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angel encounter

We both work in Angel Islington, most days we catch the same tube. Most days we stand close on the endless escalator. Most days we leave the station separate ways We never talk, some times I can smell her shampoo and sometimes and I can barely see her. I know she watches me, but she never catches my eye.

Three days ago she did. Momentarily, if it hadn’t been for the raised eyebrow I might not have noticed the look.

She walked off quite quickly, leaving me mouth open like a guppy. I regained my composure and followed her, keeping her in view. She glanced back at me, catching me leering and raised a corner of her mouth in a half smile.

She slowed down just enough so that I was almost directly behind her. I look down to her heels and follow the seem of her tights to her hips and arse which were flowing from side to side like a snake.

I let my gaze drift up her back, to her exposed neck and imagine leaning into it and taking a deep breath.

We get to the escalators. She doesn’t get on till I’m right behind her. I can smell her pussy. She reaches behind and takes my hand and places it on her abdomen, which is covered by her handbag, she links her fingers through mine and presses back her arse onto my hard cock.

I open my mouth to speak, sensing my folly she digs her nails into my fingers, hard, hard enough to draw bleed.

With my other hand I ran my finger down her spine and felt her shiver; then let out a sigh as her thighs parted slightly.

I leaned in close to her ear and whisper, ‘I’m going to fuck you. ‘

She guides my hand down her waistband and underneath her tights and knickers.

Her lips are dripping, She slowly grinds her self against my fingers, her arse rubbing against my cock.

I resist every impulse in me to tear her clothes off right there on the escalator. The escalator starts to flatten out and she pulls my hand away from her and pushes my gently back. I quickly tuck my cock away. As I look up she’s walking fast, almost at a run and flies through the gates.

I fumble with my oyster card and follow her through.

She’s moving away from me quickly, She exits the station before me and when I get out I can’t see her. I pace around the concrete pillars like a caged tiger, then I see her, across the road, hands on hips smiling at me. She turns around and walks off down the road. I follow her, but at a slight distance, just enough so that she has to every so often flick her head back to catch sight of me.

She gets faster, so do I.

I’m chasing her down Angel, she skits of into a tree filled gated park. I follow her. My hearts going like an ak47 and my breath feels like it’s part of a gale. I walk around the park so many times it starts to feels like the park is spinning around me.

I start to think that I must be going mad, that I’ve imagined the whole thing.

So I sit down on a bench and drop my head into my hands trying to recover myself. I take a deep breath and all I can smell is her, my fingers are sticky with her juices.

I look up and there she is, leaning against a tree. There’s people walking through the park, but not many, and they’re all in their own heads. I walk over to her and notice she no longer has any tights on.

She holds my gaze all the way.

I stand facing her, pin her arms above her head, then spin her round, so I have both of her wrist in one hand. With my other hand I lift up her skirt. Her pussy is so wet that she has juices on her thighs

I take my time, hold her like that and breath into her neck and below her ear.

She squirms against my hard cock, ‘Fuck me,’ she whispers.


‘Fuck me. ‘

‘Say please. ‘

She squirms so more, fighting against my grip, I’m stronger than her so she can’t get her hands free to get my cock out.

‘Oh you fucking bastered,’ she takes a deep breath, ‘ just fucking fuck me. ‘

I undo my jeans and pull my cock out. It feels like we are magnetic as we meld together so instantly.

I let her hands go so she can get some purchase against the tree and we fuck.

We fuck for hours or minutes, my hands explore her body, whilst her pussy squeezes and teases my cock. I feel her clit shudder as she shudders, then her pussy tightens and shakes inside as she comes, then I come. With every ejaculation I feel her shake in time with me.

I pull out quickly and put my cock away and pull down her skirt.

Then walk away without looking back.

That was three days ago, we still get the same tube and she still watches me.

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