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Blonde beauties bare beachvolley #4

The three tasty teen bare beach blondes watch with big eyes as my great granddod gives
them a practical lesson in pleasing oneself by playing her hairy horny hot wet sexy twat

The eldest confesses she does it a lot but never talked until now yet openly about that
the two other teens acknowledge they also know it already well but did never get as wet

The right way to teach you to get as wet as I am is by learning you to lick each other”

The scenario of our sexual education session for the three teens develops as in Petra’s plans
Their mom Kris offers to be first victim to try the skills of Petra’s tongue she knows so well
The mouth munching at her fat sexy snatch is what really sets her off – next to ass spanking
The spanking has to wait – till we will show the blue blondes real sex between man and women

The teens watch with a bit of embarrassment how hot their mom comes from munching for minutes
The eldest is first to claim her mom’s place: Please pretty Petra do that munching to me too!
This is her lucky lustful day – it poors outside at the beach, but inside is interestingly hot
The eldest teen takes only a few minutes more than mom to surrender to the waves rolling over

The director of this awesome afternoon is still my dear darling great granddod, executing our plan
The eldest teen eats out the middle one as Petra proposes, while she serves the youngest love lips
The room soon fills with the yummy young moaning in sweet sexy stereo from the tasty teens on try
The gorgeous girls come in unisono – both shaking their heads from either disbelief or excitement

The boring beachvolley match of yesterday continues, or is it a brilliant interesting idea?

The time to cool off has come – no more rain now, only bits of drips – let’s go skinny dipping
The ocean is cold, soon we want to warm up again, the teens want to continue the lessons inside
The beachvolley match between us is still even at one set each, let us warm up by finishing it
The sand offers perfect grip now it is still a bit wet after that rain, the winners will win…

The three teens watch me eagerly, while I pretend to think up a proper prize for the winning team
The winners will decide what we will have on program this evening after this match and our dinner
The teams have three players each, so even if three disagree, two of them will win by compromise
The eyes of the teens flash as they realise immediately what might be a stake in our deciding set!

The two eldest teens play with Petra who is almost as tall as me but much faster and better at it
The two whisper with each other and then with their team captain Petra – that they want to win it
The youngest teen is as smart and understands well her interests: her first two serves in the net
The set seems so one-sided this time, after the two close ones only yesterday in the warm sunset!

The teens team wins – they want this evening more erotic education in practical lessons

The teen’s team – captain Petra barely nineteen – wins clearly: twenty-one to only ten for us
The captain tells us they have decided even before this last set that their prize is lessons!
The education in practise shall have a evening session after our shower, dinner, doing dishes
The third teen cheers, arms in the air, runs to the winning team to hug and congratulate them

The shower is first, we walk in and out to wash each other with Petra soaping me, her everyone
The dinner is filled of giggles, faces flush full of expectations of what, and who, is to come
The dishes and cleaning the table takes only a few minutes as everyone helps a hand in a hurry
The big bed is brought to the centre of the living, as our sex-theatre for this erotic evening

The evening lasts long after the normal time to bed for the youngest ones, we are on a holiday
The story is too long to tell in this episode, that is the first cliffhanger of this sexy story
The other one is a secret I disclose, what Kris whispered to me in the shower while we washed
The next day will be the birthday of her eldest dear – she will be eightteen tomorrow, finally!.

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