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Ann, Joe Alice and George pt 1

Ann, Joe Alice and George pt 1
Another e mail arrived, the friends from America, they had met on a certain sex site, George yawned it was late and they had just arrived from a visit to one of the outstations of their BDMS sales empire in Norwich, they were both tired but he had checked the site just to see if there was any outstanding business.
He called his wife and partner Ann,
“Those bloody wanabee`s are on again, k**, `I expect they want to invite us out to give them a demo!”, she laughed, as he scrolled down the screen, reading their mail, suddenly he sat bolt upright, and said “bugger me your dead right that`s just what this mail say`s, they are rich as Rothschild and want to pay us to visit! “ the tiredness vanished instantly as they began to re read the mail together, yes it was just that an invite to some one horse town in Kansas.

Tickets would follow it said. They replied that they would love to visit, and would be available in a month if they were serious.
It was with some scepticism they went to their beds, but come the dawn there was a mail, saying they were welcome and that the local BDMS club was keen to meet them probably during the first few days, the rest of the time could be a holiday, tickets were on the way and they could stay for the whole fortnight, by the way could they ride a horse?
Now that threw them a bit, as Ann had been on horses as a girl but, poor old George had not ridden except on a donkey on the beach at Weston super-mare, but said he would have a go if necessary, Joe and Alice the wanabee`s, said they would pick a couple of easy ones for them LOL, and their the matter rested.

The month passed slowly, mails passed to and fro, as the couples explored their opposite numbers passions and worries on a sexual front.
Our hero`s sent on a box of samples, and a set of their own leatherwear. Setting out on the appointed day with a couple of huge suitcases, they flew from Heathrow, changing planes in a succession of American city`s they never saw, either before or during the trip, as time was so short they never got out of the airport`s, the planes got smaller at each change of domestic flight till they arrived in a cloud of dust in an airstrip in some god forgotten town even Dorothy from the yellow prick toad shown at home each Christmas would not have recognised it! They were met by a limousine, driven by the farm manager, they drove for an hour along dusty roads past long flat fields apparently growing not a lot of anything useful, It was what George termed “bloody hot” The manager saying not a lot despite their attempts at conversation, his face a mask of indifference to their pleas for him to ease up as they were feeling pretty groggy and his speed over the uneven road was of no great help.

In a smother of dust he turned off onto a side road then soon pulled up outside a white board mansion Ann said it reminded her of a western film she had seen that scarlet O’Hara had lived in. They had apparently arrived.
On the steps they were greeted by Joe and Alice, he in a full cowboy get-up complete with ten gallon hat and six shooter, her in a flared crinoline dress that had showed she too had seen the Scarlet O’Hara movie.

She was about 5ft 6 and a big girl; he too was heavily overweight, though taller,
The still unspeaking manager, grunted, then fetched the two cases and wandered into the house, hefting the two huge bags like they were a pair of ladies hand bags.
By now they felt exhausted, travel weary, dusty and past caring. They all greeted one another and our heroes found themselves swept into the huge house, a dark servant girl took their coats, and showed them into a huge dining room where they explained that they were not hungry just tired.

Alice suggested a swim to cool them down, then bed which seemed like a good idea, they were conducted by the servant girl through the house to a huge room and left to change into swimsuits the girl had produced as if by magic, the pool just outside looked cool and inviting they were soon in the water.
After a good swim they said they would like to sleep expecting the room they changed in to be their bedroom but not a bit of it that was just a changing room they soon found themselves in an even bigger air conditioned bed-room, it had a huge soft inviting bed in which they slept for the next 16 hours straight.

They were now hungry as hunters and filled the faces before their host and hostess managed to show a face
Apologies were proffered for the time wasted sleeping, and the apparent rudeness but the lady of the house would have none of it saying she understood perfectly and hoped they were now rested and in a fit condition, they spent the next hour discussing the holiday, Joe saying he wanted them to ride out to one of the line shacks for a day or two so they could get a feel of the area, and that he had arranged for the local club to come over on Friday for the weekend, so they could do demonstrations of bondage, pain and humiliation, the pair of them [Alice and Joe] being the volunteer slaves.

The host pair now began to eat; enormous platefuls of food were shovelled into eager mouths, over the course of the meal, Joe outlined the trip to his guests.
He said that this afternoon they would be off for some time pioneering; they would ride across the ranch to the line shack at the creak lake, they would be taking a minimum of kit and would stay two days as they needed to be back to great their friends on the Friday.

The trip was to “get to know one another a lot closer!”
George inwardly groaned, when he heard the ride would take a “couplah hours” having had a minimum of riding experience.
Promptly at 2 a negro servant name of Sam appeared with a string of horses, he reminded Ann of her first black lover and caused her to lick her lips suggestively, a point not lost on Joe who said” later girl, later!” as he threw his leg over a feisty pinto.

His wife mounted easily her palomino, and not to be out done Ann swung her leg over the large black beast held by Sam for her. George however eyed his chestnut mare with a wariness that made them all laugh, Sam helped him mount, and for the first time he surveyed the world from the lofty heights of horseback.
A huge black and white dog appeared, a cross between a great Dane and a Dalmatian, it stood expectantly while Sam fetched a couple of pack-mules from the barn giving the lead rope to his employer and wishing George good luck with a wide grin that did little for his confidence.

