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I came home five hours late and ready for trouble.

Daddy was waiting for me in the living room, sitting in his big easy
chair and staring at the front door. He had his belt in his hands, the
long black leather one that he usually wore. Daddy held it doubled
over across his thighs and I had the impresson that he’d been sitting
like that for a long time already.

I didn’t say anything.

I just swallowed hard and closed the door
behind me with a loud snick sound. The house was very quiet and that
made it worse somehow. It felt like there was nothing else in the
world but me and him, and I felt very, very small.

“Where have you been, Princess?” daddy asked in a soft, deceptively
gentle voice that made me shiver. I almost changed my mind right then,
but it was way too late for that and I knew it.

“Cheerleader practice,” I replied, putting my hands behind my butt,
resisting the urge to look down at myself.

“Really?” his handsome face took on a little smile, like I’d told him
the sort of joke only a f******n year old girl could think of.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded seriously, but biting my lip probably gave it away
and I twisted slowly on my hips, turning my pleated skirt this way and

It was red and gold, like the stretchy top I was wearing.

“You’re telling me you had cheerleader practice until eleven o’clock
at night, huh?” daddy looked me head to toe, with his dark eyes
narrowed and the corners of his mouth turned down.

“Yes sir,” I answered and I tried to keep looking at him, but my heart
was going fast and I could barely breathe; my clothes felt much too
tight on my small body.

“What’s that on your legs there?” daddy wondered and all the lights
were on; there wasn’t anyplace to hide.

I looked down without thinking about it, following my daddy’s gaze,
and we could both see the stains on my legs. Long glistening streaks,
clear in some places and whitish gray in others, were running from
beneath my skirt down to my knees and even to my bare calves above my
ankle socks.

I could feel it all wet and sticky and cold now, not hot
like before.

“I don’t know,” I lied.

“Lift your skirt up, Princess,” daddy breathed and his face had taken
on some color, more brown than red, I thought, and that frightened me
all the more.

“Yes, daddy,” I answered, knowing better than to argue.

I took the hem of my cheer skirt in both hands, between my thumbs and
index fingers, and lifted it slowly.

I closed my eyes for a moment,
until I remembered how much my daddy hated that. He always wanted me
looking at him when we talked about something, even if it wasn’t
really talking at all.

“What happened to your panties, girl?” he asked me, and I wasn’t his
Princess anymore.

“I lost them, daddy,” I offered him quietly.

He was staring at me now and I didn’t have to look to know what my
daddy was seeing.

My hairless little sex was red and puffy, pink and
turned inside out, with my pussy lips all swollen and hanging down.
Mostly they were tucked inside me nice and tight, but not anymore. My
sexy labia were split apart and dripping the remains that leaked from
the depths of my pussy. My tiny clitty, which was still brand new for
me, was stiff and buzzing like she’d never stop.

“Lost your panties, huh?” daddy shook his head and drew his lips into
a thin crease.

“How’d that happen?”

“I don’t know,” I swallowed and looked down. I couldn’t help it.

“How many boys fucked you, girl?” daddy demanded and his voice was
just a growl.

“Um…” I bit my bottom lip.

“Look at me,” daddy said. “And don’t you tell me you don’t know. “

I brought my blue eyes up to daddy’s face quickly and I shivered so
hard that I almost let go of my skirt, but that would have been bad.

My blonde hair was in my eyes, all loose and messed up like the rest
of me, but I didn’t try and get it out. I just blinked and stared and
tried to remember.

“I think…Six?” I said softly. “Or no. Seven, daddy. “

“You let seven boys fuck you?” daddy’s knuckles were turning white
around the belt and it made a soft creaking sound. “All at once?”

“They took turns, daddy,” I said, not trying to be funny at all.

“You little slut,” daddy shook his head. “Stupid little whore. What
else did they do?”

“They…” I licked my lips cause they were dry now, “…They were in my
mouth too, daddy. “

“You sucked seven cocks?” daddy asked and I nodded.

“They made me do it,” I told him, but I wasn’t ever any good at lying
to my daddy.

“I bet they did,” daddy agreed sarcastically.

“You’re a little
cocksucker now. Just like your mother, is that it? A cocksucking

“Y-Yes daddy,” I agreed, because that was what he wanted.

