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break down

It was a beautiful sunny day and Carla decided to take a drive up north to visit her s****r, her husband was out of town and she had nothing else to do, about 30 minutes out of town the sky’s started to darken, it was one of those sudden summer storms that come out of no where, the rain started, it got heavier as she drove, the sky’s were black she had to decide whether to keep going or turn back, at that moment her car sputtered and jerked, lost most of its power ,but she was lucky enough to pull off the highway onto a secondary road just as it stalled, the battery was dead,
Carla wasn’t a prissy woman but by no means could repair her car in a thunderstorm, she dialed her husband,, ” Jim, my car is dead on the highway ” , they had a terrible connection but could still make out what they were saying,, “where are you?” “on highway 8” “well find out the crossroad and Ill call the auto club for you” Carla could see a sign about 50 yards up the road but couldn’t read it “Jim I have to run to see what the sign says ,Ill be right back” she jumped out and ran to the sign and back, she was completely soaked when she got back “Jim its highway 8 and route 225″ ” ok hold tight Ill have someone come get you”
Carla was soaked ,she looked down and her top was clung to her, She was a nice looking woman, brown eyes ,blonde hair, always been told she was cute, she had a small frame but thanks to genetics she was well proportioned, 36 d breasts, slim waist and slight hips and a nice little bubble butt
She must look like drowned rat she thought, her hair, clothes, shoes were all soaking wet, she was beginning to get cold Of course she had no jacket, blanket, anything with her she sat and shivered for about 10 minutes, then she saw the amber flashing lights behind her, “wow that was fast she thought”
A large man approached her window as she rolled it down, “need a tow lady” “OMG yes, thank you, how did you get here so fast?” “I was in the area”
she didn’t really care ,she was just glad to see him, “come and sit in the truck, its warmer there”
he opened the door and let her in, then he entered the drivers side, “its to dangerous to be out there right now ,we have to wait until it lets up, I don’t want to be struck by lightning”
it all made sense to her, she noticed his eyes wonder up and down her body, along her wet legs , up to her breasts, then to her face and back down, she felt a little embarrassed, she glanced down and noticed her top was soaked again and clinging to her, he could see the outline of her bra but even worse her nipples were very erect from being chilled.

H e was a big man, about 300 pounds, dirty, greasy hands, unshaven ,but he was he savior at this point
“your gonna freeze in those clothes” he told her” do you have a change” ” no I don’t”
“well you better get out of those” Carla blushed , “no I’m sure Ill be fine”
“no you wont ,I’ve seen people go into shock for less” ” no I’m good” the rain seemed to be getting stronger
he leaned over and grabbed her arm “for your own good lady , I insist so either you take em off or I do”
she started to unbutton her top, her hands were shaking, as the last button was undone he shifted so he was directly facing her, and not trying to hide the fact he was staring directly at her tits,, she removed her top, looked down and her nipples were still erect, forcing the material of her bra out, “now the short” he told her
she unbuttoned them and lifted he ass a little as she slid them off, she was wearing a white lace bra and pantie set which was a strong contrast to her tanned skin.

“is that OK now ” she asked “hmmmm, not sure” he reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder, she froze, he slowly slid his hand down her front, over her bra slightly rubbing her nipple…” well that still feels pretty wet, better get that off” “are you serious?”
he grabbed her bra strap and tugged lightly ” either you do it or I do” she leaned forward and reached behind to unclasp her bra, she let the straps slide down her arms and lifted the cups off her tits “do I need to check the panties ” he asked “no” she slowly slid her panties off
“there now don’t you feel better, now lets warm you up” he reached back over and started groping her tits, massaging them, rubbing her nipples, she just sat there, what choice did she have, she wash is captive, his hand slid down her flat belly, along her thighs, he grabbed her knee and pulled he legs apart, slid his hand up between her legs, “nice baby , I love a shaved pussy”
“why are you doing this ” she asked as a tear rolled down her cheek, “lets just say its my tip”
he sat back in his set and put his truck in drive and pulled out, “where are we going, what about my car” “your car will be fine” they drove about 5 minutes then pulled down a lane and approached an old barn in the middle of a field, he cam around to her door and grabbed her out, and pulled her inside the building, as she stood there he then realized what a perfect body she had, still in her mid 30s but looked like she was 18, he started rubbing his hands all over her, she couldn’t fight, she had to let him, his hand made it between her legs, found her clit and stated rubbing, “please don’t ” she said as she grabbed his hand, he pulled her arm away and started back again , rubbing, sliding along her pussy ,then back to her clit again, she closed her eyes, this cant be happening, she felt a warm and tingle all over her body, he leaned his head and started sucking her nipples, she let out a moan, he pushed a finger up inside her, “well look who’s pussy is nice and wet” he began fucking her with his finger, ,her legs instinctively parted, it was feeling to good
“your a horny little thing aren’t you?” all she could do was stand there and let this man grope her
then he stopped, grabbed her head and started kissing her, she tried to resist but couldn’t, his tongue in her mouth, he moved back and looked her in the yee, :kiss me back” she wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing him, his hands free now he slid them along her slim waste, then reached inside and took a breast in each hand, squeezing , groping, massaging them hard,
he pushed her back, “get on your knees” she did as he told her, she was losing control, she knelt down and knew what to do, she unbuckled his belt and his pants and slid them down, then his underwear, his cock was big, much bigger than Jims, she opened her mouth and took as much as she could in, she stared sucking him like she was possessed, she had never felt this way, he grabbed her head and pushed his cock down her throat as she gagged, he pulled out and pushed in harder this time, her eyes watered, he grabbed her hair and started thrusting, he pulled out and told her “its time” he pulled her to her feet, turned her and put her arms on the wall, grabbed her hips with one hand and slid his cock along her pussy with the other, parting her lips he pushed, sliding his cock in, he grabbed her hips with both hand and started fucking her.

long slow strokes, then faster, then fucking her hard, he let go of her hips and grabbed her tits, squeezing hard. all Carla could do was moan, her orgasm building inside her, building ,until she started to shake, her pussy tightened around his cock, he grabbed her nipples and pinched as she came, this was to much for him as she stopped he started , he quickly pulled out and grabbed her hair, forcing his cock in her mouth, cummming as he f***ed his cock down her throat, she was gagging but couldn’t move ,swallowing all of him
he pulled his cock out as she fell to he knees
he went to the truck and brought her clothes in, and told her to get dressed
after she was dressed she heard a noise, the door opened, in walked her husband
“well quite a show I didn’t think you would let him fuck you, but seeing you did, I’m going to let him keep fucking you, and your going to let him”.

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