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Appointment By Card Only. part four

Ruth took great pleasure in sifting through Bruce’s things while he knelt naked in silence with the other male pets in the selection room; she made a note of his address from his driving licence before slipping the amended admission card into his wallet, and her interest in him increased when she found a batch of c. v. ‘s and cheap business cards in his jacket pockets. She now guessed from his address and the plethora of advertising material that he was not earning a fortune; he would easily be drawn into a life of servitude by her, she could have the pleasure of owning him and have him earn his keep by offering his services to the many wealthy female clients she had.

The thought of handing him over to these women who were so upright in their private lives, but lusting for sexual dominance privately, gave her a tremendous thrill.

The dawning of Bruce’s life of servitude was being brought firmly home to him as he knelt naked, masked, and caged with the other submissive slaves; his anus clenched at the plug each time a maid came in with a dominant female client, many of whom wore small theatrical masks to keep their identity intact.

The other males displayed their erect cocks rudely, making Bruce’s position as being in training obvious to the clients as the wearing of a cage in the selection room was a known code. Several of the women asked when he’d be ready, stroking his hair or playfully spiking his flesh with their heels contemptuously, remarking on how his attractive body would take the whip nicely. He looked on enviously as chosen males were led away to suffer the exquisite pleasures of domination by the elegant and richly scented women.

As the latest chosen male was led away was led away by a smug looking fur clad middle-aged woman, the equally plump and severe supervisor made an entry in the ledger on the tall writing desk which accompanied the padded stool on which her large inviting rear was perched. She smiled at Bruce before alighting and taking the submissive male whose nose had been attending the fleshy cleft of her arse, over to the vacant space.

Bruce’s cock bulged in the tight plastic cage as she took his leash and led him to the stool and had him kneel close to its rear; his balls tingled as he watched her lift her black skirt then sit slowly, spreading her magnificent cheeks across the small padded seat as she sat. She pulled the soft fleshy globes apart with her daintily manicured fingers, exposing a deliciously puckered arsehole.

‘Face in! And sniff.

‘ Bruce willingly obliged, a small pad on the floor offering his knees just enough comfort to ensure his nose paid homage to her arsehole without distraction; she sighed softly in satisfaction at his obedience as he poked his nose up to the honeyed tang of her arsehole, before releasing her cheeks and enveloping his masked face in the warmth of her flesh. Pre-cum dribbled from the cage as his cock pulsed incessantly within it; his place amongst women would now be affirmed by display to all those clients entering to make their selections.

The supervisor arched her back with dominant satisfaction as her employer’s new pet was given a demonstration in how any female at this covert establishment would express their dominance over him, at whatever level they were within the female hierarchy.

‘Good boy! I know that you and I will become more than well acquainted; Madam Ruth likes her special pets to undergo some very rigorous training, some of which I will have the pleasure of assisting with.

On those occasions when you are alone with me you’ll learn that I will not tolerate the slightest disobedience, nothing gives me greater pleasure than application of the cane to a deserving pupil. You will enjoy many indignities from several sources on your journey to absolute obedience, I will be delighted to be instrumental in that goal; you will spend many times under my cane before that goal is reached, I want you to think on that as you kneel and sniff me.

‘ His mind could think of nothing else at that moment, his eyes partly blinkered by the sumptuous soft flesh as he looked up the back of the sternly dominant woman, and wondering how being caned by her would feel.

His anus tingled at her words as he lapsed into a defeated, submissive lust. He sniffed at her feminine tangs knowing he would have the pleasure of spending for her, having sampled the formidable woman’s discipline; his rational mind dared interrupt his immediate surrender, he thought how he had arrived with the card expecting to be whisked into a room by a girl with a crop or whip, and having spent under her command, finding himself walking away; he concentrated on the actual course of events, he was not dreaming, this surreal capture he had suffered was true, he had entered a submissive heaven – or hell.