“Yes daddy, what?” he demanded.

“I’m a-a-a cocks-s-sucking whore, daddy,” I stuttered and I closed my
eyes just for a second, but even that was probably too long.

“You swallow, slut?” daddy wondered.

“I swallowed some,” I admitted after catching a bit of breath.

of. “

“Kind of?” daddy chuckled, but it wasn’t a happy sound. “Either you
did or you didn’t, slut. Tell me the truth; you swallow a lot of cum?”

“Yes, daddy,” I answered reluctantly and he was waiting for the rest
of it. “I swallowed a lot of cum. “

“What else?” he wanted to know. “That all you did? Fuck and suck seven
cocks? Or did they make you do something else too?”

“I don’t know…” I shook from my tailbone up to my shoulders because I
wasn’t sure what he was asking.

“Turn around, bitch,” daddy ordered. “Show me your ass. “

“Oh,” I winced when he said that, but there was no chance of refusing
and I turned slowly, like the ballerina in my jewelry box upstairs.

“Bend over, slut,” daddy said, “and keep that skirt up, or so help me
Jesus, I’ll make you the sorriest little whore in the world. “

“Y-Yes, daddy,” I tried to say, but the words didn’t want to come out
of me just then.

I did exactly as daddy told me to, spreading my legs slightly to keep
my balance, and bending over from the waist. I kept my skirt pulled
out and up, blinking at the floor as I exposed my red round bottom to
my daddy’s piercing gaze. He could see what I couldn’t, but I knew
what it felt like. My butt still hurt after those boys had put their
fingers and then their dicks inside it.

I was sore, like somebody had
punched me inside so that I had cramps and bruises. Even so it was
better than it had felt at the time they were doing it and the greasy
sperm that was inside me there was almost soothing, except it felt
sort of dirty and I knew it was trying to leak out of me.

“Ass fucked too, eh?” daddy’s voice filled the whole house it seemed
like, although he wasn’t talking very loudly at all.

“Yes, daddy,” I breathed. “They did it to me there too. “

“They ass fucked you, bitch,” daddy insisted.

“They a-a-assfucked me too, d-daddy,” I replied obediently.

“And you loved it, didn’t you?” he asked me. “You wanted those boys to
do it. Tell me the truth. “

“Y-Yes, daddy,” I nodded and the bleed was rushing to my face, making
me hot and dizzy, but I didn’t dare stand up.

“You knew what they were going to do, didn’t you?” he chuckled again
and I shut my eyes. “What did they tell you, slut?”

“T-That I was going to b-be their special girlf-f-friend,” I stammered
softly. “After p-practice. “

“You feel special now, bitch?” daddy wondered.

“No daddy,” I answered.

“You think you got seven boyfriends that are going to love a stupid
little whore like you?” he continued and my knees were shaking.

“N-N-No,” I sighed weakly, “daddy. “

“Everybody’s going to know what a slut you are,” daddy decided. “The
whole school. The whole town. Every boy around is going to think he
can get his dick between your legs. “

“I know, daddy,” I agreed.

“You’re gonna let them too, aren’t you, bitch?” daddy asked. “A cunt
like yours can’t say no to a hard cock, can it?”

“No daddy,” I shifted my feet, wriggling my butt and feeling my tender
insides protest as I stayed bent over like I was.

It was starting to
hurt a lot and I was afraid I’d fall down in a second.

“No? No, what?” daddy demanded. “No, you ain’t gonna let those boys
fuck you anymore? Or no, you’re gonna spread that pussy for any man
who wants it?”

“I…I’m gonna spread, daddy,” I almost sobbed and my arms were getting
tired too from holding my skirt out and up like I was.

“Spread what, bitch?” daddy asked.

“Talk to me like you got an
education, slut. “

“I-I’m gonna s-spread my p-p-pussy, daddy,” I moaned, “for any m-man
who w-wants it. “

“Just like your mother, huh?” daddy gave me a deep sigh. “Least she
taught me how to deal with stupid cunts like you. Get over here,
slut. “

“Yes, daddy,” I agreed, standing up and feeling my whole body ache and
tremble. It felt good and my eyes went a little black for a second,
stars twinkling blue and red and yellow as I’d moved too quickly.

