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Best of two wifes!

I am in my early 70s and still enjoy sex and stay horny most all the time. I would like to share two good sides of my past wife and present wife as I have been married twice to two beautiful women.
I am not an author by no means but certainly able to tell a true short story about two women that made my sex life a plus for years and years!
My first wife and I were married in Ky and went back to the base where I was stationed at a few days later.

The trip had made both of us tired and weary so just outside of where we were going we decided to get a room for the night. We settled in and turned on the tv for a few minutes and watched a movie that was boring so we turned the tv off. We had both showered and relaxed in bed my wife turns over away from me and snuggles her but right in my face just leaves it there.

Now remind you now we are both in our early 20s and my wife is a very beautiful woman with a pretty smile and a beautiful ass and it was shoved in my face. The trip had made us both horny as it seems driving always does, I guess we have time while out on the road to think about things that want to do later. I start licking her ass for the first time and the more I licked it the better both of us liked it, she was loving every bit of it and the next thing I know she moved down and was shoving it right against my already hard dick and hunching me without stopping.

I thought the ass licking had just made her hot and shoved my dick her very wet pussy. As soon as I did she pulled away and shoved her ass back at me again. I was a little slow but I got the message she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I started sliding my dick in her ass and as soon as I got it in about half way I started cumming and getting off.

I guess the new feeling and excitement made me go a lot quicker. She turned around and started kissing me this time different that she had ever done before and soon had my dick hard and ready to go again. To my surprise she turned that ass around again with those soft little cheeks and this time was begging me to take it again. Instead of laying behind her like before I turned her over on all fours and kissed it and licked it a little before burying it in that ass again.

This time it was a different story for me, it was already wet from before hand and I took advantage of that and was on her good and deep for almost an hour and all the time she was playing with herself and getting off time after time again. I loaded it again with all the cum I could put in her and we both settled down and went to sleep.
During the night I was woke up again by a bare ass shoved in my face and begging me to lick it and do what I wanted to it.

I licked it and kissed it and sucker on her till my tounge wore out and then pulled her over to me again and bred her again.
Morning came quick and we had breakfast and got on the road again a 100 or so miles away from where I was stationed we hadn’t driven very far and she was over there telling me how much she liked what she got last night. A few minutes later she was pulling at my pants and had my dick out playing and sucking on it but every time I told her I was getting close to cumming she would quit and continue a few minutes later.

We got home in a few hours and before unloading any luggage or anything we went into the house and stripped our clothes off and I was in her ass again. I liked it as much as she did as it felt different than her pussy, made my dick really feel good! And it seemed like it was weeks before we even got back to breeding her pussy good.

For the next six months or so I took advantage of what she was offering and loved every bit of it

We both had jobs in the little small town we lived in and my wife would come home and tell me about the men at work flirting with her and how she liked it and made her excited that another man thought she was sexy! Well they were right she was sexy to say the least in her early 20s and hot as ever.

If they only knew what she liked sexually and only knew how big her nipples were, her breasts were average size but her nipples were twice the size of normal nipples and I loved to just watch them naked and pretty. It wasn’t long after that she asked me one night in bed if she could stop wearing her bras and go without them? I said sure if that’s what you want and then what she told me almost took my breath away.

She said she wanted to tease the men at work as she had overheard some of them saying their wives had small breasts and small nipples and they liked a woman especially with big nipples.
She went that way for several months without saying anything else and one night in bed again she told me that the men at work had been watching her and she was getting all kind of compliments on her breast and nipples.

She was wearing things that were almost transparent and very thin? And then one day one of the men she worked with complimented her on the size of her nipples and was bold enough to ask her if he could see them sometime? And that they waited around till everybody else was gone and closed the door in her office and she sit on her desk and let him walk up to her and start kissing on her and in a few minutes took her blouse off to show him how big those nipples really were.

The next day she said they did the same thing but this time while he was loving on her breasts and kissing her again she said he shoved her down on desk and shoved her skirt up a bunch and didn’t even bother to take her panties off just pushed them a little to the side and stuck his dick in her. I couldn’t help it she said I was wet and he was twice the size of you and thicker than anything I had ever seen.

I started cumming and thought I was never going to stop when I felt him tense up and unload in me. And then she said he had been doing her every day for a couple months or so now. And just when I thought she had quit breaking the news to me she said I want to tell you something else now? Hes a black man and I like every bit of it?
For days I didn’t know what to do or think and then she called me one day on the phone and asked me if he could come to the house tonight and I meet him? They arrived around 6 or a little later and headed straight for the bedroom without saying a thing to me at all.

Needless to say neither one couldn’t make it to work the next day, he had been on my wife off and on all night.
That went on for a couple of years before we moved back to our home town. Her lover didn’t come home with us and I still got her ass whenever I wanted it and it wasn’t long before she found another black man and him and I shared her for years to come!.

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