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Bedtime-story collection

Today, I had a call on my cellphone from a person that I have not seen in a long time! The guy is 1. 90m (6,3) tall, cute, intelligent, well spoken, and over all very sexy! Loves to get dirty sport socks in his face and on his dick! And to stand on his chest makes him even more turned on! A bit of stamping was also possible, but not over do it! That just would be to much ****! And i sometimes don’t know my own strength! I remember when i was wrestling with a friend last year, I got carried away and gave him a bleeding nose!?

He ask me to come over and have some fun! Jump on my bike and drive to a very nice beautiful old berliner house! Put my bike on the lock and walked on the big stairs all the way up to the last floor! He was waiting for me, only wearing his blue sport shorts and showing off his rock hard abs! His big chest was also very impressive! I forgot all about that! But hey, did not seen the guy over a year already! There are still hidden treasures in Berlin….

Just need to dig them up again!?

Enter the big attic apartment and walked direct into the living room, where he just prepared a bottle of wine! And talked about what i was doing and how his life was! I was all the time cool and trying not come over as greedy for sex! But of course him sitting next to me with only white sport socks and a blue short on, thing starting to grow in my baggy pants! That’s difficult to hide my dick away in that, specially when the second bottle was almost empty! One came after the other and so we had some fun! I just kick him a bit around, put my short white Adidas Attitude on his pants, almost on his hard on willy! With my hand I squeeze his face, that his lips made a shape like a fish! I Spit between his eyes and saw my spit dwelling down his mouth! I scream some commandos and he went down on his knees! “Like my sneakers! Come on!!?? ” And so he did! He put his 2 fingers in my shoe so that he could feel the heat of the underside of my feet! He was crowning of joy! I slept his face and sad to him to focus!! The pleasure in his face was perfect! It looked perfect with his blue eyes and short blond military haircut! Just his expression of his beautiful face already made me come and almost shoot my load! But I hold my self in and wanna play a bit more, and let him suffer a bit more! Just want him to come first, see his cum shooting on his perfect abs! He pull my sock off my feet and he directly put it in his mouth! Laid down on his back with his white sport-socks stretched out, all the way to the sofa, where we started the hole game! He was loving it so much, just roll his eyes back into his head! Loved the taste and smell off my white sock that i still was wearing from today, at the gym!?Than he was almost close to coming to shoot and I hold his head from the ground, in the way that my hand support his neck! I looked direct at him, with my strong penetrating eyes, to just let him come! His orgasm was like firework! So hot and made me shoot even harder! Wow! That was hot stuff! Ufff! Just what I needed! Any time again!!

Now I’m off to bed!.

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