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Appointment By Card Only. part five

Madam Clara did not just have Lucy attend her ‘classroom’ that day; the soft ginger girl was made to stand in the corner facing the walls while other ‘pupils’ were brought to attend. Such was the wealthy woman’s lust for her kink as the domineering schoolmistress, she had also paid for three males to attend her ‘class’ that day; each deeply submissive male had been propositioned on attending Ruth’s house of pleasure on that occasion, and had eagerly volunteered for the positions, the opportunity to indulge in a dominant female client’s fantasy while a submissive female employee was also chastised, had their cocks throbbing immediately.

They were offered the indulgence gratis, and would enjoy their normal session at the hands of a chosen dominatrix following the experience, having had the scenario briefly explained to them.

One by one, the males were introduced to the room by the strictly dutiful maids, each masked male naked except for a schoolboy necktie and white socks; the humiliation of their journey from their reception point to class, a wonderful appetiser for all three as they were looked on with scorn by madams passing on the marbled stairway, and viewed enviously by those who preferred receiving the attentions of a stern authority.

Their identities secure behind their masks, their cocks rose with impunity as they were led to indulge the pleasure of the severe woman.

The three mature males were each made to stand next to chairs which faced one placed near the bed, their cocks jutted to full erections as the stern Headmistress strutted between them in her tight skirt, flexing the cane to show the promise of its application. Their eyes drifted toward the soft white legs and buttocks peeping from the very short skirt and tight panties which quivered in the corner; Clara cut the air with her cane, making three cocks pulse in unison.

‘I will have your full attention! You are all here to answer for your misdemeanors and will be duly punished as I see fit. ‘

She gave the three males a stern look which made their anuses tingle all the more as they sampled her authority; whatever roles in life they played during their lives outside was forgotten for the moment, her confidence and their carnal desire to be dominated by a woman ensured they were enveloped within the fantasy, they became no more than three mischievous boys awaiting just and thorough punishment.

With a sneer she put her hands behind her back and undid the skirt, letting it drop to reveal suspenders holding sheer black stockings with no panties; a beautiful shaven cunt was now on show, the cleft glistening in evidence that her excitement matched the three erect cocks, and the soft ginger cunt of the submissive Lucy who now longed for her spanking. Being chastised while three men watched, submissive or not, made her sex tingle with anticipation and ensured her panties did not remain dry.

Clara snapped at the three males.

‘Kneel!’ The three dropped to their knees beside the chairs and the dominant woman stepped closer, allowing them to take in to take in both her subtle perfume, and the commanding scent of her arousal which demanded that the stiffness of their cocks was maintained. She inspected each rude erection with her cane, rolling the rod around the circumference of each inflated bell-end, making each owner gasp and yearn to shoot their mess in honour of her dominance; she smiled as she enjoyed the delicate torture, the end of the cane glistening with their ample pre-cum on completing the task.

‘These foul boys are guilty of masturbation in secret and will receive six strokes of the cane each. They will then suffer the humiliation of repeating the vile act and masturbate at my feet after Lucy has been inspected; I suspect she will have failed to keep her panties dry as usual, and will require the firmness of my hand. ‘ Clara then ensured the girl’s panties would fail the inspection.

‘You will stand by my chair and watch punishment served; just be thankful that girls are presently spared the rod at the moment, though this may change should certain girl’s misbehavior persist.

‘ She approached the first male, her cunt tingling with spiteful pleasure; being in absolute control of males and venting her inborn hatred of their arrogant ways, something she now rarely encountered in daily life, gave her a satisfying sexual charge and brought out her sternest dominance. Humiliating them before a girl who would then taste the cunt they would be denied and could only sniff at was equally pleasurable.

‘You will stand and lean over the chair, placing your hands on the seat.

Each of you will know my authority is not to be questioned, you will also know the depth of my anger through the cane. This is going to give me much pleasure and contrary to the old adage, this will hurt you a lot more than it will me. ‘ There was no escaping the full panorama of her lustful and wicked enjoyment; a large mirror provided even the male being caned a delightful view of the strict Headmistress’s prowess with the cane.

