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another mother in law

Let me describe my mother-in-law Grace. My mother-in-law is 42,
shoulder length blonde hair, 5 foot four inches and 115 lbs. My
mother-in-law Grace has an hour glass figure. My mother-in-law has very
nice legs. My mother-in-law has a beautiful face, and lovely green eyes.
My mother-in-law Grace is also a very sexy sensual smoker. I was about 25
when this happened. I was staying at my mother-in-law’s house on vacation.
It was summer and most of the family were spending time outside.

mother-in-law always dressed in tight shorts. My mother-in-law always wore
nice fitting blouses. My mother-in-law was always catching me staring at
her beauty. Many times my mother-in-law Grace would give me a show with
her legs. I watched her cross and uncross her legs while exposing her
panties while she wore short skirts. My mother-in-law Grace also knew I
loved to watch her smoke. My mother-in-law Grace would laugh catching me
staring. My mother-in-law Grace knew she drove me crazy.

My mother-in-law
Grace loved teasing my cock. I had a plan to get me alone with my sexy
mother-in-law and see how far her cock teasing would go with me.

My plan was to get my sexy mother-in-law and I alone in her home. My
mother-in-law’s country retreat home had a small bathroom with two doors.
One door led to the main hall. The other door opened to my mother-in-law’s

My mother-in-law had a small desk in her bedroom next to that
bathroom door. My mother-in-law had a private phone for that bedroom desk.
My plan was to call her private phone number from my cell phone. This plan
meant I would trick my mother-in-law to come alone to her bedroom desk to
answer the phone. When my mother-in-law Grace answered that phone, she
would have a full view of everything in the bathroom.

I would be standing
nude in her bathroom. I would act surprised upon her entry into the
bathroom. I closed the hallway door. I made sure the door to my
mother-in-law bedroom was completely open. My heart was pounding. I was
going to do it. I now took off all my clothes, and folded them and set
them by the hall door. I looked at myself nude in the mirror of this small

I took my cell phone with me to the shower. I set it on the
floor. I stepped in her shower and began my shower. I enjoyed being nude
in my mother-in-law’s shower. I loved being nude, where she came to be
nude. I loved her shampoos and her soaps. I wanted so much to masturbate
in her shower. It was time to begin the excitement. I left the water
running and opened the clear glass shower door.

I grabbed my cell phone. I
trembled of what I was doing to my mother-in-law. I rang her private
number to lure her here. I could hear her private phone ringing. I could
hear my mother-in-law walking down the main hall wood floors past the hall
bathroom door. I gave it another ring, and I hung up just before could she
could answer. I then tossed the cell phone in the vanity drawer. I
quietly closed the glass shower door.

My heart was pounding so fast at
what was going to happen next. I looked down at cock, it was now filling
with bleed. My cock now was over 7 inches just thinking of my sexy
mother-in-law. I turned off the shower water and slowly stepped out onto
the bathroom floor. I turned and faced the glass shower door. I took a
small towel and slowly began drying my hair. I took a deep breath.

turned my nude body completely to face the open bathroom door. I did it.
My heart pounding deeply. I used that towel to cover my face while I stood
nude drying my hair. I held my breath waiting to see if I had been
successful in tricking my mother-in-law here to find her son-in-law nude.
It was now the moment of truth. I slowly lowered the towel from my face to
look for her.

My beautiful mother-in-law Grace was in this room alone with
me. I had done it. My heart stopped. My sexy 42 year old year old
mother-in-law was standing in the same room with her nude 25 year old
son-in-law. My heart stopped. I could not believe what I had just done
to my mother-in-law. I stood frozen trembling from fright and excitement.
My sexy mother-in-law just stood there. I held the towel by my side
standing naked.

We both stood frozen for several minutes. Reality now set
in for her. She was in a room alone with her nude 25 year old son-in-law.
I could see the anger building in her. I could see her chest expand. I
could see her beginning to breath heavy. What have I done. The bathroom
now looked so tiny. Our adult bodies were so close. I could smell her
perfume. My heart stopped. My mother-in-law Grace looked so powerful
dressed in her tight shorts and a tight blouse tied up around her waist.

