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At a Concert

“Nice ass, baby!”


You turn around to look, and there they are: four guys about your age, standing around smoking and drinking from a metal flask. One of them, a well-built man with a large hooked nose, looks you in the eye and licks his lips.

You don’t really know whether to be outraged or flattered. You decide on a little of both, shoot them a smoldering look of “come hither boys”, then turn around, shaking the mass of your shoulder-length brown hair, and walk away, with just a little more bounce in your step, a little more sway in your walk.

Your ass bounces a bit as you enter the building, already filling with other people who came to see your favorite band perform live on stage. You waited long weeks for this — they don’t come to your town often. You give yourself a quick check-over in one of the mirrors on the wall.

You are wearing a short lilac dress with short sleeves and a deep neckline. Your boobs aren’t very big for your frame, although they would look large on a thinner girl, but the dress gives you a very nice cleavage and you like it.

The hemline is just above your knee, exposing your round calves — no pantyhose, not with this dress and not in this weather — and there is a beautiful silvery belt around your waist, hugging it tightly, putting a lot of emphasis on your hips and ass — your large, round, fat ass and wide hips that strain against the thin fabric of your dress. It’s a good thing you are wearing a thong, otherwise there would definitely be pantie lines visible.

You give your full pink lips a quick touch with glossy lipstick, and head over close to the stage. The band is finishing their set-up, and the music is about to start. After the first couple of songs you feel like you want to dance — the floor is crowded but not that crowded. You feel good. You toss your head, shake your hair, thrust your chest forward and start moving to the beat.

A skinny blonde nearby gives you a dirty look — “look at the fat girl dancing by herself!” but you decide to ignore her. You feel good. The music and your dancing starts to excite you a little bit, and for a brief moment you regret coming here without a date. But you don’t let yourself dwell on it: you move to the beat, and you shake your hips, and the music makes you think of sexy things and you smile.

You feel someone’s hands on your waist, and you see one of the guys who whooped at you before the concert. He smiles at you and starts moving with the music too. You smile back and move your hair out of your face. Suddenly somebody else grabs your waist from behind. You whirl around and there’s another of the guys grinning down at you — he must be a foot taller than you.

You smile at him too. “Look at the fat girl now, dancing with two hot guys” you think, and bite your lip a little, getting a little more excited.

The music starts to get faster and louder: your favorite song is coming on. You smile at the first guy and lick your lips at him. His hands stroke your sides, while the tall guy is rubbing your shoulders. Another hand grabs and squeezes your upper arm, and you realize that all four of the men you met outside are around you, crowding you between them.

One of them grabs you around the waist and presses his crotch against your soft ass. You can feel the hard bulge of his erection. The tall guy’s chest is in front of you, and his erection is rubbing against your belly. And their hands are all around you, stroking, squeezing and rubbing your hips, your butt, your back and your arms. They start passing you to each other, so every one of them can rub against your ass and belly, and even your pussy mound, when you thrust your hips forward.

And you do thrust your hips – these guys are hot, and the music is loud and exciting. You realize that your panties are soaking wet.

When one of them grabs your breasts, you want to draw the line, but are way too turned on to think coherently. You twist around, trying to shield your tits, and find yourself face to face with a round-faced blond man, who lays a finger first across his lips, then across yours, urging you to silence.

At that same moment the tall guy pins your arms behind you, somebody else grabs the edge of your dress, and the fourth man, kneeling down in front of you, hugs your knees and slides his hands up your naked legs under your dress, in one fluid motion, hooking your panties with his fingers and facefully pulling them down. A moment later they release you, and everything is the way it’s used to be, except the fourth man — a fairly short fellow in a white T-shirt, with a gold chain and a mustache — has your panties.

You are outraged, but as you open your mouth to tell the guy that this is completely out of line, he steps quickly forward, puts his hand on the back of your head and kisses you on the parted lips, thrusting his tongue deep into your mouth. His breath smells of spicy rum. His other hand darts down and grabs your pussy through the dress. Your mound is soft like a juicy ripe fruit in his hand, and you realize that you are so wet by now that you are going to have a big wet spot on the front of your dress.

You grind your hips against his hand, not caring about anything anymore.

The kiss is over, and you come up for air, gasping. The tall guy grabs your hair at the back of your neck and pulls, making you tilt your head back. He bends down and licks your exposed neck from your shoulder to your ear, while Mustache is still groping and squeezing your fat pussy mound.

“You are going to come with us,” – Tall whispers into your ear, – “we are going to fuck you, and you are going to do anything we want.

“Yes,” – you moan, as the men’s hands keep roaming over your body, squeezing your boobs, pinching your nipples and groping your large soft buttocks, – “yes…”

The realization that you have just given yourself to these four strangers to do whatever they please to your soft young body fills you with equal parts dread and excitement; your knees are weakening and you almost orgasm right there and then.

