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Best of two wives part 2

I think I shared in the first story that I wrote than I wasn’t much of an author but tried to get the facts together as best as I could remember. My first wife just loved for me to bred her in the ass and begged me at times for more. It was always good, always tight and every time I got in it she would rub and play with her pussy and slap it and get wild getting off and loving every minute of it probably as I did.

I sure put a lot of cum in it down through the years! She had a black lover for years while we were together but would always tell me her ass was for me?

Now remember now I am 71 years old and living with my second wife which is much different in many ways. She is 51 now and bbw weights around 180 with large 44dd breasts. We have been married around 10 years now and sex is as hot now as it was when first began swinging.

The first year we got married we had a argument or two and separated for a few weeks during that time she would call and ask how I was doing and I said fine but sexually starved. She would always ask what was it going to take to please me and I told her one day to watch her with other men? to my surprise she said ok and then our life started changing.

We started looking everywhere for a man to bred her and make love to her while I watched. Well it didn’t take long and we found her first lover. He was around 50 years old at that time and a very nice looking man, weighted around 160 and around 5 ft 10 or so and later I found out had a nice thick diok.
The first night he came to the house my wife was already ready for him, showered, shaved her pussy and was in her bath robe.

He came to the front door and knocked and I let him in my wife came to meet him and they embraced and kissed and it started right there in the living room before my eyes.
Kissing, hugging and just squeezing and enjoying the feels. My wife had already told me before hand that when they got into the bedroom that she wanted me to wait a few minutes before I came in to watch.

Our living room was right next to the bedroom and as soon as they went into the room I could hear my wife loud as ever enjoying what was going on. It wasn’t over 5 or 6 minutes and I could hear her moaning and hollering and getting off and begging for it. I thought boy was she really putting on a show for me? Well it went on for about 20 or 30 minutes or so and I decided to go on into the room and start watching like she wanted.

He had her pulled over to the side of the bed with her legs over the side and he was in between them pouring it to her hard as ever.
The first night they were together all I got to do was watch and boy did I watch. Every man thinks he is pretty good at what he does until he gets to watch someone else and then we find out we aren’t as good as what we thought? His dick was about 9 inches and thick as ever and before they both finished that night he was on and off her a dozen times and a dozen different ways.

About 5 hours later they finished and called it a night he had cummed in my wife I think twice that night and she had got off 8 or 10 times like a wild woman.
I was excited to no end on one hand but on the other hand I was jealous that this man was breeding my wife like a pro and they were both enjoying it?
I had never been able to get my wife off sexually from the back like doggie style and the next night they got together I saw him bred her on all fours for hours on end and talk about my wife cumming, she was wild the bed sheets wet from them both and they were like a****ls.

Then they started inviting me to join them each night. The first night she let me have her on all fours while she sucked his dick. She ended up sucking him off twice that night and letting me have her the whole time sexually. They had too wait a few days before they could get together again because his dick was sore and almost raw from the sucking he got.
That lasted with her first boyfriend for almost two years, sometimes he would come when I was gone and sometimes they both liked it when I was at the house.

And sometimes I would just go into the other end of the house and let them have at it for hours on end.

Now her second boy friend after that was a little different that her first. I didn’t take her long to find him. We had visited a swingers club and they started dancing together most of the night and around 2 oclock decided to go back to his motel room.

I was invited to go along glad I did because I really enjoyed the next 4 or 5 hours of what went on. He was in his early 50s also and hung again like the first boyfriend she had but what went on bed was really hot. He was on her the first time for about and hour before he turned her over on all fours got behind her and stuck it in her good and deep and I was watching and enjoying every bit of it as close to them as possible.

And then he told her that he was getting ready to cum and she begged for it and he started moaning and groaning and hollering and filled her pussy good and deep. Now he waited a few minutes and got off of her and then I watched the cum come out of my wife, it liked poured out of her almost like two or three men had left their seed in her. I never saw a man that had that much cum? He ended un cuming in my wife 6 times between 2 oclock that night and 7 the next morning.

And I got to watch it all close up as ever.

They began meeting each other on most weeks or sometimes during the week at our house and sometimes she would even go spend the weekend with him where he lived. That went on for a few months and one night things changed a little? They were in our house and on our bed my wife and I shared and had loved on each other for a while with me watching when he started cumming in my wifes pussy good and deep and then he got off of her and she just layed there with her legs spread for me to watch and the cum was coming out of her good.

My wife asked if I wanted to join them? I said sure and already being almost hard from watching pulled my shorts off and started to get between her legs when she stopped me? She said no not that type of joining in she wanted me get between her legs and smell her and lick and eat what her boyfriend had put in her? Well with a throbbing hard on and a desire to start something together with them I stuck my fingers in her swollen wet pussy and played a little and started licking and sucking her like never before.

She shoved my head down on her along with his hands also and as soon as I started she started getting off and cumming again her self! She went wild and the wilder she got the more I licked it and then when I finished licking and eating all I could get her boyfriend was hard and ready for her pussy again. I eat the cum out of her 5 more times that night and loved every bit of it.

That started something new for us that lasted for almost three years. And started me liking cum as much as my wife did and boy did I ever get a lot of it. Sometimes the boyfriend would just pull out of my wife and stick it in my mouth and let me try to swallow it but my wife didn’t like that as near as much as getting it in her pussy and me eating it out? So that didn’t happen much!

That relationship lasted for about three years and she found another boyfriend that lasted around a year or so and he was different as usual, I don’t know how she was so lucky but she found a thirty year old man that kept her bred better than anyone she claimed.

He was a little over 6 foot tall and I watched them get together for the first time and after that she never let me watch them again. He got naked on the bed with her and he had nipple rings in his nipples and she started playing with his nipples and sucking his dick and it started growing and growing the more she sucked the bigger it got. Fully hard he was thick as a beer bottle and longer than one.

Before he got on top of her he licked her pussy and sucked it for a good while and then when he got on top of her he stuck it in with out any hands or anything the whole time he was telling her how beautiful she was. The first time he was on her my wife was sold on him, I guess any woman would be he was almost like horse. She was getting off with him while it was going in her even before he got it all the way in? The first time she almost passed out she told me later she climaxed so good? She would sometimes spend a week or so at a time with him and then come back home.

But I loved every bit of it and stayed hard almost always knowing my wife was getting what she wanted and needed. We are a bit more settled now I am like I said 71 horny most all the time and for most of my life I have had two different wives that always took care of my fantasies and completely different as women. I still dream about how my first wifes ass use to feel when I was deep in it all the time and have my second wife close to me at night with still almost always a wet pussy it seems she has gotten from some man some where and she lets me enjoy it anyway I want?

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