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best roomate ever….

i was in my 26th year and had a geat gilfiend Trish, we lived together in a big house that we could not afford so we got roomates, no of witch neve stayed fo very long…..Then we met Liz a 20 year old blonde who had move to town with her boyfiend and they split he left and she stayed and needed a place. Liz was tall about five foot ten hundred and 15 pounds, small hard tits tight little ass, long legs and the brightest blue eyes, witch perfectly accented her long blonde hair.

I was living with Trish my girlfriend and was fucking Liz on the side…. under the same roof, Trish was your meat and potatoes girl, good sex but not wild and crazy. Liz on the hand was a dirty whore (or at least thats what she liked to be called) Liz liked to sneak downstairs and I would leave our bedroom door open just enough, and with the dresser mirror in the right place Liz could hear and see everything, and after I was done with Trish (her being a very heavy sl**per) I could go upstairs to my fuck buddy.

I came upstairs when I heard Liz moaning, and looked around the corner into her room and she was sitting in her arm chair legs spread and shoving a pink dildo in and out of her bald pussy, then in her tight ass. I watched her take turns in each hole she made herself cumm, she looked at me watching her and told me come here and lick my cunt…..

On my knees a half hour later, my face buried in her snatch, her hands pulling my head tight to her pussy and her trying to control her screams, but not doing that well.

I break away to catch my breath and taste her sweet cumm I tell her shhhhhh as I stand and kiss her so she can taste as well. we both giggle and laugh softly as I push her to her knees and tell her suck my cock, swallow it baby and grab her blonde hair as she bobs back and forth. She gags a little but I f***e her to keep me deep, I know she can handle it.

I pull her back and let her breathe then shove her back down my cock I let her suck slow and steady looking into her eyes as I gasp and swellshe holds me sucks the tip hard as I cumm shooting and filling her mouth, Liz looks deep into my eyes and gives me a mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm making me cum more. When Im finished she slowly breaks her hold and lets my stiff cock jump, she stands and kisses me shareing my creamy thick load with me.

We kiss and talk dirty to each other as Liz bends over asking for doggie, fuck me from behind…pound my puss baby, give it to me…. I get behind her and tap my cock on her ass, then rub the moist tip up her cunt lips to the top of her ass then back down before I slide deep in her and hold making her groan and gasp at my full seven inches inside her.

I start slowly but soon my hips are smashing in to her perfect little ass and the two of us filling her small room with the sound of nasty, her asking me to fuck her cunt harder, and me tell her shes an good little slut…..We fuck hard till she pulls away and sucks me a little then says fuck me in the ass, cumm deep in my fuck hole baby…I want your cock in my ass!…….

I play by licking her hole, like I eat her pussy, then applying lube to my cock and her hole as I slide it from behind very slow but steady making her gasp loudly a OHh Fuck yesss OHHHH my fuck …. shit baby………Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I get deep inside liz and hold grabbing her long blond hair and start fucking slow but steadly picking up speed till she was making those deep belly graons and asking for more, but I couldn`t it came over me like a title wave I gasped and swelled to what felt like 9 inches and it was like everything was on puase for a minute evrything got quiet and still, Then I screamed and pumped a huge load of cumm into her ass, I pushed harder and faster making Liz scream and her tight body shake as we both cumm.

AsI pulled out I watched her tight hole shrink down and my cumm slowly ooze out, I kissed each cheek, Liz turned and kissed me and softly telling me how much she liked it and wanted more, but it was time I get back to bed so Trish didn`t suspect anything. AS I left her room I looked back she was giving me a wave as she was lighting a smoke…….

I crawled into bed carefuly and cuddled up to Trish……………

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