Tall takes you by the hand and leads you somewhere closer to the stage and to the left.

Mustache, Blondy and Nose follow closely, each keeping a hand on your body. You don’t really see where you are going, but soon you are in a small room somewhere backstage. It’s dimly lit, but you can make out some old equipment in the corner, a couple of office chairs and an empty desk closer to one wall. The music is just as loud here, if not louder.

You lean against a wall to catch your breath, and the men stand before you in a semicircle, grinning like wolves looking at their prey.

They step closer, unzipping their jeans, taking their dicks out. Mustache grabs you by the elbow and pulls you towards the center of the room, where he makes you get down on your knees. Blondy and Nose each grab one of your hands and hold them so your arms are spread open. Tall steps up to you, dangling his dick in front of your face. Mustache kneels on the floor behind you and starts fiddling with the zipper on your dress.

You are completely helpless, you could not struggle even if you wanted to. When Tall’s dick brushes your pink lips, you open your mouth and start sucking him. He starts moving his hips, fucking your mouth — if his dick were any longer, you would choke, but thankfully it is not too big.

After a minute, Tall pulls his cock out of your mouth, and switches places with Nose, whose cock is longer and harder.

By that time your dress is undone on the back, your belt is unfastened, and your bra is off — Mustache knows what he’s doing.

The men rotate again, and you are sucking Blondy’s monster cock — it’s about the size of a can of Coke, you can’t really open your mouth that wide. Again, and Mustache is fucking the back of your throat aggressively, making you gag on his big dick.

They release you, and you realize that only one song has played — the whole thing only took about three minutes, but it seemed oh so much longer. You sit back, breathing heavily. Your pussy is so wet you are afraid that it is going to drip on the carpet.

“I wanna go first,” – says Blondy, – “I wanna fuck her now. ”

He pulls your dress down and starts squeezing your naked breasts, pushing you onto your back.

The skirt of your dress hikes up, exposing your fat thighs.

“You’ll just stretch her out, elephant man,” – says Tall, pulling Blondy away from you, – “hold your horses. “

They start arguing, but you can’t hear them because another song starts playing. You lift your hips and take your dress off so it does not get in the way.

As Tall and Blondy argue, Nose and Mustache get on both sides of you.

Nose slaps your thigh and you open your legs for him, he kneels down between your legs and starts slapping your soaking pussy with his dick. Mustache leans over you and starts sucking and nibbling on your nipples. You moan and squirm, and move your hips. Music fills your ears, and the need to get fucked fills your whole body. Your pussy is aching for a cock, and finally Nose decides to have mercy on you; he stops slapping his long hard dick against your pussy and shoves it all the way in, so you cry out from sharp sudden pleasure.

Mustache is kneeling down next to your head and his dick touches your lips. You open your mouth obediently and start sucking on it.

The men switch places, and Mustache starts fucking you, harder and faster, so all of your soft body jiggles. Nose plays with your breasts as you hold his dick in your mouth, squeezing them, rubbing and pinching your pink nipples. You moan louder as your whole body shudders in an orgasm.

Suddenly there are no dicks in your mouth or pussy, and you are pulled up and made to stand on your hands and knees, so your soft belly hangs down. Blondy’s huge dick head brushes against your lips and you start licking and kissing it. You feel large hands grab onto your hips and Tall’s cock enters your pussy from behind, as you try to open your mouth wide enough for Blondy.

Tall pulls your hair as he fucks you, with steady firm strokes. Both Mustache and Nose are standing on their knees on both sides of you, rubbing their dicks against the soft skin of your sides and belly.

“Always wanted to fuck a fat girl’s fat,” – you hear Nose saying, as you feel his hand lifting your belly so he can rub his dick on it. The realization that you are getting fucked by four strange men at the same time is too much for you and you cum again with a long plaintive cry.

You hear Tall’s grunting behind you, his pulsing dick leaves your swollen pussy and you feel a hot splat on your back.

“Oh fuck,” – he says, – “she just creamed on my dick, oh fuck it feels good. “

“Let me try,” – Blondy stands up and replaces Tall behind you. His monster dick parts your pussy lips and slowly enters you, stretching your tight pink pussy. You gasp and shudder, but you are so wet that the dick slides in all the way, making you moan and whimper with new sensations.

Nose comes around and lies down on his back in front of you with his dick sticking up. He grabs your hair and lowers your head to his dick, forcing you to bend lower and stick your ass higher. Blondy starts slapping your ass as he is fucking you from behind. You slurp at Nose’s dick, moaning into it.

After some time, Blondy stops fucking you and Mustache immediately takes his place: you are quite loose after Blondy, but Mustache’s dick is big enough not to pose a problem.

