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Flipping his head frantically to see just who was talking, Sammy
quickly said, “Oh shit man! Jack, where in the hell did you come from. I
had no idea there was anybody else within three miles man!”
“Obviously guy, damn obvious! Course when a guys’ pounding his
meat in the ass of some other guy like you were there, a fucking train
could come rolling through here and you’d never know it! So kinda looks
like you’re finding yourself some good new action and keeping some secrets
from me, huh?”
With the shock and surprise of somebody walking up on `em, Chuck
obviously stopped sucking on Bob, since he was pretty well rattled and
shocked that somebody had seen what was going on.

Bob was still standing
there, completely silent, and of course supporting a major hard on, which
was now standing in full view, since Chuck had pulled off, but his butt was
still full, and utilized with Sammy’s big rod still stuck up in it!
Then quickly looking at Chuck and Bob was much as he could since he
was still behind Bob, and plugged into Bob, he emphatically stated, “Hey
guys, everything’s OK, really it is, —it’s OK! Everything’s OK! This is
just Jack Becking.

He’s definitely a player, if you know what I mean.
He’s as much into all this good stuff as we are! Fact is, wait till you
see the dick on this guy! He’s a good friend of mine! Maybe I oughta say,
—he’s a good fucking friend of mine, —a good, —fucking friend! And
when I say `fucking’ I do mean, fucking! I just didn’t know he was gonna
be out here today.

As Jack dropped his back pack on the ground, he looked first down
at Chuck and said, “Hi, I’m Jack,” and then extended his hand out for a
handshake. Still rather shocked and a little nervous about the new, and
very unexpected visitor being there, Chuck did extend his hand and shook
hands with Jack. Jack then extended the same greeting and handshake to
Chuck and Bob both quickly realized that this new `visitor’ to the
group was just about as hot of a looking man as Sammy was, and for a lot of
the same reasons.

Chuck’s quick analysis was that Jack was probably a
coach, or maybe a police officer. He definitely had the body for either!
Height, —probably six foot two, chest probably 48 or 50, waist, —not
much larger than 34, shoulders that had the breath of a goal post, and a
neck that he obviously couldn’t button a large size dress shirt on. Due to
the gorgeous mahogany, honey toned, skin, Chuck did wonder if there was any
possibility of Sammy and Jack being related.

Their coloring was almost
identical, and if so, whoever the family genes came from, he had to have
been one hot looking, athletic, muscle filled, guy! And even if there was
no relationship, they sure could pass as brothers, and maybe even as twins.
Chuck obviously had not had any time available, with all the unexpected
activity going on, to ask Sammy just what his age was, but he quickly
decided that he too must be about 32 or 33, since the two sure did look
like complete duplicates of each other!
Looking at Bob, Jack added, “Well man, I’m jealous! I know your
ass is feeling fucking full right now with that hunk of meat up in there!
Feels like one big sausage stuck up in there, don’t it? Congratulations on
being the man that’s getting that! I’ve been trying for a month now to get
that stuck back up in my butt, and so far, I’m striking out!”
Although he was still well placed in Bob’s ass, and he still had
his right arm around Bob’s waist and was holding on tight, Sammy looked at
Jack and said, “Well guess what man, guess what! Today’s your day! Let me
finish up here and we’ll take care of that problem, OK?”
After pulling off his tee-shirt and unbuckling his cut-offs and
letting `em slide to the ground, —wearing no briefs, Jack, was something
more than just damn hot looking, and obviously, very well hung! And, yes,
—it was, very thick! Bob and Chuck looked at him, and at `it’, —with
their eyes wide open, very wide open!
As he resumed his f***eful fucking of Bob’s butt, Sammy watched
Jack drop his clothes, and then asked, “See what I mean guys, —see what I
mean? Look at the size of that thing! Now you wanna talk big, that fucker
is one ass full, let me tell you!”
Reaching down to untie his gym shoes and also to step out of his
cut-offs, Jack laughed and remarked, “Hell man, no bigger than yours.

Yours is just as long as mine is! Don’t you remember we measured `em one
day so we’d see who was the longest and we ended up being the same. “
“Yeah Jack, the same in length, but remember how much thicker yours
was compared to mine. Jack, that fucker of yours is one thick fucker man,
it is fat! Getting that thing up in your ass is like getting an oversized
dildo pushed up in there! Let me tell you, I know! I’m the one that gets
it up the ass man! You ain’t never felt that damn big thing up in your
As Sammy exclaimed about how big Jack’s dick was, Jack finished
getting everything off, so that he was as shiny bare assed as the other
three men.

