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An old email I found

This is a message I sent to an old girlfriend when she was away from home on business, she would text me telling how much work they had to do and how tired she was at the end of the day, this is my first story so tell me what you think

As you walk through the door I am there to meet you, wrapping you in my arms our lips find each other and I can feel how tense you are, taking your bag I lead you into the house asking how your drive was, we sit talking and tell me how the week has gone, then I take your hand and tell you that you need a back rub to relax and I lift you up out of the chair and take you towards the bedroom, as we get to the top of the stairs I tell you to go into the bathroom get undressed and wrap yourself in a towel, as you stumble tired into the bedroom you can feel the warmth and see the candles around the room, taking hold of your face I kiss you and I can feel your body melt in to mine, I tell you to lie down on your front and when you are comfy I slip the towel from under your body moving it down so it only covers you tiny butt, taking the bottle of oil I pour a little down your spine and you let out a low moan as you feel the warm liquid hit your skin, soon my hands are working away the tension in your shoulders and down your arms, your eyes are closed and you have a relaxed look on your face, my hands work there way down to your lower back then up your spine and back down

Soon you feel the warm oil being poured down the back of your leg then my hands working on the tight muscles in your calf and thigh, I work my fingers up the outside of your legs as my thumb presses the centre of your muscle pushing the knots out, changing position I move round the bed and looking down on you I can see your pussy peaking from in-between your legs, I can see a slight glint of moisture appearing on your lips, I take the oil and start on your other leg, as my hands work up your thighs you start to open your legs a little bit more, its killing me not to just touch you and push my fingers deep inside you but I hold back I don’t want to rush this, with your back done I tell you to turn over removing the towels as you turn, as you look up at me I bend and kiss you softly running my tongue across your lips, standing back up I take the oil and pour it across your boobs trickling it across your nipples, they are already hard and stood proud, not seeing you for a week I take in how great you look as my hands start at your shoulders and work down your arms again, this time as my hands work down your arms my thumbs trace the sides of your boobs as I watch them rise and fall as your breathing gets a little heavier, soon my finger are working over and around your boobs working the oil into your skin, as I push up and over you boob I take each nipple between my thumb and fingers squeezing them slightly, I then circle your boobs pushing them together before working down to your belly, I pour some more oil up your leg across your pussy and back down the other

As I stand at the foot of the bed I have a perfect view of you body taking hold of each leg I start working the oil into your skin working my hands up as high as I can reach then back down the outsides, soon I am working both hands up the inside of your legs till they near your pussy then back down the outside, each time I do this you open your legs a little more giving me a better view, on the next couple of passes as I run my hands up the inside of your thighs I let my thumbs touch your lips, as I do this I can hear your breathing getting heavy, my final pass I start at your foot and work up the outside of your leg over your hips and onto your belly then down coming to rest on your perfectly waxed pussy, my hands feel so hot as they run across your mound, circling the hood of your clit as I work my hand down towards your lips, I am now so turned on my cock is causing me some discomfort stuck inside my pants, I throw off my tshirt and strip out of my jeans and pants as quick as i can, i sit back down on the bed next to you my cock is now hard and pointing skyward, now able to concentrate my hands are now back to playing with your pussy massaging your lips and rubbing thumbs across your clit, with each pass of my hands your legs and lips are opening more, and I soon see a little stream of pussy juice leaking out, as my thumb gently circles your clit I press one then two finger inside you, as you gasp you push your hips up off the bed trying to take more inside you, without taking my hands away I move to the side of the bed and hook my fingers inside you pressing the ridges of your G Spot, it only takes a short while before I feel the walls of your pussy closing in around my fingers as your near orgasm, a couple more rubs and your gripping the bed covers as the first one hits you and soon you coating hand with your love juice, before you have time to come down I lock my lips on your clit sucking on it and all the while my fingers fuck your pussy, soon I am rewarded by you coating my hand and lips again, slowly I remove my fingers licking them clean as I do so,