They set off under a blazing sun, the a****ls at walking pace causing little dust. A light breeze gave them some relief and George gaining a little confidence began to enjoy the barren scenery as they ambled along the dog loping easily along at the tail of his mistresses’ mount.
After the first hour they stopped in the shade of some trees, the horses drinking from a small stream while they refreshed themselves from the water bottles they carried on their saddles.

To George`s relief they did not dismount as he doubted he could remount without Sam or a fence to climb up from.
They resumed their journey the scenery becoming to their relief more shady woodland as time passed, George and Ann feeling the chafe of the saddle by the time they finally stopped. They found themselves in a clearing, to their left a log cabin, ahead a creak feeding a broad lake and to their right a lush fenced pasture no doubt for the horses.

To the English couple`s relief they got down, stiff from the unusual ride and rubbing the effected parts to the joy of the American pair who were used to riding.
They tied the mules, then unsaddled the horses and turned them out to graze. The next half hour was spent unloading the packs, and seeing to the a****ls, it was then Joe suggested a naked swim. They all ran down to the lake led by the dog, stripping as they went dropping their clothes along the way and throwing themselves into the cool clean water.

Laughing and splashing like school-kids they spent some time just enjoying the refreshing water before landing themselves on a huge smooth rock at the water`s edge. The dog jumped up as well shaking himself as dogs do and showering all in range.
They now had a chance to apprise the naked bodies of their counterparts, the rush to nakedness and the enveloping water having put that all thought of that from their minds before.

The men were both around the late 50 mark. George was the tallest at 6 ft 1, his build was slight compared to the rest, and white from under exposure from too long in sunless offices, his 7” tool with a small shackle at its base Joe however was well tanned, about 5, 9, overweight, perhaps the younger of the two his flaccid penis a thin 8” affair just showing from under his overhanging belly.

Of the women Alice was like her husband tanned, about 45 to 50 her hair mousey her belly large, her rump wide and fleshy and her tits heading south, about 5ft 6 tall ridges of fat gave an overhang to her tangle of pubic hair. George`s greedy eyes hardly left her sex since she flopped herself down.
Ann his red haired 54 year old partner; was taller for a woman, at about 5 11, heavily built fairly overweight, a wide back showing faded red whip marks, a broad fleshy rump capable of taking a lot of punishment, deep sex lips, a tidy well kept bush and a large pair of breasts that love binding and she is addicted to pain as well.

The dogs cold nose explored first Ann`s crutch then went on to Alice, deciding that this was his regular bitch he began to lick at her now erect nipples, she did nothing to stop him. Joe laughed, remarking that, “That old dawg just loves to hump my Alice” it was the ice breaker they needed the lady in question slowly rolled herself over onto her knees and the dog was up in a trice, his purple tool vanishing into her body and beginning to thrash about like a demented piston.

She groaned as her lover`s thrusts became more urgent,
the rest of them looked on in an amazed trance, as the mighty dogs knot began to swell, filling his bitch and stopping the loss of his precious seed, she groaned as the hot spend sprayed into her guts, Joe was first back in the real world telling George to use his wife`s mouth as she loved it both ends!” He quickly complied telling his lady to “get herself with Joe” and that “her turn would come!”
With that Ann turned on her knees, her butt towards Joe who took no time at all filling her waiting gash with his now stiff and huge pick.

Alice paid homage to the Englishman`s member with her lips and tongue, All eyes still on the dog now collapsed on Alice`s back. The dogs prick suddenly plopped from her body so he raised himself and wandered away to clean himself.
George was up in a trice slipping his stiff prick into her hot wet slit like a rat up a drain, the warmth of the dogs slippery spend felt amazing round his member and he could feel the drainage wetting his balls, he soon came in a gigantic climax, adding to her already full gut.

She joined him with a loud screaming finish that raised the birds from the trees, and prompted both Joe and Ann to join the chorus.
After a short rest they slid back into the restoring water, the dog swimming beside the two women like he was herding a pod of whales. They returned to the cabin collecting clothes as they went, by a mutual unspoken arrangement they stayed unclothed and were to remain so till they returned to civilisation.

The next hour or so was spent in necessary domesticity, the women making up beds the men fetching water feeding the stock and lighting the BBQ, that sort of thing; that of course did not stop them copping the odd sly feel of their opposite numbers partner as they passed one another.
Joe asked about the fading whip marks on ann. ’s back and was told it was to “placate her need for pain though George could not use her arse as he was saving that to engrave for the boys and girls at the weekend”
Alice said she had always wanted to be marked in some way with Joes mark, but had never had the guts to ask, George said if she was serious he could do that as a demonstration!
She shrugged and said once she was bound he could do whatever (and she emphasised the whatever), he or anyone else wanted to do to her they could and if that was one of the things so be it.

