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Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 8

Personal Narrative of Leo, Warrior of Cipri given as slave to Karena, 16-year-old Daughter of Lady Helvetia

I have to admit that the savage flogging of Gaymede, and the subsequent fate ordained for him, put mortal fear into me. Naturally, I did not want a flogging like that but, even less, did I want to lose my manhood at the age of twenty two!
So am I truly to be blamed if I so quickly abandoned my warrior status and came grovelling forward to kiss the golden boots of the ruler of Barbaria? I had to admit she was a magnificent looking woman but her display of insensate cruelty put me in terror of her.

Anyway, the others who had been brought before her did as I did. Even pretty young Flavia and her companion Lyria. If Flavia, as proud daughter of our Chief – now dead, alas – capitulated so quickly, why shloud not I?
I felt so sorry for those two lovely young creatures for, with the kind of face and figure each had, their was no doubt of that a terrible future lay ahead of them both.

They would become mere playthings of the rulers of this inhuman state of Barbaria.
How terrible it was to have to stand by helpless and watch as Flavia was chained down naked on the deck! How terrible to hear her screams as they pierced her nose and nipples with red-hot needles! Then the rings went through, the chain went on and she was fucked into a cruel head-bent posture.
I have to admit I gazed lustfully as she was made to crawl back to the Princess Alexena to make her submission.

For, naturally, I had never seen the girl nude before. What superb hindquarters she had! So curvaceous, so softly, milky white. It occured to me, of course, what a hideous thing it must be for a well brought up, modestly reserved girl like her to be naked like that before all eyes. That in itself would have been bad enough, without everything else she was undergoing.
But, as I say, there was nothing more I could do.

Unless I wanted to be made a eunuch within the hour.
Once back in Nexos, we small group of warriors were put in chains and led naked to the streets… jeered at by men, laughed at by women. It was a most humiliating experience. We seemed to have become little more than a****ls.
A wretched night in a stone cell passed slowly. All of us were utterly depressed. Defeated. It was already difficult to recall how proud and strong we had once been.

Morning came at last and, with it, a guard. He carried a sheaf of papers.
„Leo!“ he called out and my heart stood still.
I got up off the floor and stood to attention. „Sir,“ I said. Already I had learnt the wisdom of showing respect the guards.
„You have been assigned as slave to Miss Karena,“ he said. „She is the daughter of Lady Helvetia. “
„Sir,“ I said again, nodding my head.

There was no point in protesting or asking questions. A captive in such a state had quickly to learn to accept what is happening to him without demure. Unless he wants to be whipped.
The guard unchained me from the wall and I followed him out into a courtyard. He had a uniform of thick brown leather, with brass facing. A bay-coloured horse stood waiting and he swung up into the saddle. Then, bending down, he tied a thong of leather about my wrist.

This was attached to his saddle. Off a brisk trot he went and I had to run to keep up. In this fashion I was taken through the streets of Nexos… rather to the amusement of numerous citizens who saw me… and we headed for the outskirts. It was not long before I was panting and leg-weary but I had no option nut to keep up the pace. I got the impression the guard would have simply dragged me along with him if I had stumbled!
Just when I thought I was about done for, we swung through an archway into the courtyard of a magnificent dwelling.

It can best be described as a small palace, by the standards of Cipri anyway.
I was at once taken to a large stone building set apart from the main one. This was, I soon learnt, the slave quarters… where we were kept unless on duty in the house. My heart somersaulted again as I stood before a door marked `Chief Overseer´.
The guard knocked.
„Come in. “ A woman’s voice.

I entered alongside the guard and saw a black leather clad figure behind the desk. She had flame-red hair and high-cheekboned feaures; her sea-green eyes had a stony look about them.
„On your knees!“ rapped the guard, giving my should a thump. I sank down quickly, wondering if I should ever get used to being led naked before strange women.
„Slave Leo, a recent captive from Cipri, Ma’am. “
„Ah yes… thank you, guard.

Give me the papers. “
I was signed for.
„You may go. “
I heard the door close and my apprehension mounted. If one has never been a slave before, one doesn’t know what to expect.
„Get up. “
I stood up and saw that the woman had got up from her desk and come round to the front of it. She wore a tunic and short skirt, with thigh length boots.