You slowly open your eyes as I bend to kiss you, you can taste yourself on my lips, as our lips and tongue explore each other I feel your hand run down my body till you are cupping my balls, my cock twitching at your touch soon your hand moves up onto my shaft squeezing it before you start pulling me towards you, you turn towards the edge of the bed just as my cock comes level with your face, i look down and watch as squeeze a large drop of pre come out onto your tongue, you run your tongue around my swollen head before pressing it into my piss slit, all the while your stroking the full length getting it harder than I thought possible, my hand runs down your body till I am rubbing your pussy and flicking your clit all the time my eyes are fixed on watching feed my cock into your mouth, its not long before i can feel your pussy gripping my fingers and I can feel my balls starting to tighten as you suck and wank me off, I work my fingers deep inside you rubbing your clit with my thumb getting you closer as I my myself can now feel my load rushing to escape, sensing this you take me deep inside your mouth and as my first spurt coats the back of your throat this sets you off and you squirt all over my hands making me come harder than I have before, two then three large shots fire into your mouth before you suck out a fourth, my legs buckle and I fall next to you on the bed, we are both breathing so heavy as you climb up my body pressing your mouth against mine and pushing your tongue inside so I can taste my own come inside your mouth, we lie in each others arms catching our breath,

After we have come to a little I take you by the hand I lead you to the bathroom I need to wash the oil of you, I kiss you pulling you close to me while the shower warms up, you step into the shower letting the hot water wash over you before you feel me step in behind you, soon I am reaching round so I can cup your breasts in both my hands pulling on your nipples, taking the soap I am covering your whole front of your body with warm suds of soap as I kiss the back of your neck, you reach behind and gently run your hand up and down my cock getting it hard before cupping and squeezing my balls, my hands run down you body and as they get closer to your pussy you push back into me feeling my hard cock pressing against your butt, my hand traces down your front till I am cupping your pussy working my finger between your lips as I rub your clit with the soap I reach down and place my cock between your legs parting your pussy, you are now squeezing your boobs together pulling and twisting your nipples as my cock runs in-between your legs massaging as I rub your clit faster and faster, its not long before you clamp you legs shut squeezing my hand and cock tight against your pussy as another orgasm shakes through your body

I need to taste you so pulling back I turn you round and kissing you from your mouth down your neck and body taking each nipple in turn into my mouth sucking and biting on them, my hand is again reaching down to rub your pussy your body trembles as my hand touches you, you are so sensitive it hurts when my fingers press against your clit slowly I kiss down your body dropping to my knees till I am circling your clit with my tongue running it up and down your lips, parting them apart with my fingers so I can push my tongue deeper into your wet pussy, I can feel you getting close to coming again and work my tongue deeper and faster to make you come all over my lips, I gently suck and flick your clit with my tongue getting you even closer then you grip my head pulling my face between your legs and I feel your come flooding my mouth I am trying to lap up as much as I can but soon you cant stand it anymore and you push me back, my cock is ready to burst and I want to fuck you so turning you round I place your hands on the wall and you stick your arse out for me, looking down on your body I place my cock between your legs lining it up with your pussy slowly running my cock up and down your slit before pushing forward as you push back, your lips give way and soon I feel you sucking me deep inside you, I reach down placing my hands on your hips so as i push forward I can pull you deeper onto me but its not long before you are pushing your arse back to meet my every stroke, I reach round your body to play with your nipples with one hand while my other reaches between your legs rubbing your hard swollen clit as fuck you for all i am worth, Im finding it so hard not to come right away you are so tight the walls of your pussy are gripping my cock like a vice as your orgasm builds inside you, soon you are gasping and i know your close this is getting me off and I push deeper and faster into you, I cant last long I want to come you have got me going so much that it’s hard to take it easy, I am pulling you onto my cock as I reach round to rub your clit, you can hear me slapping against your arse as I push harder and you know I am close but just as i am about to shoot my load deep inside you, you pull forward releasing my cock, you turn dropping to your knees just in time to take my cock into your mouth you feel it jerk as it unloads spurt after spurt of my hot come filling your mouth, I can see your hand between your legs rubbing yourself to climax at the same time I can feel my knees start to buckle it was that good, you suck every last drop from me and swirl your tongue around my cock head, I nearly drop to my knees its that sensitive but you suck the head back in making me pull away it hurts that much, you are laughing and slowly kiss your way back up my body, I press you against the wall of the shower forcing my tongue inside your hot mouth as the water splashes off the both of us, I cant wait for you to get home.

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