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An Afternoon with Kimberly

Newspaper Carrier Route
My name is Will Jones and I’m forty-five years old. I got laid off a job that I’d held for twenty years and due to a slow economy I was having a difficult time landing a job in my field as a computer software consultant. Just to pay the rent and eat, I worked at many odd jobs. I got a few computer jobs as a temporary, but just didn’t get enough work so I took on a job with a local newspaper delivering papers to the company’s carriers with consisted mostly of boys and girls in the ten to twelve year old range.

There were a few teenagers too, but most teens worked at fast food joints and didn’t want to work for the few bucks that the newspaper paid. For me it was at least some steady money to supplement what little I could get in the way of temporary computer work. The carrier route only took me a couple of hours a day so it wasn’t too bad and I did get to know lots of kids and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

I’m not married and I don’t have a girl friend so I found the daily contact with the kids, especially the girls, a special treat.
At first I would just leave the bundles of papers on the sidewalk or porches and take off as quick as I could and made no contacts except when I had to collect money, which was usually on Saturday. Then it was most often a parent who paid me and I very seldom got to meet the kids who were working for me.

Eventually one or more of the mothers would invite me in for a cup of coffee. I figured that for some reason or other they wanted to check me out, after all I was in one way or another involved with their youngsters. The neighborhood where I delivered papers was the poorest in town, and it was obvious that most of the mothers were single and were struggling to make ends meet. No doubt their kids were delivering newspapers to help out.

Even after a month I had only seen one k** and that was a little girl who’s name was Kimberly. I knew her name as all the k**’s names were on the bundles of papers. Saturday was a morning paper and I had to get them to the carriers before seven. It was around six-thirty when I got to the house were Kimberly and her brother Eric lived. They both got a bundle of papers.

I dropped the bundles and headed back to my truck. Closing the tailgate, I looked back and saw Kimberly her head down staring at the two big bundles of newspapers. Strange to see that the cute little girl was still dressed in her thin white nightgown, “How you doing,” I said.
“Okay,” she answered, turning her pretty sad eyed little round face upward. Her brown short curly hair, enough to melt any man’s heart, especially a man who often fantasizes about little girls like this one.

She looked a little small to be delivering newspapers; I found out later that she was almost ten. She looked much younger to me, I was such a sucker for girls of this age, especially one this pretty that I walked backed over and asked if she’d like some help. I knew that they lived upstairs and the only door to their apartment was up the steep outdoor stairs.
I didn’t wait for her to answer; I just picked up the two bundles and carried them up to the landing at the top of the stairs and set them down.

Kimberly waited for me as I came back down. She greeted me with a big heart-crushing smile and said softly, “Thank you”. I didn’t know it then, but I’d made a friend for life, even more than that, I would find out later. I took one more look. as she walked back up the stairs, at the outline of her small little ass clearly visible underneath her thin nightgown. I smiled to myself as I drove off knowing that if it had been her brother, I would have just got back in the truck and quickly got out of there.

The thoughts of little Kimberly in her nightgown out in the early morning stayed with me and were the chief part of my many fantasies over the next few weeks. I looked for her every time I left the two bundles of papers for her and her brother, but she was not to be seen. I did see her brother several times during that time, my thoughts running wild about his cute little sister.

It was about a week later while I was delivering papers to a convenience store about a quarter-mile from where Kimberly lived that a young boy about eleven, I’d say, came up to me and asked if I were the man who brought the papers to 110 Village Street. I told him that I was that guy. “Have you already delivered them?” he asked politely.
“Yep,” I replied, “About fifteen minutes ago. You must be Erik”.

“Yeah,” the boy said, “I’d better get going,” he turned to leave then looked back adding, “My sister, Kimberly, says you’re a nice guy, helping her bring the papers up the stairs, she talks about you every day. Mom tells her she’s in love. “
“Tell her that I like her too, you’d better get those papers delivered,” I smiled, I wanted to say that I loved her too but that seemed rather forward.

Eric’s comments were already adding to my fantasies.
“So long,” Erik waved as he headed off.
I finished the route my mind heavily on the little curly headed girl that I had seen only once, but that once she had been out early in the morning in her nightgown. Knowing that she liked me enough to be thinking about me, fueled my mind with thoughts of little girl kisses and even went so far as her sitting on my lap wearing nothing but that thin night gown without any panties my cock hard and pressing against the crack of her little ass.

Just the thought had me rubbing my shaft, the oozing of pre-cum making my briefs wet as I drove back to my apartment.
Eric was outside a couple of times over the next two weeks, but still no sigh of his sister. I asked him how she was doing. He grumbled that he didn’t know, as brothers will do concerning their sisters, but added that she was afraid to come out and face me.

He said that his mother teased her about being too shy to come out because of her attraction to me. This was just more stuff to fantasize about.
I had contact with the mother each Saturday when she met me to collect the k**’s money. She was nothing that would interest me, being rather plain looking and on the heavy side. How a woman like her could have two good-looking kids was beyond my imagination.

I was getting desperate enough to make a move on her, as I was pretty sure that there was no man in her life, somehow I had to find a way to spend sometime with her little girl. This woman always seemed a little hard and not very easy to talk to; in fact, other than saying thanks, she never said anything at all. I knew that she had a sense of humor though, with her son telling me about his mom teasing Kimberly about her attraction to me.

I wasn’t shy or anything like that, but I just couldn’t fake an attraction that just wasn’t there so I didn’t try and was almost ready to give up seeing more of her little daughter when the woman herself opened the way for Kimberly and me to get to know each other.
Saturday afternoon I waited in the usual spot where the kids came to pick up their money envelopes. All the kids showed up, took their money and left, only two were missing.

Eric and Kimberly’s mom always picked up their pay and I waited a few minutes knowing that she had never missed being there. I finally gave up and got back in my truck. I gave her a few more minutes then drove away. I started heading for home and then thought that I might just drive over to their house and see if they were home. I truly hoped that I would get to see Kimberly and she was the only reason I’d go out of my way to do this.

Actually their house was less than a quarter-mile away and it took just a couple of minutes before I was pulling into the driveway.
I waited a few minutes before I slowly walked up the stairs that were solid but seemed unsafe being out in the open air. The brick apartment building where I lived seemed like luxury compared to this. There was no doorbell so I knocked. A couple of minutes went by and I was about to leave when the door opened.

It was Kimberly, “Hi, you want my mom,” the little girl said shyly.
“Well, I have yours and Erik’s pay, no one showed up so I thought I bring it over, I smiled.
Her mother came in to the small kitchen, “How nice of you to come over, Kimberly, let the man in, you know who he is, don’t you. “
“Yes mom, he’s the paper man,” Kimberly said, “Come in'” stepping back to allow me room to get by her through the small door.

‘Mom’ was dressed in a pale, I guess you’d call it a housecoat, and I wondered if coming over and catching her like this was a good idea though she seemed friendly enough as she offered me a seat at the small wooden table.
“I just made some fresh coffee. Would you care for a cup?” ‘Mom’ offered.
My eyes on Kimberly, dressed in jeans and a striped multi-colored tee shirt that was tight enough to show the outline of her very small ten-year-old just beginning to bud breasts, I accepted her mom’s offer.

“Kimberly, stay with Mr. Jones while I change into something more presentable”. The woman set some store-bought cookies on the table and then poured a glass of milk beckoning her daughter to sit in the chair on the corner next to me. Kimberly looked a little unsure, but finally sat herself at the table. My heart beat a little faster now that I was closer to the little girl and feeling just a little guilty about the many times I had fantasized doing things with and to her that her mother and society would certainly not approve of.

