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Birthday fun with roommate girlfriend

It all started 4 months ago in Chicago when I changed my job from New jersey to Chicago. This is a very common thing in a BPO sector in the day of induction I met a cool guy Sunny, before long we became good friends.
We decided to take a common accommodation as he also relocated both of us had a crush on a girl since the day of induction, but he being better looking triumphed over me.

Within a week they become lovers and after a month he started fucking her in our flat. Suddenly Sunny’s process changed and he started working in night shifts and then the tables turreted. It was Rosie’s (Sunny’s girlfriend) birthday and they had an outing for the entire day. So I called her at 8pm as Sunny leaves for office at around 7:30.
I: Hi Rosie, many happy returns of the day.
Rosie: Thanks Maxx.

I: Only, Thanks” is not enough. I want a treat.
Rosie : I will give you treat tomorrow.
I: No let’s party tonight. Let’s have some movie or pizza
Rosie: I don’t go to movies without Sunny but Pizza treat is cool.
I put on some nice cloths on and meet her at around 8:30 as she lived nearby. We went to City Centre and shared a large sized pizza among two of us.

It was almost 10 pm when we realized we should return because the auto service to our place stops by that time. But by that time I started generating wicked ideas in my mind. I tried to insist her to go to a bar, she strongly disagreed. I somehow insisted her to go inside and have some snacks while I shall have a bear.
She agreed and the clocked showed up 11 pm when I finished my bear suddenly she asked me to order an extra bottle, as she wanted to take it to her PG and quietly drink as her roommate was not home.

I did the same. We came out of the bar and discovered the last auto to our root had left and eventually we agreed to take a taxi.
When we reached her PG it was nearing midnight, and the main gate of her PG had closed. I thought it was my life time opportunity. I insisted her to come to my place as Sunny won’t return till morning and we also have a beer bottle to finish.

She had no better option. I quietly passed her through the main gate without the notice of my neighbors.
I realized she was feeling uncomfortable. So as an ice breaking technique I brought two glasses and started pouring the bear. She objected at first and then agreed. I sliced some apples to have them as sides. She doesn’t drink much. Hence after the drink she felt like vomiting. I took her to the bathroom; she released almost all she had had.

I removed her hair clip and let her long hair go loose.
She was looking dam beautiful. I helped her clean herself while doing that I touched her boobs many times I believe she also enjoyed as she was not in herself I started removing her top. She asked what I was up to. I told her she would feel better. Now she was in her bra and jeans. I asked her to lie in the bed and take rest.

I accompanied Rosie to the bed and lied beside her and soon I started genteelly rubbing her fore head, she liked it and moaned softly and slowly I took my fingers to her lips. She did not resist.
I: You have beautiful lips Rosie.
Rosie : Thanks.
I: Will you mind if I kiss you?
Rosie: No, I mean Yes. Please don’t.
I: On the chicks. Please Rosie and slowly I took her face in my palms and kissed in her lips.

Slowly I slid my hands into her bra.
Rosie : You told kiss in the chicks.
I: with a girl as sexy as you its hard rather impossible to resist.
Saying this I started unhooking her bra. She was also willing and did not resist. I pinched her bare nipples. She moaned uuummmm. I removed my shirt and started sucking her sweet breasts and sometimes bit them. She moaned each time I gave a bite in her nipples.

Then I started removing the buttons of her pants. She did the same with me. Soon she was only in her panties. I pulled the panties down till her knees.
I started tickling with the lips of her pussy. She moaned harder. I licked her pussy clean with my tongue. She said Sunny never did this. I continued doing the same; eventually I slid my tongue inside her hole. It was very soft and wet inside.

I already had a hard on. Suddenly I gently bit one of her pussy lips; She shouted Maxx, you are gone-a kill me. Please use your real tool now.
I removed her panty entirely and gently pierced my cook in her pussy after some gentle strokes I stroked harder. She screamed aahaa you are great. I started increasing my speed, within minutes her pussy was entirely wet. She cried Wo ahahahaha hmmm yessssss ahha yea yea yea yea ahahahaha.

I took my cook out and placed in her mouth. She gave an awesome blow job.
We fucked the entire night long and before dawn we cleaned ourselves and in the morning I accompanied her to her PG after that I called Sunny and asked him to bring something for breakfast while his way home. It was a great experience, Rosie and I now often fuck when Sunny is out and the best part is Sunny is still my roommate.

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