The two hour stay in the selection room went all too quickly, Bruce’s cock raged in the plastic cage; he yearned to wank hard at the delights of the situation and was almost disappointed when Maria returned and led him away. His submissive mood returned in full as he was taken back to Ruth’s private residence; she had changed into a tight leather cat-suit which displayed her magnificent curves perfectly, she sat cross legged with knee length lace up spiked boots restricting her calves, her huge inviting thighs clasped in the black leather.

She smiled with satisfaction as he knelt before her and she noticed a blob of clear pre-cum hanging like a dew-drop from the plastic cage. His balls tingled as he noticed his wallet in one of her hands; the other twirled the key to the tiny padlock on his cage which she wore on a chain about her neck. She made sure he saw it before slipping it between her ample cleavage.

‘You shall remain locked when you return home to your rented flat, the contents of your wallet and your pockets have been most enlightening and I know you will want to return here; the cage will ensure that you do, and your card will allow you entry at any time.

I have decided that you will give notice to your landlord of your intention to vacate your dismal accommodation with immediate effect. I will pay any fee in lieu of your vacancy and you will pay me back with your services to me and to clients I choose for you. ‘ Bruce looked on with mouth agape as the maid tugged him closer to the feet of the woman who now intended to own him completely.

‘Of course, you have no choice in the matter; you may kiss my feet in thanks. ‘ His cock bulged in the cage as he obediently bent and kissed each shiny and brass tipped boot several times. Hr cunt oozed in the soft leather camel-toe between her tightly clad thighs; it had been a while since she had treated herself to a favorite pet, and this one was very pleasing, he made no protest about her ownership and she would thoroughly enjoy training him, and selecting the other women he would be dominated by.

‘I only wish I could keep you here tonight, but as you can see, I am dressed for a prior engagement and need to prepare your quarters for a permanent residence. You will report back to me tomorrow immediately after confirming with your landlord and bringing your essential items. ‘ He remained bowed in reverence to her dominance as she stepped by him and went to attend her function. Maria undid his leash and watched him dress awkwardly; the trap and anal plug feeling very strange as he donned his normal attire to conceal them.

She reminded him in strict fashion that he must wear the plug at all times, only removing it to defecate, and smiling with pleasure as she advised him to sit and pee whilst wearing the trap. She e****ted him to the door and curtly closed it behind him without any goodbye; she knew he’d be back.

He felt completely different as he walked back to the car, dumbstruck by what had happened yet strangely elated by a paradoxical sense of freedom from his former life, the new meaning complete enslavement.

Ruth had been coldly prophetic about the plug acting as a permanent reminder of that enslavement, it was only too true; it stimulated his prostate as he walked, keeping his cock as erect as it could be in the confinement of the cage. Though he viewed the prospect of delivering the message he had been ordered to give his landlord with some trepidation – there would be no going back having done this, he’d be homeless – all he could think of was getting back and submitting to the superb woman.

As Poppy sat n the harem-like lounge where the softer submissive females gathered, lusting eyes watched her feminine shape through a lattice-work dividing wall. Her soft shape was adorned with pink chiffon which barely hid the small white lacy bra and panties beneath it, a full veil of the same almost transparent material had been lifted above her head as a sweet ginger girl applied scarlet lipstick to her soft red lips.

The ginger girl smiled gently.

‘There! You look irresistible; I’m sure Madam Ruth will take care to ensure your introduction is a gentle one, don’t be so nervous, I know you’ll learn to love it here, and I’ll need you to comfort me after my appointment with Madam Clara this evening. ‘ The soft ginger girl stood, giggling and pointing her milky white white buttocks from below the short schoolgirl skirt she wore, her shapely legs almost as white as the ankle socks she wore.

‘I’ll be getting a thorough spanking from her, and I’m looking forward to a cuddle in bed from you when she’s finished with me; I know I’ll need it!’ The room was suddenly hushed of the conversations held by the graceful and willing girls within it as the stern supervisor who waited by the door, opened it to allow entry to a very stern looking woman, looking every inch the strict schoolmistress in tweed jacket and skirt with black stockings and black high heels to increase her dominant height to the maximum.

