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Best young/intro cuckold story you’ll ever re


Okay. Names, dates, locations aren’t important so they’ll be inaccurate, other that that, pictures and stories are real.

I lost my virginity at the age of 16 to a girl named Nicole (in profile)she had been with guys prior and I didn’t care. As I started to develop feelings for her I started to become jealous.. She went to college and we split up for a year.

When we got back together everything was different.

I decided to let her be free and things would be a lot better. I told her this and asked what she wanted for her upcoming birthday, she said she wanted a dildo.
I played it off like I was jealous and it wasn’t going to happen. But that night I ordered a rabbit vibrator and a fake dick dildo. We arrived at the hotel for her birthday as planned and she was pressuring me to go to the sex shop, I told her no.

Then I surprised her with what I had just bought. We had an amazing time that night, little s*s I know what it had sparked between us.

The next night we were drinking in the hotel bar, and she had picked up a guy. We were both so d***k nothing mattered. We had probably the wildest threesome I could’ve imagined. I don’t remember too much from the night itself other than we did crazy shit.

But I do remember waking up in the morning, her hand on my dick while she was blowing him. Looked at me and said “watch”. I spent the next half an hour watching my girlfriend blow this guy. But I was getting oddly turned on. He kept asking me in the morning “are you sure this is cool?”. After a while I finally said to her. ” just fuck hlm” she told me to find a condom.. We had literally used everyone one we had the night before haha! Him and I both ended up fucking her bare back anyways.

After he came he walked out and we never had a threesome again..

We started to branch off and role play .. She decided to come clean with me as well because I was so cool about everything. She had told me had slept with 1 guy before me, which was true, and she had loved him(nick) So she would say this is how I would blow nick. She would scream his name while I fucked her.

She loved the idea of fucking someone else while she was with me, but them not knowing. She wanted something new though. So she met this guy on the internet.

His name was justin, he was younger than us, but he had a huge penis so I was in. (Unfortunately I only have pictures of this story)
I dropped her off at his place and she had said within 10 minutes she was naked.

Told me she did most of the work and even took him in the ass for a few minutes. He came on her face 4 times and inside her 6 times. We put the video on our home tv the same day as I ate her pussy for about two hours.

We were hooked , within a 6 month span after that she had fucked over 100 guys. But I wasn’t satisfied until she fucked the guy she lost her virginity to again.

But she kept saying he was annoying and his dick was too skinny and this and that. So I paid for his travel and surprised her. And they’ve been together even since.
Enclosed is the last video I have of those two together.

Over it, just thought I was share my experience !.

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