Kimberly was very small for her age and sitting down my eyes were at least a foot and a half above the top of her dark brown curly hair covered head.
I needed to say something to get things started perhaps as nervous and maybe more so I asked how school was going. The pretty little thing looked at me with her big brown eyes that suddenly had a bit of sparkle, “All right,” and then added with a sound of pride, “I usually get all A’s.

Eric gets only B’s and C’s, but that’s because he never studies, mom says”.
“That’s boys for you, girls usually do better in school. What subjects do you like best. “
“Science and math and I like health too”. Kimberly was opening up and seemed to be enjoying my interest in her schoolwork. “I’m a good artist too. If my mom will let me, I got some stuff on my walls in my room, if you want to see, I’ve got a file folder with some pictures I drew I can show you but my best stuff is on my wall.

Mom says she likes to look at them everyday ’cause she thinks they’re pretty good, my teacher likes them too”.
“I’d like to see them,” and I’d like to see more of you too, I thought, not being able to stop staring at the little girl’s blouse and the shapely little mounds so obviously pushing out from underneath it and the nubs of her nipples quite prominent too. I had to quickly take my eyes off Kimberly’s attributes as her mom returned to the kitchen.

“Sorry not to be able to get there this morning, I had to get Eric off to his Boy Scout meeting as they’re going on a weekend trip. It’s really nice of you to come over. Hope the coffee is okay. “
“It’s just fine Mrs. Howard, Kimberly tells me she’s an artist,” I said hoping to get to go in her room to see her daughter’s bedroom and her drawings.
“Can I show him the ones I have on my walls, mom, please,” Kimberly begged.

“Sure you can honey,” giving me the first smile I ever seen the woman make, a look that told me that she knew something that I wasn’t aware of. I guessed that it was what Eric had told me; that is, that Kimberly had a fixation about me. I was glad that kids could be so informative at times.
Kimberly left the kitchen to get her picture folder. Mrs. Howard gave me that knowing grin again saying, “Kimberly likes you a lot, there’s no man around here, so I think she’s at the age were she could easily attach her self to an older man.

I hope you don’t think that I’m trying to push you into anything, but I wish that someone would take her under his wing, so to speak, and kind of help her get through this difficult age. I tried ‘Big sister’ but that didn’t work out, as it’s not a female that she wants. It’s a dad type I think she needs. Eric had a “Big brother’ come over for a while, he was nice and spent time with both kids, but Kimberly didn’t like him much.

She doesn’t make friends, adult or k**’s, very easily…here she comes with her pictures”.
Putting a folder thick with drawings in front of me Kimberly, without hesitation, placed herself next to me with her hip in full contact with my thigh. The warmth of her body next to me as she opened the file sent shivers throughout my body and a stirring in my pants my cock reacting to the little girl’s closeness.

I smiled at Mrs. Howard, “I’d be glad to help, I’m sure I can find time to do whatever you suggest might help the situation. I’ll give you my phone number so we can arrange something”. I couldn’t resist putting my hand on Kimberly’s waist as she opened the folder to show me the first drawing.
We spent over twenty minutes looking at Kimberly’s drawing. The little ten-year-old had plenty of reason to be proud of her work.

I’m no expert but her work looked much beyond anything that I’d seen a child of her age do. She talked constantly about each one, her leg against me and my hand staying on her waist. I was very aware of the constant movement of her body against mine, and the pressure my cock was exerting against my jeans. Kimberly often leaned forward; sometimes her short curly hair would brush against my chin with the fragrance of fresh shampoo filling my nostrils with intoxicating little girl smells that always turned me on.

Her mother watched the whole thing and I wondered if she had any idea of the affect her daughter was having on me. As Kimberly turned to the last drawing, a phone started ringing. “I think I know who that is, excuse me a minute,” Mrs. Howard said as she got up from the table and left the room.
“Oh darn, I know who that is too,” Kimberly said, a disappointed look on her pretty face.

Her mother returned to the kitchen saying, “Sorry to break this up, that was my friend Stacy, she’s picking us up to go grocery shopping and will be here in fifteen minutes”.
“That’s okay, I surprised you coming over like this,” I said.
“Mom, now he won’t be able to see the rest of my pictures. Do I have to go? Can Mr. Jones stay with me”?
“Now Kimberly, I’m sure that Mr.

Jones has things to do and doesn’t want to watch you for the better of the two hours that it will take us to grocery shop”.
The amount of information that she had divulged in her one sentence made me think that she might actually bee asking if I wanted to stay here with her daughter. Of course I’d like that and since I might not get the opportunity I thought I’d take the chance and see what happens.

“I really don’t have much to do this afternoon,” I told the woman, “I’d be glad to stay here with Kimberly while you go shopping. “
Seeing her daughters eyes brighten up, Mr. Howard looked a little nervous for just a moment. Kimberly was silent as she stared at her mother waiting anxiously for her mother’s answer. “Well, if your sure you don’t mind, it sort of goes along with what we were talking about earlier.

It’s obvious that Kimberly would like your staying with her. There’s not much for you two to do here. Maybe you could take her to a movie this afternoon. You don’t have to, but it would be a way for you to get to know each other. I could give you some money”.
“That’s not necessary, it will be my pleasure to spend some time with Kimberly,”
I assured her, take your time shopping, I’m sure we will find plenty to do.

” All this time, Kimberly never left my side and even pushed herself closer as her mother talked approving my staying. If I had had to stand up and the woman had noticed the bulge in my pants, the whole thing might have been called off.
“Kimberly, show Mr. Jones your pictures that you have on your walls in your bedroom while I’m getting ready. Stacy will be here in fifteen minutes”.
“Okay mom,” Kimberly jumped up and hugged her mom, “I love you mom”.

Then she came over and tried to pull me up. I held off until her mother left, for obvious reasons, then allowed the excited little girl to practically drag me over to her bedroom.
From the furniture I’d seen in this apartment; thus far, this little family of three was obviously quite poor. Living in an upstairs apartment in an old house with only one way out wasn’t exactly the safest thing either.

All that aside, the small room that Kimberly showed me was very nicely decorated with white furniture, light blue walls and white trim. One wall had her drawings on it with all of them being encased in frames. I looked at her twin-sized bed with its wooden head and footboards painted white matching the trim and I fantasized being in that bed with Kimberly cuddled up to me with her cute little ass pushing against my dick.

Again I felt her warm little hand searching for mine and leading to the wall with her drawings on it. I tried to pay attention as the pretty little ten-year-old described with much pride each of the twenty or so pictures that she had drawn. My eyes were more on Kimberly than on her drawings. Her artwork was very well done and she had plenty to be proud of. She had drawn people with their pets, dogs, cats, and horses much better than older kids or even adults could do.

I hate to say this, I truly liked to look at her artwork, and I liked the opportunity it gave me to be in her bedroom, but her hand was in mine and she was standing so close that I could feel the warmth of her tiny jean clad hip against my leg and even as she tried to point out the fine details that she had skillfully put into each drawing, I was looking at her shapely little ass and wanting to put my hands on it and give it a little squeeze.

Mrs. Howard came into the room saying that her friend Stacy was outside blowing the horn and that she had to leave. I was a little nervous with her daughter hand still holding mine and her standing so close, but her mother showed no signs that she was bothered by this as the she told us to have a good time and just leave her a note if we decided to go to the movies.