It slides into your pussy easily, and starts sending waves of pleasure down your body.

“I am gonna cum,” – says Nose, and rises to his knees, jerking his dick in your face. You open your mouth and stick out your tongue, and a thick, salty splash of cum hits your face, then another, then another. You catch it on your tongue and swallow it all. Mustache is fucking you even harder, and soon he explodes inside of you.

The two men lift you up, and lead you towards Tall, who sits in the chair. You come close, so his long legs hook behind yours, and his hands rest on your butt. He is almost as tall sitting as you are standing. The band starts to play a slow, gentle song.

“Time to try out that asshole”, – Tall tells you as his fingers part your soft ass-cheeks and invade your crack, – “who wants that asshole?”

You hear Blondy’s predatory chuckle behind you, and squeal in horror.

There is absolutely no way your ass can survive that cock.

“Please no,” – you whimper, – “please, please, please no, please don’t fuck me in the ass, I will be a good girl, I’ll do whatever else you want, just don’t fuck me in the ass, please please fuck me in my pussy some more instead…”

You kneel between Tall’s legs and hug his knees, looking up at him, pleading and begging.

He strokes your hair and face, very gently, very lovingly, as he signals to Blondy with a jerk of his head. Blondy gets behind you and you feel the thick head of his dick rubbing between your asscheeks.

“Good girl,” – says Tall, caressing your face, neck and shoulders, – “good girl. We are going to let it slide this time. “

Blondy’s dick touches your asshole for a moment, making you yelp, but moves on and slides into your pussy again.

He begins to fuck you hard and fast, slapping your thighs and pulling your hair, as Tall continues to be very gentle to your face and neck, just touching them lightly with his fingertips. The combination is too much to you and you cum again… and again when Blondy’s thick dick starts pulsing and throbbing inside of you as he unloads a huge blast into your pussy.

After this it is all a blur.

You on your side, on your back, on your hands and knees… your head held between Nose’s thighs, his dick in your mouth, and Tall pounding you from behind… There’s nothing but music in your ears, hungry cocks in your mouth and pussy, and hands, strong male hands, touching you, squeezing your back fat, your upper arms, your pussy mound, your ass, your thighs, your tits, your belly rolls, pinching, probing, grabbing, stroking, caressing and slapping in turns or all at once.

Orgasm after orgasm is tearing into you, and you moan and whimper, and scream from the unendurable pleasure.

Some time passes, you don’t know how much, but you find yourself sitting in the chair with your legs spread apart, and Tall looking you in the face. His hand is in between your legs, his thumb lightly massaging your clit.

“When you say ‘no'” — he tells you; – “I’ll take my hand away.


“Yes,” – you say.

“You just fucked four men you don’t know. ” – says he as his finger slides deep into your tired pussy and his thumb presses on your clit.

You gasp and nod your head yes.

“You are our submissive slut, and we can do whatever we want to you,” – he continues, – and you like it, you enjoy it, because you enjoy being submissive to strong men.

His finger seems unnaturally long and flexible, you feel that he is reaching and touching places inside you that never been touched by anybody before. You feel a creeping sense of pleasure as you nod your head again.

“If we want to fuck you in the ass, we are going to fuck you in the ass, and you will let us, and you will ask us all to fuck you in the ass, because we own you, and because this is our desire,” – he talks hypnotically as he caresses the inside of your pussy, and, it seems, the inside of your whole being.

You start to shiver and shake, and you hear yourself letting out a hoarse “yes”.

“We are going to open that door, and we are going to bring in all the men from the concert, and we are going to let them fuck you,” – he says, looking into your slightly unfocused eyes, – “and you are going to spread your legs for all of them because we tell you so and because it is our desire to see our slut fucked by several hundred men, and you are going to beg us to do it.

The feeling of slowly building pleasure is so torturously sweet that you cannot let anything interfere with it, you would not survive if he takes his hand away. You say “yes” one more time, and a flicker of your owner’s finger releases such a powerful f***e inside you that you can’t even scream. Your whole body buckles and shudders, and everything starts wheeling round and round, and then everything goes dark.


You open your eyes and find yourself alone in the room.

Your clothes and purse are next to you. The concert is over and you hear people talking as they are starting to pile out. You dress in a hurry, use the mirror on the wall to fix your hair and apply some lipstick, and run out, hoping and praying that nobody notices what a mess you look.

You drive home, take a shower, washing the dried cum off your body, and spend all Sunday in bed — your every muscle is sore from being manhandled by four men for three hours straight.

When you open your purse, you find a card with a phone number on it. For many months afterwards, you sit on the edge of your bed, with the phone in your hand, looking at that number and playing with your pussy, giving yourself an orgasm after an orgasm, but never daring to call. Never daring to call.

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