“What are you waiting for, bitch?” daddy demanded. “Get your slutty
ass over my knees. You know what’s coming to you. “

“S-Sorry, daddy,” I took a faltering step and then another, the room
coming back into focus and my dad was still in his chair, waiting for

“Not as sorry as you’re gonna be, cunt,” daddy promised me. “There’s
only one way to teach a whore like you.

“I know, daddy,” I nodded and took my position, the one I’d learned
from the time I was born, it seemed like.

“Get those hands out of the way, slut,” daddy warned me and I moved
them quickly, pressing my palms to the carpet as my tummy and hips
were over his thighs.

“Yes, daddy,” I whispered, closing my eyes as I felt him raising my
skirt, pulling it over my bare butt and out of the way.

“Spread these legs, give me your holes, bitch,” daddy said, pressing
his big hand between my wet thighs so that I had no choice but to do
what he wanted.

“Oh!” I gasped as daddy’s fingers curled, reaching down to find my
pussy and the swampy mess all those boys had left down there.

“You got fucked hard, didn’t you, whore?” daddy chuckled. “Fucked hard
and put away wet, eh? Guess you liked it just fine too, stupid cunt.

Tell me. “

“Y-Yesssss…” I hissed and my hands and toes came off the floor as
daddy suddenly shoved two thick fingers inside my pussy without any
hint of kindness at all.

“Yes, what?” daddy teased me, twisting and turning his fingers against
the soft walls of my cunt. Juices were spilling out of me quickly, his
fingers making lewd wet noises that only humiliated me further.

“Y-Yes, I l-liked it w-when they f-fucked me hargghhh!” I gasped and
the breath fell out of me as daddy took a handful of my pussy.

The two fingers inside me were curled up to meet his palm with my
tortured flesh caught in between. He lifted me by my pussy like that,
pulling me right off his legs, but not very far of course, just enough
so that I imagined he was going to rip my sex away, and my eyes
flooded with hot tears of pain and embarrassment.

“That’s what I thought, slut,” daddy said and he’d let me go right
away, after just a second, but it had seemed a lot longer than that to

“Open your cockhole, bitch. “

“Wha…” I didn’t know what he meant at first, but daddy yanked my head
up by my hair with one hand and shoved his dirty fingers between my
lips with the other.

“Suck them clean, whore,” daddy said, shoving his fingers as far into
my mouth as he could. “Come on, bitch, show me how you sucked off all
those boys. “

I was gagging and choking, my jaw working uselessly and I was fighting
to breathe.

Daddy was tickling the back of my mouth, the entrance to
my throat with his fingertips and I was retching, squirming in his
lap. He pulled back slightly and then rammed his fingers against the
insides of my cheeks, one side and then the other while he twisted my
head so he could see my face while he did it.

My cheeks bulged outward and I could taste the familiar mix of cum,
mine and those seven boys on my daddy’s fingers.

He played with my
tongue, trying to catch it between his fingers like pinchers, and I
wriggled it around in the spit that was filling my mouth. I swallowed
and drooled and my flushed cheeks were wet with tears. Daddy hooked
his fingers into my cheek, tugging at my face until he could gather a
big wad of his own spittle.

“Open your fucking mouth, bitch,” daddy said, not removing his fingers
at all and I did my best to do what he wanted.

I was twisted and looking up, barely able to breathe and trembling
with fear and excitement too, I have to admit that. I was quivering
with anticipation and I’d known all night what was waiting for me once
I got home. I watched my daddy’s spit as it fell from his mouth to
mine, a large wad of it landing heavily on my tongue. His fingers
played with it, pushed it around and stirred our saliva into a weak
bubbling froth that I swallowed eagerly.

“You nasty cunt,” daddy snorted, pushing my head back down and he was
reaching for the belt he’d dropped to the floor. “You can’t even
pretend not to like it, can you?”

“Noooo…” I moaned and it was true, every word my daddy uttered was a
testament to my slutty desires. “I like it, daddy. “

My reluctance and tepid responses were flying in the face of my
daddy’s love, the only love I’d ever known.