With that, the woman left us alone in Kimberly’s bedroom and headed out of the room and then I heard the outside door open and close and she was gone.
All this happed so quickly that it took a few moments for me to realize that I was now alone with Kimberly and of all places in her house and in her bedroom. When I came out of my momentary shock, and realized that I could now completely focus on the pretty little ten-year-old girl still standing close beside me, her hand still holding mine.

I couldn’t tell if she was happy or not about her mother’s leaving, but it was obvious that she was glad that she didn’t have to go with her. Her little body felt warm against mine and it was so nice that she was so completely comfortable being next to me. I was sure that at her age there was nothing sexual to her about being so close to me, but it sure was to me and my cock was fully hard and felt uncomfortable but somehow nice pressing hard against my jeans.

I tried to stay interested as she continued to explain her drawings and the age she was when she drew them. This was difficult as I spent most of the time looking down at her chest and her little stuck out ass cheeks and I so wanted to get my hands down into her belt less jeans where I could now see the top of her pink panties. I mumbled something just to let her know that I was interested in what she was saying, eager that we could get into something else and I would be able see if she was interested or at lease susceptible to some sort of sexual advancement.

I knew that patients was the key, but I wanted her so badly it hurt and maybe this would be the only time I would be alone with her and I wanted as much as I could get without getting into trouble.
“Your drawing are just great, Kimberly, do you think you could do one specially for me sometime?” I asked.
“Sure I could, but you must promise me that you will put it in a frame and put in on your wall and let me come over to your house and see it,” Kimberly said, getting in a lot of demands into one sentence.

“I’d like that, but your welcome to come over to my house, it’s just an apartment. Anytime; that is, if your mom will let you,” I answered as Kimberly let go of my hand but still kept her hip on my leg as she looked up melting me with those big brown eyes.
“I know she would as she hardly ever gets to do something alone. Eric stays overnight with his friends a lot so maybe I can come over then, ” Kimberly assured me.

“Don’t you have some girl friends you could sleep over with?” I asked.
“Nope, so you will have to let me come over to your place,” Kimberly demanded, “Beside it would be more fun than sleeping with some girls”. That’s for sure, I thought, my imagination now running wild and thinking of the many times I had fantasized about having her in bed with me and shoving my cock deep inside her tight little pussy.

I smiled down at her and put my hand on her back and began rubbing in slow gentle circles, her shirt rising up from the pressure of my fingers.
Kimberly turned her body towards me and put her arms around me and squeezed me in a big hug saying, “That feels so good, my mom has to scratch my back when I can’t sleep”.
I just couldn’t stop my touches once I got started as my hand went under her shirt and began to lightly scratch the warm smooth skin underneath.

My hard dick was against her tummy and I worried a bit that she might be aware of it, but she said nothing and hugged me tighter as my hand did its thing on her back from her ass to her shoulders noticing that she wasn’t wearing any bra. I permitted myself to kiss the curls at the top of her head and take in the breathtaking odor of little girl shampoo and she said nothing as with each caress my fingers slipped further in to her jeans and panties getting as far as the beginning of her little behind’s crack.

This was a test to see just how far I could go before there was some kind of protest or any attempt to pull away. The fact that the little girl was already smitten with me, might cause her to trust me enough to let me get way with quite a bit, even though the was our first time being alone together and also that her mom trusted me sufficiently enough to leave her in my care.

I kissed her hair again this time leaving my lips on her head for several minutes while my both my hands went under her shirt and ‘accidentally’ pulled it upward each time I returned to her shoulders. I thought Kimberly’s mood about the whole thing was going to change as she pulled away and looked up at my face, but it was only to pucker her sweet lips and stand on her tiptoes and kiss my chin and then get up as tall as she could and give me a little smack on my lower lip.

The little girl was trying very hard to reach my mouth so I bent a little and felt her lips touch mine. It was a quick little girl kiss that lasted only a second or two, but it sent shivers up and down my spine and me knowing that this was a very special moment and I let my hands slip even deeper into her jeans feeling her naked ass cheek and then the sweet feel of her crevasse as my fingers came back out and up her bare back returning to scratching as I waited for some action good or bad from my bold act.

Then came the some words that I wasn’t anticipating even as my mind played with the thought of getting her on her bed with me beside her and somehow getting my hands on the little mounds of flesh that were just the beginnings of breasts, if she would let me get away with that. Might not even connect it with a bad thing if her mother hasn’t said too much about sex to her little ten-year-old innocent little daughter.

“Your scratching feels so much different than my mom’s. I bet you could put me to sleep for a nap even though when I was little I hated naps. You want to take a nap with me on my bed? She asked so innocently I couldn’t believe it. I thought maybe she knew what she was asking in spite of her innocence.
Before I said yes, I told her, just to test the situation, “I hope your mom never finds out that we took a nap together, she might not appreciate it”.

I guessed that she truly wanted me to take a nap and feel my fingers scratching her back, for she quickly answered, “She won’t mind, but I won’t tell her anyway”. With that said, she unloosed her arms from around my stomach and pulled me over to her bed.
Kimberly got on the bed without even taking her shoes off turning on her side with her cute little ass facing me. “Come o get on the bed with me,” she giggled.

“Don’t you think you’d better take your shoes off, Kimberly,” I scolded lightly.
“Oh, I forgot,” she said sitting up and threw her shoes off the bed without untying them. Again she got on the bed in the same position but holding herself up on her elbow she said with a giggle, “Come on get on the bed and nap with me. “
I sat on the edge of the twin-sized bed and said, “Wait a second young lady, I’ve got to take my shoes off too, remember, your not to tell anyone about this”.

“Don’t worry, I won’t, I don’t want to get in trouble. ” Kimberly said still giggling. So. I thought, she is quite aware that what we were doing wasn’t exactly Kosher. With that assurance, I crawled in beside the little girl who had seemed to be loosing some of her shyness.
Might as well see if she will go a little further, I thought, as I freed her shirt from her jeans and started rubbing and scratching her back.

“If you take your shirt off, I’ll be able to do your back better” I said, my heart beating a mile a minute waiting to see how she’d react to this new request.
“Okay,” Kimberly sat up and pulled her shirt over her head giving me a brief look at her budding breasts that were just little puffy, tiny cones with pink nipples just waiting to be sucked. She quickly turned her back to me and lay back down again.

I stayed on my elbow for a few second to get another look, but her arm fully covered what I was hoping to see more of. “My mom told me that I shouldn’t show boys my boobies,” Kimberly giggled.
“I agree with your mom,” I said, but I’m not a boy, I’m a man. I returned my hand to her back keeping my body slightly way from her as I began a slow caress from her shoulders to the waistline of her jeans the top of her pink panties more visible than ever plainly showing from her stuck out adorable little ass.

“You’re a very pretty girl, Kimberly,” I said trying out a little bit of flattery hoping that would help in seducing the little girl to go along with my now urgent needs.
“You won’t tell my mom you saw them will you? They are very small; they just started growing about two months ago, so I guess its all right if you see them. Some girls in my grade have big ones already.

Do you think that it’s because I’m so small that mine haven’t grown yet”?
“Could be,” I told her, “You might have a while to wait. You’re only ten so you have lot of time. You are very pretty,” I told her again, “so you don’t have much to worry about, besides I like small boobs anyway. “
Kimberly astonished said, “You do; I thought men liked big ones; ooh that feels good on my back, I like it when you scratch it hard like that.