She now removed her jacket to reveal a tight white silk blouse,through which the nipples of her full breasts expressed her excitement. She turned and smiled at the submissive Lucy as she flexed the cane, allowing her to take in fully her dominance; one male with arse poking obediently waiting the cane, the other two kneeling expectantly, their cocks rigid in awe of the woman who was to thrash them.

Without further hesitation, a fixed evil smile on her face, the cane was lifted and the first male’s cock boned in reverence through the slats in the chair-back as he was summarily thrashed.

He cried out and jerked as each stinging stroke was delivered by the stern woman, each venomous cut making him lust to shoot his mess as the sweet sound of the cane and the vision in the mirror of the supple woman applying it had him lapse into a masochistic heaven. He shed tears openly after the third punishing stripe glowed across his cheeks, adding further perverse pleasure as the humiliation of being dominated so thoroughly was witnessed by three others; his cock dribbled in utter submission as he was made an example of, yearning for six more strokes after the final delicious whoosh and stinging bite was applied so thoroughly by Madam Clara.

Lucy stood transfixed as the males were thrashed, her cunt now oozing as she watched the stern bi-sexual woman perform; her vindictive passion for punishing males, their gender being barely tolerable to her except in situations such as the present, was easy to see. Each of the eighteen strokes was applied with equal enthusiasm, the three males then resumed their kneeling positions, red-eyed and sore, punished to mutual satisfaction. Each had wanted to spend in ecstasy whilst being caned by the formidable woman, their cocks now poked and bobbed, pre-cum weeping to match their eyes, each lusting for the pleasure of wanking at the feet of the woman who had soundly punished them.

A partially satisfied Clara strutted over to Lucy and as she looked her in the eye she ran the cane up between the soft girl’s legs, drawing it through the cleft of her excited cunt. Lucy quivered with pleasure; she would have loved to be caned by her, but knew the spanking she would receive would be just as thorough.

Clara placed the cane against the wall and sat in the chair, she did not cross her legs but parted her ample thighs slightly, allowing the three males to gape at her moist cunt.

Pointing the toes of her shoes inward and downward slightly, her knees lifted as she slipped a finger into her hot cleft and teased her clitoris, staring at the gawping males as she eased her finger up and down.

‘It is so invigorating punishing males, I know each would like to sample my cunt after being dominated, but they never shall; punishment and relief by self-abuse is all any male is worthy of.

Now young Lucy, it is time to inspect your panties, bend over with your back to the boys as you remove them; they shall bear witness to your unhygienic ways. ‘ The males who had been caned, shown a cunt which they now knew they would be denied in any way, were now treated to the delightful view of a soft white arse with delicious pale brown puckered arsehole, and sweet pink cunt with a pleasing ginger tuft as the pink panties were slipped down her long white legs.

Clara sneered at the three drooling males whose cocks boned in need of the satisfying wank they had been promised, teasing them further by opening her mature thighs just a little wider and emphasising the stimulation of her clitoris with a finger which slipped sweetly in her moist cunt.

‘I bet these boys would love to be allowed to sniff your pretty arsehole; they’ll have to dream though, they are here for punishment not pleasure.

‘  She then lifted the panties with a sing!e finger, and as she twirled them, a large wet patch was visible around the gusset.   She looked at Lucy with a pleased smile.

‘What happens to young ladies who wet their panties in class?’  Lucy’s cunt tingled, as did her anus, she had earned the spanking she knew was inevitable.   Still bent with her arsehole displayed to the boys, she replied, the pucker clenching and dilating with fear and anticipation.

Her reply was with the softest schoolgirl tone, making her seem so vulnerable to the stiff and needy cocks of those watching.

‘Girls who wet their panties in class are spanked Mistress. ‘  Clara grinned as she closed her thighs a d looked sternly at the girl.

‘And how are they spanked young lady?’  Lucy gasped a little as she responded, she was finding it difficult not to show her enthusiasm for the feel of the stern woman’s hand.

