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Before Christmas

On the Friday before Christmas I went up to the Beach to see my slut. This time believe it or not ti was going to just be for a visit or so we had thought. Well, I guess I should say, so I had thought. My slut called me as I coming through Surf Side asking me were was I. I told her I am here, but of course I was not. She told me I do not see you, so I asume she was looking out the window.

I continued the game, and she told me I am in the middle of the street and I do not see you. At that time I knew she did had on clothes, and asumed this was going to be a cordial visit. I told her to go back in the house and I will be there in a minute. Shortly after I pulled up to her place and she came out to greet me.

We hugged and went into the house. We sat in the living room and started talking and listening to music. One of her favorite songs came on, Wrecking Ball, then she ent and turned up the music and started sitting in my lap and grinding. I told her, that was not a good idea if she wanted me to be good. Of course she laughed, but she got up and went back to her chair.

we sat there talking some more, and then she pulled another song up called Say Something. At that time, I was like, this bitch is teasing me. So I let her song play, and when it finsihed I stood up took my clothes off then took her by the hand, and stood her up. I started to undress her right there in the living room in front of her window. I sat in the chair, turned her around cowgirl style, and pulled her down on top of me.

She started riding me while I sat in the chair. I love how her pussy squeezes my dick when she comes. She continues to ride me and I stood while beending her forward and walking her a few steps to the chair that was in front of the window. Once she got to the chair she started trying to close the blinds …lol.. while i was driving my dick into her. Once she closed the blinds I told her the window was open so what good was closing the blinds, (she is very vocal) she started attempting to close the window, and I sarted to power driving my dick into her pussy.

lol. Yes, that was cruel, but hot as he watch her trying to stay steady on her legs and close the window, while orgasming all at the same time. lol. well she had enough resolve to close the window, and as soon as she did, her head fell into the chair, with her ass up, giving me the perfect angle to drive deeper into that sweet pussy and she just exploded. Being the deviant that I am I plowed her head into the chair and the slut did what she normally do and threw that ass and pussy back at me for all she was worth.

I pulled out of her had her to get up and we walked into the bed room were I pushed her onto the bed. I slid my dick into her and well, we went crazy. I am going up there today to play again. She is already send ing texts and pictures of toys she purchased that she wants to play with. All these stories are sounding the same, so I won’t be writing about this for a while, until I can get her to get commit to getting more slutty but I may share some other events if anyone is interested.

Thank you all for reading and for all your comments, both good and bad.

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