I’m so glad that you came over today. I’ve wanted you to come over and visit us since you helped me bring the papers up the stairs. I told my mother about it and how nice you are. I’m glad that my mother likes you and wants us to be friends. Did you know that my birthday is two weeks away and I won’t be ten until then”?
“Then you have plenty of time to grow and for your breasts to get larger; maybe we can find ways for them to grow faster.

Would you like that”? I asked.
“Maybe, you said you liked them small, how do we make them grow faster. Does it hurt”? Kimberly said some concern in her little girl voice.
“No it doesn’t hurt at all, but let’s save it for when you come visit me in my apartment. Okay sweetheart”? I wanted to get her set up for much more when she came over to my apartment.
“Okay, I won’t forget to ask you about it, oh…oh your hand feels so good,” Kimberly said as I let my hand slip underneath her jeans and panties and my fingers feel her little crack again.

My other hand had reached over and was rubbing her bare tummy button and occasionally my fingers probed into the front of her jeans and underneath her panties. The jeans that she wore were boys and were held up by a single button and a zipper. I fiddled with the idea of opening that button and sliding that zipper down giving me access to the treasures beneath.
Kimberly was the ideal little girl for me, at least so far.

She had not stopped any of my advancements as yet, but I knew that what I was doing was very dangerous and could involve a lot of jail time if any of this got back to her mother or any other adult. But then, Kimberly was so responsive to my touching that my dick was acting for my brain and I knew that I was going to push for everything the little girl would give me for as long I could whatever the final consequences might be.

At this moment all this was just a little bit of heaven that possibly could be followed by a great deal of hell. But then, my thinking was that as long as Kimberly didn’t tell anyone, my chances were pretty good. Ten-year-olds are not likely to get pregnant, so I wasn’t about to give up on this little bit of heaven just yet. All this was going through my mind as I scratched Kimberly’s back and rubbed her flat little tummy.

Other than the feels that I was getting from the top of her little ass I hadn’t truly done much that I could get in trouble for.
Having finished with my scolding of myself over something that I had no intention of doing a thing about, I went back to the more enjoyable task of seeing how far I could get with the pretty little girl whose bed I was sharing for an afternoon nap.

Neither of us had slept a wink as my wandering hands and Kimberly’s voiced approval kept us both in a state of extreme pleasure. My pleasure was sexual; hers was, I didn’t know, maybe just sensual or maybe just soothing like she got from her mother but more so. The excitement for me was the newness of it all, her little girl beauty, the exquisite feel of her smooth skin, the anticipation of getting near and, at least I hoped, of feeling all her here-to-for unfelt bodily treasures.

For Kimberly, I was a new person in her life; an older man to appreciate her artistic talent, to awaken her pubescent sexuality giving her feelings that were more than a mother could or even want to do unless that mother was into little girls. With no dad to tell her how pretty she was, to tell her how glad he was to have a little girl like her, how quickly she was to, you might say, fall in love in a little girl way, with a man who treated her with perceived kindness and made her feel so good about her shy little self.

Still on my elbow, I leaned over and lightly kissed her hair, putting a little more pressure on her tummy, I fumbled with the button of her jeans until it was loose. She might have thought it was an accident that the button had opened, but she must have been aware of my fingers grabbing her zipper and puling it down a couple of inches. I just wanted to loosen up her jeans so that later my hands would find in easier to get inside.

I didn’t know if she would protest, so before she said anything, I asked her to lay on her stomach so that I could do a better job of scratching her back. This took away any thought she might have had that I might be trying to get her jeans off or take a look at her boobies, and she quickly turned over, displaying her little bubble ass with its now much looser jean covering.

I could now see about two-inches of her pink cotton panties, Kimberly’s jeans having slipped further down as she turned over.
I worked my hand over her smooth skin of a long five minutes before I planted a kiss on her hair and then another on her ear followed by another on her lobe. “That tickles,” she said.
“You want me to stop,” I whispered.
“No. I like it, your hand feel so good on my back,” Kimberly whispered back.

“It will feel even better if I use both hands, mind if I kneel over you, don’t worry, I won’t sit directly on you as that would squash you and we wouldn’t want that,” I said again almost in a whisper.
“I’m not worried, I know you won’t hurt me,” Kimberly reassured me. I got up ready to assume a kneeling position over this little girl that I had for all intentions and purposes just met about two hours ago.

Before I could, the phone rang downstairs. “I’d better get that it’s probably my mom. You stay here, I’ll be right back. ” Kimberly forgot that she had nothing on from the waist up as she hurried out the door.
Man, I hated interruptions like this, but I calmed down, as I knew there was plenty of time. I grew scared again thinking that her mother might have come home early catching us in a compromising position, me on the bed with her half-naked little ten-year-old daughter.

I’d better take her to the movies and then maybe, to my apartment ifs there is time. I’d find some way to make time.
Kimberly came back not even worried a bit that her little cone shaped breasts were in full view. It was hard for me to take my eyes off the little beauties that were mostly just big puffy nipples on mounds flesh that were no more than a half-inch high.

I couldn’t wait to get them in my mouth and feel them stiffen up. I had no idea that girls could develop so fast. “That was mom, she asked how things were going. I told her we might still go to the movies. She said okay. ” Kimberly suddenly became aware of what I was looking at and quickly lay on the bed again face down. “Mom says she won’t be home for three hours, at least, and hopes you don’t think she’s taking advantage of you.

I told her that we were having lots of fun and that I was sure that you didn’t mind. I lied to her as I told her you were taking me to MacDonald’s for supper. Is that okay Mr. Jones”?
“Sure it’s okay Kimberly, I’d be more than happy to take you to MacDonald’s; that is, if you call me Will, call me Mr. Jones only when your mother is around or other adults and maybe Eric.

“Okay, Will, you going to scratch my back some more please?” Kimberly pleaded.
I noticed that Kimberly was holding her jeans up as she came back into her bedroom, not having bothered to button them back up. The zipper had fallen all the way down. She had left them that way when she returned to the bed, and now they were, along with her panties, half way down her hips giving me a nice look of a good part of her little ass.

I wanted to take my pants off and run my cock through her gorgeous little crack. With the interruption my dick had lost its hardness, but what I was seeing now was causing it to stir again.
I got on the bed and kneeled over her trying, as I did this, to use my legs to get her jeans and panties even lower. This didn’t work too well so I went back to scratching her back.

Using my hands and a little bit of fingernail I gave Kimberly a soothing massage, soothing for her and very erotic for me. I spent some time on her upper back and neck before I got down to the more interesting parts of her lower regions. I moved back to where her body was just beginning to show some curves letting the heels of my hands touch the swellings of her little girl ass.

I used enough pressure to slowly ease her panties down until most of her ass was uncovered. This beautiful site brought my cock to full hardness causing enough pressure to make it uncomfortable against my jeans. I moved back and her panties and jeans came with me and Kimberly was now naked except for her legs. I again rubbed her upper back not wanting her to in anyway think that her naked little ass was my chief objective.

I didn’t waste much tome getting my hand down to her bare little ass again. I kneaded and even spread her cheeks getting a good look at her puckered little ass hole. I held her spread like that for all of a minute waiting to see if she was going to complain, but it never happened. Still nothing from her as I kept her delicious little rear end spread and ran both thumbs along the full length of her crack letting my fingers linger at her tiny entrance.