It was surprising how tall she was. Six feet I reckoned but then, her heels were four or five inches. I guessed she was about thirty five, but it was difficult to tell.
„My name is Miss Rema,“ she said in a rather husky voice, „but you will always call me `Madame´. “
„Yes, Madame,“ I said at once, bowing my head briefly. It seemed wise to be as respectful as possible. There was a whip coiled up on the desk.

„I am Lady Helvetia’s Chief Overseer,“ she went on crisply. „Give any trouble here and I’ll have you flogged within an inch of your life. “ There was no doubt that she meant it!
„I have a dozen or more women assistants who would be happy to do the job. Or I might even do it myself. <the slighest trouble… understand, slave?“
„Yes, Madame. “ I could not help shuddering. I was already realising what a terrible thing it was to be a slave.

„You have been given a very great honour,“ she continued, „for you have been assigned as slave to Miss Karena, who is just six-teen. You will be her first personal slave, as girls are not allowed them before coming of age. “
Frankly, I did not know whether to be glad or sorry. Six-teen? Surely a girl of that age could not be too vicious. She might be preferable to an older woman, like the one I faced for example.

„Yes, Madame,“ was all I could think of to say after her announcement.
„Now, you will go and get cleaned up… then I shall take you to the young lady og the house. “
„Thank you, Madame. “
„Right, now go to the end of this corridor, turn left down some steps and then left again. There you will find the ablutions. “
Miss Rema turned back to her desk as I bowed low.

I was thankful to leave that room unshithed and was soon hurrying along the corridors. What would this Miss Karena be like I wondered? How strange… how difficult to think of myself as a slave. Especially to such a young woman. Pushing open a swing door, I found myself in a tile-lined room. At once, a plump, jolly looking Negress in a tight-fitting red dress emerged from a cubicle.
„Come for a sluice?“ she enquired, showing big white teeth.

„er… yes,“ I answered.
„Yes… Empress,“ she said, smiling more broadly.
„Yes, Empress,“ I repeated.
„I’m Empress in here anyway,“ she said. „Get over there, in the corner, where the drain is. “
I went across, wondering what was going to happen and then, just as I turned around, a jet of freezing water hit me painfully in the genitals. On the end of a kind of fire hose, was the grinning Negress.

I doubled up, gasping, clasping myself. The jet went on spraying me, kicking me against the tiles, twisting me around. Soon I was gasping breathlessly. It was impossible to escape the painful, freezing pounding water. With a flick of the wrist, the Negress could follow wherever I went. <i saw her grinning all the time and I knew hate and anger. But what was the use? I must not give any `trouble´. The whip was waiting!
„Face the wall!“
I faced it.

„Get on your knees… on your hands and knees, slave. “
By the gods… fancy being addressed as slave by this black bitch! But, all the same, I got onto all fours, and quickly.
„Get your arse in the air!“
I got it in the air. And the thumping jet of water hit me in the cleft. She kept it there for a long time.
„Open your legs!“ I hesitated a moment, then did as she ordered.

The jet played on my scrotum. I jerked and juddered, gasping louder. It was both frightening and painful, but then I suddenly thought of Gaymede… and was fucked to consider myself lucky.
Suddenly the water stopped. I remained kneeling there, feeling rather than a half-drowned rat.
„Up, slave!“
I stood up turning to face the woman. She tossed a large towel at me and thankfully I dried myself off. The Negress had momentarily disappeared.

When she came back she had something in her hand.
„Kneel,“ she ordered.
I knelt. A slave simply had to do as he is told. I say `simply´ but, of course, it is exceedingly difficult. Especially at first. I then saw what she had was a pair of clippers. Humming to herself, she ran them back and forth over my scalp. In about a minute, I had the closest `crew-cut´ a man can get! It was, I gathered, the custom for all male slaves in the Helvetia household to be shaved in this way.

It is, believe me, somehow quite amazingly humiliating to have such a thing done to one.
I got up. Still the black bitch was grinning. Oh how I hated her! To my surprise and chagrin, she gave me rump a none too gently slap. The indignity around her neck was well-nigh irresistible. Then I thought of the whip. Perhaps she sensed my fury.
„Don’t you go givin` no trouble now, slave… or I see to it you get a good whippin.

