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Apprentice Plumber

It’d been building for months. No one in the company knew, if they found
out the law says they can’t sack us but I’d be outta there regardless. It
was one of the biggest plumbing companies in the Eastern suburbs, the boss
had always been good to me and they were gonna keep me on when my
apprenticeship finished the following year so I had no intention of fucking
it up somehow. One of the other apprentices, this guy called Wayne Ravech
was like me in that we liked the job and the company.

I haven’t had much sex, the kind I like anyway, that is sex with guys but
this guy Wayne had had heaps, with woman that is. In fact when I first met
him when we both started our jobs I thought he was a dick head as nearly
every time I saw him back at the office he was talking about sex. Now that
sortta thing is part of the trade, it doesn’t bother me coming from most
guys but this Wayne guy never shut up, I never knew the woman he used to
talk about but they woulda killed him if they knew some of the shit he used
to talk about during morning breaks and stuff.

Obviously no one knew I
liked guys and I wasn’t gonna tell anyone but another thing I liked about
this company was that you didn’t need to crap on about what a great screw
you were with woman for people to like or respect you. I knew even some of
the other qualified plumbers in the place knew Wayne was a dick head.

Anyway, over the course of the four year apprenticeship I got to know Wayne
better, we didn’t know each other real well but we did have this bond for
no other reason than the company took us on at the same time.

I don’t know
how Wayne guessed about me as he only ever talked about his own sex life
but in our last year he started to really up the sexual innuendo and sex
talk when just me and him were together. At first I thought it was weird
that he was 23 and still kinda talking like a school boy about sex and here
I was a year younger and I never mentioned it.

On the jobs where we had to
work together he often squatted down in a place where he knew I’d see his
ass crack showing out the top of his trousers and in tight places he had no
hesitation in working real close to me. At times it was hard to stay soft.
In hindsight I know what he was on about but at the time I didn’t know if
he was taking the piss or what.

For obvious reasons I never talked about
my sex life and I assumed that’s why he was always trying to figure me out.

He was a good looking guy as far as my taste went. He would of been close
to 6 foot tall with short dark hair and from the look of his overalls a
fairly decent looking body. Not one of those lame gym toned bodies either
it was more to do with the hard manual work we had to do.

He did have this
smart ass kinda look on his face most of the time. I did like the lewd
kinda smirk that he got when he talked about tits and rooting.

I admit that I didn’t have that kind of easy sexual side that Wayne had but
I wasn’t altogether ugly or anything. I was a little taller but body wise
I was similar although not as hairy as I guessed he was.

I looked good,
when I smiled I did look a little goofy but the only thing I wasn’t too
happy about was my hair, it tended to grow real wavy so I had to keep it
cropped short.

I got no problems about what I like either. I don’t make a big deal about
liking guys at work because it’s got nothing to do with the plumbing trade
but outta work, like I say I haven’t had a lot of sex but I do get it.

From this story you’ll see when I’m pushed (cornered) I’m not that shy.

Like I said it’d been building for months. Wayne always used to get an
even bigger smirk on his face when he looked at me as he talked about where
his dick had been on weekends and so by the time he began to make a point
of adjusting his crotch in front of me and then one time letting his
overalls ride down his ass so much only an idiot wouldn’t of seen the top
of his ass crack I knew damn well he was making no secret of being flirty.

I couldn’t figure out what the reason was behind all this shit of his but
it was when we both got the apprentice of the year and had to go to an
awards night that I found out.

The good thing about awards night was we got to stay the night in the
centres hotel and all meals were paid for and you got use of the games
room, in house video’s the lot.

The only drawback about our company was
that they were cheap when it came to these award things, as two apprentices
from the company had won an award they booked two rooms but seeing as our
supervisor liked any bonus he could get his hand on he wangled it so he and
his wife could accompany us so me and Wayne had to share one room with two
single beds.


The awards night went until 10 but the bar was open till twelve so me and
Wayne hung in there right until closing.