I wanted so badly to see her pussy that I just couldn’t resist pulling her jeans even further down, why not, I thought, after all the little ten-year-old was being very cooperative and had made no effort to stop me. Seeing her pussy was not going to happen this way as her jeans were just too tight around her legs. Giving up I leaned forward and kissed her ear again causing another little girl giggle.

“That tickles,” Kimberly said again.
“You like it though, don’t you, honey?” I said my own excitement building.
“Kimberly’s breath was coming in short gasps as she answered. “Oh…Mr. Jones, I like everything your doing to me, it…it all feels so good…its…making me feel all funny inside”.
Her response made my cock throb and with my lips close to her ear I pushed my courant advantage saying, “Kimberly, sweetheart, turn over and let me do your front”.

The little girl was caught off guard for a moment, “I…I…don’t… know…okay,” she reached for her panties as I moved one leg to allow her to turn over, but I held her arm, and she gave up the thought and with a little help from me, turned over on her back. I gave her no time to think about it and as her pretty face was looking straight at me I kissed her mouth first lightly and as the passion in me took over I kissed her several times each kiss longer and harder than the one before.

She got the idea and returned my kisses with equal passion. I couldn’t believe all this was real, expecting that I would soon wake up and find out it was all a wet dream. Kimberly was responding to my kisses so well, I finally got the nerve to place a hand on her bare tummy. Kimberly put both of her skinny little arms around my neck seemingly enjoying our kissing as much as I was.

At her age she had no idea of the danger she was in with this now out of control forty-five year old man who was so desirous of her ten-year-old body along with some of her soul. I knew quite a bit about girls of this age having read about their just beginning sexual awareness. I was sure that not all girls of this age would respond to an older man as Kimberly was doing, but she was and I was sure taking advantage of it.

As we kissed my busy hand rubbed her tummy in ever increasing circles just barely touching the soft flesh of her little breasts and then on downward to her lower tummy to the rise of her mound that I had yet to feast my eyes upon. I couldn’t hold off my rising passion and I finally gave in to my need to cum. Lucky for me my jeans were heavy and nothing was visible, but my briefs were very wet.

I don’t think that Kimberly would have minded continuing and looked disappointed at my sudden stoppage of doing her front, but when I told her that we could stop at my apartment after going to the movies and eating at MacDonald’s she brightened up. I resisted looking at her pussy as she pulled her panties and jeans up. I did sneak another glance at her perky little breasts as she pulled her shirt over them.

We both used the bathroom before leaving, her first and me second. While in the bathroom, I wondered about what we had just done and what she was thinking and what might have thought if I had pulled my aching cock out and had rubbed it against her pussy while I had her down on bed. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I did just that, maybe in my apartment this evening.

Hmmm… I thought, maybe her mother will let her say overnight. I cleaned the cum off my cock and left the bathroom. Kimberly came over and gave me a hug so I knew that everything was okay. I had her write a note to her mom about where we were going including my apartment and that she would call her as soon we got there. I didn’t want to be hiding anymore than was necessary.

Kimberly hopped into the high seat of my truck, really an SUV and seemed to really enjoy the ride. I avoided looking at her for I knew that if I did, I might drive off the road. “Can we eat first, I’m hungry now,” she asked as we rolled along.
“Sure we can honey, I’m a little hungry my self. It’s around lunch time anyway,” I replied. MacDonald’s was just a minute away.

I pulled in and we went inside and ordered up some hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes. We were not in any hurry so we took a good half-hour eating our lunch. I looked around wondering what the people were thinking about a middle age man was doing goggling at the pretty little girl sitting with him. Then it occurred to me that they would most likely think that I was just a proud dad taking his pretty daughter to lunch so I told myself to relax.

When we were almost finished eating, I noticed that Kimberly seemed to be in deep thought, “What’s the matter honey?” I asked.
Kimberly looked up, melting me with those big sad brown eyes, “Can we go to your house now? I want to see it, please”.
“What about the movie?” I asked.
“I’ve already see it twice…it would be more fun for me to see where you live, Kimberly declared, “Do you have a VCR? We could rent a movie or something.

This sounded pretty good to me, spending the whole afternoon and evening with this pretty little girl. With that much time, I wondered what we might get into, “Yes I have a VCR and I have a computer too. I have lots of movies, some I’m sure, that you’d like to watch”.
“You have a computer. We have them at school so I know how to use it. Maybe you can show me more,” Kimberly said getting excited.

“Okay, let’s go, I said thinking, yes, little girl I got a lot of things to show you.
My apartment was just a few minutes from Macdonald’s. My garage was underneath and I drove in and closed the door. I didn’t think that the neighbors gave a dam about who was in the apartment with me, but why take a chance. The apartment had three levels, the garage being the first. The kitchen and living room were on the first level and the bedrooms were on the second level.

I used one of the bedrooms for an office. The living room couch was a slipper and this was nice in case Kimberly were to stay overnight. If her mom might come over to check things out she’d see that her daughter had a place to sleep. Of course, my preference was that Kimberly sleeps in my bed.
Lucky for me these apartments had been converted to condos several years ago and I was paying a lot less per month than I would have if I were to rent one of these today.

I had bought some nice furniture along with a thirty-six inch TV. Recently I had splurged on a new computer so all in all I was able to pay the mortgage and necessities and still have some money left to enjoy myself. I showed my little girl friend around my place. Her eyes opened at the site of the large TV. What a pretty thing she was and I thought about buying her some new things to wear as I was sure that most of her clothes were old hand-me-downs.

I hoped that her mother would let me take care of that problem. I’d offer to do the same for Eric too so there wouldn’t be a problem with one k** having more than the other. I had to take care of the dampness between my legs so I told Kimberly to look around and that I’d be right back. Like any k**, she found the remote and turned on the TV.
In the bathroom I washed myself and put on some fresh briefs and clean jeans.

My cock was already semi-hard having the pretty girl in my apartment and seeing her little ass in her tight worn-out jeans walking around looking at things. When I returned to the living room I found Kimberly stretched out on my large leather couch flipping through channels on the TV. She had thoughtfully removed her shoes. I stared at the cute little thing for several minutes before she realized that I was in the room with her.

She looked up catching me looking at her and gave me that big smile that, each time she did it, turned me into mush. “Why are you looking at me?” she said her smile getting bigger like she already knew.
“I don’t get too many pretty girls over here and when I do, I can’t help looking at them,” I grinned back.
“I bet you have lots of girl friends and they are all much older than me”.

“Nope. You’re the only girlfriend I have and you’re just the right age for me,” I pretended to be kidding, but I was actually telling her the truth, “I like my girl friends to be very young and pretty like you. Come on, get up and I’ll show you the rest of this place”. Kimberly extended her hand to me and I pulled her up. Sa was getting pretty standard with her; she put her arms around me and gave me a hug.

I guessed that she was only about four and a half feet tall, her head coming up to just below my chin. I kissed her curly hair and as I moved my head back, she looked up at me and puckered her pretty lips expecting a kiss. I took advantage of this and kissed her softly, I chewed on her sweet tasting lip, just a bit, and Kimberly responded by moving her lips against mine.

Keeping her arms around me, she leaned back and said, “I like kissing you”.
I smiled down at her, “I like kissing you too and we can do it anytime you like. Let’s go see the other rooms in this place”. I took her warm little hand and led her up the stairs. I took her into the room I used for an office and showed her the computer. She sat down and began fiddling with the mouse.