‘They are spanked hard, Mistress. ‘  Clara said nothing, simply pointing a finger to her thighs; the warmth created by her exertions had her perspiring a little, and this combined with her arousal meant that the girl’s soft white flesh would squirm nicely on the dominant woman’s thighs.   Lucy lay herself across the lap of the stern woman, spreading her arms across the adjacent bed as she had done several times before; she had not done so before an audience on prior occasions though, her cunt tingled with submissive pleasure as she glanced over to the three males with a look of pitiful innocence.

   Her look was greeted by the wide eyes and erect cocks of the three, though their focus was biased toward the severe Headmistress for whom they desperately wanted to come; she also glanced into the eyes of each with a sneer as Lucy nestled for her spanking, her white flesh radiant in contrast with the firm thighs clad in black stockings.

The cocks dribbled pre-cum in unison as an expensively manicured hand with bl**d-red nails peeled back the tiny skirt to reveal the full beauty of Lucy’s soft white cheeks, Lucy closing her eyes and poking the white globes obediently as the free hand ran a finger through the moist cleft or her cunt and up to her arsehole, where her sweet pucker was gently circled, making it clench and dilate involuntarily.

‘Oh yes young lady, you have earned the most thorough of spankings today.   We shall have tears before you are allowed to show your thanks and the boys are further humiliated.   You will now know my discipline. ‘  Lucy’s flesh quivered and her cheeks were tensed as the hand was raised, her budding clitoris ready to rub against the firmness of the thighs as her torso was depressed on impact.

Clara’s clitoris bulged with equal anticipation as her cruelly smiling eyes studied the soft white flesh which would soon glow pinky-red.   The hand came down hard, flat with fingers tightly together, with a resounding smack, quickly followed by several in succession, Lucy wailing pitifully as Clara received much satisfaction in seeing her hand imprints blossom pink on the soft flesh. The males looked on in envy as they watched the stern woman’s breasts wobble in the silk blouse with each spiteful delivery, her face expressing the sheer pleasure of dominating the girl, a pleasure they all wished they could be the recipients of.

  Lucy sobbed as the harsh Mistress ceased after fifteen or twenty spanks to reclaim her breath and adjust.

‘We haven’t done by a long chalk yet, young lady! I’ll have you know that disobedience in any respect will not be tolerated!’  She took the cane, and moving her legs to now cross them over the girl’s in readiness to hold her firm, slid the rod down between Lucy’s legs. The flexible cane was now firmly clamped hard in the cleft of the soft ginger cunt, nursing the girl’s clitoris, as Clara’s firm raised thigh and calf tensed in the sheer black nylon to hold her captive for a further spanking; the cane pinioned by Clara’s leg and the whimpering girl’s soft torso.

‘Be thankful the cane is not to be used across your bottom today girl, though you will acquaint yourself with its touch; I will take much pleasure in striping your bottom with it when we next meet. ‘  Lucy’s cunt had merely been teased by the stern woman’s thighs during her first portion of punishment, the girl doing her best to rub her budding clitoris against the firm muscle of the stern Mistress as each stinging slap depressed her flesh; it had only served to stimulate and tease her, and as she eyed the three males enjoying her punishment she had longed to come.

  Now she was held firm by her Mistress’s leg and her cunt slid hard against the cane which she had witnessed reduce three men to tears, the cane she was promised at the next session.   Just her squirming had her close to orgasm; she awaited the firm hand and the heavenly submission which would envelope her.

Clara’s cunt tingled with a triumphal yearning as her hand was brought down with all the spite she could muster, the now rosy and finger-striped flesh of the soft buttocks bouncing with each punishing slap, Lucy’s captive body remaining obediently arched against the barely flexing cane as her yelps blended into moans in the indulgence of her yielding completely to the domination of the older woman.

