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Following Sammy’s instructions, Bob pulled off of his dick, licking
the tip of it one final time, just as Chuck stepped over and had his
hard-on cock ready for Bob to take control of.
“Oh yeah man, oh yeah!” Chuck strongly uttered as he fed his dick
into his brother-in-law’s warm and juicy mouth! “Oh man alive! Oh yeah
Bob suck, me suck me, tight! Oh yeah guys this is good! Bob, how’s my
dick man, how’s my dick?”
Fully unable to answer Chuck’s question, since he had his mouth
full of Chuck’s cock, Bob managed to kinda shake his head up and down some
to indicate a positive, and at the same time he moaned an, “Uh huh! Yeah,
yeah,” trying to express his approval of the dick he was now frantically
trying to suck all the juices out of.

As Chuck stood there, his dick in Bob’s mouth and both of his hands
now resting on Bob’s head, and rather helping Bob move his head back and
forth, Sammy watched the action and at the same time started to greatly
admire Chuck’s good tight ass that was bouncing back and forth, helping Bob
take the cock that was stationed on the other side of Chuck’s body. Sammy
stepped back a slight step and looked closely at Chuck’s butt muscles.

reached over and grabbed the KY jelly, put some on the fingers of his right
hand, and then started his finger’s approach up, and into Chuck’s butt! His
asshole was tight on his finger, and he discovered that he needed to use a
little strength to invade the inner sanctums of Chuck’s butt!
Chuck’s slight surprise, that some additional action was now taking
place back in his ass, was somewhat of a surprise, but he definitely did
not express any desire of having Sammy stop his invasion! In-fact, he
turned to Sammy, smiled very widely and said, “Yeah man, yeah! Oh yeah, I
like that, that feels good!” A strong statement, —especially considering
that it did take some f***e to get his ass opened up and ready to accept
the intruding finger!
Since Bob was down, obviously right at cock level, and had his face
up tight to Chuck’s belly, he heard Chuck’s comments of praise and
approval, but he did not quite understand the reason for it.

He looked up
at Chuck, and Chuck caught on immediately of Bob’s unstated question of,
“What’s going on?”
Chuck looked down at Bob and stated, “Oh man, he’s finger fucking
me! He’s got a finger up in my ass! You’re on my dick sucking me on the
front, and Sammy’s got his finger up in my ass, finger fucking me, and
feeling the insides of my butt! Oh man! This is great! Guys, this is
great! Oh Bob, I’m so fucking glad we came out here for this walk today!
Oh man, I’ve never felt anything like this before! Yeah Sammy, poke your
finger up in there for me, yeah man, poke it! Go in deeper man, go
As Bob sucked, and Chuck stood there offering all of his dick for
lunch, or supper, or whatever you could call it, Sammy continued to finger
fuck Chuck’s ass as he also moved in closer to both of the brother-in-laws,
and put his arm around Bob’s shoulders, and pulled the three of them into a
slightly tighter bond.

All three bodies were now in complete contact with
each other. Sammy’s left hand was pulling the three of them into a tight
group, and the finger on his right hand was going deeper and deeper into
Chuck’s asshole.
“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, —that feels so fucking good!” Chuck
kept saying as he was not only continuing to thrust his rod forward, so
that his brother-in-law Bob could suck on it, and take just a much as
possible down his rather virgin throat, but he also kept squeezing his butt
muscles, so that it made his ass hole tighter and tighter, in taking in
Sammy’s finger up in it.

“Oh man, you’re liking this aren’t you Chuck? This feeling good to
you ain’t it man?” Sammy asked as he reached down around Chuck’s body and
fucked his finger up and in as far as possible. “Hey guy, let me have my
finger back man, I’m gonna give you another one now, OK? I’m gonna put two
up in there, it feels so good to me! Yeah man, I’m gonna put two fingers
up in that tight hole, want two fingers stuck up in there?”
“Oh yeah, yeah! Yeah Sammy finger fuck me, —and Bob, suck me
hard! Oh men, this is unbelievable, unbelievable! On man, one guy on my
dick and another guy up in my asshole! Oh shit men, I never thought or
knew that gay guys had this much fucking fun, fucking around with each
other! This it great, fucking great! Oh Sammy, yeah, yeah! Hey guy, put
another one up in there! That feels good, that’s good! Yeah, Sammy, you
got three fingers up in there now? You got three fingers up in me?”
“Uh huh, sure do man, sure do! Like that don’t you, you really
like that! I can tell! Your ass is grabbing onto my fingers like you
don’t ever want `em taken out.