My mother-in-law Grace looked so beautiful. Neither of us said a word. My
mother-in-law then made solid eye contact with me. The look on her face
scared me. My mother-in-law Grace was not smiling or laughing. I saw her
take several deep breaths. What had I done? How angry was my
mother-in-law? Was she going to scream? Was she going to scold me? Was
she going to slap my face? We were both speechless.

My mother-in-law
Grace and I together lowered our eyes to my cock. My mother-in-law Grace
watched my cock growing rapidly toward her. My cock was responding to the
beauty of this woman.. My cock was now 10 inches erect and throbbing. My
mother-in-law kept her eyes on my 10 inch throbbing cock. I was waiting
for her to say something, or to leave, she did neither. Reality again
set in again for her.

She was a 42 woman and alone with her nude 25 year
old son-in-law in a private room. Things had progressed now, her nude
son-in-law had a huge erection. My mother-in-law Grace also knew it was
her body that made her 25 year old son-in-law have the massive erection. I
waited for my mother-in-law to begin her anger with me. I was waiting for
her to slap my face for doing this. I was waiting for her to scream at me.

I also knew I had the biggest erection of my life thanks to the beauty of
my mother-in-law. We both stood there frozen. Time was frozen. My
mother-in-law Grace I could see was not smiling or laughing about this. I
looked over at my mother-in-law Graces hand. My mother-in-law Grace was
holding a cigarette. My mother-in-law Grace made direct eye contact with
me. I watched her bring that cigarette to her lips. I watched her long
fingers hold the cigarette.

My mother-in-law looking me straight in the
eye as she lit her cigarette with her lighter. My mother-in-law was very
angry with me. I watched her slowly puff that cigarette with those long
slender fingers. I watched her mouth, her lips. I watched her chest
inhale. I watched her exhale. My mother-in-law was such a sexy woman. I
could not take my eyes off her smoking and my sexy mother-in-law knew this.
I was standing nude with a massive erection enjoying her smoking.

mother-in-law Grace was so sexy even when she was angry. My mother-in-law
smoking had now taken control of the this moment. I know it took her 15
minutes to slowly smoke her cigarette. My mother-in-law kept direct eye
contact with me. My cock was throbbing. The room was filled with
excitement. My plan had worked. I was nude and alone with her. My nude
body was hers to do as he wanted. I was scared what might happen next.

What would my mother-in-law do now? I could tell from the look on her face
angry just how angry this made her. What had I done?

I had to take control back from her. I slowly began drying my face with
the towel. I then slowly dried my neck. I then slowly dried my chest. I
then slowly dried my back. My heart was pounding doing this. I then dried
my legs one at a time.

I was making sure to never cover my cock and balls.
I made sure to keep my throbbing cock stayed in full view to her. I wanted
to see how far my beautiful mother-in-law would allow this to go. My heart
was racing. I then moved to the vanity sink next to her. My 10 inch dick
was throbbing from this beautiful woman looking at me. My mother-in-law
just stood there silent. Her eyes watching me.

I stood at the sink and
looked at her face. I could not tell what she was thinking. What have I
done. My chest was pounding. Our eyes quickly met again. We held eye
contact for several more minutes. My mother-in-law Grace was now taking
more power over me. We both together looked down at my erection. I had
the biggest erection of my life. My mother-in-law was driving me wild
staring at my naked body.

My mother-in-law kept her eyes on my 10 inch
cock. The entire time my cock was throbbing and bouncing from the
excitement of her near me. I stood still close to her for several minutes
so she could see every part of my cock. Several times I lifted my dick, I
was making it dance for her. I was now going to shave myself. This
beautiful 42 year old woman was going to see her 25 year old son-in-law
shave nude.

