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Ana bent over again

Ana bent over again

Saturday night. We had arrived home early after a party at our friend`s house, just few blocks away. It was a warm nice night and we had gone by walking.

Ana kissed me when we entered the dining room, whispering in my ear she was so fucking horny and she needed me between her legs.

She stripped off her mid length cocktail black dress, a sexy one, very sexy indeed.

Of course she was not wearing panties or nylon hose… her perfect firm legs really aroused me and I started to take my clothes off, there in the main salon.

Ana run into the bathroom and called me to join her there inside the shower.
We fucked under the warm water, she bent over and I entered her pussy from behind; she moved so wildly over my hard cock, making me come in minutes.

After the shower we crawled to our bed and she begged me to fuck her ass.

We were recovering after the wild sex session, when Ana told me she had heard a strange noise in the kitchen. I jumped from the bed and still semi naked went downstairs, with a wooden baseball in my hands.
There was only a weak light in the kitchen, but I had barely entered, when I felt a noise and a hard punch on my neck; I fell to my knees and then into the darkness.

When I recovered, I found myself on my knees beside our marital king size bed. Ana was facing me on the other side. She was naked, on all fours, gagged with a duct tape on her beautiful sweet lips. I saw we both were handcuffed together with our hands at the front, in the middle of the bed. We were so close face to face that I could touch her hands.

Then a deep voice sounded inside the room:

“Well, well, well, seems to be the lucky husband has come on time for the show”.

A deep laugh coming from the other corner really scared me. There we were, naked and owned by two muscular, giant, tattooed black men. They also were naked already and the worst thing was, they were so fucking well endowed.
Both of them had black cocks about ten or eleven inches long, very thick ones.

The first man continued his speech, looking at me with an evil smile:

“Hey, hubby, your wife knows us both already; we have fucked all her holes a long time ago, during a nice afternoon, when you were at work.

Now we are coming for more; we think your nice slutty wife has missed us so long”. He laughed.

He was stroking his monster cock with both hands, pouring some Vaseline on his bulbous thick head. He positioned right behind Ana’s buttocks and I knew he was going to fuck her in the ass.
“Oh yes, babe, I know you love in the ass… here we go, take it, bitch”.

My poor sweet wife´s eyes were wide open when the giant man entered her rear.

She looked pleadingly through tears into my eyes and huffed hard into the duct tape over her mouth with each thrust the heavily black stranger behind her made into her anus. I watched him pull back his full ten inches and slam it again up into Ana´s rectum over and over again. She squealed behind the tape, as she was viciously ass fucked by this black bastard, as her loving husband looked in her eyes unable to help.

She could not know how hard my cock was watching this.

The black man was fucking her ass furiously. He slapped her ass cheeks several times, as he jumped forward into Anita´s tight asshole. The torture lasted at least twenty minutes, when finally he arched his back and shouted like a crazy man, grabbing Ana´s hips and holding her tight to his body, as he filled her anus with his black seed.

He rested his head just a few seconds on the back of my sweet wife and then took out his huge, still rigid giant black snake.

Ana had no time even to a light relax. Soon the second man, holding a black dick even bigger than his friend, occupied the empty space between my wife´s legs.

“Don`t worry, baby; remember I love to fuck white assholes after my friend, because my black cock is even bigger that his; you will enjoy it, babe, you are a fucking hot slut white little wifey”.

He whispered into her ear.

Ana started to sob behind her gag, but soon the sobbing was replaced by some muffled squeals, pain sounds as I could know, when the black bastard shoved his monster cock between her buttocks. I thought she had her anus well lubricated after having been butt fucked by the first bastard and she could bare the brutal intrusion of this second man, but his dick was really massive, more than eleven inches long and thicker than his friend´s as he had said.

The bastard grabbed her hips and pumped her with no mercy; seemed to be a real piston machine fucking my delicate wife´s anus. Ana was now sobbing and moaning; I could guess she was enjoying the fuck. She still was looking into my eyes and I could recognize the sorrow in her beautiful eyes, asking me to forgive her by enjoying the situation. Soon I heard a different sound coming from her throat and I knew she had experienced a wild vaginal orgasm, although she was being butt fucked, as she was trembling and shaking onto her black cock´s attacker.

The black man noticed also the situation, because he smiled and said to his mate:

“Hey, Jason, the bitch has cum on my black dick!!”. Jason laughed in a deep voice.

So, the second man was Hamid, as I could remember what Ana had told me about that afternoon. He finally held Ana firmly by her hips and I knew he had filled her anus with another load of sticky semen.

He withdrew from my sweet wife’s ass and I could saw his giant dick still hard and leaking some fresh goo.
“Well, hubby, seems to be your nice white slutty wife is done now”. Hamid said.

“I think we could save her cunt for the moment, but I’m really still horny, need more action… what about your ass, hubby dear?…

I started trembling in fear, while Ana’s sweet eyes were wide open looking at me.

I was gagged also and could not even answer. My asshole was virgin, not even let Ana to play with it ever.
Soon I felt the coldness of Vaseline being smeared between my buttocks and the laugh of both black men, who were at my back, away from my sight.
I tried to shout against the gag, but I could not say a word.

Suddenly, Ana and I were alone again; both black attackers had left.

I saw something shining between the pillows at the head of the bed and I knew there were the keys for the handcuffs.
After I had freed her wrists, she came to my arms crying, telling me that those ugly black men would come to fuck her whenever they wanted and we could not do anything to avoid it.

I tried to get her calm, but it was impossible… I knew it was right, some day those men would return for more and could take my sweet wife’s ass whenever they whished…It had been a so fucking exciting experience!!!.

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