Expertly she found the games file and started reading what I had in it.
“Wow, you sure have a lot of games. I wish I had a computer,” Kimberly gave me that sad eyed expression again.
“You will just have to come over here a lot,” I offered.
“I know that you will get tired of me, if I came over every day”.
“Never, even if you were here every day and all night,” I truthfully said.

You can play with the computer later, let me show you my bedroom,” I said my cock once again started twitching at the thought of having this little girl in my bedroom.
“Oh goody,” Kimberly gave me an ear to ear grin,” you saw my bedroom, now I get to see yours. She reached for my hand and gave me another hug and then another kiss. We got into it a little heavier this time and I moved my hands down to her ass and pulled her into me.

I let my tongue lick her lips and Kimberly stuck out hers’ and we played with our tongues for a few seconds before I took her in to the next room. “This sure looks like a man’s room,” she said looking at all the dark walnut furniture and the pictures of world war two airplanes on the walls. “Where would you put my pictures, you don’t have any space left”.
“I’ll take all those down on that wall and put your pictures there.

That’s after I put some frames on them”.
“Then your room will look like mine. I like it the way it is. Maybe you could put my picture in the living room. I think that will be better,” Kimberly jumped up on the bed, “This is such a big bed,” she said as she lay back on the center pillow of my king sized bed. “It’s so comfortable, let take a nap, come on get in, my back needs scratching again.

I couldn’t resist this offer, so I crawled in beside her as she turned over on her stomach offering her back to be scratched. ” Hey sweetheart,” I said gaining confidence, take your shirt off so we can do this better. This was the second time I had requested that she remove her shirt this afternoon.
“Okay,” she said with no hesitation sitting up and pulling her shirt off giving me a look at her tiny breasts, “You want me to unbutton my jeans too”?
“Yeah, that would be nice honey,” I watched as Kimberly unbuttoned her jeans and then surprise me by pulling down her zipper exposing her pink cotton panties, and then quickly lying on her stomach.

Here we were just two hours later in almost the same position; the only difference was that we were now on my bed instead of hers. I wasn’t going to wait long or avoid looking at her pussy this time. I didn’t know just how much she knew about sex, but it was quite obvious that she liked what we had done earlier. Whether or not she connected it to sex or just liked the feelings she was getting from being close to me, I didn’t know that either, but I was going to keep going further until she said no or started pushing me away.

As I had done on her bed I kneeled over her and began rubbing the smooth skin of her back. There were a few indents from the scratching I had done earlier; no redness and I knew that the marks would go away quickly. I was a little nervous about that, hoping that her mother didn’t see her back and suspect something. “Does your mother ever see your back?” I asked.
“Not unless I ask her to rub my back when I go to bed,” Kimberly replied.

“Well lease don’t have her do that for a couple of days as my scratching has left some light marks on it and that could get me in trouble,” I explained.
“Don’t worry Kimberly assured me, “I won’t, I like it, please scratch me again”.
I moved down towards her knees to where her whole cute little jean covered ass could be seen and then leaned forward and scratched her back from her neck to the tops of her panties, about an inch of the pretty pink things was visible.

I gave her just a few rubs and scratches, then making no pretenses of it being an accident I put both my hands in her panties waistband and telling her to lift her butt I pulled both her jeans and panties all the way down to her knees. She had lifted her ass without any complaint whatsoever and I knew that things were going pretty well. There was no sound from the pretty little girl, but I could almost hear my heart as it thumped hard in my chest.

I again rubbed her back ending up with both hands on her soft but firm little ass cheeks. I now kept my hands on this more interesting part of her tiny body. I kneaded and spread her cheeks as I had done when we were in her bed. My fingers probed her tight crack feeling the entrance of her tiny puckered ass hole. Kimberly did not complain but finally uttered, “That tickles Mr. Jones”.

I stopped for a moment my fingers still in her crack one still on her little opening. “I said it tickles, I didn’t tell you to stop”.
Taking what she was saying meant that it was okay to go further, I said, “Let’s get these off then,” I pulled her jeans and panties all the way down her pretty little legs. Kimberly helped by kicking her feet as I pulled at her tight jeans, finally getting them all the way off, leaving the little ten-year old completely naked except for her socks.

Now, having the whole back side of her to play with I proceeded to rub her back and ass and legs coming close but not touching her pussy. I moved her legs apart and took my fist look at the sweet and plump little thing poised prettily under the roundness of her ass cheeks and between her legs. I wanted to get my cock out and touch it to that sweetest of little slits.

I wanted to touch it with my fingers but settled for spreading her legs apart to get a better view. I took a quick look but then decided that maybe I was going too fast for one who was just nearly ten, so reluctantly I moved up until my head was beside hers. I brushed her now very damp curls back and softly kissed her cheek.
Kimberly was silent not moving or saying anything and I began to think that I had gone too far.

My rough jeans were against her legs and I wondered how that might be a little discomforting to her. I tried kissing her cheek again hoping for some response. Finally and to my relief I heard a little giggle. She turned her face to me saying, “Bet you thought I was asleep,” Kimberly whispered as my body relaxed. I thought for sure that I had goofed it and she would ask me to take her home and I would never see her again.

“Yeah you scared me a little,” I said as she puckered her lips in what I was fast learning was a sign that she wanted to be kissed. I kissed her hungrily, very relieved form the scare she had given me. She sensed my passion and returned my kisses harder than ever. I need more and probed her sweet lips with my tongue. “Open your mouth honey, I need your mouth,” I said my tongue against her teeth as her mouth slowly gave way to my urgency.

This was something completely new to Kimberly but she picked it up quickly. So quickly that I wondered if she was even aware that my hand was squeezing her little naked ass cheeks as her mouth opened wide to accept the mingling of out tongues in our first of many passionate French kissing actions.
As we kissed my hand roamed all over her sweet little body. I wanted her to turn towards me that I could feel the tiny short length of her against me.

I kissed her cheeks and mouth at least fifty times before getting up enough nerve for the next step. “Honey,” I whispered, I’m very uncomfortable with these clothes on. Since you don’t have anything on, do you mind if I take off some of mine”?
“No, I don’t mine,” Kimberly, whispered back, “You shouldn’t be in bed with your clothes on any way. Besides, you’ve seen me naked so I want to see you too.

I’ve never seen a man naked before. I’ve seen my brother and once I saw one of his friends when he stayed overnight. He didn’t know I saw him, as it was just an accident when he came out of the bathroom after he an Eric took a shower. He didn’t see as I was in the doorway to my room. I was bad because I looked at his pee-pee”.
Just like that Kimberly had given me permission to take off all my clothes.

It never occurred to me that she might be curious about what I looked like naked. I sat up and pulled my shirt and undershirt off; following that I removed my jeans. I could feel Kimberly’s pretty brown eyes staring right through my back. Clad only in my briefs, I decided to stand up and give my already naked little girl friend a show.
At forty-five I was still young looking with my almost blond crew cut hair.

Still quite strong standing five-feet nine-inches and no fat anywhere, I could tell that young girls always seemed to be attracted to me. I’m talking here about teenagers living in this apartment complex. I knew them by name and often they would hang around and talk with me at the pool or when they saw me walking outside. Possibly I could have gotten somewhere with one or two of the friendlier ones. But I was not sexually attracted to that age group.

Earlier in my teens and twenties I had dated girls and women near my age and had gotten as far as fucking several of them, but I was never truly into it and at thirty I gave up dating. I knew what the problem was; it was that I was attracted too much younger girls. Seeing a little girl at any age up to eleven or so, maybe older if she was small and hadn’t mature too much, would cause a stirring in my cock and that’s when I began to take care of my sexual needs by fantasizing having sex with them.

