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Birthday Celebrations

So, a very close friend of mine and I celebrate our birthday’s together each year. Usually a simple dinner and some basic talk. We had dated for a short time, but had decided we were better friends than partners.

This year started out no different from any other year… we scheduled our get together and she came over to my house around 6pm, and off to dinner we went. Nothing fancy, just the Oliver Garden.

As usual, we dressed up a little, me with a decent pair of Dockers and a white dress shirt… her a cute short skirt and a blouse that was just tight enough in the right areas to show off her small but firm breasts. She looked good!

So, we’re seated for dinner, and a cute little waitress comes and takes our order, to which we add our drink order. Now, she’s not a big wine drinker, but was in the mood for a light white, so we ordered the a bottle to share.

Dinner was going along as normal, when the bottle ran dry. Our waitress asked if we’d like another and we said sure. As we got about half way through the second bottle, I picked up in my ‘date’ eyeing up our waitress, dropping little comments about how good she looked and how cute her butt was. I couldn’t argue. As we finished that 2nd bottle of wine, the waitress returned and asked if we needed anything else.

To my surprise, my date asked the waitress what time her shift ended and how could we convince her to come home with us? I was shocked – could this really be happening to me?

The waitress blushed and politely turned her down and asked if there was anything else we needed… we ordered bottle #3 and continued to work the waitress, to no avail. About 1/2 way through bottle #3 my date excused herself and went to the ladies room.

Several minutes later, I felt he reaching over my shoulder and into my shirt pocket. When I looked down to see why, I noticed her skimpy little panties stuffed into my shirt pocket!

Well, the remainder of that bottle of wine went down quick, I paid the check and led her by the hand out of the restaurant. I think by this time, we had drawn a little attention and more than one set of eyes followed us out of the building.

Before getting into my truck to head home, less than a mile away, I decided I needed to ‘thank her’ for the little pocket gift she had left me. I proceeded to lift her up onto the bed cover of my truck and bury my tongue in her pussy, right there in the middle of the parking lot. Oh my god did she taste sweet! It was a short little playful move and I put her in the truck and headed towards home… hoping that I was going to finish the night off in style.

2 minutes later, the night came to what looked like it wad going to be a very ugly end, as I saw flashing lights in my mirror! Seems as though someone didn’t care much for our show and had called the cops. So, I pull over, and up walks Officer Friendly. He asks where we were coming from and I told him. When asked what we were ‘doing’ there, I told him we were celebrating our birthdays (trying for all the breaks I can get now).

He asked if we had been drinking and I told him yes… we split a bottle of wine and then each had one more glass (I didn’t tell him each “Glass” was a Glass Bottle!). He asked me to step out of the car….. this wasn’t going to end well.

As I stepped out, my date stepped out the other door as well. Officer Friendly asked if she’d stay on the curb as he spoke to me.

It was at this time that she stepped out from the side of the truck, blouse unbuttoned about 3-4 buttons and her skirt letting her ass cheeks and landing strip peek out. He looked back and me and that’s when he noticed my pocket prize…. he had a grin from ear to ear. He asked me where we were headed and I turned and pointed about 8 houses up the road and told him “home”.

He hesitated for a second and said – “Can you get her there ok”, to which I replied ‘you bet her sweet bottom I can. ” After a warning that he better not see my truck moved before morning… he let us go on our way!

To say the least, it was some sloppy sex that night, but it was great none the least…. to this day it’s the only woman I’ve ever been with that let me take and keep photographs of her….

until I got engaged of course…. then it was in both of our best interests to dispose of them.

to this day, we still do our birthday dinners… and each year, I try and get her back into the Olive Garden mood to no avail….. someday again, maybe……

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