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Alexis and Amber Come To Play

Alexis from the couple of Amber and Alexis left this on my PM a while ago. She tried to post it but had no luck and asked me…. She had fun with it as of course I did as well, it is fun and well written for being int the moment for her… Check out Alexis and Amber’s site and let them know how much you like the story….

You hear the door creak open, and you look at your intruder.

I’m standing in the doorway, wearing nothing but a t-shirt, covering my girl parts. Amber slides up beside me, wearing oh my – she’s only wearing one of *your* shirts I’m feeling rather naughty tonight. I hope you’re down to play with me

I can tell we’ve got your attention we saunter over to where you’re seated. My thin shirt revealing my figure, I know you’re watching my every bounce. I like it πŸ™‚ My hips sway back and fourth, playfully exaggerated, and Amber catches you starring at me she bends forward, allowing you a glimpse down her shirt and she blows a kiss.

I slide up to you still seated, and I turn my cute little butt towards you, a quick shake, and I sit on your lap Oh my, I think I feel a lump in your pants Amber moves in and straddles your other leg, she giggles her boobs in front of your greedy eyes.. You know you want to sample these cute mounds. I lean back and guide your arm around my waist.

Am I smaller than you thought? Amber looks at you with a playful smile. She presses her breasts into your face. Do you give them a quick taste?

Amber giggles loudly as you tease her, and I watch with growing wetness – which you can feel on your leg Oh my, I’m sorry! Maybe I should have worn panties, but I think you don’t mind, do you? Oh yes, I can see your manhood is rather bulging right now, that’s kind of hot πŸ™‚ Maybe we should let it out to play.

I move to your center, pressing my round little butt firmly in your direction, rubbing you over your pants. I suppose this is a bit like a lap dance. I grind your member between my cheeks, feeling your thickness, and pull away as Amber finally unbuckles you. You spring up like a soldier, in front of Amber’s face, she gasps as she watches what you’ve been hiding. A small smirk and a sly look to your direction; she likes what she sees.

Amber grasps your cock, her hands are so small, you really do look enormous. I better help her. I grasp your ever-swelling penis, and now we both have our hands on you.

“Alexis, let me teach you how to properly masturbate a man” Amber says to the both of us. “I want you to assist me, however. I think he’s got a huge load backed up. ” Slowly, but firmly, she begins to rub you.

Feel her slender hands moving up and down your shaft. Watch as she determinedly pumps your penis, and I watch, starry-eyed at your engorged member. I can only watch for so long however, and soon, I pull off my shirt, only to caress my nipples as I watch you being pumped. I can see the beginning of slickness seep out of you, holy fuck I’m getting turned on watching. Amber can see she’s having an effect on you, and you can’t take your eyes off my perky boobs perky because of you!

Amber quickens her pace.

Rubbing you faster now, so entranced are you, watching me masturbate my breasts, you barely notice Amber is no longer wearing her shirt either! Oh, but you notice now, as Amber moves in and presses her tits to you, sliding up and down. Her tits aren’t the biggest, but holy fuck do they feel amazing with your dick sliding up and down between them as she absorbs your precum

You must be close to cumming? Oh I hope so, because I sure am.

My hands move south, leaving my pert breasts to dance in your face, as I begin rubbing my clit. As your cock slides up and down Amber’s breasts, I touch myself to match the rhythm, watching you tit fuck her.

Amber decides that it’s about time you pop, so she needs to up the ante. Slowly she opens her mouth and her tongue dips… Oh fuck, oh yes! You know what’s about to happen!

I watch closely as Amber slides her mouth just over your tip.

Damn, that’s sexy. I slowly insert a finger into my slit, imitating her mouth over your manhood. Amber resumes pumping her slender hands up and down your shaft as she sucks away your juice, her tongue dancing up and down. Oh I hope it feels good because you two are making me so wet πŸ™‚ Amber goes for a large intake – can she make it? Oh so close! You’re just too big around it seems.

Her slurping sounds on your penis are really fucking hot…

I reach down and grasp your balls, ever so gently! I know you guys like having them played with in a soft way that only a girl can πŸ™‚ I give them a slow massage as Amber pumps her mouth up and down you. Must be warm yes? I can feel a shift in your testicles! You’re about to cum! Do it! Cum in Amber’s mouth! Up and down, her slim hands massage your shaft, slick with both your juices! Oh my god yes! I can feel it! I can really feel your semen moving through your shaft! Amber’s eyes pop open as she feels your gravy shoot down her throat! Oh damn, she looks super cute in this moment doesn’t she? Is she… oh my god, yes, she’s swallowing it! A final slurp and she swallows hard, taking in all your flavor.

She looks up at you and smiles πŸ™‚ I was kinda hoping you’d cum on our tits, but Amber does what she wants lol!.

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