The belt was coming, like
goodnight kisses hot on my skin and I pushed myself up even higher,
spread my legs a fraction wider for it. I held my breath, shut my eyes
tightly, and bathed in the eternity that my daddy made me wait for his
leather bound affection.


The air exploded from my lungs with a whoosh as the supple strap of
daddy’s belt found my ass, licking me across both cheeks like a tongue
of flame.

It burned cold for an instant and then hot even as he drew
his arm back for another blow. They came hard and fast, endlessly atop
one another and there was nothing I could do to escape them. I didn’t
want to get away. I wanted to live there, burning in the fires with
him for the rest of my life.

“You stupid whore,” daddy was saying, the words coming in time with
the belt, punctuated with explosions of ripe pain across my flesh.

“Giving your cunt away like the slut you are. Cocksucking bitch. I
feed you. I clothe you. I send you to school and for what? So you can
fuck every cock you can find?”

“Ahhhh…D-D-Daddy!” I gasped, digging my fingernails into the carpet,
my feet scampering uselessly. The crack of leather against my ass
filled my ears like thunder, and lightning was the pain. Jets of
electricity shooting up my spine, forcing me to arch my back and lift
my head.

I was whimpering like a puppy, howling like a bitch in heat.
Every sound I made hurt with its desperate escape, leaving the rest of
me behind to writhe in agony.

“That cunt belongs to me, bitch,” daddy said. “That mouth of yours?
That cockhole is mine, slut, understand me? That cocksucking asshole
of yours too. All of it belongs to your daddy. You’re my slut. My
whore. Nobody else’s. “

“Yessss…” I screamed and with one last kiss of the whip, daddy made me

My tummy contracted and my cunt spasmed as I drew my knees up and my
elbows down. I hugged my daddy’s thighs, embracing him the only way I
could, clutching him as I sobbed loudly, shuddering with my best
orgasm of the night. My pussy pumped old sperm and fresh girl cum out
of my hole with a tiny flood to stain my daddy’s trousers. But they
were already wet and he barely noticed.

I barely noticed. We were too
busy just then as daddy’s hands found my ass and I was lost in a
dazzling rapture of unearthly delight.

“Fucking slut,” daddy was breathing hard and he had both hands on my
butt cheeks, digging his fingers into my swollen flesh.

I had welts now, long stripes of raised bumps and blisters from the
top of my ass down to my thighs. He’d whipped me as hard as he’d ever
done it in his life, harder maybe, and I imagined I’d never stand
again, never walk or run, but only held in my daddy’s loving arms
forever after.

There was too much pain and I couldn’t tell it from the
pleasure. My head was swimming and maybe there wasn’t any pain at all.
I felt high and happy and daddy’s hands on my body felt so good just
then. This was very much like heaven must be, I thought, and I would
have gladly died to stay there.

Daddy squeezed my butt gently, giving me some small tenderness as his
fingers explored the art his efforts had wrought upon my skin.

moaned when he pulled my cheeks apart, determined now to reward me for
being his good daughter and taking my punishment so well. It was our
ritual and not the only reason I loved the belt, but certainly one of
them. It was the after that made it special and I gasped and clenched
my asshole around daddy’s finger instinctively as he pushed inside me.

“Don’t you fight me, cunt,” daddy said and I nodded, sucking an
apologetic breath of cool air and forcing myself to relax.

I was still sore, very sore inside my butt and I’d been bleeding from
the fucking I’d taken. Not a lot, but enough to see spots of red
floating in the sperm that fell from asshole into the toilet bowl
afterwards. I hadn’t cleaned myself before coming home of course, not
at all, but I’d wanted to know. Now daddy knew as well and he had his
middle finger as far inside my clasping rectum as he could get it.

could sense the greasy sperm inside me being pushed deeper, or maybe
just around that thick digit as daddy wiggled it gently. I was torn
inside and I held my breath, but this felt good too and after a minute
I was rolling my hips, wanting to feel more.

“You got a dirty mouth of an asshole, don’t you?” daddy chuckled.
“Sucking my finger like a bitch on her knees.

“Yes, daddy,” I whispered.

“You want more cock in your ass?” daddy asked me. “Is that what you’re
asking for, slut?”