I was pretty d***k by 12, usually
I only drink beer or maybe cider but on this night Wayne kinda insisted I
share one round of tequila slammers. When I look back on that night now I
realize ol’ Wayne must of been planning something anyway, I assumed he’d be
off trying to score with one of the woman in the place but we ended up
sticking together pretty much and I kept having to adjust the erection in
my pants as he was playfully kinda grabbing at me all night.

At the time I
thought it was the alcohol that caused Wayne to be leaning real close to
me, in my d***ken haze I guessed it was just him being flirtatious for no
other reason than he liked the attention.

Closer to 12 it all got pretty loud and outta control – it was a good
night. Wayne was a laugh – he’s a dick head but a funny one when loaded.

Anyhow, it was well past 1 when we headed for our room. We sussed out who
was having what bed earlier in the day so we both kinda fell down onto them
as soon as the door was shut. Wayne was jumpin’ around the room like an
idiot and tryin’ these lame ass wrestling things on me. I moved away and
took off my clothes and dropped down onto my bed in my boxers.

I turned
and faced the wall for the main reason that my cock had started to get abit
stiff from some of his playful grabs and I didn’t want Wayne seeing it
also, I knew when he stripped down to whatever he was wearing I had to be
careful not to lose it and let the alcohol and my horniess take control.

I could hear Wayne getting undressed, for the first time all night he’d
gone abit quite, I heard his clothes being chucked onto one of the chairs
in the room.

I stared at the wall and tried to think of things that’d make
my cock go down but I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind of sucking
Waynes dick. I knew he was straight and I knew all that flirtatious shit
was because he thought he was good and just liked attention – he didn’t
give off that vibe of liking guys. I was only 22 but I could pick that
sortta thing.

I then heard Wayne in the bathroom and when the shower started I thought
maybe I should quickly jerk off to get rid of the erection that wasn’t
budging, I knew I shoulda done it but at the time something was telling me
to hold on. Keep it hard. Nothing was gonna happen but man, Wayne was
acting weird tonight, acting real close like we were these great friends or

The shower stopped and with my face turned to the middle of the room I
waited for Wayne to come back in.

Sure enough still wet from the shower he
walked back in the room, a towel wrapped around his waste. The only lights
on were our bedside lamps but I could easily make out the amused smirk on
his face.

“What are you hidin’?” Wayne said with a dirty grin. The shock of being
caught only seemed to make my cock harder. He knew what was up, with the
way my head was turned towards him but my body was still facing the wall it
was clear I had something I didn’t want him to see.

“Nothing” I mumbled trying to match the leer he had in his voice but just
sounding embarrassed.

Wayne then opened the front of his towel to reveal his soft circumcised
cock, all I could think of was the way it was the perfect size to suck but
seeing as it wasn’t even a little hard I guessed he was just planning to
get dressed for bed. I started to get worried when he reached down to his
cock and grabbing the soft meat in his hand started to wag it up and down.

“You like this do ya’. You like my dick?”

He was onto me for sure. If it was getting hard I woulda kept looking but
it wasn’t, it stayed soft as he waived it up and down. I turned back to
the wall and pretended like I wasn’t interested. Then it happened.

Wayne came over and dropped down onto my bed. The smell of soap pulsated
from his body as he moved closer to me.

I didn’t turn around but I felt
the definite pressure as he pushed his soft cock into my ass cheeks.
Slowly writhing his crotch against me I started to feel it firming up
against me. I reached back and pushed my hand hard against the hairy wet
mounds of his ass cheeks, as I pushed my ass back into his slowly bucking

He cock then got really hard and pushed iron like into my boxer shorts, he
started to pull at the waistband and so lifting my hips I helped him wrench
them down to my shins then his hard cock resumed it’s slow and steady

When his cock was pulled from my ass cheeks I reached down and
started to slowly pump at my shaft when his fingers started to feel gently
around my ass crack. They’re not hairy like his on the cheeks but with
warm breath on my ear he mumbled “you got a hairy crack” – he voice sounded
almost surprised seeing as most of my body is smooth but he had no shame in
running his fingers deep into the crevice between my ass cheeks.

