
said that’s what he was.

Big man! Big chest, big hands, strong legs, big
beard and mustache, and oh yeah, —–one big fucking log hanging on the
front of him. White guy, but paint it black and it’d pass for a black
man’s dick, I swear. Guys, — when you wanna tie in with a white guy, one
that likes to make believe that cock of his really is a fresh cut log,
laying out in the forest, he’s your man! Fucks an ass like crazy! He’s
sure fun for me, since most of the time, I’m the one doing the fucking,
since everyone wants mine up in their ass, but he’d rather be the top and
make me his little boy for some good pounding! I sure don’t bitch any
either! Damn his dick feels good up in there! I’ll tell you guys
something! If I could have kids, I’d probably have about five or ten of
his little white faced kids running around! I swear every time he shoots
off in me, he must shoot at least four times in rapid fire! That guy can
build up a load of cum in that dick of his faster than any other guy I know
of! He does my ass, and all I gotta do is either go squat on the ground,
if we’re outdoors, or go sit on the pot, if we’re inside, and just let the
cum slide back out for about three minutes.

Then looking over at Sammy, Jack asked, “Right man, right? You’ve
been fucked by him before, am I right?”
“Yeah, you’re right, you are, but, got a question since you brought
the subject up. Why do you go dump his cum, after he loads you up? I like
feeling all that hot juice up in me, and I try to keep it tucked up in
there for as long as I can.

Course, couple of times, I’ve made a spot or
two on the carpet when it leaked out, when I just didn’t keep my ass
squeezed closed tight enough!”
As Bob looked down at the strap he had on, he rubbed the front of
it, looked up and said, “Wow! From what you guys have told me about ole
Duane, his body, and his fucking, this strap has got me fucking turned on!”
“Good, good, good!” Jack replied as the watched Bob rub his own
crotch, and express his state of being horny! His actions were much more
the show of how horny he was, rather than his words!
Jack completely stripped, walked over toward the window that looked
over toward Tylor’s.

Yelling back toward Sammy some, he asked, “Hey Sam,
is Tylor home tonight? I’m feeling like showing off some meat tonight, is
he there to look at it?”
Sammy had to disappoint Jack by letting him know that Tylor was not
home, but might be later.
Acting very disappointed, Jack then flipped his dick toward the
window, turned around, bent over, spread his ass cheeks, and said, “So
there Tylor ole man! This is what you’re missing tonight! You could have
seen some good hard dick over here, and some good ole butt actions, —but
if you’re not home, gotta do it without you, man!”
As Jack stood back up from his goofing around about Tylor’s not
being home, he looked up to see that Sammy was now fully in the bare,
standing in the middle of the room, and asking, “Well Mr.

Jack. You more
concerned about the ass that ain’t here, or the two hot tight asses that
are here? Don’t know about you, but I’m just about ready to do some
deciding on just which one of us gets which one of them!”
“I’m with you man, I’m with you! Who’s doing who? You doing Bob,
or you doing Chuck. Kinda looks to me right now that both of `em are
pretty well ready, don’t you think?”
Looking over toward Chuck and Bob, Sammy grinned widly and replied,
“Yeah man, yeah! Look at the straps on those two guys right now! Talk
about making a tent, looks to me like the circus is in town right now!
Come on Jack, let’s get busy! Bob told Chuck earlier, that they sure as
hell didn’t come over here for some church meeting, so I think we need to
find out just what they did come over here for.

Looking at the two hunky black men, Bob said. “You two guys are
standing there with about twenty inches of hard black meat sticking
straight out, and you could even wonder why we are over here? I sure don’t
want to be an impatient guest in your house Sam, —but I think it’s time
for the `games to begin,’ —don’t you?”
“I agree man, I agree! Come on Bob, let’s go in here.

We’ll use
the front bedroom, and let Chuck and Jack use the back bedroom. Ok?”
Then looking at the other two, Sammy asked. “Ok with you two?
Chuck, you ready to take that fucking big poker of Jack’s?”
“Oh gawd yeah, I guess I am! I mean, yeah, that’s why I wanted us
to get together, so yeah, I guess. Gotta admit though, that fucker looks
bigger and fatter tonight than it did the other day out in the woods! You
guys sure I can take that much up in my butt? Seriously guys, I don’t
wanna get all ripped up trying to take something that I shouldn’t be
putting up in my ass!”
“Hey, thought we had this all sorted out the other day!” Sammy
stated rather firmly.

“Told you the other day, your ass’ll spread! Hey,
just like some lady having a k**! A hell of a lot more will go up in your
ass than what you think. Go let Jack show you, and Bob, you ready?”
“Yeah I am Sam, I am! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since
we set it up, -yeah, I’m definitely ready!”
Jack and Chuck headed for the rear bedroom.

Chuck was in front,
and Jack was trailing behind, with his right hand on Chuck’s behind.
“Oh this is feeling good already man, this is feeling good already!
You’ve got one tight, hard ass, man, this is gonna be fun!”
Sammy and Bob grinned as they watched Jack and Chuck head down the
hall, with Jack’s hand firmly testing the cushion that he was soon gonna be
laying on!
Sammy and Bob went into the front bedroom, and Sammy told Bob, “Ok
guy! Get that strap off and get that ass on the bed! I ain’t had no ass
for two days now, and I’m in need!”
Looking at Sammy, Bob simply replied, “Good! So am I!”
As Jack and Chuck entered the back bedroom, Jack turned Chuck
toward himself, took Chuck’s right hand, placed it on his ten inch rod, and
said, “Here man, feel it, —it’s ready! I’m so fucking hard, I think I’m
more anxious for this than you are.

