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Amazing Day With My Elder Sister

Here I am going to narrate my amazing day with my elder sister. I have fucked him before twice and give him immense pleasure. As I am outside for Job & I came on very short leave. I had very less chances to fuck her. This January I came to home and my wife at her native. I get call from didi to come to her home as her husband going to his native from city for a farm-work for 2 days & her children are also at my home.

I was more than happy & started my journey to her home.

At outside of her house, I met my jiju (brother inlaw) who is ready to leave the city. We greeted each other & talked about 15 minutes outside itself as he is in hurry & I met after a long. My didi hugged me as normal bio sis relation. Then my jijju excused us & left for his village by his car.

We say bye to them & entered her house. We opened door & entered room. We let our bags down & she hugged me from back tightly. Putting her hands on my chest. I also held her hand & turn back to face her. We look at each other & Hugged tightly. Her boobs crushing on my chest.

My dick touching her upper part of pussy near stomach. Then we back & i kissed her forehead, cheeks, nose & eyes.

She also do the same to me. Then she said “Dear bio, your tea is ready. Its already boiling. ” (means her piss). I m so happy & said “thanks dear sis. How would u like to give this to me. She said “Direct darling.

Direct in your mouth. I want to piss in your mouth directly. I love your mouth near my pussy & way you licking & drinking everything from her.

be hurry. I stored it from so long time. ”

I said ” yah sexy, just quickly remove cloths then”.

I happily removed my clothes & she hers in hurry. We both are in underwear now.

Then i lift her up in my arms And she kissed my cheeks & we entered bathroom. I made her stand on ground and removed her underwear too. She hurriedly spread her legs & catch my hairs & direct my mouth to her pussy, saying “take your tea”.

My didi started to piss in my mouth. Her tea started to flow in my mouth.

She said while peeing in my mouth “Take it sandy. Drink my pee. You like it na. Drink it. I feel much excited & happy to piss freely in my dear darling bros mouth”. I drank a lot of her tea. But Some pressure i did not handled which is oozing on my chin, neck, chest, up to stomach.

I am very happy & licking her pussy. Her piss stopped but i still licking her pussy, Try to catch every drop which ever left inside her cunt She smiled & shivered too & said

“Dirty boy! tea finished!”

Then i take my mouth back from her pussy & said “you are so tasty”. She lift me up & look that her piss drops are on my whole body. She smiled & said “whats this?”.

She started to lick that all drops on my chin, neck, chest & stomach. I lift her up & kissed so hard “Uuuuuuummmmmmaaaaaaa”By pressing her big softy boobs. “Uuuuuuuuuuummmmaaaaa”.

I asked caressing her boobs, “I think today is another one great day to us as you never piss freely in my mouth ever. I like the way of your action & bold & wildness, my hot sister”

She said “yah! My little bio.

today i already thought to be more bold & hot & sexy & wild than you, my sexy boy!” her eyes are full of love, lust, sex, hot, bold & wildness looking in my eyes. I was so happy & kissed her so hard. Uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa “I love u my sexy sis”.

She said “I love u too my wild & dirty bio”. I asked “Then today you also going to drink my pee???” she said “not only pee my sexy dear but Whatever you say & more interestingly”.

She put her finger on my lips while saying. I took her finger my mouth & bite it little & hugged her tightly. “Oh my sexy pinki, then drink my pee also”. She sat down & pulled my under & removed it.

She kissed my dick twice & set her mouth open 10 to 15 cms away from my cock. I hold her hands on my dick & set the direction & started to piss.

My first few shots fall on all over her face, cheeks, nose, neck & rolled down over her boobs, stomach & thighs.

Then she adjusted mouth & take one gulp of my piss & drink it by shutting mouth. My piss spreads on all over her body. She looks like bathed by my urine. She again opened mouth, took gulp of piss & drank it. In all process she drank 4-5 gulps & remaining all is on her body.

As soon as i finished. She took my dick in her mouth. I again left some remained piss, this time direct in her mouth & she drank it. She took back, take breath & Sucked my cock 5-6 times hardly. I moaned loudly. Aaahhhh… I am in heaven. She hold my dick in her hand & looked at me sexily.

“You too tastes great, sexy boy! I think you bathed me by your piss.

Look at this (standingly), i am totally wet by your piss”

I said, “hey sis!!! I like to piss like that in your mouth & body. I like to give you bath like this. You looks so sexy after this bath. ” & kissed her so hard.