“P-Please, daddy…F-Fuck me,” I used what little strength I had left to
push my butt against his hand. “I need it. “

“Need that cock, huh?” daddy took a deep breath, fucking his finger in
and out of me now. “You’re a bad little whore, you know that? Trying
to seduce your own daddy.

Shame on you. “

“I…I’m sorry, daddy,” I whimpered, collapsing onto his strong legs as
my arms gave out finally.

“What am I gonna do with you, cunt?” daddy wondered. “Spankings don’t
work. Grounding you doesn’t do any good. You don’t listen to a word I
say, do you?”

“N-No, daddy,” I admitted. “I don’t c-care what you s-s-say. “

“Just like your mother,” daddy said and he seemed to think about that
for a moment.

“Is that what you want? To be a whore like your mother?
You think you can take her place?”

“Yessss…” I moaned loudly, feeling my heart skipping and I lifted my
head, daring to turn my eyes towards daddy’s face.

“Be your daddy’s wife?” he grunted. “You know what that means? No more
school. No more cheerleading or going to the mall with your slutty
friends. I’ll fucking tie you to the bed and **** your ass every day,

Is that what you want?”

“Y-Yes, daddy,” I swallowed thickly, nodding as I stared into his

“You’ll fuck my friends when I tell you to,” daddy promised me.
“You’ll suck cock when I say so, anytime, anywhere. If I tell you to
drink dog piss, you’ll fucking do it. “

“I w-want to do it, daddy,” I promised him.

“Prove it,” daddy said. “You want to be my wife so fucking bad? You
want to take your mother’s place in my bed? Get on your knees, slut.

I moved awkwardly, feeling stiff and broken, like my muscles had
forgotten how to work. But I did it as quickly as I could, getting off
daddy’s thighs with no help from him at all, getting on my knees
between his legs as he sat there in his chair watching me. I was hot
and soaked with sweat, my top askew and my breasts aching like they
were trying to grow-up all at once.

My nipples itched and burned, and
my tummy cramped painfully. But that was nothing compared to the fire
in my ass and thighs, the high of my orgasms and the joy of pain and
pleasure finally wearing thin.

“I gotta piss right now,” daddy told me. “Take out my cock and show me
how much you love me, cunt. “

I reached for his trousers with trembling fingers, undoing his button
and then his zipper, spreading daddy’s pants like a dark tablecloth so
that I could reach inside his underwear and free his cock and balls.

The cock that had made me almost fifteen years before was hot and
heavy in my small hands. He wasn’t hard though, not completely, and I
stared at the ruddy length of him, thick and warm, and smelling of
sweat and manly musk. I got goosebumps along my arms and I stared at
the smooth head of daddy’s cock, lighter in color than the heavily
veined shaft, and wet with precum from when he’d been whipping me.

“Hurry up, slut,” daddy said. “I don’t have all night. “

“Yes, daddy,” I whispered and I brought my lips to it, kissing the tip
of his penis and then opening my mouth as wide as I could.

“Not too much, stupid,” daddy slapped the side of my head gently and I
flushed with humiliation at his rebuke. “I want to piss, not cum.
Don’t spill a drop of it either.

“Mmphh…” I nodded with my eyes and made sure my lips were tight just
beneath the pronounced ridge of his cockhead. He was big too, even
though daddy’s cock was only sort of hard, it filled my hands and
mouth. I could feel it alive beneath my fingers and lips, pulsing with
a life all its own. I loved my daddy’s cock, worshipped the way it
dominated me so easily. I loved that thick piece of man meat the way
only a real slut can.

He let go of his bladder after a few seconds of waiting and my mouth
was suddenly filled with hot salty piss. The flood almost made me
panic, but I swallowed as fast as I could, drinking my daddy’s pee and
adding it to all the sperm I’d swallowed earlier. The taste was acrid,
a little sour maybe, or bitter, but it was my daddy and I didn’t care.
I drank him eagerly, loving him with my eyes while daddy stroked my
hair and smiled.

He knew it wasn’t easy to swallow all of his piss, he
had a lot of it, but I was doing it and I could see the pride in my
daddy’s face.

