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Becoming a Black studs ultimate fuck toy

It all started the day I laid my eyes on my first BIG BLACK COCK ,I had been dressing up as a girl since the age of about 12 wearing my mums panties and pantyhose around the house getting turned on by the feel of the pantyhose and panties. At the age of 15 I realized that I loved pretending to be a girl as much as being a boy ,one day I approached my mum to tell her of my sexual orientation.

My mum so supportive and helpful I was really surprised with how she reacted. Son you will always be my child no matter what you like sexually , in fact if you really enjoy being a girl how about I teach you how to dress do make up ,you know all the girly things a mother would do with her daughter, Wow I was really taken aback by this but very happy and relieved at mums reaction.

That weekend mum and I went away for a girly weekend so she could teach me all about being a female , Friday we went to the beautician for a wax and new French polish nails ,then onto a wig shop for a proper wig then we went clothes shopping for some new outfits. When we got home mum taught me how to do make up and I couldn’t believe how I looked fully transformed into a girl, Wow my son you are stunning as a girl ,im going to name you Roxy.

I was in heaven and never been happier in my life and it was this first weekend as a girl I knew I wanted to live as a girl ,I just love everything about being a girl ,the feeling I get when dressed up fully as a girl is so addictive I knew I wanted to live my life as a girl from this day on. Over the next few years after experimenting with different sexual partners I am attracted to male female and transexualls.

After my 21st bday I got a pair of double d cup breasts and really feel like a women now ,This is when my sexual attraction to black men began ,My mum and I were out shopping one day and we decided to go into a sex shop ,this is when I really started thinking about BIG BLACK COCK, its when I picked up a interacial dvd of black men who love to fuck sexy transsexuals , I could not stop thinking about black cock after that and found myself thinking about it constantly, so I looked on line for black men looking for transsexuals and came across this one guy, we started talking on line and found out we were what each other was looking for so we decided to meet up , The night finally came around and im dressed up in a sexy pair of platform heels ,really tight short dress with my huge new tits popping out for all to see , omg I cant believe how horny I feel knowing im going to be getting my first black cock.

There is a knock at the door its him ,my heart is pounding ,as I opened the door he took one look at me said hello “Hi im Roxy as he planted a kiss on my lips at first just a kiss on the lips then our eyes met and we kissed passionately in the doorway ,wow he was the best kisser and had a hot body. We didn’t even make it out to dinner.

“Hi im Marcus and your even hotter in person than your pics, Why thanks sir and you have a hot body aswell, “Roxy we are not even going out I am going to fuck you how you told me you want me too ,”Oh my Marcus im so horny for your black cock.

I slowly make my way down to my knees and cant believe the size of his cock ,I have never had anything close to the thickness and length ,mmmmmm that night I could handel marcasus huge cock so I vowed to make it up to him , He wanted to make me his ultimate fuck toy so I accepted and became his property so he can turn me into his very own slut.

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