“Whatya you wanna do with me” he said croakily into the quite warm air.

Realizing we’d crossed into my territory now I wasn’t gonna hold back.
This is what I knew and I was gonna make him see it.

Kneeling up on the bed I showed him how hard I was – one thing I got is a
big dick, I’ve never mentioned it but from seeing porno and other guys I
know I’ve got a big one – pumping slow at my cock I loved the way his face
was a mixture of surprise and horniness as he saw my rock hard cut shaft
jut from my fist.

He began to slowly pump at his own cock and take in the
sight. This is what I like. After some work from his fist his was real
erect but I knew he was impressed by the size of mine – his eyes were
shining with lust.

Leaning over his body I got my lips an inch from his cock before slowly
pushing my tongue onto the tip. With a groan his hips rose up pushing his
cock head hard against my lips.

Opening wide I took the plumber apprentice
of the years cock deep into my mouth, his head writhed back as his shaft
sunk deep into my mouth. Sucking hard the outline of his cock head showed
clear against my sucking cheeks.

As the spit on his shaft started to slather against my face with every bob
of my head I was in pure horniness as my nose nuzzled hard into his warm
prickly pubic hair with each thrust down of my face.

He began to raise his hairy firm legs in the air, his heavy thighs pushed
against my chest as he groaned loudly, scooting down between his legs I
watched those heavy plumbers legs lift higher until his whole body invited
me. He wanted to be fucked, he wanted to be the whore he so often looked
for. With his legs raised he grasped at his own ass cheeks and slowly
pulled them apart until the dark, hairy mass of his crack spread before me.

The smell of soap and a mans ass drifted up to my nose.

With a hand on each leg I pushed them higher and wider apart, bucking his
hips towards me and desperately clawing at his own ass cheeks I finally saw
it, amongst the hair there it was, puckering and pink his small eager ass
hole. The word ‘cunt’ filled my head, in a slow whisper I said it loud,
“your cunt….

you want this?”

“Oh yeah, fuck my cunt, fuckin’ dick me”

This was hot. The same ass I’d watched for years encased in overalls. The
same ass that warmed the seat of the trucks on those cold mornings. The
same ass that squatted on the porta toilets on building sites was twitching
below me. The heavy hairy legs felt warm to my touch as I rubbed hard
against them with my hands raised high in the air to keep those legs open.

With almost amusement I thought of how it’d be if those other guys at work
could see this. Those legs that never crossed, those heavy workman’s legs
raised high above my head. Lowering my face closer to the 23 year old
apprentice of the years ass I breathed deep with satisfaction and triumph,
all that flirting, all that fuckin bullshit about being the stud of fuck
and here he was lying on my bed, legs spread, his calloused thick fingers
wrenching his own ass cheeks apart.

Sticking out my tongue I dove into the hairy mass, black ass hair sc****d
on my face as I poked my tongue deep between his cheeks, searching fast for
the hole – that twitching eager hole. With a wild buck of his head I knew
I was close, with a final thrust of my tongue I hit him square on the bud.
Moist, clean ass lips clamped onto my tongue tip as I pistoned into his

The tang of the day, the work and a dump he’d taken that morning
covered my tongue as the smell of soap and musky ass filled my head till it
was swimming with lust. His writhing bucking hips pushed hard onto my
face, the clammy sweaty ass cheeks hugged my face cheeks until the smell of
a mans ass was all I could breath and all I could taste.

Raising my head I took in the sight of his balls, already they were tight
and pulling into his body, black hair stuck fast against the wrinkled skin.

From behind the pounding fist I could see Waynes head rolling on the
pillow, his lips parted in a throaty gasp as I lapped wide and hot on the
underside of his balls. He was ready.