You ass likes this, don’t it? You really
like fingers up in there while your dick’s getting sucked and chewed on
don’t you man, —feels good don’t it guy?”
“Oh yeah man hell yeah! Oh man I’ve never felt like this before!
Oh Bobby, —Bobby, —Bobby suck me man, suck me!”
With both of his hands grabbing the sides of Chuck’s body, giving
himself greater control on his abilities to pull onto and away from Chuck
and his dick, Bob attempted to kinda look up and utter, “I am man, I am!”
His actions definitely did not look like some guy was down there that was
right now, on only his second dick, of his life.

Using Sammy’s pole, his
enormous pole, as his initial dick in his mouth, obviously was a very good
move for Bob as a new sucker. Having taken that much meat into his mouth
definitely taught him how to do a dick in a very favorable fashion!
All of a sudden, Chuck stated yelling, “Oh guys, I gotta cum, —I
gotta cum, —I gotta cum!”
Bob grabbed onto Chuck tighter and he pulled up tighter to Chuck
and to Chuck’s stiff and throbbing hard-on! He had heard his
brother-in-law almost screaming that he had to cum, and without any
conscious thought, he locked himself onto Chuck’s dick and after closing
his eyes, waited for the hit of his brother-in-law’s cum, to hit in his

As he sat there and waited, he knew he was now breathing heavier
than he had for years! He knew he was just about to do something that
never, in his entire life, had he ever thought he would ever be doing, but
in-fact, it was actually his own brother-in-law that he was grabbing onto,
as hard as possible, and it was his brother-in-law’s gut that he had his
face buried into, and it was his brother-in-law’s dick that was gonna be
shooting man cum juices into his mouth.

He knew he wanted this, he was
just way too excited to even let himself try and push off and let the cum
juices fly out and hit the dirt, —but he seriously wondered just what
Chuck was going to say about him taking Chuck’s cum, and actually letting
it be shown, that he had wanted it, and without argument, he took it as it
flew! And he took it gladly! He was in the process of doing something,
that he knew there was no way in hell and back, that he could ever admit he
was excited and glad to do.

Sammy stood there, now with four of his fingers still stuck up in
Chuck’s ass, and he felt Chuck’s ass tighten up, very tight, as he let the
cum juices fly. He was quite surprised how he had watched Bob lock himself
onto Chuck’s cock, grab his bag of nuts, toy with `em, squeeze `em, and
almost beg for the cum to let fly and hit in his mouth, and into the back
of his throat!
“Hey man, hey!” Sammy rather calmly said as he looked down at Bob,
as Bob attempted to swallow the remains of what he had not already

“Shit man, you just took your brother-in-law’s cum! You ate
Chuck’s cum man, —you did! Did you know you were gonna do that!? I’m
surprised! Gotta admit that for a first time guy, that is fucking unusual!
Man, you have been waiting on this day for a long time, ain’t you? Gotta
give it to you man, gotta give it to you, —that really surprised me man,
—it did!”
As Bob listened to Sammy express his surprise that he had taken his
brother-in-law’s cum and ate it, he looked up at Sammy and at Chuck and
kind of shook his head.