He then walked over toward Sammy, reached out, grabbed his ass,
and said, “Yeah man, yeah! And this dick of mine, feels right at home up
in that tight ass of yours man, —feels right at home!”
Now with four men in the group, Sammy told Chuck to, “Go back at it
man! Don’t let ole Jack here, stop what you were doing! Bob needs to feel
you on that dick of his! He wants you sucking on him! We need to take
care of this man, cause now it looks like there’s a new guy hanging around
that’s gonna need some action too! He’s already bitching about me not
fucking his ass for too long, so I kinda guess I’m gonna have to poke him
and get him all turned on, so he’ll drive that tanker truck of his up in my
butt! Right Jack? Right? You gonna drive that tanker sized dick up in my
chute? You gonna fuck me today?”
As Jack moved in even closer to the backside of Sammy, and not only
grabbed his butt, but also started running a finger up in Sammy’s ass, he
answered, “Hell yeah man! Hell yeah! I ain’t had my dick up in this ass
for so fucking long now, it’s probably all closed up and grown shut! So
Sammy my man, —how and where in the hell’d you find these two hunks?
They the reason I ain’t got none of you lately?”
As Sammy did continue to fuck Bob’s ass, obviously nothing
including a finger up in his ass, was gonna stop him for taking the sweet
feel of Bob’s butt, Sammy told Jack, “No man! Just met these two today,
totally by bare accident, and I do mean bare.

They were out here, kinda
airing themselves out some, when I asked `em if I could join in. Jack,
—these two, sure are not the reason you and I haven’t gotten together
recently. Your wife started looking at me kind funny the last time I was
over at your house, and I decided maybe it’d be better for you if I kinda
got scarce, a little. She was asking way too many questions about why we
always needed to go someplace when she said there was plenty of beer in the
house! Besides, –and hang tight for this one man, —- these two are
brother-in-laws, both married, and today is their very first day finding
out what good, gay, sex is!”
“Rather jumping back some, Jack almost yelled, “What!? What did
you say? This is what!? Sammy, —you’re fucking the hell out of that guy
like that, and he’s never been fucked before? Is that right?”
Grinning big, Sammy answered, “Yeah! Yeah! Well, this fuck is not
actually his first.

I fucked him earlier today, and he wanted some more,
so while Chuck was sucking on him, I started taking care of the back side!
So,-yeah their first day at it, but this is the second time Bob’s taken the
old meat stick. “
“Holy shit man, holy shit! They are brother-in-laws? They are
both married? Neither one of `em has been with a man before? They were
both virgins before you met’ em, and now you’re fucking one of `em? Have
you stuck it up in the ass of the other guy yet? Have you fucked him too?”
“Well, yeah man, yeah! Of course! These two are real naturals
man, real naturals! They have both taken to this like fish to water! Oh
wait, —sorry about that comment! Oh hell, come to think about it, I’m
the only one around here that don’t like fish, ain’t I? I’m used to
playing around, but come to think about it, I’m not so sure I’ve ever
played with three married men all at once! Damn man, I must be good!?”
“Hell Sammy man, you ain’t good, —you’re just horny as hell all
the time! So all by yourself, —you managed to convert two married guys,
two brother-in-laws, all in one day? Right? Shit man! I remember that
day you converted me out behind the old barn.

Maybe the churches are
right! Maybe a straight guy can be converted! I know one thing, if that’s
right, —Sammy my man, —you are the man that can do it! You sure do
seem to be doing it! I’m proof, and I guess these two are more proof!
As Sammy continued to fuck Bob’s ass, he tried to talk to Jack at
the same time, but finally, he asked Jack to let `em finish, and then
they’d talk about whatever garbage, he wanted to talk about.

Bob though, had different ideas! He turned to Jack and said,
“Converted you out behind the old barn? How? Tell me man! This I gotta
hear! He sure did it to two of us today, now I gotta find out just how he
did it to you too!”
“Oh wow, man!” Jack stated with a grin on his face. “Well, how do
I explain this? It was about maybe eight years ago, right Sammy? We were
both 24 at the time, right? I had just gotten married about a month
earlier, and ole Sammy here, and I were painting an old barn in town,
making some extra money.