So… even she, this ablution servant, could have me flogged!
„N-No… no trouble, Empress,“ I said quickly. „No trouble. “
„Follow me, trash. “
I followed after the fat, wobbling bottom… down another corridor.
You are a slave… slave… a slave… I kept saying to myself. You must obey… ober… obey. But how difficult it was!
We went trough an iron-grille gate, which the Negress opened with a key at her belt.

Immediately to the right was a door on which it said Òver seer Block C´. The Èmpress´ went straight in without knocking.
„New arrival, Miss Vane,“ she said jovially.
Another desk. Seated behind it was a woman who, by her features, could have been the sister of Miss Rema, but she was some ten years younger and her hair was jet black. She was garbed just like the Chief Overseer and I supposed this was standard uniform for those of her calling.

„On your knees, yiu bastard,“ she snapped, eyes flashing dangerously. I got down quickly. „You always get onto your knees when you come into my presence. “
„Yes… Madame,“ I said as humbly as I could.
„Ma’am,“ she korrected. I could see I was going to have to learn quickly how everyone was to be addressed. „Thank you, Empress. “ I heard the Negress shamble out. „Up, you. “
I stood up and so did she.

This Miss Vane was not as tall as Miss Rema but seemed rather more curvaceous. From a chatelaine belt at her waist jangled score of keys. Also, I noted with some apprehension, a slim plaited leather switch was looped to it. She came striding to me, hip-swivelling, very sure of herself, confident in her authority.
„Do you know who I am?“ she barked.
„Yes, Ma’am. You are the Overseer of Block C, Ma’am.

„Correct, slave. In other words, I am your keeper. Whenever Miss Karena does not need you, you will be in my charge. Understood?“
„Yes, Ma’am,“ I was standing rigid to attention, sensing that the slightest lack of respect would cause me to suffer. I saw her looking me up and down.
„If you attempt to escape, you will be flogged and then immediately be made a eunuch,“ she said. „That’s a promise.

I felt terror go through my vitals. I certainly would not be attempting to escape!
„If you displease me in the slightest way,“ went on Miss Vane, „I shall thrash you. If you break the rules here, if you are slack or disobedient, I shall thrash you severely. With this. “
She unlooped the switch from her belt and flexed it easily in her fingers. Though not as savage as a whip, it loked a vicious instrument.

I felt my flesh creep. How vulnerable one feels when one is stark naked!
„Have you felt one of these?“ she asked.
„N-No, Ma’am,“ I answered quickly.
„Well it hurts, I can assure you!“ I believed her. „I think a little demonstration would not come amiss. “
My bleed froze. Was she going to trash me there and then? For nothing.
„Follow me. “
I stumbled out of the room after her and we went along a corridor, me seeing the short leather skirt lilting from side to side, seeing the high-heeled boots striding, hearing the click-click of those heels on the wood floor.

My heart was in my mouth. Where was she taking me?
We stopped before a black door and as she unlocked it with one of her numerous keys, she said: „This is where I usually punish the slaves in my charge. “
As the door swung open, I realised thankfully that it was not I who was to be punished but some other unfortunate. For, in the centre of the room, locked into a heavy wooden pillory was the nude figure of a man… a rugged, muscular-looking man with hairs of his back.

„This slave has been awaiting my arrival for some time,“ said Miss Vane, „and, as you can see, he has not been too comfortable. “
I did see. The poor wretch was not only pinioned in a half crouching posture… for the pillory holes were quite low down… but he had his legs straddled wide and from his genitals was suspended a heavy weight. It stretched him considerably.
„I promised him twenty with my switch.

,“ went on Miss Vane, „so he has had something to think about while he’s been waiting. “
I wondered what the man had done to earn this cruel punishment… and Miss Vane immediately answered the question.
„Disobedience is a very serious offence her… even minor disobedience. This slave failed to carry out one of the Lady Helvetia’s orders. It may have been deliberate, it may have been forgetfulness. It makes no difference.

Miss Vane advanced and tapped the man’s rump with the switch. He flinched slightly and I saw the muscles of his buttocks tighten. „Have you anything to say, slave?“ she enquired.
„I… I deserve to be punished… for my fault, Ma’am,“ he said in a hoarse voice.
„That’s right,“ said Miss Vane.
Then, to my surprise, she unbuttoned her jacked and took it off.
Underneath she had on a black net brassiere which did very little to conceal the magnificence of her breasts.