He licked some of the dripping off of the edge of
his mouth.
“Shit man!” Chuck emphatically said as he looked at his
brother-in-law lick the edges of his mouth. Gawd man, I sure as hell never
expected to have you let me shoot off in your mouth! You OK? You OK?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m OK! Hey guy, I didn’t know I was gonna do that
either! Yeah that sure as hell was not on my list of things to do today,
but guys, once we got into this as far as we did, —I had to do it, —I
just did! I gotta admit, this is fucking hot to me guys, fucking hot!”
“Then looking directly at Chuck, he added, “Hey man, hope you don’t
think less of me since I did that! Once we got into it, and I was on your
dick sucking like a fucking milking machine, I just couldn’t pull off and
not do the whole thing! I’ve never thought about doing something like
this, but man, now that we have, I’ve gotta be honest and tell you, I like
it! I do! I know, we aren’t supposed to like doing stuff like this with
other guys, but shit man, —now I know why they say, — “Do a guy, it’s
better than a buy!” I sure as hell now know what they mean! No fucking
whore can satisfy a guy like this action can! Chuck, I don’t know what you
think of me right now, but I do hope it’s OK! I gotta tell you I’m not
embarrassed to admit, this is a hell of a lot better than any sex I’ve had
in years and years! Maybe I’ve just gotten too used to the ole familiar
straight sex, but even when I was young, my first sex actions never made me
as horny as this stuff today has made me! I still don’t think I’m gay, but
I sure have found something that turns me on, and Chuck, I do hope you’re
the same way! I like sucking on that dick of yours! Maybe not quite as
big as ole Sammy’s here, but for a white guy, you’ve got a nice hunk of
meat! I hope you don’t think bad of me for letting you cum in my mouth! I
was just way too hot, and way too turned on, to pull off and let you shoot
on the ground! Chuck, you’ve got a good dick man, a good dick! I hope you
don’t wonder about me and what I did, but you`ve got a good dick man, and
I’m glad I did it!”
“Hey man, cool it! Don’t be afraid of what I’m thinking man, cool
it! Bob, you gotta remember I’m the guy that was standing here with a
major and a very excited hard-on, feeding it to you, letting you, my own
brother-in-law suck it to a climax, and I also had Sammy standing here,
hugging us, and at the same time, finger fucking me with at least three
fingers up in my ass! Hey guy, we’re into doing some weird and different
stuff today, stuff neither one of us ever thought about doing, and we gotta
just accept whatever happens! Yeah, totally different stuff, but man,
—if it’s working for us today, then let’s just let it happen!” Then
looking at Sammy, he asked, “You did have three fingers up in my ass,
“Well yeah, but right when you started yelling that you were gonna
cum, I slipped the fourth one in too! I didn’t figure you’d notice the way
you were all hot and bothered and ready to let it all fly.

Let me tell you
guy, the way you got all hot and excited when you were ready to shoot off
was exciting to me man, really exciting! I will tell you I’ve had my
fingers or my dick up in many guys’ asses when they was ready to shoot off,
but I’ve never had any guy get as excited and anxious to shoot as you did
man! You were exciting to be in, and close to, the way you went after it!
You and your fucking body just plain went crazy, when you shot off!
Totally crazy with action man, —crazy!”
And then looking down at Bob, Sammy said, “And let me tell you
something Bob, —if you wanna feel something get really tight on your
dick, have your dick stuck up in this guy’s ass when he shoots off! His
ass tightens up like a fucking vice grip when he shoots! Felt fucking,
fucking, good! It sure as hell locked my fingers up in there till he was
done shooting everything he had, into your mouth! Right then, I was
wishing it was my fucking big dick stuck up in his ass when he shot! If it
had been stuck up in there when he shot off, I’m not sure I’d be able to
pull it out of that tight ass yet! We’d have been locked together like
Just as Sammy ended that explanation of how tight Chuck’s ass grabs
something when he shoots off, he pulled his fingers back out of Chuck’s
ass, and grabbed and squeezed a hunk of ass muscle to let Chuck know that
he certainly had enjoyed his `finger visit’ up in there!
Chuck stood there and looked at his brother-in-law now fully
realizing that they had obviously just entered a completely new type of

No longer just brother-in-laws, but now sexual partners
also. He had fed his own brother-in-law a mouth full of cum, and from the
ways things were going this day, he was pretty sure that the reverse would
probably happen. Just about everything else unimaginable had already
happened, and he kinda just knew, that was probably gonna happen too.
But, as Chuck stood there, still in front of Bob, but also touching
Sammy’s body, almost from top to bottom, he reached over, grabbed Sammy’s
rather stiff cock, and said, “Hey man, — Bob’s had a chance at this
thing, but I haven’t yet, and I gotta see how much of it I can take.

of you guys have been using dicks in your mouths ever since this whole
little session started today, but I still don’t know what it’s like having
some big long stiff dick stuck in my mouth, and after watching Bob go for
it when he was on it, I decided I’ve gotta try it! OK? Sam, can I suck on
your dick?”
“Hell yeah man, hell yeah. I was trying to remember everything
that’s gone on here, and I didn’t think you’d done any sucking yet, so hell
yes man, —here, take it! Bob did it, he obviously enjoyed it, take it
and go for it!”
Without any further instructions or conversation, Bob immediately
got up from the stump he was sitting on, and Chuck took his place.

moved up close to him, held out his dick, Chuck took ahold of it, and he
immediately pushed his face on it as far as he could.
“Wow, oh shit man! Jesus, man, don’t kill yourself going on it so
fucking fast man, go slower! Nobody’s gonna steal it from you guy! Slow
down some! Shit man! Bob, did you see how fucking fast he took that damn
thing down in his throat? You two guys are really amazing me with the way
both of you guys are taking this and both of you seem to be so anxious for
it! I’ve never been with two guys, at the same time, doing this stuff for
their first time, and having both of `em so fucking anxious! You two are
real naturals, real naturals! Both of you guys have obviously been ready
for some of this stuff for a long time.