See, ole Sammy and I had known each other for
about maybe a year, from our church, and we just kinda hit it off pretty
well together. Well, anyway, we had this chance to make some extra money
painting old man Wilson’s barn. I was up on a ladder. I was painting, and
ole Sammy was down below, —but as I found out, —looking up at me and up
in my shorts, a hell of a lot more than painting.

“Hey man, what’re you doing? What’s up? We’re never gonna get
this thing painted if you don’t get with it! What’re you doing?”
“Hey Jack, I gotta ask you something!”
“Yeah, what? What?”
“Jack, —you got any underwear on, man? You wearing any briefs?”
“Yes, hell yes! Why? Why in the world would you ask me that?”
“My gawd man! Jack from down here, —I can’t believe what in the
hell I can see! Damn man, you hung like a horse? Your briefs sure ain’t
holding that thing in! Shit man, it’s coming out the bottom of your
shorts! Shit man, how fucking long are you? Gawd man, how fucking long is
that thing?”
Now being rather embarrassed that maybe part of his dick was
hanging out, Jack wanted to reach down and tuck it back in, but his left
hand had a bucket of paint in it, and his right hand was holding a paint
For more than an hour, Sammy kept a very close track of Jack’s, too
long of a problem, in his too short of shorts.

Finally Jack was back down
on the ground, off of the ladder, and without hesitation, he reached inside
of his shorts to pull his meat back up and get it back in place.
“Hey Jack, let me! Really let me!”
“What man, what? Sammy, what in the hell are you doing?” Suddenly
Jack realized that his friend, and his co-worker, had reached over, stuck
his hand down the front of his shorts, and was man handling his dick!
“Sam, —Sam, what in the hell are you doing man, what are you
“Jack, I gotta see this thing! Jack, please, I gotta see what in
the hell you’re hanging there man, come on, let me see it!”
“Sammy, —Sammy, I ain’t gonna take it out here man, what’s up?”
“Jack, I wanna see that dick of yours man, I wanna see it! Come
on, nobody’s gonna see us back here! We’re way back from anybody! Come on
man, I wanna see it!”
As Jack was trying to tell Sammy that he just did not normally take
his dick out to show off, he realized that Sammy was in the process of
unbuttoning his shorts, and was in the process of pulling his shorts and
his briefs down, and fully exposing his dick.

“Oh man, oh that’s pretty!” Sammy exclaimed as he looked at,
admired, and the reached out and took into his hands, Jack’s mahogany meat
stick. “Oh Jack, that’s pretty! Oh man, oh man, Jack, I gotta suck on that
man, I gotta!”
Frantically looking around just to make sure they were infact by
themselves and nobody was looking, Jack quickly and frantically said,
“Sammy, Sammy,-that’s my dick man, that’s my dick! You’re not gonna suck
on my dick are you? Sammy, I’ve never had anybody suck on my dick! You
don’t wanna suck on my dick do you?”
“Oh yeah man, oh yeah! Jack, I suck dick, and I gotta suck this
one man, I gotta!”
Without any further talking, and without giving Jack any additional
opportunity to object, Sammy has suddenly stooped down, opened his mouth
wide, and after grabbing and aiming Jack’s dick, he stuck it in his mouth!”
Still frantically looking around to once again make sure they were
not being seen, Jack did try to tell Sammy, “Sammy , Sammy, -you shouldn’t
be sucking on me man, you shouldn`t be doing that! Sammy, you, —–really
you shouldn’t be doing that man, —–uh Sammy, —–uhhh.

Suddenly, Jack started to slow down his objections to getting
sucked, and having his mouth stuck in his friend’s mouth, and all of a
sudden, he stood silent. Sammy grabbed both sides of Jack’s body and
sucked good and strong! His sucking was working! Definitly to Jack’s
surprise, Jack’s dick was responding! It was getting stiffer, and stiffer,
and definitely harder and harder!
“Oh Sammy, ———oh Sammy! Oh Sammy, —this ain’t supposed to
feel good to me is it? Sammy, you’re making it hard! Oh Sammy, Sammy, I’m
getting a hard on man, I’m getting hard! It’s getting hard man, it’s
getting real hard! Oh Sammy, I’ve got a full hard on man, you’ve made it
get hard! Oh Sammy, I gotta admit, this is feeling good, man, yeah, I
gotta admit, this is feeling good! Yeah man, yeah! Oh Sammy, this ain’t
supposed to feel like this is it? Sammy, this feels good, —yeah it
Sucking just as hard and as fast as he could, Sammy took all of
Jack’s rod down his throat, as far as possible.