Standing at the foot of my bed I grabbed Waynes hips and fucked him over,
with lust filled strength I soon had him on his hands and knees, that hot
firm ass sticking up in the air begging for it.

Rubbing at the hairy,
clammy cheeks I dug by fingers deep into his trench with every swoop of my

With his head raised and facing the wall Wayne moaned and lewdly stuck his
ass out further towards me.

“Fuck my ass…. oh man fuck me…”

Grabbing an ass cheek painfully in one hand I pushed it hard until his
crack opened wide, before he had time to think I sucked quickly on one of
my fingers and rammed it deep up his chute.

The warm smooth ass muscles
gripped hard onto my finger as I pumped it up into his body. With a huck
and a spit I shot saliva onto a second finger and with a quick pump I soon
had two fingers ramming up his ass, Waynes head shot up in fuckin ecstasy.
He really wanted this – he wanted to be one of those bitches he fucked on
Saturday nights! Twisting them wildly until the ass sweat began to build I
leaned down close to his ass then working up saliva spat time and time
again onto that hot hole until it shone with a slimy coat of spit.

my fingers from his hole I inhaled deep to savor the just right smell of my
coworkers ass, getting up more spit I let it dribble onto my iron like cock
before massaging it onto the shaft until it was a primed piece of wood that
was gonna rip in this ass.

After a couple of bad aims I felt his puckered hole kiss the tip of my
dick, grabbing onto his hips with one hand and guiding my cock with the
other I pushed slowly into his ass, the ring began to widen easily and
quickly at the violation.

He was gonna take it. As I watched half the
head of my cock sink into the bubbling spit covered hole I leant forward
and grabbing at the skin in the middle of his back and began to sink my
body into his. Wayne let out an almost feminine gasp as his ring expanded
to take in the head of my cock, then when I felt his ass lips grip tight on
my shaft I knew I was in.

In one fast and furious thrust I sent my shaft a good four inches up into
his bowels. Wayne let out a groan that filled the fucking room, pushing
hard again I got another couple of inches up there. I felt the tip of my
cock hit hard against the walls of his bowels, shit free and violently they
squeezed hard onto me pounding rock hard cock.

As he writhed his hips into the right position to get the maximum amount of
cock up there I soon felt Wayne swaying his hips to feel the full effect of
the fuck.

He was pounding hard on his cock. I grabbed either side of his
hips and began to slowly hump my shaft into him, building the speed and
building the grip on his skin, I was soon watching sweat drip from my
forehead onto the small of his back as my shaft slid in and out his body.
Soon I picked up the pace, he was jerking himself faster so I thrusted
faster, loving the sight of my cock shaft sliding in and out of that ring I
breathed deep to take in the warm smell of sex.

Wafts of Waynes BO or was
it mine began to fill the air, mixed with the ass sweat and juice that
coated my shaft every time I drew it from his body it hit my nostrils in
waves as I whammed my hips back into his ass.

I was getting close as his bowel muscles kneaded and squeezed an orgasm
from my cock. Waynes hair was getting sweat soaked as he pumped on his own

Small grunts of air shot from his mouth as his building orgasm and
my thrusting body began to knock the sense out of him.

Without warming I felt his ass muscles contract against my cock, a spasm of
movement gripped my cock shaft as Wayne sent his load of white cum shooting
down onto my bed. With a groan I didn’t care was loud I sent my hot load
of jizz high up into his guts.

Each forward thrust sent the white juice
deep up his ass as I humped and humped and humped…until slowly it was

A good minute of heavy breathing went before I slowly pulled my body from
his hips and watched as my softening cock slid from his hole, as it dropped
from his ring I watched as his ass began to contract, his crack closed and
skin heaved with every breath. Dropping down beside each other we didn’t
say a word.

We didn’t touch, we didn’t look at each other – it was all
about lust. All about getting a root from a work mate.


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