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Aunty Cathy

The movie was Private Teacher This one is one of my all time faves. The other woman in the striped dress reminded me of my first sexual encounter with my aunty. Her name is aunty Cathy, and she’s like my 3rd cousin. I was 16, and she was 28. She would always sit and watch porn with us at my friends house when she used to live with them. One night when I was 16 I delivered some food from a luau to their house.

As I walked to the back part of the house I heard someone watching a movie, a low and behold it was this one “Private Teacher”. Aunty was laying down on her bed touching herself. What made this situation more intense was that I use to watch her water the yard in her purple & white 1 peice swimsuit, and jerk off. I could be watching porn at the time, but when she came out, fuck I just wanted to see her.

I would get so aroused from watching her, and say fuck the porn. That night when I delivered the food, my cock was so hard watching her that I wanted to start stroking, but it was too good. I just watched her touch herself, undress, and touch herself again. No blemishes on her beautiful body, just beautiful Hawaiian Heat. Before this I never suffered from pre cum drips, but that night was so unbelieveable that I was dripping all over my shorts, and I didn’t even grab my cock.

So I walked back to the side of the house, and knocked on the wall. She asked who it was, and I replied, so I could hear her get off of the bed, as she told me she’ll be right out. When she came outside she was sweating, and I nearly dropped the damn food as I saw her glistening in the moonlight still sweating. I asked where she wanted the food as she just pointed to her room.

I took it there then I noticed the VCR was still running but the TV was off. Then as I heard her door close her air con turned on. My dick was so hard from watching her as my pre cum streamed down my thigh. She came up to me, and asked if I had to go home, so I answered no. Her body was sweating, but sweet. I have never experienced or seen a squirter before, but since then I have search for it, and tried to make other women cum like that, but they were either too scared, or just freaking didn’t know how to move, breathe, and relax.

Aunty came so hard, and squirted all over that I just couldn’t hold it, but she made sure that I saved it for her. She sucked, and paused because she knew I was ready but she waited, and when I couldn’t hold it much longer I was ready to burst. She was riding me, and I just wanted to smell her so I pulled her close as I released my cum in her. She moaned, and when I was shooting I just felt like it would never stop as she pulled it out I was still exploding, and she stroked it all over her breast rubbing my purple head on her nipples just gentle enough to feel just right.

The reason why I came that way, and I believed that it was because she knew where to touch me. It was beautiful, and I will never forget it. I have tried to duplicate it in my future sexual experiences, but have never been able too. The first time is the best, if it’s with the right person, and Aunty Cathy was that person. I still think about her, and when we see each other, she kisses me on the mouth.

A couple of times she slipped me her the tongue, lol. One day we were cooking at my other aunty’s house in not too long after, and everyone went to the beach, and we stayed home to cook. She ran into my uncle’s room, and turned on his porn, same movie, she called me to the room. When I got in there I didn’t see her as the door closed behind me she locked it, pushed me on the bed, and started to suck me.

I was 17 then, but damn, I came like so fast, with the movie running and her sucking, shit I couldn’t hold it. Again I came, but this time in her mouth, and on her beautiful tits. She was hot.

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