I tried not to gaze at them too avidly. That would be disrespectful, would I not? But it was not easy. I presumed she had taken the jacket off to give her right arm greater freedom. Certainly she made a formidable picture as she measured the man’s rump… with those gleaming, high heeled boots, the short skirt and then virtually naked form the waist up.
Her black hair danced on her white shoulders and her breasts bounced as the switch swung up and came whip-lashing down.

Obviously she used all her f***e… and it made a sharp cracking-splatting sound as it bit into the well muscled flesh, instantly raising a vivid red weal.
To my amazement, the man did no more than grunt. But his hindquarters gave a juddering jerk which set the weight swinging, to add to his pains.
At evenly spaced intervals, Miss Vane continued to ply full-bleeded strokes. They fell at about five seconds intervals, being spaced about half an inch apart, which testified her skill.

Still the man only grunted, though the jerks of his hindquarters got progressively more pronounced, so that the weight was swinging constantly.
Five strokes…
At this point, the strap of Miss Vane’s brassiere snapped. She simply ripped it off and tossed it to one side, seemingly quite unconcerned that now I could observe her beautiful naked breasts swinging delectably from side to side.
I thought I could detect a faint whinnying sound.

As if between clenched teeth.
Yes, I was right. The whinying get louder.
Louder still. The man’s bottom was constantly shuddering and writhing now. I saw Miss Vane’s teeth clenched, she was putting everything into it.
The whinying becam an agonising yelp. A quick sadistic smile passed over her features as if to say `now I’ve got him´. The knowledge seem to inspire the young overseer to even greater efforts.

Each stroke was now producing a howling yelp as weals began to overlay weals. My admiration for the man’s stoicism had been unstinted and certainly he now had every reason to howl like he now was. It was remarkable he hadn’t done so before!
Poor devil! By the gods he was suffering.
„Merceeeee!“ he suddenly bellowed.
The howls went on ringing in my ears.

Then came that continuous whinying again as the heavy weight swung to and fro.
Poor devil… poor devil! I found myself cold with dread. This could happen to me, I thought. And, though I was cold, felt the sweat break out. The sweat of fear.
Calmly Miss Vane looped the switch back onto her belt. Her naked breasts were heaving with her exertions. A marvellous sight. No… I must not look. No… no!
„Pick that up,“ she pointed to the torn brassiere.

I did so, feeling a kind of thrill as I touched the gossamer fabric. Waiting till she had put on her jacket, I gave it to her deferentially.
„Another couple of hours in there won’t do you any harm,“ she said to the crouching, weal-striped wretch.
I could hear his heavy breathing, which sometimes sounded as if he were sobbing. It occurred to me that I had not once seen the man’s face.

Just his rump. Then Miss Vane turned to the door and I quickly followed. Followed that commanding, hip-swinging figure… thinking of these lush naked breasts joggling and bouncing.
No… no… I must not!
Now we took a different direction and came to a corridor which was lined with cells on either side. Each one was numbered and had a small inspection grill three-quarters of the way up. We came to cell 14 and Miss Vane unlocked it.

I stepped in. The cell was wooden floored and bare. Two planks at the far end formed a bed. There was a single hole in the floor. Above the so-called bed, at one end, I saw a heavy iron collar attached to a chain.
„This is where you are kept when you’re not needed,“ said Miss Vane.
„Yes, Ma’am,“ I bowed my head like a humble slave should. Oh yes, I was learning very fast.

That switch of my overseer’s looked most unpleasant.
„Later you will be taken to the young Mistress. “
„Yes, Ma’am,“ I felt my heart give a thump at her words.
„Lie down,“ she said.
I stretched out on the hard, rough wood. Even a****ls are treated better, I reflected. They are given straw. Then the heavy iron collar went around my neck and was locked on. It was symbolic rather then anything else… for who would dare to try and escape?
The door slammed behind Miss Vane and was locked.

I was left alone in my misery. The chain clanked as I sat up. It was long enough to allow me to roam arounf about half of the cell. But there was not much point in that. Wearily I lay down again, wondering how many other captive wretches like myself were incarcerated in that cell block. Despair as well as my iron collar weighed me down.
What a fate!
This was my life from now on…
Or, perhaps I should say, my existence.


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