  The three males fidgeted impatiently, each burning to grasp their rigid cocks as they watched the sweet girl close her eyes and moan softly.   As the promised cane slipped hard against her clitoris, Lucy’s submissive ecstasy was lustily spanked from her; Clara pushed her leg down to enhance the girl’s sense of being owned and her own cunt now lusted for the tongue of the girl in homage to her domination.   Lucy bucked and squirmed in utter submission as her cheeks were splayed by the relentless hand, writhing in ecstasy as she gave herself up completely; the thought of being caned by Headmistress Clara as her cleft grasped at the rod, taking her deep into the realms of a sublime ecstasy.

Clara heaved her firm breasts and smiled with satisfaction, easing a finger into Lucy’s hot anus as the girl indulged contentedly on the cane, making sure her submission was fulfilled totally. As she eased the panting girl up, she then used the cane to pass the panties to her.

‘Now you’ll assist in the humiliation of these boys; you’ll kneel by me and watch as they masturbate for me; you can catch their filth in your dirty panties when they spend.

When we’re done you can thank me for your spanking; I expect the arrival of the maids to fetch them will mean they shan’t enjoy it, they are not worthy of the treat anyhow. ‘  The connotations of her last line were lost on the males as she pressed the intercom button and requested the duty maids attend.   She then stepped toward them, cane in hand, and had the still numbed Lucy kneel at an angle to the first.

  She cut the air with the cane several times making four anuses tingle, not least Lucy’s, who looked up to her with a longing to receive its bite from the woman who had so thoroughly dominated her.    The maids then duly arrived and grinned as they took in on the scene; Clara addressed them.

‘When you take these worthless males to their respective Mistresses, you will have each one know why they have been delayed; I am sure the ladies concerned will arrange suitable punishment.

‘  She pointed the cane at the first.

‘We’ll see your worthless offering now; do not keep me waiting or I shall have each maid cane you too. ‘  The male grabbed his cock and stroked eagerly as the maids indulged his humiliation by standing close with their arms crossed, sneering as he wanked hard and looked up at the formidable woman who had humiliated him with that cane, his flesh still warm from the experience.

  With his rigid cock pointing at the spoiled panties held by the ginger girl, his only regret was that he would come all too soon and not receive the pleasure of being caned by the maids.   As he looked up to the magnificent woman from his knees, he duly jerked and groaned as hot jets of spunk exploded from his cock, the evidence of his submission joining the patch which had heralded Lucy’s; the maids gesturing their contempt as the hot loops of semen blended into the pantie fabric, prolonging his orgasm significantly.

The other two were humiliated in like fashion, their immediate lust for submission to the superior sex temporarily sated, with the added knowledge that they would shortly suffer divine retribution from a fresh source.   Clara sauntered to the bed and clicked her fingers in utter contempt, pointing to the door.

‘Out!’ As the three males were pulled toward the door by the maids, Clara smiled at their glances as she lay back and lifted her legs high, spreading them to allow a view of her glorious wet cunt.

They remained in the room just long enough to see Lucy skip obediently over and kneel to tend her Mistress’s needs.

‘I’ll have my cunt licked now, young lady. ‘

Bruce went to bed early in the hope that the next day would arrive sooner, but slept fitfully; his cock in a permanent state of confined erection within the unyielding cage, the butt plug ensuring it stayed that way, confirming he was already enslaved by Madam Ruth; a permanent reminder that he would soon be pandering to her slightest whim, entering into a dark submissive world where he would be caned and whipped into her plaything, her pet until she tired of him.

  Despite being temporarily back in the environment from whence he had come, he had no second thoughts about his predicament; once under the covers in bed.   His mind raced back to the unforgiving dominance of the superb woman, the strict supervisor, and the delightful thrill that some of the female card holders had given him.   His mind also went back to the look the sissy had given him, and he wrestled with the strange sexual desire he had felt for the pretty thing; it was not something his mind had ever opened up to before.

  He could not wait to see his landlord.

Poppy would not have chosen Emir as a prospective partner, but her position of coerced enslavement at the house and her submissive nature ensured her small cock erected as she was fondled by the portly Middle-Eastern male; the sissy’s balls tingled at being dressed in exquisitely feminine attire and caressed by a large masculine man, whose obvious intentions would be to hold her down and use her like the girl she longed to be, was like living through many a fantasy she had dreamed of.