He knew that since he had
now taken Jack’s dick in his mouth, their friendship would be forever
changed, and he knew that if he was gonna be able to get Jack into doing
this again, sometime, —whenever, —he had to show Jack today, right now,
how fucking exciting and how good feeling getting his dick sucked on can
be. He knew that he had to make this, totally unexpected, impulse sucking
go over very big.

He had, all of a sudden, changed his friendship with
Jack, and he knew it was now his responsibility to make the new friendship
a workable friendship! He just had to make sure Jack would want to do this
again, sometime, —whenever!
Jack stood there, his shorts and his briefs down on his feet, his
hands resting on Sammy’s shoulders, his head looking down at Sammy,
wondering if he was supposed to really fell this good, and his torso
humping back and forth, moving to the motion of the man sucking his dick,
for its very first suck job.

He realized that he sure as hell could not
complain about what was happening, and what Sammy was doing to him. He was
living a new feeling in his life that he had never experienced before. He
knew he had only been married for one month, but this sex was way better
than the sex he was getting at home.
“Oh Sammy, Sammy, I’ve gotta cum man, I’ve gotta cum man, I’ve
gotta, ——-oh man, I just did! I just came man, I did! I had to man, I
had to!”

I loaded his mouth so fucking full of my Jack cum that he couldn’t
talk for two minutes, after he finally pulled off of my stick! I was in
total shock! My buddy had just sucked me off completely, and I didn’t even
know before that, that he was into the guy stuff! I had no idea at all
that he was a cock sucker! I had no idea, well until he got a glimpse of
my dick, that is! And man, it sure didn’t take long before I found out he
had a chute that he loved to have stuffed, and stuffed full and rough!
Man, I found out fast that he knew what in the hell he was doing.

So yeah,
he kinda converted me that day, —out behind the ole Wilson barn. For
some funny reason, we started doing a lot of odd jobs together, and believe
it or not, damn near every time we got together to work on some job, we had
sex of one sort or another! The day after that first suck off, he sucked
me off again, and then right after I came, he pleaded with me to stick it
up in his ass, and he had me so fucking hot, I shot a second load up in his
ass about ten minutes after I shot off in his mouth! We’ve either sucked
each other off, or at lease fucked each other, once a week, for the past
eight years now! Well, that is until recently and my ole asshole is really
begging for that stick of meat back up in there today.

You know, over the
past eight years, I bet I’ve been fucked by that monster cock, three or
four hundred times! You know, I’ve tried to get it once a week, and I’ve
done pretty damn good! Couple of times we had to make it real fast so we’d
be done, and have out pants back on, by the time my wife got home, but so
far, we’ve done it, —ain’t we Sammy, —ole boy? I sure didn’t know he
was gonna have you guys back here to play with, but when I went past his
house and he wasn’t there, I figured I’d find him out here, hoping to find
something he could either suck on or fuck on! Boy, did he ever find it!
You two look like fun! I’m getting kinda anxious to do some playing with
you two, myself! I figure if ole Sammy broke you two in, your asses can
take about anything, so I sure do hope you two’ll be willing to take
another big black dick up in there! A fat, thick one!”
Suddenly Sammy stiffened up, got totally body rigid, grabbed ahold
of Bob around the chest, and started yelling, “Holy shit man, —I’m gonna
cum again man, —I’m gonna cum Bob! Get ready man, —it feels likes it’s
gonna be a load! Ole Jack’s telling you how I got to suck him that first
day, —I guess has got me all turned on man, —-I’m gonna——oh yeah
man, oh yeah! Oh shit man! I did it! I did it! I did it! Oh I just
loaded your ass again man, I just loaded you again!”
Sammy exploded into Bob’s butt! He pushed forward as hard as he
could, dumping everything possible into Bob’s ass! “Gawd man, how many
times have I shot off today? Man, I’m gonna be beat, totally fucking
“Well, all I can tell you man,” Jack quickly interrupted, “is you
better have at least on more load left up in there for my ass! You are
gonna fuck me today, —and you are gonna unload in me, —you understand?
I need your dick, and I need your ass, and from the looks of things
present, I’m hoping like hell, maybe I can test out the new stuff! What do
you guys say? Wanta try a real man’s black dick? A really big, thick,
black dick? One that you’ll beg for, often?”

– 1 -.

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