It had never gone beyond fantasy, as I had never been alone with any of the little girls I fantasized about. Now at forty-five I knew that I had to have the real thing if at all possible, even if it meant taking up with a woman who had young daughters. Knowing that little girls seemed to be attracted to me, I discarded my nervousness about the possibility of being caught and paid more attention to the little ones that hung around me at the pool, but other than that nothing much happened and I didn’t find the unmarried woman with daughters, so my only release was still fantasy.

Now into my like come Kimberly a perfect little girl almost ten, and the very pretty girl is very attracted me, and her mother makes it possible for me to be alone with Kimberly. In one day, I’ve been in two beds with Kimberly and here I am with her naked on my bed and am about to show her all of my naked body.
Kimberly smiled at me as her eyes opened wide in anticipation of seeing what was causing that large lump under my briefs; the only thing left to remove before I was as naked as she was.

I put my thumbs in my briefs and very slowly inched my briefs down. This was the most fun that I had ever had in all of my forty-five years, exposing my cock to this tiny little girl. I wondered if this was the feeling that flashers get when they expose themselves; if so, I knew why they did it over and over. Kimberly’s mouth opened wide as I pulled my briefs over my hard six-plus inches and it snapped out from its uncomfortable hiding place.

My dick came forth at a steep angle, extremely hard, the bleed rushing through as it pointed to the little girl, naked on my bed, pre-cum dripping from its anxious head.
Kimberly lay there still on her stomach her mouth still open and her eyes staring at something most girls don’t get to see at their age. She did not turn away and I was not aware of any embarrassment on her part.

Her open mouth turn to a grin and than to a giggle as I got on the bed taking my engorged cock out of her eye sight and letting her feel it against her leg. Not waiting I kissed her lips my hand going right to her bare little ass and again squeezing the softness of her cheeks.
Kimberly must have enjoyed our recent attempt at tongue kissing as she immediately opened her mouth to take in my tongue and wiggling hers as she made contact with mine.

As we kissed with more and more fervor I pushed at her outer leg desiring to get my first touch of her little girl bald pussy. There was no resistance as she kept her leg were I put it and my hand crept up her inner thigh and my fingers finally rested on her here-to-for very private area. She kissed back with more and more passion as my finger moved slowly over her little cunt lips and thru the tight slit.

I felt her move her leg even further apart as my finger searched for her hidden clit as she lifted her ass just a little to allow me full access to her tiny cunt.
“Honey, I need you to turn over on you back,” I whispered softly in her little ear licking her lobe with just a touch of my tongue.
“Uh…I…I…okay…I feel kind of funny…but that feels so good, Kimberly mumbled as she turned herself over and my hand went back to cup the dampness of her sweet little hairless pussy, feeling her hand fall on top of mine and pressing it harder at the treasure between her legs.

Her head nestled comfortably in the crook of my upper arm I was able to reach her the small soft mounds of her just budding breasts and she shuddered at the first touch of my fingers on one of her nipples. Kimberly’s breath was coming hard and I could feel the quivering of her little body against mine. Her emotions gave way to murmurings as she moved to get as close to me as she could pulling me back as I tried to sit up and get those sweet little nipples into my mouth.

“I…I… love you Mr. Jones, her body responding to my sometimes crude attempts to give her as much pleasure as I could and hoped that she would in turn return that pleasure to me in ways that she, as yet had no idea about.
“I love you too Kimberly so very much, Quiet now, I want to kiss your gorgeous titties, it will make you feel good and it will make me feel good too,” I coaxed.

She obediently let me up and I leaned into her and took her nearest little nipple into my mouth feeling it harden as I sucked it in and out between my hungry lips. My hand on her other breast twitching its nipple and my fingers in her pussy slit the little girl was feeling more than her little body could take without going over the top. She wiggled and squirmed and my hand felt a slight gush of liquid from her pussy as she neared orgasm from my onslaught on her inexperienced body.

Oh…oh…Mr. Jones I feel so funny…its so much better when you do it…then…then,” Kimberly stopped herself from saying more.
“Then what?” I asked.
“Then…then…I shouldn’t tell you, you might think that I’m bad,” Kimberly was shivering.
“You’ve done it to your self, you bad little girl,” I grinned down at her, then kissed her eyes, her nose, then her mouth my hand still in her pussy’s slit.
“You don’t think that I’ve been bad?” Kimberly’s eyes had gone sad again.

“No honey, it’s a way of making yourself feel good when your alone and there’s no one around that loves you to do it for you,” I thought that was a really smart answer, it was true and set up her up for the next lesson in her sex education. “I do it myself”.
“Would my mom think it was bad?” her eyes looked a little brighter and I was sure she knew the answer to that question.

“Yep, I think she would,” I pumped her little pussy having found the entrance to her tight little vagina, “It’s best not to tell your mother everything you do, especially when they feel good to you”. I gave her a big grin and tickled one of her nipples.
“I’m fucking you with my finger, spread your legs as far you can for me and it will make you feel really good, I leaned down and kissed her lips again and her mouth opened automatically, her tongue searching for mine indicating for me that she was comfortable with my answers.

When the kiss broke up. She had another question.
“Fucking is a bad word, isn’t it?” she asked her legs spread wide and my finger going in and out of her very wet hairless cunt.
“Only when it’s used in a bad way and I didn’t use it in a bad way,” some day when we’ve got lots of time I explain it all to you, my love. “
“I like it when you call me that and I want to come over here everyday and be with you, I like being your girl friend and I like being naked with you, especially when you’re naked too,” Kimberly babbled on as I eased my finger into her tight little pussy.

“You can come over whenever your mother lets you. Tell her I’m helping you with your homework or something. I can pick you up anytime you want. “
“You do it to yourself too, Kimberly went back to something I’d told her a few moments ago. I thought she’d forgotten about it.
“Yep, almost everybody does it, but it’s a lot more fun if someone you love does it to you,” I smiled at her hoping for the right response.

“It was better when you did it to me. How can I do it to you?” Kimberly asked the right question. Time for a little demonstration, I thought, pulling my finger from her cunt.
“Feel how nice this feels when I touch this little nub right here in your pussy slit,” I said softly touching her aroused clit.
“Yeah, that another name for your vagina,”
“I never heard that name.

Why do you call it a pussy?” Kimberly asked in all innocence.
“One reason might be that when you get older you will have hair on it and men will like to touch and pet it,”
“Do you like to touch mine even though it doesn’t have any hair?” Kimberly questions were not getting me anywhere.
“I prefer pussies without hair, when you get older, I’ll want you to shave it”.
“You mean like a beard?” Kimberly giggled.

“Let’s get back to how you can make me feel good. Okay? I’ll answer all your questions a few at a time whenever you come over to my apartment”.
“Okay, show me how. ” Kimberly giggled knowing that she was frustrating me with her questions and she was having a good time doing it. I think she was having the time of her life that afternoon.
I kneeled over her naked little body again, my cock hard and pointing right at her pretty face.

“I make myself feel good by taking my cock in my hand like this and slowly pulling my hand up and down on it. It gives me the feeling that I’m putting it in a girl’s pussy like what I was doing when I had my finger in yours,” I pumped my cock a few times in front of Kimberly’s face. Like you said that if felt better when I did it to you than when you do it yourself, It would feel better for me if you did it to me”.

