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Another amazing girl on Omegle

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like fucking.

You: m

Stranger: f22 horny

You: m 26 likewise

You: alome?

Stranger: in bed

You: likewise

Stranger: watching porn

You: ooh nice

Stranger: dripping wet

You: i’ve got a hard cock, wish it could slip into a nice wet pussy

Stranger: I’d love that cock

You: its a good size baby, you really tight?

Stranger: us cumin seconds

You: sounds amazing

Stranger: how big is that cock

You: 7.

5 inches

Stranger: wat do u l9k like

Stranger: look like

You: 5 10 athletic build (I play rugby) 180 lbs, u?

Stranger: 5″ 2 skinny brunette 32dds

You: sounds amazing

Stranger: bald tight pussy

Stranger: are u hot

You: i’m ok,

You: do ok for myself shall we say?

Stranger: u sound hot

You: haha thanks, you sound hot too

Stranger: lift me in the air

You: ok, I lift and turn you 360

Stranger: slide me onto ur amazing dick

You: need to open that tight pussy up first

You: mind if i use my tongue?

Stranger: how baby

Stranger: lick my pussy baby

You: lie you on your back push your legs apart and run my tongue from your ass to your clit

Stranger: u make me so wet

You: spread your lips and slip my tongue inside

Stranger: fuck my stomach trembles

You: run my tongue to your clit and slip my finger in your pussy

You: flick my tongue quickly over your clit

Stranger: feels so good

Stranger: can I sit on ur face

You: whilst slipping my fingerin and out of your pussy

Stranger: I want taste that dick

You: sit on my face baby

You: grind that pussy onto my tongue

Stranger: u taste so good

You: so do you

You: you taking it all baby?

Stranger: more I want all of ur dick

You: take it all baby

You: you wana sit on it?

Stranger: down my throat

You: fuck thats good

You: i f***e your head down a bit to get it all in

Stranger: all in…

You: god thats amazing, not many girls can do that.

I want to fuck you baby

Stranger: my pussy needs u

You: i need it, sit on it baby, nice and slowly

Stranger: I’m trying to get it all in

You: fuck you’re so tight

You: i hold onto your hips and push you down

Stranger: I feel every bit, fuck

You: i can feel your pussy juices on my balls

Stranger: I slide up and down

You: hmm

You: slowly

You: thats good

Stranger: dripping as I move

Stranger: u like that

You: thats amazing babe

You: i hold onto your hips watching you take my fat dick

You: i start moving you faster

Stranger: faster babe

You: harder

You: slamming my cock into that amazing pussy

Stranger: oh baaby

You: we need to change positions

You: i want to fuck you hard

Stranger: lift me

You: ok, whils still inside you i stand and carry you towards a table

Stranger: slam that dick in me

You: put your ass on the edge and start slammimg my dick into you

Stranger: fuck its deeper

You: roughly grabbing your tits i push you back and pull your hips towards me

You: fucking you hard and deep

Stranger: grab my big tits as u fuck me

You: i put your ankles around my neck and grab your tits

You: pounding into you

Stranger: fuck my pussy tightens around u

You: i can feel it clamping down as your pussy juice runs down my balls

Stranger: faster

Stranger: cum in me

You: i squeeze your nipples as i fuck you hard deep and fast

You: i can feel my balls begin to tighten

You: i pound really hard and explode inside you

Stranger: fuck

You: then i collapse onto your chest

You: that was amazin

Stranger: love ur dick

You: love that pussy.

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