They discussed the limits she or Joe would go to and Joe said he did not want any scars, either mental or physical, though he was more into humiliation, however Alice was a different a****l, he said once she was bound, and he had done that a lot a man could do anything to Alice.
She confirmed his comments and said that she didn’t mind any short lasting marks but that she wished to be permanently marked with Joes mark, like one of his a****ls.

Ann somewhat in awe, asked were we talking about branding? To which Alice replied if that`s what Joe wants then yes a brand on her bum would be a very nice present.
There was a moment`s silence, the three staring at her mouths open with the enormity of what had been said.
Ann, said that there`s no way she would have that, but that she had enjoyed her rump being sliced by George in the past the so called engraving and that she had agreed to letting him carve his initials on her this coming weekend.

Alice asked if George would like to bind her this evening, and do whatever he wanted short of branding which she wanted to save for the night before they went home.
He said he would be honoured, then asked Ann what she wanted to enjoy while he was busy!
She said she wanted the dog, as watching Alice had turned her on so much that she wanted to try it oh so much she said though as she had no children and her body was small down there she wanted the pain of the dogs knot.

After the meal of huge steaks and the trimmings washed down with cold beer and wine cooled since they arrived in a sack in the creak, they began again, no waiting for the ice to break this time just pure lust Alice grabbed the dog and told Ann to kneel down on all fours, she led the dog to Ann and again with no preamble the dog was up and into the wet freely offered cavity, within seconds his hips were pistoning the rigid cock into her, his front paws gripping at her body, his jaw slobbering onto her neck, his eyes bulging as his knot began to fill the second bitch today, George reached for his camera, the shutter clicking away catching the whole scene including her expression of surprise as his scalding seed began to fill her body and the pain of the knot increased.

She began to moan, that deep seated moan of joy mixed with pain, she fought against her desire to scream, being used to her own home environment where the police would soon be investigating a scream. Joe realised what she was trying to do and told her to “go on ahead and scream there`s no one on earth bar us can hear you girl. ”
She began to do just that, her inner sex organs seemed to be filling with fiery liquid, and her cunt was stretching as if in childbirth, her scream was her relief, echoing around the clearing and rousing roosting birds.

George had an orgasm without touching himself, her pain and screams alone were enough to tip him over the edge.
The coupling went on for about 15 minutes; that dog possessed his bitch completely, her whole body was his, her senses concentrated round her womb, and her sexual organs, there was a fire in her belly she had never before had, she felt complete.
The dogs knot began to shrink and then finally fall from its soft prison the dog wandering off to collapse on the veranda again, Joe this time jumped into the breach, with no regard for Ann`s feelings or welfare, slamming himself into her as hard and as fast as he could, it took no real time to finish his ride, his seed mixing with the canine slime that was heating his tool, her face collapsed down into the dust now, her sobs loud as her partner took over, slamming himself into the vacant sloppy body as if his life depended on filling her guts, mercifully it took only a few hard strokes to achieve his aim and the three of them collapsed in a heap of exhaustion.

Alice her hand busy, climaxing with the sight before her.
The light was fading as they wandered to the lake Ann tiredly supported by the two men, the water struck cold now, as the sun`s heat had gone. Both Joe and Alice`s Eager fingers cleaned the copious amounts of Jism from the exhausted woman allowing the cool water to ease the trauma of the stretching of her sex.
She said she had never experienced anything as fantastic as that in her whole life so far.

They went back to the cabin, an owl hooted in the darkness, as they sat on one of the bed`s contemplating their next move.
Ann said she “would sit this one out” so George began to secure Alice to the other bed in the classic star position, he then took some rope supplied by Joe and began to wind it round her right breast tightly and with care the nipple now engorged and the breast changing to a purple colour, he then began on the other, the rope winding from body towards the nipple, the breast colouring to match its mate.

He tied them off then left her secured while he went out to fetch a thin whippy hazel rod from the nearby trees.
He returned and began lightly flicking her now erect nipples, atop the breasts held up by the rope like some bizarre kiddies sandcastles, for him to use. There was no f***e involved just a constant persistent irritating flicking that soon became unbearably painful on her bloated tender breasts.

She began to writhe in her bonds, anything to move away from this persistent throb, this tiny sore making, irritating, continuous, throbbing pain, she began to moan, gently at first then slowly the sound became louder till it became nearer to a shriek than a scream, still the tap, tap, tap of the wand on the nipples, that persistent, throbbing pain that like a water torture when you know the next drip is due, goes into your brain , your soul your whole being, tap, tap, tap, by now Ann was playing with Joes stiff penis, fondling his balls, squeezing his shaft, kissing his foreskin, he too began to moan, he was near to climaxing she stopped, he cursed, she waited till he had passed the point then again started to squeeze this time his balls, slapping at his shaft with her bare hand, all the time George was tapping away at her nipples, and she was moaning, groaning and whimpering on the bed, the slapping of his cock and balls became a frenzied rapid slapping that bounced on his balls like a mini punch-bag, her whimpering became a scream as her climax flooded over her, together they had earth shattering highs such as they had neither reached before then fell from the high to a state of euphoria.

Ann removed the bindings from Alice, the returning bleed causing much discomfort; Ann of course knew the signs having been there before. They were soon in bed
Tomorrow would be another day.

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