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Angry wife

This is a 100% true story. My wife is small in stature, she only stands about 5’2″ tall and weighs about 110. She can however become very angry sometimes, and even physical, especially if she’s had a few too many. Well one night she went out with the girls and I went out with my boys. We saw each other out and planned to meet up at the house a few hours later.

Well the girls showed up at the house and were waiting for us. However we were having a good time and stayed out for another 4 or 5 hours. After leaving my friends, I headed home. Upon my arrival, I could tell my wife was pissed off. She still had 3 of her friends there, and one of them was named Jennifer. She was a bigger girl about 5’11” and 180 lbs. I tried to be quiet and somewhat friendly, but I could feel the tension in the air.

My wife kept bitching at me and nagging me, so I finally told her to shut her mouth, and I went upstairs. As soon as I closed the bedroom door, I could hear her making her way up the stairs. Suddenly she slams the door open and says “what the fuck did you say to me?” I told her look, leave me alone and go hang out with your friends. She said “don’t tell me what to do, I tell you what to do!” I could see this had the potential of becoming physical and was hoping like hell it wouldn’t.

When my wife attacks me, I don’t resist too much out of fear of hurting her. She started yelling at me, and her friend Jennifer, who by the way I can’t stand, yelled up the stairs to my wife to see if every thing was ok. my wife didn’t reply but instead came at me and jumped on top of me. I was lying on my back on the bed when she jumped on top of me.

She grabbed my wrists and pinned my arms to the bed with her hands and put her face right in front of mine. “why are you being such an asshole?” she said. I could smell the booze on her breath. I said look, I’m going to bed and you go hang out with your friends. With that she let go of my wrist and slapped me across the face then quickly grabbed my wrist and pinned it back to the bed.

Now I was mad. I tried to free my writs from her grip and as I got the right one free, she jumped from my waist up to my neck and pinned my arms down under her shins with her thighs squeezing tightly against each side of my head. She is small, but I could not easily throw her off of me. I gave one real good effort, then she reached out and grabbed on to the head board and it made it way harder to get her off of me.

Finally I said bitch get off of me, and she said fuck you and jumped up even more until she was sitting right on my face. She still had a hold of the head board with both hands and I struggled to even find some air much less get her off me. Her thighs were pressed tight against each side of my head. she was sitting flat on my face, and using the head board for leverage to push down and make herself heavier.

I was SERIOUSLY struggling to turn my head a little bit just to get a quick breath of air. I was getting pissed off. She sat there for at least 5 minutes smothering my face. Finally she let go of the headboard and I was able to buck her off enough to where I could turn to my side and stand up on the floor. She was still hanging on to my neck and was on my back.

I threw her off of me and she hit the floor and yelled. Jennifer started running up the stairs. I was pissed so I told Jennifer to go home. She told me to fuck off and I called her a fat bitch. My wife came at me again from behind and grabbed both my legs and I started falling forward. I landed with my hands on the floor then Jennifer jumped in to our fight and got on top of my back.

My wife let go of my legs and came up toward my head to grab my arms and help Jennifer turn me to my back. With both of them on my arms they turned me over. My wife pulled my arms down as Jennifer pushed them down and Jennifer slid up my chest and sat on my neck with her crotch touching my chin and pinned my arms down tight with her shins. She was heavy and my chest was starting to hurt almost immediately.

I called her a fucking bitch and she slid up and covered my mouth with her crotch against my nose and squeezed the hell out of my head. I was stuck badly and wanted to be let up. Her jeans were hurting my chin. She kept me pinned like this forever. I told my wife to get her friend off of me and she said fuck you. She asked Jennifer if she wanted another drink.

She said yes please, and my wife said stay there I will bring it to you. I laid motionless under her contemplating apologizing even though I didn’t do anything, I just wanted her off me because my chest was killing me and I could barely breath through my nose because she had her crotch pressed so tightly against it. Finally my wife returned with her drink and handed it to her. My wife looked down at me but I could hardly see her because Jennifer was sitting so far up on my face now her crotch was almost touching my eyes and her thighs were pressed tightly together.

I tried to tell my wife I was sorry, but she couldn’t hear me cause my mouth was covered by Jennifer’s ass. Another 15 minutes went by and she still sat there on my face. I couldn’t move or hardly breath. Finally the doorbell rang, it was my mother in law. She was living with us at the time. and she had to walk right past our room to get to hers. I was hoping Jennifer would realize this and not want my mother in law to see this, but she just didn’t seem to care.

She still sat there. She was relentless. I couldn’t let my mother in law see me getting pinned by my wife’s friend. That would be the ultimate humiliation. I bucked as hard as I could but was barely able to move her at all. Fuck!! I was really starting to panic. I laid there for another minute or two then tried again and I just couldn’t get her off of me. Suddenly I heard my wife and her mom coming up the stars, OH SHIT! I bucked and thrashed frantically, I almost got her off, but then I had no more strength left and I was back in the same position.

This time she had her whole ass covering my face. Just then my wife and Mother in law walked in. I couldn’t see then it was pitch black in my world but I could hear my mother in law say “what’s going on here?” Oh my god I was so humiliated. So my wife explained to her how I stayed out drinking with my friends instead of coming back to meet them like I said I would, and blah blah blah.

The whole time they are having this conversation, I’m still laying flat on my back with my arms completely pinned on the ground and Jennifer’s ass still covering my face. She was sitting so far up on my face I just had enough room to breath out my mouth but everything was dark, and my nose was killing me. I just wanted to be released. After my wife and mother in law talked about it for about 5 more minutes, my wife finally told her friend to let me go.

Thank God!.

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