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Black As Coal

Month of June. When the monsoons arrive. I enjoyed getting wet in the rain. But work was my first priority. I was Mrs. Bansal’s personal secretary,she owned a textile company. The company had deals with foreign industries also and the company was doing well.

I was in my late 18 when i took up this job. I never really attended college,i worked for Mrs. Bansal. My father was a close friend of hers, he arranged me this part tym job.

I liked to travel,to discover new things and know different people.

One day Mrs. Bansal asked me to pick up some clients from the airport. It was raining quite heavily and i had no umbrella. i had to get to the car but i couldn’t run because of my heels. When i reached the car,even though it wasn’t quite far,my shirt was dripping wet. I wore a white shirt neatly tucked in my black skirt, that finished just below my knees.

The wet shirt clinged on to my round breasts,which were not that big but sufficient enough to fit my slim and short stature at five feet six. My skin wasn’t that fair but i had the complete Indian skin. Almost all the guys back at work had a soft corner for me, i enjoyed the attention. But none of them were successful enough to get in bed with me,i was a hard lady to get.

When i reached the car the driver held the door open for me. He was staring at my breasts. He always appreciated my beauty with warm comments and I liked it. When we reached the airport i headed off to the lobby. I held a card with the name of our company on it. Two Africans approached me ,i assumed it from their coal black skin ,not that i was a racist.

Both of them were dressed in black suits. They were tall, with well toned bodies. One of them asked if i was here for them. I asked if they were mr. johnson and mr. smith. The bald one replied “,my name is Shaun Smith. My friend here is Chris johnson. We are from USA. ”

“Pleased to meet you. My name is Priya ,”i said as i shook hands with both. ” welcome to India.

My boss is expecting you. Would u like me to take u to the hotel or to the office,”i asked. ” we would like to finish our work first,”said chris as he stared at my breasts. I felt a little awkward. I asked them to follow me and i could say that they were checking out my ass.

We reached the office and i took them to Mrs. Bansal. They were in a meeting till nine at night.

Mrs. Bansal left the office telling me to take both of them to their respective rooms. There was no one at the office and both of them were doing some paperwork. I entered the room when both of them had just finished their paperwork. Chris was staring at Shaun with a smile on his face. Shaun stood and said “, excuse me ill have to use the restroom. ” then he walked away. ” do you like rain?” i asked Chris and walked towards the balcony.

” yeah i have some good memories that include rain ,” he smiled as he said those words. I smiled ,i recognized that wicked smirk.

I walked onto the vast balcony. On the 21st floor the city was heaven and it was raining. Chris followed me. ” you know we are about to strike a 5 million dollar deal with your company. But i don’t think that it will be a good decision,” said Chris standing behind me.

” why what is wrong with us ?”i enquired as i stared down at the parking lot. ” tomorrow is the deal and i don’t like the hospitality here,” he said as he placed hands on my hips and came closer to me. I understood where he was getting at. I wanted to hit him and run away, but that would prove to be a loss to our company. I kept quite. He put his hands on my belly and pulled it towards him.

My hands held the railing. He started to rub himself on my ass. I kept my eyes closed. ” Priya would you unbutton your shirt for me,” he said as he rubbed himself on me. I had to unbutton it. He raised my hands, so my wrists were on top of my head and took my shirt off. It exposed my light pink bra. The rain fell on my bare skin. He moved his hands to my breasts and massaged them.

Although i hated it but anyways i had to do it so i decided to enjoy it. I placed my hands on his as he massaged my boobs. He then removed the cover that hid my nipples ,undid the bra and let it fall to the parking lot below. I was very aroused and was willing to do anything for him. He was kissing my nipples and sucking every trace of it. I moved my hands to the back of my skirt and unzipped it.

It fell to the wet floor.

Chris turned my back towards him and slipped my panties down my legs. “ur pussy is cocaine,”said Chris. I smiled as he fucked me to bend, my stomach was against the top of the railing. My head was staring down 21floors. It was crazy, i was scared i would fall but Chris held on to me by my breasts. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it against my asshole.

It sent shivers down my body. ”aaw god!!” i moaned. He slowly put his dick in my ass, it was very big. I was in pain,after 2 mins it was the pain i needed. ”aahhh,”was the only thing i yelled. I was screaming in the open air. It was raining hard. My pussy wasn’t the only thing wet. He held my hair and pulled it. It was the pain i always wanted to know.

Even through the moans i was being satisfied. He kept it fast ,so fast i was afraid i would fall. But his hand never left my breasts. I was in paradise. I licked the rain that rolled down to my lips. My hands clung on to the railing. My feet were nowhere near the ground.

Chris held the lower part of me. He held it high enough to insert his dick in me.

I was being fucked by a African American and I was enjoying every bit of it. He turned me to face him. His hands now holding my ass. My elbow on the railing top. He was wearing his shirt his pants were down. He put his dick in my pussy. He wasted no time, every blow was harder then the one before. My pussy was dripping rain. He did me for ten more minutes.

After he finished he picked me up by the ass and kissed me. His tongue complimented mine. I pulled the back of his hair. I smiled as i kissed him. ” so are you ready to strike the deal?” i enquired. ” the deal was fixed in the meeting itself,”he smiled. ” bastard,” i yelled. He kissed me. It was a alien experience and i had loved it. So on one hand i was alright with what he did to me.

“and you threw away my bra!!” I smiled. he bent down to pick up my wet shirt. the shirt was never anymore wet. Chris came close to me and helped me put on my shirt. he buttoned my shirt as I kissed him. After that we went into the office to find ourselves wet. Shaun was waiting for us ,he had witnessed all the action in the balcony. He looked at my shirt ,which was a see through, my tits were clearly visible.

“come with us to the club,”requested shaun. “I dunno I am tired ,” I told him. ”I insist,” said shaun. Chris reached behind me and spanked my buttocks. “I need my cocaine,”he said as smiled. Shaun reached me and he surprised me by his action. he pinched m nipples and slipped his tongue into my mouth….

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