The f***eful looking woman with her brunette hair in a bun, smiled viciously through early-sixties style horned glasses at the ginger girl. The supervisor looked at the girl with no more than a glance of contempt, and summoned her with a single wagging finger. The sweet ginger girl walked meekly over, head bowed slightly and with her hands clasped behind her as if to guard her pert white cheeks ward off the spanking she would inevitably receive.

Madam Clara was Felicity Starmer-Smith in her daily life, a self-made woman who had inherited a small chain of estate agents through f****y and had successfully expanded the business to three times its original size. She had rid herself of her boring husband and lusted after both submissive males and pretty young girls; the latter being a favorite, though she thoroughly enjoyed dominating males to a satisfactory state of submission when the spite rose in her.

Fully liberated in her free time and fired up by covertly viewing the young women who worked at her various premises during the day, she was at liberty to indulge her fetish for being the strict headmistress whenever the whim took her. Her mature cunt was nicely moistened as she thought of bringing a rosy hue to the soft white buttocks of the very youthful looking girl who now came to her so obediently, as she had done on several prior visits.

Clara lifted her stern chin and looked arrogantly down her nose at the girl.

‘Time for your weekly tutorial Lucy; I do hope you have not misbehaved or wet your knickers since we last met, you know what to expect if you have. ‘ Lucy knew full well what to expect as Clara gripped her hand and they followed a maid to the suite where she would confess, and that hand which held hers tight would warm her soft flesh.

The eyes which stared through the lattice wall paid little attention to Lucy; they focused on the chiffon clad nymph who now stood daintily, offering a soft and feminine smile to another of the submissive girls whom she had befriended, who adjusted the wispy veil about her pretty face. The subtle bulge in her panties giving the only tiny indication that this delicate apparition was not 100% female. Ruth stood next to the owner of those eyes and smiled as he adjusted a bulge of his own which had now filled his underwear on studying the delicious poppy.

‘I told you the sissy was a very special one; she needs much training yet and is only allowed out when with a governess. You may see her in private Emir, but most only show her gentle affection at first, I do not want to spoil the progress so far; she must remain intact for till ready. ‘ The corpulent middle-eastern male took a deep breath as he marvelled over the delicate sissy.

‘I will pay you any price when she is ready, I must have her as part of my collection; please let me see her in private, I promise I will not make her anxious. ‘ The other males who were there, peeping through the lattice, on their way to the function that Ruth had mentioned to Bruce and treated to a tour prior to it, stood with their cocks bulging at the array of submissive females in various costume; several of them leaned toward being dominated by stronger women themselves, but all who witnessed this particular lounge could not help but be aroused by the show of feminine beauty there.

Ruth left them leering while she took Emir round to a small suite, some had their cocks out, stroking them as they focused on chosen soft bodies and fantasising about applying whip or cane.

Poppy’s heart jumped and her little cock stiffened as she saw the dominant woman who had captured her summon her over. Her anus tingled with fear as she stepped daintily over, many eyes burning into the soft little bottom which wobbled invitingly below the chiffon.

‘I have someone I would like you to meet; you will be courteous and obedient, he may touch you but will not take advantage of you. Do not disappoint me or you shall know the cane in severe fashion if you show any discourtesy. ‘ The trembling sissy was shown into the room and the door was closed behind her. Emir sat on a firm chair and beckoned her over with a smile, his cock bulging stiff in his mohair suit; he longed to release it and have it know the caress of those soft red lips.

‘Come and sit on my lap pretty sissy, I want you to tell me what pleases you. ‘ Poppy faltered a little, her innocence making the wealthy middle-aged male more rampant than ever, then nestled her soft cheeks on his lap, the hot bulge beneath her tight anus making her little cock stiffen with reluctant excitement. He gently caressed the pert buttocks and sniffed at the sweetly scented blonde hair covered by the chiffon veil.

‘Tell me your name pretty thing; I am hoping we will get to know each-other very well. ‘.

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