“Good little whore,” daddy said and he was helping me too, controlling
his bladder so that I could keep up. “Drink my piss, all of it. Show
me how much you love me, bitch. “

At the end, when all that was left were the quick little spurts when
daddy would squeeze his muscles, he took my head firmly in his big

“Now start sucking with that cunt mouth of yours,” daddy demanded and
even as I tried to get comfortable with a belly full of hot urine, he
was pulling my mouth down hard.

I gagged and almost threw-up, but I didn’t. I just kept my tongue out
of the way and my lips tight as daddy’s cock started to get bigger.
He’d had his piss and now he wanted to cum and his dick began to swell
quickly, the head jamming against the entrance to my throat as daddy
wanted me to take more and more of his lengthening cock.

“Open your throat, cocksucker,” daddy demanded. “Open it or I’ll fuck
your ass with my fist. “

“Ummphh…” I blinked rapidly at him, my eyes once again filling with
tears. I tried to open my throat, to find the muscles but my brain was
in a fever. I couldn’t breathe and all that pee in my tummy was
boiling and threatening to come back up. I was impaled on daddy’s fat
cock and I pushed uselessly against his legs with my hands, but he
ignored all of that.

“Ahhh…That’s it you, fucking slut,” daddy smiled as somehow, by way of
a miracle it seemed to me, my throat opened for him.

My daddy’s cock suddenly lunged completely into the too small opening
he’d found at the back of my mouth. My nose was pressed flat against
the thick nest of pubic hair above his cock and my chin found daddy’s
heavy cum-filled balls. My lips were stretched taut around the very
base of daddy’s cock and halfway to my tummy the head of his penis was
dripping precum to mix with everything else I’d swallowed that night.

“In and out, bitch,” daddy told me. “That’s what a wife is good for.
Get used to it. We’re going to be doing this every fucking day for the
rest of your miserable life. “

Daddy was the one doing all the work, lifting my head up and then
pulling me back down hard. He was fucking my throat and it hurt at
first. I hadn’t done that before, but I kept my eyes on his, showing
him that I loved it.

I loved him and I wanted to learn how to be a
good wife. This was all I was good for, I knew that, and so I wanted
to be the best at it. I was almost going to pass out, my lungs labored
and burned under my heaving breasts, but I didn’t care. I kept my
throat open and fucked daddy’s cock with my mouth the way he expected
me to.

“Yeah, see? Fuck, you’re the biggest slut, I ever saw,” daddy said.

“Eat it, bitch. Take it all, that’s it. That’s my good little
cocksucker. “

I was surprised to realize that daddy wasn’t holding my head anymore.
He’d let me go at some point and now it was all me. I was the one
forcing my mouth down around his cock, taking him into my open throat
over and over. I wasn’t pushing at his thighs anymore, I was pulling
at him, drawing myself down so I could fuck my daddy with my mouth.

wanted his sperm in my tummy. I wanted it mixed up with his piss and
spit and the cum from seven boys I didn’t even love.

I didn’t love anybody but my daddy and I’d always known that. Now I
was proving it. He didn’t say a word, didn’t warn me or anything when
daddy started cumming. It just happened all of a sudden, with his cock
stuffed balls deep in my throat.

He was shooting into my belly and
before I could understand that, I’d started pulling back so that he
was cumming in my mouth and I blinked and jerked and had to swallow
fast and hard.

Daddy was cumming a lot and it was warm and thick, not watery like
some of those boys I’d sucked off. This was rich, manly sperm. The
stuff that had made me and I washed my tongue all around daddy’s
cockhead even as he spurted against it.

I savored the snotty texture
and the salty flavor that made my mouth water in response. The creamy
spend was a balm as it slid down my bruised throat, soothing and
comforting while I nursed on my daddy’s prick like a baby on a

“You like that, huh?” daddy asked me with a gentle voice and I refused
to let his cock go.

“Umphh-hmphh,” I agreed, washing his dick clean with my tongue,
tickling his piss hole and trying to get the last drops that might be
hiding inside.

“Yeah, my little fuck face, that’s what you are,” daddy decided. “I
might have to change your name. Fuckface, you like that name?”

“Mmphh,” I nodded slowly, working my lips back and forth, wanting to
get my daddy hard again.

“You need a cock in your pussy now, don’t you fuckface?” daddy
chuckled. “You want your daddy to put a baby in your belly?”

