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Escort Agency Cologne – we cheer business customers

A large insurance company has invited representatives to a sex party with prostitutes. What was very common with big companies every day. Businesses are connected with the sale of sex to keep the business experts in a good mood. How this works you can discover in the following in the form of a fictional story, because the Agency Victoria Models has informed us in details about the process. Victoria Models is an escort agency from Cologne which specializes in business […]

Escort Service Dusseldorf – what you learn about men as an escort

I lived in Dusseldorf and was actually working in a bank. I wasn’t even done with my studies, but I insanely had high expenses which exceeded my earnings so far. My parents were very wealthy and financed my life in part, but somehow it should end soon. Certainly, my father told me about this at the last family meeting in Munich. A bit desperately, I sat after my return on the computer and thought about how I could make quick […]

A Secret Date with a Lady of the Escort Agency Berlin

As she enters the restaurant, she immediately feels that everyone is looking at her. She turned slightly red but still enjoys the glances. Obviously it’s because of, a young woman with her figure, with her appearance, with all her radiance, gathers admiring glances. She wears a mini skirt and a sexy short top which stretches tightly over her breasts. Her sexy belly button piercing flashes with every stretch and appears to make the men insane in the room. She notices […]

What would you do?

Okay, females, imagine you’re a man. And men, you’re men, you’re just you. Okay, so you’re outside taking a nice stroll in the park, all by yourself, there are two scenarios. Scenario 1: A mysterious figure approaches you, you do not know her gender, nor who she is, she wants to take you home. You do end up in bed with her, you take off her clothes, and you notice, that it’s a shemale (a man with boobs and a […]

sexperience with hostelmate

Hi everyone, my name is ajay, I am an average looking guy with good height and weight from vijayawada in andhra. And hardly my life has just 3 sexperiences that also with guys, I am bisexual(I enjoy sex with both girls and boys) I just love the pleasure.. this incident happened nearly 7 years back when I was in my 12th with my hostel mate. I started masturbating from my 10th since then that is the only way for my […]

Saved by The Bell: Bangin’ at Bayside, 3

Saved by The Bell: Bangin’ at Bayside, Part 3 It was finally Friday night Zack and Kelly met at The Max and ate dinner. They walked to Zack’s house for their big night. They walked into Zack’s bedroom and ripped their clothes off. They crawled onto his bed and started kissing their tongues wrestling as they groped each other’s bodies. She reached down and started stroking his cock. “I love the way your hand feels on my cock, so much […]

Lesbian experience with Varsha

“Aaaaah… just like that baby, just like that…” I hissed. My back was arched, my head thrown back, eyes closed and my legs wide apart, bent at the knees. Varsha had her face buried in between my legs, doing wonderful things to me with her tongue. I was gripping her head with one hand and squeezing my breasts with the other. I pulled her up, and we kissed and wrapped our arms and legs tightly around each other, enjoying the […]

Rupali and Suva Enjoying Lesbian Sex

Rupali and Suva were living in as neighbours with their familys in Jaipur. Suva was good at heart and very friendly so Rupali liked her. Suva used to tie rakhi to Rupali husband and Rupali used to tie rakhi Suvas husband Although Suva was in early thirties and Rupali was also of same age as Rupali, Suva used to call her bhabhi. Suva had 3 children and Rupali also had three children and all of them were in same school […]

Panty Fantasies – Coleen’s Magic

Sissy – body change – panties – satin – feminization – lingerie – cocksucking – gender swap He swallowed hard, his body tense with anticipation and admittedly a small amount of fear. He didn’t _really_ know this woman and her beauty was no guarantee of her honesty. He was exposing himself as he had never done before, all in a desperate attempt to capture his dreams, to experience the most intense pleasures. Looking around the bathroom he saw that it […]

Story – Picking up a coffee boy/man!

This is a story requested by a friend…this was not part of my real life sex life yet hehe Everyday before work I would stop in at this little coffee shop. Behind the counter is this strapping young teen-ager, his skin like Hershey’s chocolate and a slight bulge twitching as I notice him checking out my snake running down my jeans…this was not the first time I saw him looking…his name tag said Mors…one late afternoon I stopped in by […]

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