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Breaking Marie part 4

I rubbed my fingers in and around Stacey’s tight little anus before holding them out for our nasty sub Marie who eagerly pressed her nose against them and inhaled loudly before moaning and then sucking on my fingers!
“You fucking nasty old whore” I spat as I pointed at Stacey hairy arse crack and commanded Marie to start tonguing as I slowly slid my hard dick into Stacey’s red-hot creamy pussy!
Marie spread Stacey’s big arsecheeks wide and sucked and kissed noisily on the browny red pouted bunghole which was surrounded by a dense forest of black hair!
Stacey softly moaned continuously as Marie looked me in the eye and pushed her tongue easily inside Stacey’s pooper!
My dick and balls were being heavily coated in Stacey’s pussy cream that was now leaking freely as I slowly fucked her!
I could see Marie was intently watching my messy cock fucking Stacey’s hot creamy cunt so I pulled out and offered my cream coated shaft to Marie who stopped rimming and began greedily sucking and licking Stacey’s pussy cream off my cock!
Stacey angrily spat “who told you to stop licking my ass! Get that dirty whore tongue back up my fucking browneye NOW!!! and make sure you tongue it as though your life depended on it you good for nothing worthless cunt!!!”
“Yes my beautiful mistress! Sorry” Marie blubbed and began to eagerly tongue fuck Stacey’s hairy pooper moaning loudly whilst doing so!

“Come on you good for nothing whore! I want your tongue all the way up my arse or else we are out of here!!!” growled Stacey who was taking to the ‘Dom’ role very well!

I watched as Marie slid her tongue into Stacey brown hairy pucker.

“That’s it you lowlife blonde cunt fuck my pooper deep with your tongue! Make my ass happy and I’ll give a reward” commanded Stacey as Marie began to shaft Stacy’s bumhole with her tongue pulling out occasionally to kiss her pouting anus!
I grabbed Marie by the hair and pulled her back!
“That’s it babe! Keep her held there!” Stacey gasped
“Open your mouth you dirty fat bitch” Stacey ordered as she rolled on to her back and spread her legs wide open!
All of a sudden a small fountain of pee burst from Stacey that turned into a heavy flow which caught Marie right in the face and mouth.

Surprised but loving it Marie gasped and tried to move her face closer to Stacey’s pussy!
“What a fucking fucked up perv bitch you truely are! Lick all that piss off my pussy and arsehole you nasty fucker!” Shouted Stacey
Marie greedily licked and sucked up the remaining few drops that clung to Stacey’s hairy cunt and arsehole!

Whilst Marie cleaned up Stacey cupped and playfully squeezed my full heavy balls and purred “You got a nice big hot load in there baby!”
I just smiled as my dick jerked and squirted a large amount of watery pre-cum on the sofa’s cusion!
Pointing at the mess Stacey sternly told Marie to “lick it up you useless trollop! Don’t you dare waste your masters sperm!!!”
Like a shot Marie was licking and sucking up my cum greedily!
Seeing Marie’s exposed ass-cheeks Stacey slapped them hard leaving a large red hand print on one of her pale white cheeks making Marie whimper and wag her ass want more!

Stacey laid back on the table totally naked apart from her black socks and spread her legs!
“Come on baby! Put that cock in my pussy and fill it with a nice big hot load so we can feed this greedy old retarded bitch” Stacey taunted!
I placed the tip of my hard dick against Stacey swollen pussy lips and easily pushed inside making Stacey groan!
Marie watched intently as I slowly fucked Stacey in long deep strokes!
Stacey looked over at Marie and taunted “this will be the closest you’ll ever get to being fucked by him! He’s mine and I’m not going to let him fuck a dumb fat blond cunt like you!!!”
Pulling my cock from Stacey’s pussy I pointed it at the greedy blonde slut!
Marie pressed her nose against my creamy coated bell end and began moaning!
“Your pussy smells delicious mistress! Please let me lick my masters cum from you” Marie begged
With Stacey’s stinky sock-clad feet in my face and Marie crouched watching me fuck Stacey’s hot slimy pussy I couldn’t hold back any longer and began to fill Stacey with what felt like huge amount of my hot spunk!
I pulled my messy cock from Stacey and pointed towards Marie who was waiting excitedly to suck it!
“clean my nasty cock you filthy one-dollar whore!!!”I growled
Marie instantly went to work as Stacey laid and watched our nasty sub suck up the mixture of pussy cream and spunk from my still hard dick!
“Bitch!!! Clean my cunt now!!! Make sure you suck every drop of his cum from me” Stacey demanded sternly as Marie quickly turned her attentions to Stacey starting by sucking up my cum that had run out of Stacey’s open messy pussy over her hairy bumhole!
It was a sight to behold watching some middle-aged housewife eating cum from my friends hairy pussy!
Seeing Marie’s fat arse in the air tempted me to start spanking those fat pale white cheeks as hard as I dared!
Marie let out muffled cries into Stacey’s pussy and I bombarded her now red arsecheeks with hard heavy slaps!
Marie arse quivered and she was now whimpering loudly as I stopped and began to lightly stroke my fingers up and down her soaking wet pussy!
“Make me cum sir!!!” Gasped Marie as I felt her hand join mine at her pussy!
“Your not to cum whore!!! You only to please your mistress & master needs not your own!!!” bellowed Stacey pushed away Marie!
“I’m bored of this old fucking whore now babes! Let go home and leave this bitch to clean up” Stacey said as she began to dress!
Marie watched Stacey transfixed by her very curvy body obliviously hungry to service her new younger mistress more!
“Today is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ whore! Next time you will be pushed to your limits as a cheap old whore” Stacey barked as we left Marie knelt naked on the living room floor!.

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