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An after-workout rinse

You left the backdoor unlocked; you always do. I know that you’ve done it since we began seeing one-another in a subconscious attempt to lure me in. I’ve always been apprehensive, afraid that I’m misreading your subtle advances. And every morning for the past month, after my workout I walk home and see your door, knowing there is no barrier to my entry. Knowing that you are lying down, hopefully dreaming of our romantic dinner the night before.

Your gaze has invited me in, and yet when the time comes to say goodbye at night I’ve always excused myself from your unspoken invitation at the door. But on this morning, I could no longer help myself. Walking back from my workout, I walked toward your back door. I walked up the stairs, and from this point forward, I walked out of the ability to control my primal instincts beginning with the moment I turned the knob to your door….

You’re sound asleep. Judging by your smile, its almost as if you knew I’d be coming. I kneel down next to your bed, and give you a kiss with my eyes open to see how long it takes for you to open yours. It doesn’t take long, and the smile becomes conscious. I knew you’d be happy to see me, and my heart isn’t pounding quite as hard as I know now that you’re interested.

I whisper in your ear, “I just finished at the gym, and need to shower, care to join?”

The water washes away the sweat from my body before we lock eyes in the shower. With your back to the water, I kiss you deeply and begin massaging your hair under the stream of water with one hand, the other on your lower back.

I can feel your hair becoming saturated with water, your breathing becoming more rapid and heavier.
My grip intensifies, and you can feel the pull on your hair from my strong fingers. Our bodies press together, my chest becoming enveloped in the softness of your breasts. I can feel your nipples as they tighten, as they reach out to meet mine. I take a moment from kissing you, and look down at our bodies that have become one.

I feel the touch of your soft skin, and look down to see the evidence that your body has caused change in mine. When I slide both my hands onto your ass and pull your body even closer to mine, I can feel just how much harder I have become. My once flaccid cock has become longer, and is beginning to widen.
As it hangs down, it is struggling to maintain its position while feeling the soft touch of your vulva.

After observing our lower bodies in unison for a moment, a sudden rush of energy comes over me. I’m losing my ability to control myself. I reassume my grip on your hair, and push your body against the wall. I adjust the shower head so that your hair delivers streams of water in all directions, all over your body. I break contact with your lips, and move down to your neck, giving gentle kisses, slowly working my way lower.

You can feel the stubble of my day-old beard on the top of your breasts as I lash my tongue right above your breasts. With my big, strong hands I control your breasts, making certain that my fingers don’t interfere with your nipples. Kissing and licking between your breasts, with my fingers massaging your breasts, I can feel your heartbeat begin to roll. I feel your belly expand with air into my chest.

My grip strengthens, and I move my tongue underneath your left breast. I lift it with my hand, and begin sucking gently on the line defining your breast from your stomach. Moving all the way around the bottom, I continue to the other side of your chest. I can feel your nipples gaining in size and firmness, and my tongue can no longer bear the wait.
I begin to circle your right nipple with my tongue, feeling the difference in texture from your surrounding skin.

I feel your erect nipple rubbing against my upper lip, and I welcome it slowly inside my mouth. Rolling my tongue in circles I continue to feel your pleasure reverberate from your body to mine. I bring my tongue and lips to the other side, and look up to you giving you a smile.
The water dripping down your hair falls over my face, and through the cloudiness of the steam I see you returning my smile.

I place the bottom of my tongue on the top of your other nipple, and in a long, slow, drawn out motion begin dragging it downward. My hands slowly glide down your wet back before settling on you waist. My head moves toward the center of your body as my tongue explores your belly button.
As I continue, I begin to feel your stubble against my chin. The kisses continue, the water continuously crashing down against my short hair.

I begin to feel your legs weakening, as I glance up toward you for acceptance. You reach down, grabbing my hair with your fingers and stiffening your elbows. From your reaction, I continue my way down, until my mouth is between your legs, sparing an inch between our respective lips. My neck is cocked backwards, staring upwards at your face and breasts. With my mouth open, I feel water dripping off your vulva and onto my tongue and face.

In a measured stroke, I simultaneously return my hands to your breasts and gently wrap my lips all the way around yours.
I gently begin suction on the outside of your vulva, immediately drying your bulging lips of the moisture from the shower, and leaving only the essence your body has created. I take a deep breath, and a deeper swallow, preparing myself to submit for your pleasure. It begins. I take my tongue and circle your outer lips, working deliberately but trending quickly.

I spend a small amount of time working your clit, rolling it between my lips and flicking it with only the tip of my tongue. I work my tongue downward from it, carving its way between your inner labia all the way down to the bottom, and back to the top. I lift your right leg and place your thigh on my shoulder, further burying you into my face. I can feel the difference between your moisture and the water still falling on my face, and I realize how turned on I am.

I reach down with my right hand to feel my cock.
I can feel the bottom of it, and I’m taken aback by the pre-cum sliding down the bottom of it. I feel the pulse in it, and I can no longer withstand the temptation. I come to my feet, me knees sore from licking you for almost 20 minutes. I look into your eyes as I lift you from your ass with my hands.

I feel you instinctively throw your heels into the back of my legs, attaching yourself to me. I take one hand and grip your hair, preparing you to lower down. The tip of my throbbing cock feels your lips beginning to grip it as you open your mouth, preparing for more ecstasy. You slide down and feel my entering you inch by inch; spreading your lips wider as they welcome me inside.
Finally, we meet eyes, both knowing that I’m as far as I can go.

I begin rocking my powerful hips back and forth slowly, keeping myself all the way inside you. My cock, feeling all sides of you, begins warming to a light burn. As the momentum builds, our bodies separate by inches, inducing a slapping sound created by the water and our bodies coming back together with f***e. My hips work harder now, sensing that you’re nearing your climax. I bend my knees, pulling you closer to me so that the tip of my cock can tease your g-spot, hoping to trigger you to begin your moment of severe pleasure.

I can feel that I’m close. My cock is so hard from your reaction that it feels as though its growing. It has no flexibility now, as it is so incredibly stiff. Finally, I can see by your face that you’re entering your climax. Your mouth wide open, I feel you dripping down my cock as I twist it inside you in slow circles, allowing your orgasm to run its course.
As I see you descend from your high, we lock eyes, and I slowly begin backing down from the speed at which I’m penetrating you.

I give you a lift, and set you down gently on your feet. With hot water still streaming over us, we embrace in a deep kiss and hug, celebrating in silence what has just occurred here. We step out, toweling off with small smiles and tiny laughs. I slip into fresh clothes, carry you back to your bed. Before leaving, i whisper, “thanks for leaving the back door open, I’ll see you tonight. “

You fall back asleep, dreaming of our next encounter.

I walk away with a smile.

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