   Though she was a little scared of him, she could not hide her inner excitement as his large hand gently circled her waspish waist and played on her soft belly, the fingers now dangerously close to her little cock which bulged erect in her panties, her little pink bell-end tight and throbbing close to the elasticated waist-band, just millimeteres from his touch.   Emir watched her pretty face show the mixture of discomfort and pleasure, revealing her soft innocence; many of the sissies he had sampled before would have guided the hand down to meet an eager cock and hairless balls which he would later own, but not this one, she was going to be the perfect pleasure.

Emir’s cock pulsed below Poppy’s soft bottom as he imagined her with arms bound by her side around that delicate waist, a silk gag ensuring no protest came from those pert red lips, as that innocence was taken by the thrust of his cock into her tight anus.   Poppy gave a soft gasp and arched her back on feeling the transmission of his lust, making her pronounce her small breasts and express the most naturally feminine poise, the sweet posture creating additional pulses from the cock which promised to invade her pert bottom if it were not for their being clothed.

  Emir was smitten by the delicious creature he held in his lap, and wanted to hold forever.   He brushed the veil to one side and planted a soft kiss on her cheek, enjoying the way her whole body trembled with submissive acceptance as he did so.

‘How would you like to live in a luxurious palace in a warm climate, nothing to do each day but swim in your own pool and be doted upon by maids ensuring your comfort?’  Poppy did not know just what to say, but she had a good idea how her evenings and nights would be spent under such circumstances; the thought of being a sexual slave frightened her, but her cock stiffened as her submissive mind indulged in a fantasy similar to that which kept the cock below her hard with desire.

I …Sir… Master…’ Emir laughed and pressed a finger to her sweet red lips to silence her, knowing she could not be expected to give a serious answer to such a life changing question; it would be f***ed upon her anyway if he offered the right price to her Mistress, and just hearing her voice was all he really wanted. Her ever so slightly husky tone was sweetly feminine, doing nothing to cool his ardour; the delicate cock and balls were all that betrayed any form of masculinity, and he would have them ringed with the mark of his ownership.

The neck of her scrotum would be ringed with a jewelled clasp from which a golden chain would follow the soft pink seam up to a similarly jewelled anal plug. Another golden chain would lead from the front up to a golden ring fixed tightly behind the flange of her pretty pink bell-end; the shaft of her little cock would be sheathed from scrotum to the ring in a bound leather tube. She would know his ownership of her at all times this way, and the remnants of her masculinity would be displayed sweetly.

His cock bulged as he thought how jealous his friends would be when the delicious creature was paraded for their visual pleasure only; only he would fuck her.

Emir’s erotic visualisation was put on hold as a knock at the door announced the return of Ruth and one of the maids; he stole another soft kiss on her cheek and deftly fondled her soft arse as she dismounted his lap and was led away by the maid.

Ruth’s face bore a contented smugness as she watched the man’s eyes transfixed on the slender sissy as she was walked out. Poppy was relieved when told she could return to her room, though the experience had left her strangely excited. She had felt like an exhibit, which had left her a little scared, but she could not deny the submissive thrill it had given her. Ruth smiled at Emir as his eyes lifted on the beautiful vision having disappeared.

‘Well, what did you think? I told you she was special. ‘ Emir sighed as they rejoined the party of suited businessmen, each one eager to see more of what the house had to offer.

‘I must have her, I will make her queen of my collection… I will pay any price you ask. ‘ The dominant woman smiled softly, his appetite for soft obedient young ladies and sissies was insatiable and she was anxious to keep him sweet, but she would make sure this particular sissy was comfortable amongst men and fully trained before seeing her go.

She also had other plans for her which involved her earning her keep by entertaining others during that training, though she would not allow her to be penetrated.

‘As you have seen, she is very tender and needs some training before I can let her go. I will make sure she is kept intact for you, and we can discuss a price later. ‘.

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