“Yesss…” I breathed, pulling my mouth away just for that and I held
him in my hands, rubbing daddy’s dick all over my face.

“A little girl to take your place when she’s old enough?” daddy
suggested and I shivered at his words. “Gonna give me a daughter to
love the way I love you, fuckface?”

“Oh, daddy,” I sighed, pressing my lips to his balls, kissing and
licking at them as his cock began to grow strong for me again.

“The way I loved your mother?” daddy continued. “Is that what you
want, fuckface?”

“Yes, daddy,” I agreed breathlessly.

“A little girl. I want to have a
girl for you. “

“I’ll fuck her holes,” daddy promised. “Right in front of you. I’ll
make you watch when I make her bleed. “

“I know, daddy,” I licked along the underside of his cock and kissed
the head.

“She’s gonna be a slut, a little whore just like her mother,” daddy
predicted. “Just like her grandmother. She’ll fuck every cock she can
find, I guarantee it.

You’re all the same. “

“Yeah, daddy. We are,” I gasped, taking my daddy’s cock into my mouth
once again and he was almost there, almost ready to fuck me good.

“I’m cursed with daughters. With little sluts and whores like their
mothers,” daddy sighed. “I thought you were gonna be different,
fuckface. “

“Mpphhh…” I shook my head because I was the biggest slut of them all
and we both knew it.

“Stop flirting with my dick and get your cunt around it, fuckface,”
daddy said, pushing me away. “Show me how good that mouth between your
legs can suck. “

“Yes, daddy,” I said with a wet smack of my lips. “I’m sorry, daddy. “

“Hurry up,” he said. “That’s your other problem, fuckface. You talk
too much. “

“Yes…Oh…” I bit my lip and my face burned as daddy just shook his

I stood up on rubbery legs, feeling my tummy bloated now. I was too
full and it felt like I’d drank a gallon of daddy’s piss and cum. I
was feeling the need to pee myself, but I knew I’d have to hold it. I
had to love my daddy first and fuck his cock the way he wanted me to.
I was his wife now, his child-bride, and the idea that we were going
to consummate our love drove my heart wildly until I thought it would

I was going to do it. Finally, after so many years of trying to
seduce my daddy, I’d found the key.

It had taken me several months to prove to the man that I was a real
slut. That I was a hopeless slave to cock and cum. I had to show him
over and over that I had no respect for myself, or his silly rules, or
anything but my desire to be used like the whore I was.

I’d snuck out
a dozen times, two dozen, and fucked every cock I could find. I’d let
him catch me and punish me and call me names, knowing that one day I
would push him just a little too hard, a little too far. I was his
little whore. His slut. His bitch. His little fuckface and now I was
my daddy’s wife.

I’d give him a daughter too, just like I’d promised.

A girl we could
love and teach and grow into a slut just like me. I’d teach her just
like my mommy had taught me, knowing that someday my daughter would
take my place in her daddy’s bed. With her tight little cunt wrapped
lovingly around his big cock. And I’d watch, God yes! I’d be on the
floor with a fat buttplug up my ass and a vibrator stuffed deep in my

I’d have my mouth gagged with pissy cum stained panties and my
hands and feet would be bound beneath and behind me. All I’d be able
to do was watch and cum and cry as my daughter took my place.

I smiled at my mommy when I turned around, seeing her eyes all big and
wet with tears. She was cumming for me; struggling weakly against the
ropes that daddy had used to tie her down with.

Mommy was staring at
us while I stood between her husband’s…No, I stood between my
husband’s legs, my back to him as I bent over and brought my horny
cunt to his eager cock. Daddy just waited patiently, smiling and
nodding; he could see mommy too and he’d gotten her ready just for
this. I brought my hole closer and lower, reaching between my legs to
guide daddy’s fat prick into my well-fucked cum hole.

This was what
I’d been bred for all along and it had only been a matter of time.

“Sorry mommy,” I giggled and made a little kissy face just before
daddy’s cock pushed between the folds of my eager little pussy. The
sensation made me shudder with pleasure and a deep sigh escaped my
trembling lips. “Ahmmm…Yeah, he’s my husband now,” I told her and
then daddy fucked me the way a husband should.


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