I then slowly reached forward and turned on the water. I took
several minutes getting the water the right temperature. Steam was coming
up from the sink. The entire time I knew my beautiful mother-in-law was
inspecting my nude body. I took the hot water, slowly splashed my face. I
then took some shaving cream, and slowly lathered my face, first one side,
then the other. I was doing this as slow as I could, prolonging this.

was waiting for my mother-in-law to say something or leave. I could not
believe she had not slapped my face by now for doing this to her in her
house. I looked at her pretty face and her lips. I again made eye contact
with my mother-in-law. My beautiful mother-in-law and I held eye contact
for a few minutes. I then began to slowly shave. After I took a few slow
strokes with the razor my beautiful mother-in-law leaned a bit closer to

My dick was throbbing from her every move. Her eyes looked to mine.
My mother-in-law was so sexy, so sensual in everything she did. I looked
at her soft lips. I wanted to prolong this time being alone nude with her.
I could feel her woman power again taking control me. My mother-in-law was
having an effect on me. There was a growing power she now had. Her power
and control were growing.

I was nude and she was dressed. I could not
hide anything from her. I would give anything for her to grab my cock. I
looked at her hands, her long fingers. I wanted her fingers wrapped around
my cock so bad. I wanted her fingers to squeeze my cock till I screamed. I
wanted her hands to hurt my erection.

I returned to shaving. My sexy beautiful mother-in-law was only two
feet from my throbbing erection.

I took my time shaving. I would slowly
inspect my face, my jaw after each stroke. Many times I would stand
straight up from the sink and pull my shoulders back and stretch. When I
did this, my throbbing cock and balls were in full view to her. I was
going to explode from the effect my mother-in-law had watching me. I took
nearly 10 minutes to shave to prolong this time with me.

I would make eye
contact every chance I could. My mother-in-law was driving me wild. I
finished shaving. I rinsed my face and slowly dried it. I was ready with
the last step in my plan. With all my energy left, I dropped the towel it
to the floor. My heart stopped. I moved my nude body closer to her. Our
knees almost touching. My heart began pounding. My mother-in-law had to
hear my heart.

I was offering my throbbing 10 inch erection to her for her
pleasure. My mother-in-law Grace lowered her eyes to my cock. My cock was
red. It was so big for her The bleed veins were so visible to her in my
cock. I was ready to explode. My naked body now was now trembling. I was
so close to her. I could smell her body and her perfume. I wanted
beautiful mother-in-law Grace to grab my cock with her long sexy fingers.

wanted her to pull hard as she could on my cock. I wanted my beautiful
mother-in-law to grab my balls and squeeze them as hard as she could. I
wanted this beautiful woman to slap me, and handcuff me. I want my
mother-in-law to get angry, and to humiliate me. I wanted her to slap my
erection. I wanted her to punish my cock for hours. It was so obvious
what I was doing.

My cock was dancing, throbbing from this woman’s power.
Pre-cum was oozing from my cock. I at this point would do anything for
this woman. We both stood frozen for several minutes. I thought to
myself, what have I done. Was she still angry, would she tell my wife. I
still had no idea what was she thinking. My beautiful mother-in-law made
then made the next move. Grace reached on the counter for her hand lotion.

My beautiful mother-in-law slowly with one hand over the other poured
lotion on her beautiful hands. I could smell the lotion. It was so nice,
so much the smell of a woman. My beautiful mother-in-law placed the lotion
bottle back on the vanity. My beautiful mother-in-law then looked me in
the eye. My beautiful mother-in-law hands now were chest level. Her nice
hands were just over my throbbing dick. All my mother-in-law had to do was
lower her hands 12 inches, and my cock would explode from her touch.

beautiful mother-in-law began to slowly work the lotion in her fingers. I
could hear the lotion between her fingers as she did this. My beautiful
mother-in-law was driving me wild. I kept using my cock muscles to lift my
cock to meet her hands. One more time she applied more lotion to her
hands. I wanted so much for that lotion to be on my cock. I wanted those
long fingers around my cock so much.

My beautiful mother-in-law was now in
total control of me. I was breathless from the excitement of what I had

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