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At the wedding

Somehow i had gotten myself roped into being an usher at my aunts friends , daughters wedding.
On the upside i managed to get to go to the stag party the night before. Although still just s*******n and after multiple promises to many people about staying on soft drinks. I found if i stuck my finger in them first and they weren’t solid. I considdered them soft. Beer vodka and gin later i found that i was very relaxed over a table and had to be taken home.

The groom terrifed of getting into trouble dumped me in the spare bed in his mothers house. Though i have no memory of getting there or throwing up all over myself.
When i came to i found that i was lying on a well carpeted floor. Naked and with a woman in curlers wearing a pink satin housecoat and holding a cup of tea staring at me. Stil half cut i wobbled to my feet and tried to think of something to say.

So i introduced myself and extended my hand. The woman seemed quite entertained by his and placed the cup of tea on the bedside cabinet and instead of shaking my hand shook my erection which i hadn’t been aware of having.
Smugly she pushed me gently back onto the bed. “Now that you have introduced your self i think i better deal with this first”. She said as she gently held my hardon.

I didn’t feel a need to refuse and she reached into the pocket of her housecoat and produced a small pink lace handkerchief. That she w****d over my stiffy and quite matter of factly started to wank me. The feel of the soft cotton over my cock and the lace rubbing at the base wit every stroke had me spurting in close to 30 seconds. With one of the best orgasms i have ever had.

I soaked the hanky which she tucked up her sleave and reached over to the bed and retreived a small white embroidered hanky from under one of the pillows. She used it to clean the drips from my softening cock.
“There now. Thats better. Diddn’t want you cumming in or over my bed now did we?”. Thats when i realised that i wasn’t in the spare bedroom. Then with some horror i half remembered someone helping me to the toilet for a pee and holding my cock for me while i tried to hold myself upright and not to sway too much.

Seems i staggerd back to the wrong bedroom , threw myself on the bed bounced off and passed out on the floor.
Things were coming back to me and i was wishing they would stay away Smiling she patted mt on the thigh and gave my now vert shriveled cock a squeeze and laughed. “Don’t worry we’re all young once. The mattress on the spare bed will clean”.
“Did i throw up on the bed as well”.

I asked cringing.
“No you wet the bed. Thats why i took you to the toilet”. She tusseld my hair while i groaned and hid my face in my hands in utter humiliation. ” Drink your tea and get a shower. You’ll feel better then” she said as she walked out the door.
I was just about to get in the shower when i heard her shout up from somewhere down stairs that she had cleaned up my clothes as best she could in short time and there was a taxi booked for me in an hour to get me home and ready for the wedding.

She was off to the beauticians and would i let myself out and make sure i closed the front door properly.

The rest to follow.

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