Today it finally happened! The
way both of you two are going for this, I’m real surprised that you two
never did something like this with each other, —way before this! Bob,
you been wanting something like this to happen? You been ready for this?”
As Chuck sat there, his mouth completely full of one big, long,
black, warm cock that was getting bigger and bigger as Sammy fed it to him,
he heard Bob’s reply.

“Yeah, I guess I gotta admit maybe I have! Chuck’s
one hot looking fucking firefighter, and yeah, I guess I might as well
admit, there have been more than one time that I secretly wished something
like this could happen so that he and I could do some shit together, but
hell man, —I never thought in my wildest dreams, that anything like this
could ever happen! He’s my brother-in-law, man! My brother-in-law!
Sammy, I gotta tell you I am one fucking happy guy that you were out here
today! I really wonder now, if you hadn’t been out here and helped us get
this shit going, —I really wonder if we would have, in some kinky and
funny way, could have been honest with each other about wanting to do
something! With both of us out here and both of our dicks flying in the
breeze, I just wonder if something could have finally been said or done.

Course, what in the hell we would have done, since neither one of us has
ever done anything, I have no idea. “
Grabbing Sammy’s body and using it as leverage, Chuck feverously
took to Sammy’s cock, and started using it for all its might! All of a
sudden, he finally knew what he had been secretly hoping for! And, that
was, —that Bob found him as sexually attractive as he did in return! It
took until this point in time, and Bob’s honest answer, to let him know
that all of his built up sexual desires for his brother-in-law, were as
strong on Bob’s side, as he personally felt for Bob.

He had always thought
Bob was one hot looking muscle guy, but, he was his brother-in-law, and he
had decided that, “You just don’t tell something like that to your
Almost without warning, Chuck pulled off of Sammy’s rod, grabbed
Bob by the dick, pulled him over, and threw his mouth onto Bob’s dick. It
was not fully extended nor completely hard at first, but probably, and
partly due to Bob’s surprise, that Chuck was now sucking all of it into his
throat as far and as fast as possible, it immediately got hard! Chuck ate
his brother-in-laws cock like he had done this many, many times before!
As Bob stood there, rather shocked that he was now getting a strong
blow job from his brother-in-law, he looked at Sammy and said, “Sammy, I
want you to fuck my ass some more! All this stuff has really got me going
man! I need to feel that big long rod of yours up in my ass again! Can
you man, please, —can you? Please, I really need it, I do! This time I
won’t be so fucking afraid of it, I won’t! This time I just want you to
get behind me and go in! Please, please, can you while I stand here and
Chuck eats my dick?”
Sammy’s reaction was very positive.

“Hey man, I never turn down an
opportunity like that! Hang on man, let’s do it!”
Sammy quickly grabbed some KY, smeared some on his cock of steel,
which was definitely still very hard from the sucking that Chuck had just
given it, and he then smeared some KY onto, and up into Bob’s ass.
Chuck grabbed on tight to the sides of Bob’s body, Sammy grabbed on
tight, just slightly above Chuck’s hands, and with one man in front,
sucking and chewing on his dick, Bob now all of a sudden had another man,
up and in his ass, pounding the hell out of it, and going in the entire
depth, immediately, without so much as a groan out of Bob.

All Sammy heard
was a very loud, “Yeah man, yeah! Yeah man, do me, do me! Oh gawd man,
this is fucking heaven man, —fucking heaven! Oh Chuck this is great! Oh
man, I wish we’d been doing this stuff a long time ago! Oh Chuck, I like
you on my dick like this! Suck me man, suck me! Oh Sammy, fuck me man,
fuck me man!”
All three men were so completely and so fully engrossed; Chuck
eating out his brother-in-law’s seven and an half in hardon; Sammy pounding
the hell out of Bob’s ass with his ten inch, totally stiff, bleed filled,
fucking thick, black dick; and of course Bob, with his head flipping back
and forth, up and down, —with his mind swirling, —realizing that his
dick was getting sucked on by his own brother-n-law, and his ass was being
rammed and slammed, his whole body being completely pounded on by one
enormous Sammy, inside and out, and of course his eyes closed, that none of
the men heard any footsteps approaching, until, —somebody asked, “Hey
Sammy, —just what in the hell is going on here man! What’s up? What you
got going here man!!?”

– 1 -.

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