“You call mine a pussy and yours a cock; I’m learning lots of new names for things,” Kimberly smiled up at me her eyes carefully examining my cock. She reached forward and gingerly ran her finger along the top.
“Wrap your fingers around it and pump it slowly; that’s it, honey, that feels so good, you can go a little faster. That’s good, keep doing that and it will squirt some white stuff all over you, it’s called sperm and it makes babies when it squirts in a girl’s vagina”.

“I know what sperm is, I learned it in sex education class. Would it make a baby in me if you squirted it in my vagina?” more questions, little girls are full of them; I had to admit her innocence was turning me on. Kimberly giggled, “This is fun, I like doing this”.
“I can feel it coming, Kimberly, When I tell you, take your hand away so I can cum on your pussy, that’s it honey pump faster.

The oozing pre-cum was lubricating her little hand as she pumped faster. I could feel the cum bubbling up through my shaft and she let go as soon as I demanded it. I quickly moved my knees between her legs, Kimberly spreading them out as I pressed my cock against her pussy as close to her hole as I could get. Then I let loose with several streams of cum; soaking her cunt as her slit opened a bit letting my imagination take over with the feeling that I was actually fucking her.

Kimberly asked again, “Am I going to have a baby? I feel wet all over my vagina”. There was no concern in her voice; Her question was just matter of fact.
“No honey, I didn’t actually fuck you. We’ll take a shower and wash it all away. You’re too young to get pregnant; at least the chances are very slim and not something you need to worry about”.
“I wouldn’t mind having a baby.

My titties are a little sore. Would you mind kissing them again”? Maybe you don’t mind baby, I thought, but your mother sure would. Looking down at Kimberly’s stunning little body, her puffy nipples right under my face and my still hard cock just touching her little girl hairless pussy soaking wet with thick cum I felt as though I might easily cum again and the little girl was still hot.
“I love your titties, and I’ll kiss them anytime you want, honey”.

I leaned over and kissed both her nubs taking each one in my lips and letting it pop out, followed by giving each one a good workout as her body began to squirm beneath me and her arm went around my head as she pulled me tight against her heaving chest.
Kimberly was such a tiny thing that maneuvering into position to fuck her wasn’t the easiest thing to do but when she cried out between gasps for air, “I love you Mr.

Jones,” my cock that had never lost its rigidity need to get into her little pussy and there was no need to wait. I was still between her legs and there was no resistance as I spread them apart and with my hand I positioned the head of my needy cock against her slit.
“I’m going to fuck you, honey, keep your legs spread wide as my cock goes into your pussy. If you feel any pain, tell me and I’ll stop, Okay”.

“Oh…okay,” Kimberly looked a little uncertain but willing as I finally found the entrance and pressed the head of my cock into her. “Oh…oh…oh’? Kimberly moaned her little ass lifting as I pulled back a little and pressed in to her again going in a little further expecting to meet her hymen. In about an inch and a half, I pulled back again until almost all the way out and then back as Kimberly picked up the rhythm seemingly naturally knowing what to do.

Having played with herself, I wondered if she had stuck something into herself for there wasn’t anything to stop my penetration of her tight virgin passageway and she gave out with just a little cry as my cock went in a good three inches. She gave out a few more cries that sounded closer to moans of pleasure as I let it soak comfortably for a short time, letting her get used to the new feelings created by my cock’s intrusion into her little girl sex.

When her moans subsided, I pulled all the way out and held it there for a moment, hearing her cry, “Put it back in, please!” Kimberly demanded lifting her ass and trusting her cunt up to meet my cock as I plunged back into her with all six-inches. A few more in and outs and I came again, I don’t know where it was all coming from, but my contractions lasted longer than any of my remembered previously limited fuck experiences.

Kimberly held herself up to me keeping me deep inside her and that feeling might have been better than if in another position I had been able to hold on to her ass cheeks and pull her too me.
That idea took hold and I told her to hang on as I rolled both of us over to get her on top. Lucky I didn’t break my cock with that maneuver, as it was still hard.

As my hand found her ass cheeks, my cock gave out with its last spurts and I pulled her tight against. This was pretty rough first time sex for such a little girl, but here she was giggling like she was having, as I said before, the time of her life.
We stayed that way for a while, tongue kissing my hands all over her little ass, my cock semi-hard, it just wouldn’t go down, still in her tight pussy.

Finally I pulled her up and off my deflated dick, both of us reluctant, and finally sitting up and putting my legs over the edge of the bed, I said, “Honey Let’s go take a shower”.
Kimberly gave me that sad eyed smile that I guess was just her natural look, then all of her pretty white teeth shown out as she gave me a big grin, then she extended her hands to be helped up.

She held my hand tightly as we walked to the bathroom.
This little girl mesmerized me and my body was doing things that I had no idea it could ever do. The only explanation I had for my sexual prowess was her prettiness and her acceptance of every sexual move I made on her. I knew that a lot of it was her innocence and some more of it was her need of someone to love her as a dad might have.

We were feeding off each other and she was enjoying it as much as I was. Everything about Kimberly was a turn-on for me. Now it was her protruding little rear end as I turned on the water and followed her into the shower. We soaped up thoroughly doing each other, her first then me. She giggled several times when I washed her pussy and ass paying special attention to her crevasses followed by her puffy nipples, which I couldn’t help kissing hardly bothered by the soapy taste.

I ran my tongue along her newly cleaned cracks causing even more giggles. This would make it very easy to do more oral things to her if her promise to come over often materialized. She had a lot of fun doing me too, and she followed my example by carefully taking her time doing my cock and balls and my ass crack as well. I had inserted the tip of my finger in to her asshole several time times while cleaning her crack and now she giggled as she did the same to me.

We left the shower two very clean and happy people.
If only she could stay overnight and sleep with me, I thought, getting very addicted and needing her to be around. We toweled and went down to the living room not even bothering to get dressed. “Call your mom and see if she’s home,” I told her.
Kimberly scowled at me saying, “I don’t want to go home, ever. “
I didn’t want her to go home either, it was Saturday…maybe, “Kimberly, call her and ask if you can stay until tomorrow morning, if not maybe I can pick you up and we can have sometime together tomorrow”.

Kimberly brightened up at my suggestions and dialed home. “Hi, mom…I’m over at Mr. Jones’ house…yes we did go to MacDonald’s and we went to the movies,” she lied, “What time did we get here? Mr. Jones, she asked me. I told her around four-thirty, as it was now five. Kimberly caught on to the deception telling her mom the time I had told her. “Mom, please, may I stay here over night? Mr.

Jones said that I had to ask you… he’s got a big shirt that I can wear…he’s got a bed that I can sleep in…Okay. My mom wants to talk to you”.
“Hello Mrs. Howard, how you doing?”
“I’m fine, I just got home. It sounds like my daughter is giving you a hard time”.
“Not really, actually we’ve had a lot of fun this afternoon. We play some games this afternoon and were just about to eat and watch a little TV.

Kimberly would like to stay here and I’ll bring her home tomorrow if that’s all right with you”.
“If you can stand her, it’s okay with me. I’ll be going to church in the morning so I hope you’ll keep her there until noon; that is, if you don’t mind. Make sure that she takes a bath. “
“No problem, Mrs. Howard. You want to talk to her again”. She did and I handed the phone back to Kimberly.

“Hi mom, yes I’ll mind him…yes I’ll go to bed when he tells me too…yes I’ll ask him if he has an extra tooth brush…good night mom…bye”.

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