Grabbing Jack’s dick and realizing that he just, —almost, could
not close his thumb and finger tip around it, he once again commented that,
“Shit man! As much as I know I want this up in my ass, this thing is so
fucking big! Seriously Jack, you gotta take it slow going up in me please!
I’ve taken Sammy’s before, but man, yours is so much fucking thicker! I
know my ass is gonna feel it! When Bob and I were getting dressed that day
out in the woods, we both watched Sammy’s face while you were going up in
his ass, and I know, you’d been up in his ass a lot before, but that day
when we watched him getting fucked by you, we could tell by the expressions
on his face, he was really feeling it, big time! We could just tell by
watching him gritting his teeth what his ass was feeling like.

When you
were going up in him, he was gritting his teeth and closing his eyes, but
then we could tell when you hit rock bottom! His face turned into one big
smile! We knew then that the pain of getting that thing stuffed up in
there had to be worth it! We had’ta get going before you got done on him
that day, how long did you fuck him?”
“Well not nearly as long as I wanted to.

I was so fucking excited
to get back up in there, I came way too early! I probably pounded his ass
for maybe fifteen minutes or less, and all of a sudden, I almost screamed
at him that I had to cum! He just yelled, “Yeah man, yeah, yeah, yeah!”
probably f******n or fifteen times while I loaded his black ass with
everything I had in me! He was so fucking turned on that I had trouble
laying on top of him.

Shit man, — I think he did more humping up and
down, laying under me, that I did as the guy up on top!”
“Hey Jack, did he fuck you then, after you did him?”
“Oh hell yes! Shit yes! I’d already been bitching about how
fucking long its been since he’d been up in my hole, so just as fucking
fast as I got up off of him, I made him slam into me just as fast as he

You told me about how he gritted his teeth, when I pushed my cock
up in his ass, well I’m sure I never did that when I finally got him going
up in me! I was so damn anxious to feel him up in there, that I think my
ass jumped up in the air, looking for that stick, more than that big long
rod of his did, coming down and finding my little ole ass hole! He hadn’t
fucked me for at least three or four weeks then, and man, I was tired of
trying to stick my fingers back up in there and trying to make believe that
it was Sammy’s cock poking around in my butt! Chuck, I’ll be honest with
you and tell you that I had gotten so horny for that dick back up in my ass
again, I was starting to look around the house to see just what I could use
up in there that would maybe feel like Sammy’s dick does to me, when he’s
got my ass all good and stuffed full! About the only thing I could imagine
using that might feel kinda like Sammy was a baseball bat! I never ended
up trying it, but let me tell you guy, I was getting pretty damned close to

That’s why I went out looking for Sammy that day when I found you guys
in the woods, down by the creek! I knew he wasn’t at home! He wasn’t at
his favorite bar! He wasn’t on the back road of the old city park,
—that’s one of his favorite spots to find himself some new young tight
asses, that ain’t been used too much, —so anyway, I decided that he was
probably in the woods, and sure enough, —not only was he in the woods, he
was in you two guys too! What a hit man, what a hit! He told me the other
day, on the phone, that finding you two brother-in-laws out there, —all
bare assed, —virgin assed, and virgin dicked, —as far as having a guy’s
mouth sucking on it, was the greatest thing that he’s run across in his
entire time of looking for and playing with guys! Sammy loves to find new
guys that have never done anything sexual with a guy! He loves to be their
first guy! He loves to introduce straight guys to gay sex! He really
likes both of you guys! He told me he has never found any other guy, let
alone two of `em at the same time, that has taken to, and admitted, that he
is really into the gay sex thing nearly as fast as you two have! He told
me that on that first day out in the woods, both of you guys took to
getting fucked and sucked on like a couple of guys that have known for
years, that both of you were just waiting for something like this to

And, it finally did! He admitted that getting to be the guy to
break both of you guys in was great, but he told me he likes you guys for a
hell of a lot more than just the tight asses. But, yeah, he did admit,
your tight asses, sure as hell are fun! Come on man, I gotta find that out
for myself! Wanna lay on your gut, and me on your butt, or wanna take me,
laying on your back, and your legs over my shoulders?”
“Oh man! Bob fucked me the other day with my legs up in the air!
Hey Jack, can guys take that much dick that way? Oh Jack, I gotta see if I
can take that fucking big rod of yours in my ass that way! Oh man, I
watched Sammy get it up in his ass the other day, and I wanted that to be
my ass, so much! Oh shit man, I know I’m gonna fucking scream when that
thing goes up in me! Oh Jack, do you really think I can take all of that?”
“Hey man! You’re gonna be just like every other guy that’s had it
up in his ass! Just as soon as you feel it slip and slide in you, you’re
gonna be begging and begging for all of it, and you’re gonna want it, all
of it at once, —fast! Come on Chuck, let’s warm up the inside of that
ass of yours! Let’s do some big time poking! Talking ain’t getting my
nuts off any, —let’s see just how fucking fast that ass of yours can make
me shoot my nuts!”
Just as Chuck laid down, —lifted his legs up in the air and Jack
started to move into position, they both heard Bob yelling from the other
bedroom, “Oh my gawd yes man! Oh yes! Oh man! Do it! Do it!! Do it!!!!
Push in man, push it in! Oh Sammy, do it man, do it!”.

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