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Another Day

Another Day

By Richard Massey

Jenny awoke at 8. 30 Saturday morning tired as usual another sleep less night bar the hour she just had “fuckin show days never get any sleep” she said moaning to her self sliding out of bed. Searching for the slippers with her right foot finding what she wanted standing up and dr****g her dressing gown over her shoulders she made her way out of her room.

The small corridor that made up her little upper floor of the little house in Manchester consisted of 3 room her master bed room the bathroom and her little studio. Walking in to the bathroom wondering about tonight’s show “Birmingham yeah its usually a good crowd get a nice reaction. ” Opening the little light purple cabinet and having a little chuckle to her self Jenny took down her medical box “12 a day2 she thought to her self “we its that or massive pain and death yeah I’ll take the tablets.

Walking in to her bed room Jenny grabbed her short stay suit case that she claimed was perfect for a shorter then 4 nights stay opening it up she grabbed pile of clothes she had picked the night before laying them very neat in her case locking it and then proceeding down stairs. Down the short flight of 20 steps or so lead in to a wonderful hall way full of pictures of Jenny with famous people she looked at them her eyes always setting on the picture of her and Meat Loaf.

She smiled her to her self remembering the encounter with pin point memory at a show she was back stage and he walked in with a smile on his face a laugh so powerful and sweet she felt something of affection to him being nervous she plucked up the courage walked over and said “excuse me Mr Meat Loaf is it okay if I just take a quick picture with you” Meat Loaf turned around with a big smile and said “yeah sure come here” and while embracing her in a big hug while her assistant took a picture shaking his hand Jenny thanked him for his time before slipping off for a show.

Back in the hall way looking round some more Jenny didn’t know why before she left for every show she would stand and look at every picture it calmed her in a way she didn’t under stand. Snapping out of her bank of memory’s she walked to the kitchen flicking on the kettle and grabbing 2 mugs out of the cupboard she turned around to have a little clean butt he magazine she picked up the other day caught her eye looking the cover she felt a sting of pain at the head line “CLASS STAR ACT GOES DOUBLE PLATINUM IN 5 MONTHS” Jenny knew full well why she was annoyed at this because she remembers when those days were hers.

A knock at the front door snapped her out of her moment binning the magazine she went to the door unlocking it and opening it to find the ever lovely smile of Nick her assistant for the past 30 years. “MORNING Jenny my darling how are we today” Nick beamed with happiness “Jesus Nick how the hell are you so damn happy this early in the morning but anyway its good to see you come in the kettles on, brew?” “Ow you know me Jenny start the day with a smile and it don’t seem to bad and yeah I’m gagging please” walking in to the kitchen and leaning against the counter Nick had a scan of the place “it never changes always perfectly clean” he thought to him self.


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