Then i started to lick my piss drops on her whole body. She catch my hairs & said, “Lick it sandeep. Lick your piss on my body.

Taste my body which mixed with your urine. ”

After licking all i lift her in my arms kissing & took to the bed. I let her lye on bed. Jumped on her. Looking into her eyes with pressing her boobs & nipples I asked her “Then what else you are going to do in todays wildness?”

She said “whatever you said my dirty bio boyfriend!”
Me: “now you have to drink my cum, my sperms”
She: “not direct in my mouth sexy!”


Just like urine. You suck my dick. When I am near. I push you back & you open your mouth. I shoot my cum by some distance in your mouth. It may be some on your face or body”

She:”that was fine idea. I am ready for that”
I am more happy now & pressed her boobs hard.

Me:”You have to give me full time to suck your pussy. If you are at peak.

Then do it by mouth or tongue only. If you orgasm by my lips or mouth or tongue I love to drink it all then its superb otherwise i will suck my sisy’s pussy fully in different positions, you dont stop me, ok????”

She “ok my dirty boy, suck till you want i will cooperate you to suck & lick my pussy fully & also try to give you my orgasm also”

I cant believe my eyes…
I am so happy.

Me:”You have to taste your pussy juices on my dick in middle of sex whenever i say so or you feel so?”
She: “agreed sexy!”
Me: “i will fuck you in your ass also???”
She smiled & said “ok. But after satisfying my pussy. ”
Me: “Ok my hot & sexy seema. ”
I Bend down to her mouth.

Our lips come so close. We smell & feel each others breath.

She try to lip lock. I moved back. She catch my hairs & we kissed hard & long. We exchanged our saliva fully. I was already at my peak & fully aroused. Then i sat on bed & made her to sit on floor & she started to suck my cock.

She is doing it amazingly. Within 2-3 mins. I push her back. She opened mouth. I held my dick & shoot my cum.

Its some on her nose & chin. Max she took in her mouth. She gulped it & looked at me. I was speechless & in seventh heaven. She held my dick & suck on it. She cleaned all & drank it all. I bend down & kissed her so hard. I feel my cums taste on her tongue. Its great feeling. Then we changed positions. I spread her legs & have a close look of her pussy.

I kissed there softly. I started to suck her pussy lovingly. She is moaning. Aaahh ooghh…She catch my hairs & started to moan….

“Come on sandeep, suck on it. Suck my pussy. I am all yours. You are sucking amazing. Dear suck it. Suck it. Suck my pussy my sexy brother”. I bite her clit & Inserted tongue in her cunt. She also enjoying my acts. I insert my fingers also in her pussy & let them to suck her.

She is sucking them bitingly & moaning Aaahhh…oooohhhh…I made her in doggy style & sucked her pussy & ass hole too. She is more ever excited by my licking.

Then I lie on bed & she come on my face & sit on my lips. I insert tongue & lick fuck her. She started to move on my face. She moving fast & orgasmed. Then i licked her whole pussy & juices.

She move down & adjust my cock in her pussy. She try to get my cock in her pussy & pushing herself down. She started to move slowly up & down. I also thrust my dick deeper in her cunt from down. Now we get rhythm & my cock is fully wet by her pussy juices smoothly going in & out.

After getting comfortable fuck in this position I stopped her. Then i told her to suck on my dick.

She get up & said “You also suck my cunt sexy bio!” she then turned & sit on my face. we in 69 position & sucking each others mixed juices taste. She tastes it on my dick & I in her pussy. It was great feeling to me. Then we do doggy style fuck & 69 sucking. After that I fucked her in Standing & taste each other. Then I fucked her Bending & she sucked my dick.

Then finally, I lied her on bed & came in between her legs. I licked her pussy. She is moaning & saying that “quickly, push your dick in my pussy! sandy!” I guide my cock in her pussy. Slowly it goes fully in. I started to stroke her wildly. She also supports my strokes by moving her hips from down in rhythm with me. She moaning “bio, move fast. I am going to cum.

You also cum please with me. My pussy needs your cum in it. My pussy wants your cum please…. ” She hugged me tightly & orgasmed. She hugged me such hard she never before & wrap her legs also. I also thrust my dick deep in her pussy & cum soon with her. We both orgasmed so hard & in large amount. We stay as it is hugging tightly each other. After some time grip loosened but slept as it is putting my dick in her pussy.

After that How i fucked my hot sister in her ass hole & different positions will come in next part. But needs your comment Specially moms, sisters, ladies, girls, aunties.

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